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We interview some of the best entrepreneurs, experts and executives in the tech and eCommerce space. We want to share their perspective on the current trends, their stories about success and failure and how they attract and recruit talent. Our aim is to keep it real and simple - share the relevant lessons and have an open conversation. Follow-ups on our website for more details:
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Andrew joined Infosys Consulting in 2020 and heads our Consumer Goods, Retail, and Logistics (CRL) practice globally. He is a lifelong consultant with over 30 years of experience driving large transformation programs and high-value consulting work. Andrew has a stellar track record in the turnaround and monetization of practices, holding senior leadership roles previously in EY, Accenture, and Manugistics. A regular speaker at the University of Stanford, Berkeley, and the University of Washington.Andrew is often featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Logistics Journals, and various industry analyst reports. He has been featured on the NBC Nightly News as an industry expert quite a few times. He is also a regular speaker at retail and supply chain events such as Oracle Retail Executive Forum, SAP Retail Executive Forum, and USC Global Supply Chain Conference. Andrew is an alum of Seattle University, where he completed his mechanical engineering degree, and the University of North Carolina, where he received his MBA.Follow us on:Instagram:
Gaurav Saran is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging disruptive and emerging technologies to provide innovative enterprise solutions. As founder and CEO of ReverseLogix, Gaurav brings deep industry expertise and is responsible for driving the overall company direction and product strategy. His ability to combine customer vision with methodical execution and thought leadership has positioned the company as a game-changer in its field. Previously, he was with Microsoft for over six years, leading enterprise sales for Fortune 500 companies and driving strategic executive relationships. Prior to Microsoft, Gaurav has worked at Silicon Valley start-ups such as Zoho, executing strategy, business development, sales, and marketing, taking them from early stages to established growth companies. Gaurav holds a BS in e-commerce marketing and telecommunications and an MBA in global strategic management from California State University, Hayward.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[06:19] How reverse logistics transforming supply chains globally – the end-to-end system for returns[15:01] Results? At least a 5% increase in profitability and a 15% to 25% increase in customer satisfaction.[18:00] How long does the implementation take?[21:33] ReverseLogix’s culture and hiring – the customer always comes first[29:27] How do you spend your time as the CEO?Follow us on:Instagram:
Mark Messina is Chief Operating Officer responsible for Geek+ operations in the US and business expansion across the continent. Prior to joining Geek+, Mark has twenty years of industry experience, including leadership roles in Operations and Engineering with Mattel as the Director of Robotics and Automation, iHerb as the VP of Robotic Fulfillment Systems, and Amazon where he was Director of Mechanical Engineering for the Kiva/AR AGV platform and Amazon Prime Air drone delivery team. Mark has a passion for robotics and a deep understanding of logistics challenges faced by businesses across the region. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[06:00] Why same-day delivery is the next standard for logistics[11:00] Geek+ solutions and how they add value to their clients[18:35] Helping Nike in Japan achieve same-day delivery[22:10] Cloud technology and leveraging 5G connectivity[23:07] Having live data to support Robots As A Service[24:30] Hiring process and looking for the right candidateFollow us on:Instagram:
David Glick is the CTO of on-demand warehousing and fulfillment company, FLEXE. He's responsible for the design and development of the FLEXE Technology Platform. Before FLEXE, he spent nearly 20 years at Amazon, including five years as the VP of Fulfillment Technology, where he oversaw the development and functionality of the technology within Amazon's fulfillment centers, as well as the technology for Amazon's transportation systems.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[05:20] Working with clients like Walmart[10:19] Engineers working from the warehouse floor – take your engineers close to the pain points [14:54] Recognizing heroes who prepare – so that on peak season you don’t need to firefight [16:13] Hurricane Heroes – case study [20:17] Jump In and Running Towards the Fire – FLEXE Culture[31:50] Career advice: Solve problems for your boss!Follow us on:Instagram:
