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Author: Dr. Onye Nnorom

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Navigating professional life as a "racialized" person can be exhausting. Join Dr. O, a Public Health Physician Specialist in Toronto, as she interviews guests who are overcoming the obstacles of overt and institutionalized racism to achieve their professional goals while creating healthy and fulfilling lives. If you'd like to learn about thriving in the face of adversity while staying well, this is the podcast for you.
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Welcome to Season 2 of the “Race, Health & Happiness” podcast: GAME CHANGERS. In this episode, I interview my girl and colleague Dr. Marcia Anderson – Indigenous woman, mother, physician, advocate, scholar, FEMME and just PURE FIYA!!We dive into the impacts of colonization and her own experiences of anti-Indigenous racism in healthcare. Although this was recorded before the tragic unearthing of Indigenous children’s remains in Kamloops BC, the approaches to healing she describes here can be applied to overcoming almost any form of racial trauma. So I hope it is helpful to everyone directly and indirectly affected by this act of structural violence. And stay tuned in the coming days– we will be releasing a bonus episode that we recorded together, where we do a deep dive into “radical self-care”.  So buckle up, here we go!                                         Dr. OAccess our Show Notes to discover additional meaning
Welcome to Season 2 of the “Race, Health & Happiness” podcast: GAME CHANGERS. In this episode, I’m interviewing Victoria Chan, a journalist who is disrupting and dismantling stereotypes about East-Asian people and communities. In July 2020, I read one of Victoria’s articles which started like this:  “In the midst of a pandemic — and perhaps, because of it — Chinese Canadians find themselves on both sides of the racism dynamic: as victims of targeted attacks and perpetrators of anti-Black sentiment. ”  YESSSSSSSS….That’s still true and incredibly sticky for me as a Black woman, so I’m happy that Victoria agreed to be on the podcast so we could unpack this topic together.  Personally, I am always trying to stand in solidarity with my friends, patients and learners experiencing direct or vicarious trauma from anti-East Asian violence. I’ve attended webinars talking about the anti-East Asian sentiment, including where panelists have disregarded their own privilege and the existence of the “Model Minority Myth”. This was hard to swallow when the Chinese Model Minority Myth is often weaponized and used against other racialized groups like Black communities to undermine our own struggles.  But I never spoke up in these spaces because this is soooooo messy, and involves a good grasp of positionality, oppression, privilege and loss of safety for East Asian communities. So that’s why I had to speak to Victoria after I read that article she wrote.  She and I discussed anti-Black racism, and dove into layers of anti-East Asian racism like “Yellow Peril”, model minority, the “Bamboo Ceiling” and the tensions of white adjacency.  This episode is about untangling the complex weave of oppression and the illusion of belonging within a white supremacist hierarchy. Damn!           Dr. OVictoria Chan's article:If You Hate Anti-Chinese Racism, You Should Hate Anti-Black Racism, Too -  ( our ShowNotes to discover additional meaning. ('s headshot by @Trucreates
“Welcome to Season 2 of The “Race, Health & Happiness” Podcast!  This season is about “Game Changers”, people who are dismantling institutional racism in their own fields, teaching us how to do it, or how to support it, while we thrive.In this episode I speak with Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Kike Ojo-Thompson, whose mission is to transform institutions and work cultures into more equitable spaces.  Our conversation explores the tensions and intersections of Black identity within Black communities.  Then we delve into the double discrimination faced by Black women called “Misogynoir”, and finally tips for staying healthy and raising resilient Black children.I love this conversation.  I hope you do too.”- Dr. OAccess our shownotes to uncover additional meaning! (
In preparation for Season 2 of, we decided to revisit Season 1 of the show one last time.  Looking back with "2020 Hindsight" at a difficult year we were reminded that the conversations Dr. O had with her guests are still relevant as we continue to explore how to thrive and stay well in a racialized world.  You can enjoy all of the episodes of RHH's Season 1 at or wherever you get your podcasts.And stay tuned for "Race, Health & Happiness Season 2: Game Changers", debuting on March 31st, 2021.
Dr. O speaks with Director X, internationally acclaimed film and music video director, about the night he got shot, how he wants to use brain science to address gun violence, and why he is not getting support from his friends in the hip-hop community.Shownotes -
Dr. O speaks with researcher and community leader Akwatu Khenti, PhD about how he uses the power of optimism, rooted in his African and Trinidadian heritage, to overcome adversity in his life. Dr. Khenti also talks about the real causes of gun violence in Black communities, including systemic racism and systems of oppression.Show Notes -
"Dr. O speaks with professor and Black community advocate Dr. Roberta K. Timothy, about how her connection with her African ancestry helps her to survive and overcome Anti-Black Racism and stay mentally healthy.  Dr. Timothy also talks about the impacts of racism on growing minds, the importance of community support and therapy, and why she needs to be surrounded by her people to feel invigorated."Shownotes -
Dr. O speaks with Celina Caesar-Chavannes, mental health advocate and former member of  Canadian parliament, about her journey to find her place at the professional table, the importance of “showing up” for herself and her community, and how she learned to tap into the strength of her Inner Child.ShowNotes -
Dr. O speaks with lawyer, author and inclusion specialist Ritu Bhasin, about finding your authentic self, growing up caught between cultures — and how staying healthy can be a revolutionary act.Please see additional Show Notes.(
Dr. O and Dr. Karl Kabasele discuss the origins of the podcast.Please see additional Show Notes.(
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