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Do you want to be happier?  Do you believe that the world can be a better place?  Then join Em as she shares exclusively on the pod her new vision for the future – Em will share her vision for the world and why she is so passionate about launching Laugh, Think, Play.  To support her go to and add your email to our list as we start this new movement.
How can we all become more conscious in our life and work?  What does that even mean? How did Caroline set up a business with consciousness at the heart of it and how did she start her own journey?  What can you do to raise your own awareness of self so you can be happier and healthier?  Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara really get under the skin of consciousness so that you can laugh and think. About Caroline Sage: Caroline founded a search advisory firm, Kea consultants.  Although it’s main product  s placing finance professionals into investment roles within PE, HF, VC and Growth.,  she built it with an anti-recruitment model in mind.  There is no mention of targets or placements.  It’s a longer term oriented philosophy both externally and internally.  She allowed her feminine identity to play a bigger role in her leadership style and feels that has significantly contributed to the success of the firm. Outside of spending time with Kea, her kids and eating (one of her most fave things to do), she spends most of her time understanding, discussing and studying people, their connection to themselves and others and enabling those that she can to thrive in the world.
How can we be professional speakers?  How has the world of speaking changed since COVID?  What are the things that make some speakers great?  What has Barbara done that has changed her world?  How can Lisa Stansfield be relevant for speaking? Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barabra as they chat all things Speaking with Nick Gold. Get in touch with Nick: LinkedIn: Twitter: About Nick Gold: With a firm belief that successful events which deliver maximum ROI for both attendees and organisers can be held anywhere, even a cow shed, Nick Gold draws on his 20+ years consulting experience working with 8,000 speakers and servicing 1,000+ events per year to address the pain-points and opportunities that exist for event professionals.  With a background in the era of the first dotcom boom and bust, and then some more ‘grounded’ work life with a major FTSE100 company in IT and project management, Nick found himself in the mid-1990s looking for the opportunity to grow his own company and create something new.  And so his story with Speakers Corner began. Initially a bespoke entertainment bookings agency, Nick has turned the business into a market-leading speaker bureau and consultancy working with 6,500+ speakers and servicing 1,000+ events each year, which sits at the heart of the events industry  Nick also manages the business with his brother Tim, which also makes him well placed to comment on how family and business can work together!  Nick Gold was the first British President of the International Association of Speaker Bureaus (IASB) from April 2020 – April 2021. Nick was formerly the Chairman of the EASB (European Association of Speaker Bureaus). He has spoken at major industry events including Confex and The Meetings Show, and has been published extensively across UK media outlets, including: The Telegraph, City AM, Huffington Post UK, and Raconteur. He has also been interviewed by the BBC and LBC radio.  Before his Speakers Corner adventure began in the mid-1990s, Nick previously worked in the energy sector at Power Costs Inc. (PCI) and Centrica, where he specialised in project management, business development, business analysis and bid tendering.   A warm character who speaks with passion and authority on content, the events industry and measuring ROI, not to mention entrepreneurship, managing SME’s, creating an inclusive culture and motivating a workforce to go above and beyond, Nick inspires audience interaction with questions from the floor during his sessions and delights in sharing stories with delegates after the talk has finished. 
Join Em on this solo episode as she talks all how we can really see ourselves.  What stops Em from really having the courage to look at who she really is?  Why do we not want to spend time on us – what is it that holds us back from being brave and open to discovering who we really are – as well as looking at the parts of us that we do not like so much. Ho can we really start to see ourselves with kindness and grace so we can really allow ourselves to be all we can be.
Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they chat all things grief. How do we talk about grief? How can we explore our own grief and safely navigate it with kindness and even joy?  What can we learn from Cher about grief? How can grief truly change us and how can we grow and understand the most human yet individual emotional journey we go on?  And much much more.. Get in touch with Addison: Instagram: @addisonbrasil / @sharemygriefclub LinkedIn: Twitter: @addiconnect About Addison Brasil: Addison Brasil lost his brother to cancer, found his father after suicide, and survived a fatal event that killed a dear friend and left him relearning to walk all before age 30. Grappling with grief while spending all his spare time at The Groundlings in LA, Addison finds his way being equal parts Honour The Journey and Find the Funny when approaching real life grief, being a conscious creator and despite being "just to the left" of death so intimately, whenever someone would share they had experienced loss or ask how to support another person dealing with the loss he would freeze. After thirteen years in the Grief Club arena, Addison's new book is something he wants to offer to anyone grieving. First Year of Grief Club: A Gift From A Frend Who Gets it (#1 New Release in Death, Grief, and Spirituality) is available on Amazon now. 
Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they chat all things stepping into your own power with Amber. How can you truly step into your own power?  What does that really mean in life and work?  How can we really be happy and more at peace with ourselves and our own stories?  How has Barbara stepped into her own power and what can you learn from her and much much more.. Connect with Amber: Facebook: Instagram: Telegram: About Amber Romaniuk: Amber Romaniuk is an Emotional Eating, Digestive and Hormone Expert who helps professional women achieve optimal health through mindful eating, self-care and overcoming self-sabotage with food. Her podcast “The No Sugarcoating Podcast” has a million downloads, over 300 episodes and is listened to in over 88 countries. Amber overcame her own emotional eating after gaining and losing more than 1000 lbs and spending over $50,000 on binge foods and spending 5 years balancing her hormones and digestion. Now she helps others achieve Body Freedom™ so they have the confidence and health to create amazing lives.
Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they chat all creative collaboration.  How do Em and Maheen work together on shows and films, how can you encourage more creativity in your life and work?  How do you choose who you want to work with to create brilliant things?  How does Barbara work creatively and how can you allow yourself to collaborate with bravery and honesty? Connect with Maheen: Instagram: @maheen_m LinkedIn: maheen-mohammadally About Maheen Mohammadally: Maheen is a writer, director, collaborator and all round brilliant human.  She has worked on countless shows across the UK and is currently working on her new screenplay and with Em Stroud on their new film Re:Framed.  She also works with businesses helping them discover their stories and how they can connect with their audiences in an honest, effective and engaging way.
Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they chat all things laughing and living with David.  How can we laugh more in life? Why do we view work as a thing that has to be serious?  How can we find more little moments?  What has Barbara got in store for David and much much more… Connect with David: LinkedIn: mrdavidmcqueen About David McQueen: David McQueen is an international speaker, storyteller, facilitator and presenter. Passionate about effective presentation and communication skills for business and education. His humour, story telling and ability to connect with audiences across the board has made him the choice speaker for conferences, corporate events, associations, networking groups and after dinner all over the world.
Join Em on this solo episode as she talks all about why we minimise ourselves.  Do you ever find yourself moving away from what you really want to do, or who you really are as you think that is the better decision?  Have you ever played small when you really want to play big.  In this episode Em shares why she is no longer going to minimise herself and why you should not either.
Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they Clown Around all things Belief.  How do you create more self belief?  How can having belief really impact you and your life?  What does having a sense of belief change for you in life and work?  How can having belief change Barbara’s life?  We chat this and much much more.. Connect with Rachel Torell: LinkedIn: About Rachel Torell: Rachel Torell is the 2020 Most Distinguished Saleswoman Europe as recognized by the Women in Sales Awards. She’s on a mission to champion women and encourage them to chase their dreams, hoping to lead by example as she progresses in her life (and career!) She’s an active member of the University of Georgia London Alumni Association, and heads up the London Women of UGA chapter  
Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they Clown Around all things Sales and Performance Management with Sam Smith.  How do you create brilliant sales for you and your business?  Why does sales still have negative meanings for so many people?  How can we all learn to love sales?  How does Barbara want to use Sam’s selling skills?  And much much more… Follow Sam: LinkedIn: Twitter: @realsamsm1th   About Sam Smith: Passionate about connecting talent to work, a little crazy about ensuring brands do it in a way that creates a brilliant experience for everybody. Curious about technology enhancing a humans performance, excited about automation for good and serious about getting the best out of people. Thrilled to lead KellyOCG in EMEA, proud of the talented people in our business that bring our noble purpose to life and delighted to be a part of a global business that does the right thing. Always
Join Em Stroud and her clown Barbra as they chat all things Menopause with Sarah Davies.  How can we chat about the menopause more easily?  What can we do to support people going through the menopause?  How was Barbra affected by the menopause?  What can we do to make business more effective at supporting their people and much much more… Sarah’s Social Media Handles: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: About Sarah Davies: Sarah Davies is a multi-lingual, experienced and qualified business coach, facilitator and trainer who launched Talking Menopause in 2017 to increase menopause awareness, education and support at work to women and men across a broad range of organisations  She feels passionate about making a difference to people’s lives and previously helped Dr Louise Newson launch and as Business Manager manage menopause her clinic. Sarah previously spent over 10 years in senior international corporate roles at Fujitsu & Thomas Cook before recruiting senior executives with Heidrick & Struggles with the Professional Services and Retail sectors. She often contributes to regional radio programmes, national news and has published a number of articles in various newspapers & magazines.
Join Em Stroud and her clown Barbra as they chat all things Beauty and Entrepreneurship with Jennie Lawson.  How is the beauty industry perceived?  How can we all make choices to be fully sustainable and with no landfill (including PCP) .  What can we all learn about resilience and spirit from Jennies story?  How does Barabra relate to beauty and her relationship with Brian and much much more… Jennie’s Social Media Handles: Facebook: mimosa beauty – Jennie Dawson Instagram: @mimosabeautysalon / @jenniedawson106 LinkedIn: Jennie Lawson About Jennie Lawson:  Jennie is a Multi award winning salon owner, self-care advocate and her salon is Eco – 100% landfill free. Her salon is Mimosa is now 10yrs. She also launched Mimosa Sanctuary. Sanctuary is an online self-care space where your mind, body and soul can retreat. From rituals that help you create peace in a moment, to techniques that help you navigate the world of self-care so you have moments just for you. The mimosa sanctuary has it all.
Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they chat all things The Invisible Revolution.  What is the Invisible Revolution and how can you get involved? How did Nicola go on her own journey to creating The Invisible Revolution?  How can more primary care givers – be that of kids, parents or anyone else get involved in the Invisible Revolution – so you can have your own business and look after those you love and be happy?  How can Barbara learn from Nicola and so much much more. Nicola’s Social Media Handles: Facebook:  @mpowermumsinbiz Instagram: @nicolahuelin LinkedIn: @nicolahuelin Twitter: @nicolahuelin @mpowermumsinbiz About Nicola Huelin: Nicola is on a mission to empower one million women of The Invisible Revolution - those building a business they love while raising a family they love more than anything.  Award-winning business coach and mum of a fusion-family-of-4, Nicola shares her inspirational journey of going from “City-commuter” to what she calls the “[Alternative 6-figure]” home-based coach and shares key tips for making your business work for you in a way that sends overwhelm packing and ushers in fun and fulfilment.  A multi-award winning, certified business coach/mentor, marketing expert, TEDx Speaker and author of The Invisible Revolution - Nicola has over 24 years’ experience in combining business success with family life and has connected, coached and mentored 1000's of women internationally.
Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they are Clowning Around.. Remote Leadership. How can we become really good remote leaders? What are the skills needed to be a good remote leader? How is Barbara a remote leader? What does the future hold for remote leadership and much much more.. Niel’s Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: About Niels Brabandt: Niels is has many skills including - Professional Training, Speaking, Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, Project & Interim Management. He is a successful business man that has lived in many places across the world. He has some fab stories and a brilliant podcast called The Leadership Podcast.
Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they are Clowning Around.. Coaching. What can coaching really do for you? How can learning the skills of coaching really help you and your life? What can Barbara learn from coach Jenny? What are the steps to take to find a good coach and much much more Jenny’s Social Media: Website – Twitter – Linkedin – Facebook – Instagram – You Tube – About Jenny Garrett: Jenny Garrett OBE is an award-winning career coach, author, and leadership trainer. Her books explore the empowerment of working women and women in leadership roles. Together with her team, she uses her years of experience in coaching and leadership to support women and ethnically diverse leaders to progress at work. As well as supporting majority group leaders in making inclusion happen. She is also co-founder of a social enterprise Rocking Ur Teens which connects corporates with a pipeline of future talent.
Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they are Clowning Around.. More Choice. What would your life look like if you had more choice in your life? How can you create more choice in your life? How has Barbara created more choice in her world? What can you do so you can feel less stuck and more open to ideas? What can we do so we can “Express the Shit out of ourselves”? And much much more! Moe’s Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: About Moe Choice: Meet Moe Choice! I am the founder of The One Page Plan. I challenge and empower individuals to take personal responsibility for themselves, so that we can disrupt the status quo and find better ways of living, working, and being together. I am a master coach, solopreneur, and former 12x cofounder - taking 2 businesses to scale and exit since 1996. I have raised millions in investment and revenue, and hired over 1,000 people from over 50 nationalities. Since 2012, I have facilitated over 7000 hours of leadership development for over 1000 individuals, teams, and organisations from all over the world.
Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they talk all things Conversations.  How do we have great conversations?  How can we have effective challenging conversations? What can Barabra learn from a coach about coaches and conversations?  What makes a good conversation flow and how can we ensure we are having the best conversations possible and so much more.. Ruth’s Social Media: About Ruth Kudzi: Ruth Kudzi is a MCC accredited and award-winning coach, coach trainer, business mentor, speaker and best-selling author. She is the CEO of two successful companies: A coaching and mentoring business helping entrepreneurs build and develop their businesses and a coach training school which helps people to train as certified coaches and develop their coaching skills. She combines her background in sales and school leadership and education with over 25 years of study of Psychology and Neuroscience including MA in Psychology & Education, BA in Psychology & Management, PGCERT in Coaching (Psychology), PGCE in Business Education and numerous coaching qualifications including diplomas in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, NLP, Performance Coaching and Business Coaching. She is a DISC L3 accredited trainer, a Spiral Energy Coach and is working towards her NLP Master Practitioner.              Her coaching business is well regarded and successful and she has been featured in The Guardian, Vogue, Psychologies, Good Housekeeping, ITV, Women & Home Times Radio, spoken at NatWest, UCL, Allbright and General Assembly.    She is passionate about evidence-based approaches to coaching and personal development and helping people integrate their learning so they can live purposeful lives and run successful businesses.
Join Em and her Clown Barbara as they chat all things Truth with Helen.  How do you share your truth?  What courage does it take to explore and discuss your truth?  What holds us back from sharing our stories? How does Barbara share her truths and much much more.. including trips to Romania and a surprise mention of George Harrison. Helen’s Social Media: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: Book link: About Helen Garlick: Helen Garlick is a family lawyer and mediator turned author of a fabulous (!) memoir called No Place to Lie about family secrets and suicide. But it’s by no means grim. There are laugh out loud moments in the book which will make you laugh and maybe cry in equal measure. Helen is walking around London doing sections of the London Capital Ring on Sundays ending on January 9th 2022 in aid of Zero Suicide Alliance. Would be great to support, plus their free life-saving training on their website. She is also host of their ground-breaking programme Life Matters Helen’s have a YouTube channel called Hello! It’s Bedtter to Talk
Clowning Around – Being A Child at Work with Nick Mayhew Join Em and her clown Barbara as they chat all things being a child at work with Nick.  What does is mean to really allow your inner child to come out and play at work?  What benefits can you notice on you, your team and your clients if you allow more creativity, wonder and joy to come out at work.  How does Barbara play at work?  How did Nick’s journey inform him and his leadership and how he connects to his inner child? And much much more… Connect with Nick: LinkedIn: Website:  
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