Robert Garrison is now the founder and CEO of Mercado, an Import Management System that connects the end-to-end supply chain. A highly accomplished Global Supply Chain executive with 25 years of experience, Rob Garrison has provided strategic vision and leadership to Fortune 500 companies. Rob has an impressive history of building agile, technology-enabled supply chains, and he has an established track record of forging high-growth partnerships, positioning organizations for success, and launching innovative technology solutions that significantly improve end-to-end supply chain efficiencies.Recognized as a respected thought leader, Rob is a featured industry speaker and published author offering expertise on Supply Chain challenges, trends, and best practices. In addition, he is award-winning — notably a two-time recipient of the coveted Five Star Award, FedEx’s highest honor presented by the CEO to recognize innovation, collaboration, service excellence, profitable business contributions, and exemplifying the spirit of teamwork.Created and executed lean retail supply chains for major shippers such as AutoZone, Michaels, and Five Below, and has earned service awards from Walmart, Hewlett Packard, and Apple for excellence in global operations management, quality assurance, and continuous improvement.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[01:26] Main career milestones – from working in the logistics space to starting Mercado[14:23] Solving challenges for importers and suppliers – automation & technology[22:50] Defining  Friction – from First Mile to Final Mile – case studies. [30:12] Building  Mercado Marketplace and partnering with different tech companies like project44[35:27] Building a strong culture based on PSP – People, Service, ProfitFollow us on:Instagram:
In this episode, we have Mathew Elenjickal Founder & CEO of FourKites and Stephan de Barse EVP of o9 Solutions as our guest.About Mathew Elenjickal:Matt is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FourKites. He founded FourKites in 2014 after recognizing pain points in the logistics industry and designing elegant and effective systems to address them. Prior to founding FourKites, Matt spent 7 years in the enterprise software space working for market leaders such as Oracle Corp and i2 Technologies/JDA Software Group. Matt has led high-impact teams that implemented logistics strategies and systems at P&G, Nestle, Kraft, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Tyco, Argos, and Nokia across North America, Western Europe, and Latin America. Matt is passionate about logistics and supply chain management and has a keen sense of how technology can disrupt traditional silo-based planning and execution. Matt holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy, an MS in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from Northwestern University, and an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. He lives in Chicago. About Stephan de Barse:Stephan de Barse is the EVP of o9 Solutions, driving digital transformation with some of the leading Fortune-500 companies. Globally responsible for all Business Development, Digital Marketing, Creative Marketing, o9 Design Lab, Alliances, Sales Activities, and Strategic Networks and shared P&L responsibility for the Global Revenue Number of the Company.Founded in 2009, o9 is an AI-enabled platform providing solutions for operations and business planning. Its offerings include demand forecasting, commercial planning, supply chain planning, and Integrated Business Planning, among others.o9 serves clients in many industry verticals, including retail, consumer goods, apparel, consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing, and oil & gas. It boasts large enterprises such as Google, Walmart, Estee Lauder Companies, Bridgestone, Caterpillar, Nike, General Electric, T-Mobile, and Starbucks, among its clients.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[05:17] Connectivity between freight visibility and planning Control Towers – why does this matter?[07:00] “I know where my truck is and when it’s supposed to arrive, so how can I proactively address any potential issues arising from it?”[10:02] Creating a full digital twin of the supply chain[22:16] Digital transformation and planning based on real-time data has now become an executive board topic.[27:51] How do you know the partnership is successful? Follow us on:Instagram:
Dr. Alan Barnard is one of the world’s leading Decision Scientist and Theory of Constraints’ experts. Alan, a serial entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of Goldratt Research Labs, a company he co-founded in 2008 together with Dr. Eli Goldratt, creator of Theory of Constraints. They were both passionate about applying a robust scientific approach to developing new Thinking & Decision making methods and advanced technologies to help people make better, faster decisions – decisions that move them closer to their goals.Today, Alan works as a Strategy advisor, Researcher, and Theory of Constraint (TOC) expert and educator, with both Fortune 500 companies as well as NGO’s and Government Agencies. His clients include Microsoft, Cargill, Tata Steel, Nike, ABB, BHP, Cisco, South32, SAP, Intel, Penguin Random House, BC Rail, Larsen & Toubro, Premier Foods, Fujitsu, Habitat for Humanity, UNDP, UNWFP, and Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[06:25] South African Breweries Supply Chain – Identifying the difference between the best day, the average day, and the worst day[14:30] A life’s goal is simply a dream taken seriously – the importance of powerful goals. [20:46] The goal of Goldratt Research Labs – help individuals and organizations make better, faster decisions when it really matters.[26:23] Simulation Models – How a 1% change in average selling price can create a 20% reduction in net profit[31:22] Working with the largest book publisher in the world – how they doubled their profits using the theory of constraints [40:33] Microsoft project – how they saved a quarter of a billion dollars by using the right decision support appsFollow us on:Instagram:
