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This is a brief excerpt from last week's ADHD & Sex Patreon episode, "My Coming Out Story ft. ADHD". If you want more juicy details about how growing up neurodivergent influenced my sexual identity, check out Patreon. | Support the show
Life Lessons

Life Lessons


I am beyond excited, because today I get to show off the amazing minds in my community. Listen to how my neurodivergent peers answered the question: What is a life lesson you have learned (or unlearned) that changed your neurodivergent experience for the better? Thank you to all who shared so generously. I had to cut a couple for time, so for the full-length and video version of this episode, check out Patreon.  If this inspired you to reflect on your own collection of Neurodivergent Life Lessons, it's never too late to join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or email: Share what you've learned and you could be featured on a larger piece I'm curating for the website. | Support the show
My brother Joe is back with wisdom and insight as we answer an email question about how to have challenging conversations with an ADHD loved one. For a video version of this episode with an extra half hour of content, check out Patreon. Support the show
Yesterday was the four year anniversary of my ADHD diagnosis! I took the opportunity to share the nuts and bolts of how it happened and some reflections on how it changed my life. "Which Side I'm On" - Blind Pilot Watch my first video about ADHD & sex on Patreon. Support the show
In 3rd grade, a teacher chastised me in front of the class for a "careless" mistake during a project. For twenty years I have bided my time. Now my moment has finally come. Article by Dr. Brown about ADHD & executive function The first of my videos about ADHD & sex comes out next Thursday the 28th. Become a patron to access that, episode transcripts, and other exclusive content. | Support the show (
This is the most casual organization advice episode you will ever hear. You know why? Because you are already organized. Yes, you. Listen up and I'll prove it. <3 Sources: Durand, G., Arbone, I. S., & Wharton, M. (2020). Reduced organizational skills in adults with ADHD are due to deficits in persistence, not in strategies. PeerJ, 8, e9844. Become a patron to access exclusive content, like video episodes and episode transcripts. | Support the show
Why do ADHDers sometimes struggle with getting past frustration roadblocks? Why does stress seem to burn us out faster than others? Let's talk about ADHD and stress tolerance.  What is a life lesson you have learned (or unlearned) that changed your neurodivergent experience for the better? Email your answer to or via message/comment on The ADHD Manual's Facebook or Twitter to be featured in an upcoming episode.  Become a patron to access exclusive content. | Support the show (
Hello TAM fans! It’s Hong, Abby’s wife, taking over for this episode! Abby asked me to step in and think about this question: “What are some things about ADHD you’re glad you know that come up often in your day to day as a spouse?” Buckle up! PSA: I am NOT a mental health professional. Tune in next time for your regularly scheduled program. Become a patron for more content. | Support the show (
How does our brain prioritize? Why do ADHDers struggle with prioritization? What can we do about it?  Resources:  Eisenhower Matrix  Seeing My Time Planner  Planner Pad  Become a patron to access a video episode discussing ADHD representation on The Bachelor. | Support the show (
Wait a minute. Strike that, reverse it.  This is basically the voicemail I leave you when I'm two weeks late calling you back, during which I give TMI about my life and remind you that I love you and am not intentionally ignoring you <3  Become a Patron to watch my wife's and my thoughts on the recent "Bachelor ADHD scandal" Support the show (
Do you want to know how a pet can be an accommodation for neurodivergents? This one's for you. Do you want to hear silly cat stories? This one's for you. Sorry for the skipped episode last week! The schedule will continue every other week from here on out. Become a patron of The ADHD Manual ( the show (
Smell Ya Later, 2021

Smell Ya Later, 2021


This episode is probably 2021 in a nutshell: a total mess, directionless, and you'll be relieved when it's over. Enjoy! <3  Become a Patron of The ADHD Manual for exclusive bonus content. | Support the show (
Good Grief

Good Grief


I am back from hiatus! As you may have seen on my social media, I've spent the break in hardcore Mourning Mode. It's got me thinking about grief, and how bereavement and healing may look a little different in neurodivergent folks. My Patreon is up and running! Become a Patron of The ADHD Manual for exclusive bonus | Support the show (
To wrap up ADHD Acceptance Month, I made a list of house hacks and items that make my everyday neurodivergent life a little easier.  I originally included a list of helpful apps I use, but it got way too long! If this interests you, check back later for a link to subscribe to my Patreon for an episode on ADHD-approved apps and other exclusive content. Flare Audio's Calmer Loop Earplugs Tile Sunrise Alarm Clocks  Black Girl Lost Keys' Pill Pack/Water Bottle | Support the show (
I hope this episode makes you uncomfortable.  I know it was for me.  Instead of continuing the Executive Function Chronicles, I decided to go a different direction in honor of ADHD Acceptance Month.  I decided to take a break from talking about the ways my brain holds me back and send gratitude for all the ways it makes my life more vibrant, colorful, and beautiful.  Neurodivergent life is really hard, AND I love my ND brain. And I love yours too. Happy ADHD Acceptance Month. Check out my episode of The Peas in the Podcast, out now. | Support the show (
Good news: I'm continuing the Executive Function Chronicles no one asked for! Today I'm talking about task initiation. How do we go from thinking about something to *doing* it? Why is that harder for ADHDers? And how do we make it easier?To get notified when my guest episode comes out, subscribe to The Peas in the Podcast. | Support the show (
ADHD impacts several of our executive functions (planning, prioritizing, organizing, task initiation, etc) and today I will give an overview of working memory: what is it, why do ADHDers struggle with it, and what do we do about it? You can read my article on working memory here. | Support the show (
Hormones & ADHD

Hormones & ADHD


I'm back in the closet (studio)! Today I have announcements about exciting things on the horizon, and then I give a brief overview on how testosterone and estrogen fluctuation impacts ADHD symptoms.Get my interview with Topknot by subscribing on | Support the show (
*TW: abuse* In this second and final installment of my parents' interview, we get real about my tumultuous adolescence and why teens with ADHD are susceptible to abusive relationships. We conclude with some advice for parents of ADHD kids and a message for adult ADHDers who are in need of a loving Parent Pep Talk. | Support the show (
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