DiscoverThe Helping Hands Podcast - Brought to you by Jacqueline's Gems Childcare Services
The Helping Hands Podcast - Brought to you by Jacqueline's Gems Childcare Services
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The Helping Hands Podcast - Brought to you by Jacqueline's Gems Childcare Services

Author: Danny Eastwood

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The Helping Hands Podcast is brought to you by Jacqueline's Gems Childcare Services ltd. With over 20 years experience within the childcare sector, ranging from early years to adolescence, Jacqueline's Gems wants to Help and support Parents and carers everywhere. We will entertain by discussing all areas of being a parent or carer. Special guests will inform and entertain our listeners on a broad range of subjects.
7 Episodes
For this weeks Helping Hands Podcast, Episode Six - We have a lady called Shelley who has dealt with lockdown with a two year old and had the return to normality whilst carrying her second child. She speaks of her complications during the first pregnancy and how she coped with the mental strain it took upon her. Shelley doesn't just have a normal everyday job she has a second sideline job which helped to motivate her lifestyle and change her mental health for the better. Give this episode a listen and see if we can help you!
Episode Five is all about one amazing mum who gave birth during Lockdown with multiple complications & worries. She shares how owning her own business has been difficult to manage with a new baby due and coronavirus hitting the world. Find out how she managed her mental health and has worked out a life balance offering tips and advice to all experiencing the same.
We had a new face in the studio this week speaking about how life has been since lockdown and how she has managed work, money and mental health. See if you can relate to anything mentioned during this podcast, you can email us your concerns and questions and we will be happy to lend you a helping hand!
The Helping Hand Podcast had to stop due to Covid-19 and the studio having to close for a temporary time. We are happy to say we are back! Back in the studio, back on the mics and ready to get the ball rolling! Episode Three speaks to a parent about their Lockdown and their feelings on return to school and how their children are coping with the changes such as masks, social distancing and the anxiety or excited about stepping back through those school gates after nearly 6 months! We hope you enjoy our conversation and we would love hear about your feelings about returning to school... send us an email! Happy Listening!
This Episode comes from the alone host Danny during this difficult time which has affected the whole world. Danny talks about isolation, ideas, tricks and tips and ways of coping with certain situations while being stuck indoors. We hope everyone stays safe and well.
This first podcast is about getting to know our host and a bit about how and why we can be the helping hands you need.
A short trailer introducing The Helping Hands Podcast brought to you by Jacqueline's Gems Childcare Services LTD. With this podcast we aim to reach and help a number of parents and carers on their road in parenting and general life such as wellbeing, nutrition, mental health and so much more! We will have special guests during future episodes sharing their own personal experiences and how they dealt with the daily struggles. We would like our listeners to send in questions and concerns in which we will offer the best advice possible. We are hoping to be The Helping Hands you need.
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john facer

Well done Danny, looking forward to hearing more shows

Feb 29th
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