Phil is the Co-Founder of Shipper, a tech-enabled logistics startup on a mission to simplify fulfillment and shipping in Indonesia.Shipper is structuring the unstructured by partnering with all warehouse and delivery service providers. By leveraging technology, data, and its logistics partners, Shipper aims to provide a reliable, transparent, and affordable fulfillment and shipping experience for everyone.Phil holds a bachelor's degree from Stanford University and a master's degree from Columbia University, where he studied supply chain. He previously was a management consultant at Mckinsey and an investor at Floodgate.  He is featured in Forbes Asia's 30 under 30 in 2020.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[02:49] How Shipper started and its goals as a logistics aggregator[13:04] The future of e-commerce in Indonesia – verticalize e-commerce business models[21:15] Cash in delivery vs online payment[24:07] Innovations to prepare for a possible crisis in the future[26:56] Shipper’s entrepreneurial culture – zero to one tests and bottom-up decision making[32:50] The importance of hiring younger talentsFollow us on:Instagram:
Candice Ong, the Chief Commercial Officer of ShopBack. ShopBack, the leading rewards and discovery platform in Asia-Pacific, is a pre-shopping portal that enables shoppers to make better purchase decisions. It is a one-stop rewards and discovery platform for users to earn cashback while delivering performance-based marketing to merchants. First launched in Singapore in 2014, ShopBack has since expanded its reach to nine markets across Asia-Pacific. Prior to joining ShopBack, Candice traded the world of investment banking for e-commerce when she made the move into Zalora in 2012. Candice was also a member of the CFE sub-committee on Future Corporate Capabilities and Innovation in 2016 and chaired the retail panel for the ASEAN Business Club Forum in 2015. She echoes the push for greater innovation in Singapore, and firmly hopes that future generations will go on to surpass the ones before them. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[04:25] Engaging local expansion teams during the pandemic[08:45] Collaborating with merchants and managing cancellations and rejections[11:37] Building a network of 4,000 merchants across APAC[14:24] Strategy behind the ShopFest Campaign[16:59] 9.9 Results – Over 400,000 USD in cashback in a single day[22:29] ShopBack’s KICK-ON company valuesFollow us on:Instagram:
Nestle is a Swiss multinational & the world's largest food and beverage company. With more than 2000 brands and present in 187 countries worldwide Chris is responsible for the eCommerce, Digital technology delivery, innovation functions & building internal eBusiness capabilities across the Oceania region. Prior to this role,  Chris was based in Hong Kong with Estee Lauder Companies as Director of Digital Marketing Media and eCommerce across the Asia Pacific for Clinique. Launching more than 40 e-commerce sites across 8 markets. He has spent 18 years with Estee Lauder in various eCommerce, Marketing & Forecasting brand & corporate functions. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[03:05] The difference between the market in the Asia Pacific and Oceania[07:46] How e-commerce is different then circa 2006[11:29] How digital platforms helped brands elevate their businesses[24:03] Key advantages of Omnichannel[36:29] FInding the balance between soft skills and hard skillsFollow us on:Instagram:
Adam Compain is the Founder & CEO of ClearMetal. Prior to ClearMetal, Adam spent 5 years at Google launching their geoCommerce technology and 19 years as the Executive Director of SEND, the nonprofit he founded. Adam holds five technology patents, two degrees from the University of Michigan, and an MBA from Stanford.ClearMetal, Inc., based in San Francisco, CA (USA), is a leader in the Continuous Delivery Experience (CDX), enabling supply chain organizations to optimize logistics and provide their customers with easy access to trusted, live information about their shipments and a customer experience that is a differentiator and revenue accelerant. The ClearMetal CDX Platform uses proprietary machine learning to break free from static-visibility paradigms and turn supply chains from a cost center to a competitive advantage.  ClearMetal was founded by top software engineers, data scientists, and operations researchers from Stanford University, Google, and Silicon Valley and is funded by Eclipse Ventures, Prelude Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, NEA,, Prologis Ventures, PSA Unboxed, DCLI, and the founders of GT Nexus, Navis, and Uber Freight.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[05:48] How organizations in the industry solve problems using technology[07:40] 80% of companies believe they’re delivering a superior experience when in fact only 8% of customers agree.[11:02] The CDX (Continuous Delivery Experience)  framework – continuous, live, clean and trusted information[15:30] Georgia Pacific case study – how they improved their personnel operational efficiency by 30%.[25:39] How sales teams from the client-side leverage their customer portal to drive more revenue.[30:05] Having an extremely high Say to Do ratio – how does this shape the culture of the company.Follow us on:Instagram:
