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Reigning Blood

Author: Matt Johnson & Leo Croes & Josh Watson & Aaron Craig

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Dictators, serial killers, corporate proxy wars, actual wars, anything nitty and gritty that has a bloody history, we will talk about it. Many companies and counties have dark pasts you may not know about but always wanted to. Give us a listen, you’ll be entertained I promise
57 Episodes
Join the RB crew for our final installment of our inaugural Black History Month Series. We discuss the horrific act of the Wilmington Massacre of 1898. Which also happens to be the only successful insurrection in US history. Although we grew up in North Carolina, we weren't taught about this in school. So drink a beer with us and learn about one of NC's most violent events.
This story from West Philadelphia is nothing like the Fresh Prince! Come have a drink with the RB crew as we delve into the story of the  1985 MOVE Bombing. This little known event takes place in the city of Philadelphia, where the mayor used explosives on his own citizens. Bet you've never had a noise complaint that escalated this much! 
Come and join the RB crew as we discuss the First Italo-Ethiopian War. Ethiopia maintained its independence during the colonization of Africa by defeating the invading Italians. So come have a beer and enjoy the "underdog' story of Ethiopia's fight for freedom! Cheers!
Join the RB crew as we kick off our Black History Month Series with the Haitian Revolution. The first and only successful slave revolt history. Come have a beer with us as we celebrate this historic revolution.
Join the RB crew as we cover the shortest war in recorded history. Seriously. We had lunch periods in school longer than this conflict. This podcast is actually LONGER than the war. So come on and have a beer and enjoy show.
Join the RB crew for a dive into the El Mozote Massacre. Taking place during the Salvadoran Civil War, a conflict with a plethora of massacres, El Mozote is famous for being the worst. Go grab a drink for this one.  
Join the RB crew as we discuss the brutality of medieval weapons. Ranging from battlefield weaponry and siege engines to the barbaric torture of prisoners; the RB crew paints a bloody picture. We are joined by friend of the pod, Keegan, who's knowledge of historic warfare comes quite handy! Come and have a listen!
Join the RB crew as we delve into the history of the largest armed uprising in the U.S. since the Civil War. Bet you never hated work to point of hijacking a train.
Have yourself a bloody little Christmas! Come have a jolly time with RB crew as we cover some of the bloodier events on Christmas through the years! Y'all be good...or not!
Join the crew of RB for an interview with Miranda Young, of Ghost Biker Paranormal. We met Miranda at the Henry River Mill Village and knew we wanted to have her on the podcast for an interview.  We cover how she got into investigating the paranormal and what set her apart! Also maybe a slight bit of demonology
Join the RB crew for this interview with Deb and Laura, creators of the "I Got the Hell Out Podcast".  Get a first hand account of life in a cult in this fast-paced Q&A! We hope y'all are as entertained and flabbergasted as we were!
Join us as we delve into the history of Little Turtle's War. The highwater mark of Native resistance to American expansion
Join the RB crew and special guest Ariel Cooksey (Malice Podcast), as we delve into the story of Anna Ivanovna and the Ice Palace! 
Author of 'I walked on my own grave', Ramon Sosa joins us and tells about his insane story of an attempted hit on his life.  Get your own copy of the book here;
Come listen to the story of a man that was framed for murder in a town not too terribly far from the Reigning Blood crew.
Author of the book Kilo, Toby Muse comes and tells us about his experience in following drug cartels 
Come listen to the interesting world of paranormal investigations as we talk to Kristy from Soul Sisters Paranormal. 
One Caribbean island, two dictators ...who was worse? 
Come join us as we talk about some of the local ghost stories and folklore of North Carolina.
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