Niklas Hedin is an innovator and strategist whose long experience catalyzes the conversation and inspires to get to the next level in business. Based on insights of gaps in the market for Delivery Management which needed new solutions, Niklas founded Centiro in 1998. He brings 25+ years of experience on how to develop businesses using insights and hands-on-experience on supply chain and IT. Niklas' work on scaling an agile organization has rendered recognition in many ways, inspiring others to drive change in times of challenge. He has led Centiro to the forefront of the industry, which has rendered numerous awards and a market-leading position.Centiro is a global market-leading innovator in cloud-based delivery network management solutions with 350+ employees and 30+% YoY growth. Centiro technology empower marquee brands and finer supply chains in 125+ countries. Centiro exists to enable and empower commerce for companies with winning aspirations who seek to make a difference. Centiro has received numerous awards and honors, including Great Place to Work® Legend. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[08:10] The most important trends in Supply Chain[14:55] What makes Centiro different[19:50] Collaborating with Zalando on their Connected Retail Program of 1800 stores [25:21] Where is my order? Reducing the customer service workload by 80%[29:21] eCommerce and Returns – Up to 86% of buyers check the returns policy[35:09] Radical Innovation – harnessing the collective power of the team[40:51] Centiro’s culture – heart, mind, and backbone – in that orderFollow us on:Instagram:
Joe Bellini is Chief Operating Officer at One Network where he provides leadership across the various departments which focus on delivering network-based value across multiple industry segments and geographies. Joe brings his business solution and technology expertise gained through his work experiences at some of today’s leading technology companies, including General Electric, HP/EDS, Brooks Automation, IRI, R1/Accretive Health, and Oracle. Joe holds a patent in Supply Chain Planning and is the co-author of the business strategy book, “The Real-Time Enterprise.” Joe holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Statistics is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and is certified in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from MIT Sloan.  One Network is an intelligent business platform for the autonomous supply chain management. We bring together over 90,000 organizations and facilitate over 5.6 million of transactions every day. Powered by NEO, One Network’s machine learning and intelligent agent technology, this multi-party digital platform delivers rapid results at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions. The platform includes modular, adaptable industry solutions for multi-party business that help companies lower costs, improve service levels, and run more efficiently, with less waste. One Network offers a PaaS solution and developer tools that allow organizations to design, build, and run multi-party applications. One Network is helping to transform industries like Retail, Food Service, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Healthcare, Public Sector, Defense, and Logistics. Headquartered in Dallas, One Network employs 400+ people worldwide and has offices in Japan, Europe, and India. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[02:33] How Joe started one of the early internet companies[11:27] The importance of a Dual-Network System? From enterprise focus to multiparty focus networks. [15:34] Developing an AI-based simulator for supply networks with the University of North Texas.[21:17] Overcoming Integration challenges – a tuneable system of control with 100+ APIs.[29:11] AI and Machine Learning in times of crisis – determining how resilient your network is based on different disaster scenarios[38:35] What does the future look like? Network density, a dual-platform system with the best algorithms.[41:51] How the CEO and the leadership team is empowering a culture of innovation. Follow us on:Instagram:
As CEO of JAGGAER, Jim Bureau is responsible for the company’s overall vision to transcend customer experience by providing intuitive and intelligent spend management solutions that allow JAGGAER clients to transform their supply chain. Jim brings over 25 years of leadership experience, with his most recent role as Executive Vice President, leading JAGGAER’s Global Sales & Marketing initiatives. He came to JAGGAER from Verint Systems/ KANA Software where he was Senior Vice President and played a key role in successfully growing the company as it was acquired by Verint Systems for $514 million. JAGGAER is the world’s largest independent spend management company. Founded in 1995 by Scott Andrews in his basement, the Morrisville-based company has pioneered spend solutions for over two decades and holds 37 patents to date – more than any other company in its space. Today, over 2,000 customers and 4 million suppliers across 70 countries put their trust in JAGGAER to transform procurement, financial, and supply chain operations. JAGGAER celebrates 25 years of business this year, making it the longest-standing independent procurement technology provider. Built on core values such as passion, integrity, and accountability, JAGGAER continues to lead the innovation curve by actively listening to the needs of stakeholders across all industry sectors, public services, and academia and delivering intuitive and intelligent spend management solutions that add bottom-line value. JAGGAER has over 1,000 employees in offices across the Americas, APAC, Asia, and EMEA. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[09:35] Why not just drag and drop the event in outlook and have that ripple through your procurement system? – Making the UI as simple as possible.[12:46] How much cash do you have on hand as an organization? The first question for the Board of Directors when in crisis.[19:41] Agile Procurement – Focus on strategic initiatives as opposed to managing the mundane operations[20:27] Working with Hitachi – offering a global platform to harmonize their processes across all business units[27:45] Hiring 160 people since January – why business is expanding for JAGGAER.[30:37] The role of the CEO – get his 1200 people to embrace passion, humility, empathy, accountability, and transparency Follow us on:Instagram:
Anchanto is a Singapore headquartered global B2B company that enables enterprises to manage end-to-end eCommerce operations through its proprietary SaaS products and partnerships. Since Anchanto’s inception in 2011, businesses across 14+ countries have been using its cutting-edge technology to increase productivity & simplify their multi-channel/omnichannel eCommerce sales & logistics operations. Today, Anchanto has offices across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, South Korea, India, and Thailand and serves a massive customer base comprising of both local and global players such as Nestle, L'Oreal, DHL eCommerce, Luxasia, DKSH, HP, Fossil, SnT Logistics, Asendia Asia and many more.Vaibhav Dabhade is the Founder & CEO at Anchanto. A technology veteran of over 16 years and an industry & thought leader in the eCommerce technology, Vaibhav uses his expertise to transform enterprise businesses across APAC through innovation and technology. Since its inception, Anchanto has grown significantly under his exemplary leadership. Vaibhav completed his executive education from the Harvard Business School & IIM Kolkata and holds a degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. He spends his spare time dreaming about being a painter and excels at graphic design and arts.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Growing up in a logistics atmosphere – three generations of businesses in the spaceAnchanto’s journey and the importance of running themselves a 55,000 square feet warehouse to build and test the best software for the marketDifferences between D2C Model in Asia and the Western regionDifferences in consumer data between Asia and the Western regionCase studies of companies implementing D2C ModelExpanding and hiring during a crisisCV tips & job searching adviceFollow us on:Instagram:
Since 12 November 2019, Stephan has been CEO of Transporeon. His professional focus has always been to use his wealth of experience to help organizations grow – and that is also his goal at Transporeon. Stephan spent 13 years working for SAP, including his role as managing director of SAP Switzerland and as Chief Operating Officer for the DACH region. After his time at SAP, Stephan successfully shaped the development of ERP provider Unit4 over a period of five years, three of which as CEO with responsibility for more than 4,000 employees. Stephan holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[04:52] Transporeon’s trucker heroes initiative[08:24] Tackling truck capacity issue - more than 150 million empty runs per year only in Germany [13:05] How Transporeon grew their Real-Time Visibility business by 300% [17:51] Efficient communication when working with  more than 100,000 carriers from more than 30 countries[26:41] Managing 113 projects going live in 12 weeks with most of the workforce working remotely[38:16] Success as CEO for Stephan? The success and the satisfaction of his employees.Follow us on:Instagram:
Andrew Kirkwood is Chief Executive Officer at BluJay Solutions. With 25 years of experience in the supply chain and SaaS market, Andrew provides leadership to the BluJay organization through the creation of vision, strategic, tactical, and financial plans, along with organizational and goal development, performance measurement, and liaising with stakeholders. He joined BluJay in January 2019 after a successful 14-year career at RedPrairie and JDA Software (now BlueYonder) in a number of senior roles.BluJay Solutions helps companies around the world achieve excellence in logistics and trade compliance - it’s in our DNA. Through a blend of Data, Networks, and Applications, delivered in the BluJay Way, our DNA platform powers the Frictionless Supply Chain for thousands of the world’s leading manufacturers, retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, customs brokers, carriers, and logistics service providers – 7,500+ customers. BluJay conducts business in 112 countries, has 1,200+ employees worldwide, and powers a global network of over 50,000 customers, carriers, freight forwarders, and service providers. With BluJay, 1.9 billion transportation transactions are processed, and 4.5 billion boxes shipped annually. Over 58 million electronic customs declarations are cleared annually using BluJay’s global customs solutions.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[08:14] The collaboration between LLamasoft and BluJay[12:09] Creating a freight market index with spot capacity pricing and made it available to everyone – this lead to keeping prices down for the consumers.[13:11] 40% volume search spike in demand on their transportation solution – this made the Christmas period look insignificant.[14:20] BluJay has 1300 associates working remotely –  just finished their first quarter and they exceeded all of our targets[23:24] Releasing 5 new products during lockdown – the importance of innovation – hackathons and collaboration with partners[26:12] A culture based on transparency: “A problem shared is a problem solved”Follow us on:Instagram:
Pascal Bensoussan is the Chief Product Officer Ivalua. He leads the global R&D team at Ivalua, encompassing Product Management, Design, Data Science, and all Engineering activities, with responsibilities over the overall vision, strategy, roadmap, development, and go-to-market plans for Ivalua’s cloud-based Source-to-Pay platform.Pascal brings 23 years of experience leading product strategy and development at Enterprise SaaS companies. Most recently, Pascal served as CPO at helping grow revenue 5x during his 4-year tenure.Ivalua was founded in 2000 on a disruptive idea: that Procurement can unlock significant strategic value from a company’s spend and supply chain.  19  years later, we have helped over 300 leading companies achieve a competitive advantage by strategically managing over USD 500 Billion in spend.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[07:15] Ivalua is a single code base platform. What are the advantages?[10:14] The city of New York using Ivalua to find suppliers for their 6 mil/week demand for masks[18:09] Using computer vision and machine learning in contract management[22:25] Creating the biggest directory of suppliers and connecting them with customers[29:35] The important skills for Ivalua when hiring[35:35] Leading by example and growth mindset vs fixed mindsetFollow us on:Instagram:
Michael Farlekas joined E2open in 2015 as President & Chief Executive Officer. In this role, he is responsible for leading the company’s overall operations, with direct oversight of sales, marketing, professional services, research and development, and strategy. Michael brings to E2open more than 20 years of sales, marketing, and leadership experience in supply chain management and enterprise software. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, E2open employs more than 2,300 people in across the U.S., Europe and Asia having operations in more 170 countries worldwide.E2open is bringing together data from customers, distribution channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers, and logistics partners. Their collaborative and agile supply chain platform enables companies to use data in real-time, with artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter decisions. Serving more than 250 of the largest 2000 enterprises globally across a broad range of industries, including high tech, CPG, industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace and defense, and oil and gas.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Why does E2open have over 240k trading partnersConnecting multiple applications to create one process across the end to end supply chainManufacturers over the past 40 years have transformed themselves into brand ownersValue add business vs data providing business.Building long term roadmaps for clients – from business release 1 to 40Growing the business 5x since 2015 from 75 mil USD to 380 mil USD in revenueE2open’s hiring and promotion principles Follow us on:Instagram:
Tom Raftery is a Global VP for SAP, an Innovation Evangelist, Futurist, and an international Keynote speaker. Tom is responsible for demonstrating the vital importance the Innovation has for enterprises and SAP's strategy and vision to enable organizations to realise the benefits. Prior to joining SAP, Tom worked for a number of companies at Group IT Manager/CTO level, and as an Industry Analyst. Tom is also a regular Guest Lecturer at the International Instituto San Telmo Business School in Seville. Tom is also the creator and host of The Digital Supply Chain podcast discussing thought leadership, best practices, and the latest innovations in delivering a sustainable supply chain. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Using solar energy and electric carsSubstituting electricity for diesel in busesPrioritizing energy efficiency and zero-emissionThe cost of wind energy has fallen 50% since 2012, solar has fallen 87%  and lithium-ion batteries 90%.How the crisis shifts the organization’s agenda towards energy efficiency and sustainabilityFollow us on:Instagram:
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