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Heather Prach, Director of Education for the International Dairy, Deli, Bakery Association designs the perfect c
Father’s Day Thoughts



Kids Together Playground was a dream initiated by two seven-year-old girls who wanted a safe place to play for their younger sisters who had disabilities, so they created one—and YOU can, too! Marla Dorrel, the founder and president of the Kids Together nonprofit, explains how. 
It’s always been there. It’s bathing in the shadows of wars, famine, floods, September 11th, and in just plain, old, everyday life. At times, it perches its talons more prominently than at others. Now, with COVID-19, it’s trickling in our veins again. It is—the fear of dying. Death Cafes, gatherings where folks discuss demise over cake and coffee, or even pizza, are helping people cope. Author, J. Dana Trent, discusses the promise of Death Cafes, and her book, “Dessert First: Preparing for Death While Savoring Life.” NON-PROFIT SPOTLIGHT: Diaper Bank of North Carolina  REPEAT
I hate Spam!

I hate Spam!


This episode is a rerun from 2021
Heart of Cary

Heart of Cary


The Heart of Cary Association explains its principles, mission, pillars, membership, and overall impact in the community. NON-PROFIT SPOTLIGHT: North Carolina Community Development Initiative REPEAT



Sherri Durbin of Consider it Done, Concierge/Organization, provides tips for making to-do lists disappear
I speak with Dr. Zachary Rubin about the Natural, Common Sense and  Medical Remedies for seasonal allergies.  Non-Profit Spotlight: Poe Center REPEAT
It is hard to make friends as adults. Here’s some “how-tos” from the founder of the Wackies, Deb Meehan 
Women power takes front & center as the Cary Women’s Giving Network’s co-founder, Sheila Ogle, explains the huge impact this organization has in the community!
American Red Cross

American Red Cross


Helping with disasters, blood donations, military services, training-- Barry Porter, American Red Cross CEO of the Eastern Region, explains it all and the touching stories behind the movement.



Veterans: Claims, Appeals, Health Care, Programs—American Legion Post 67—Commander Richard Spryrison 
Holderness takes us behind the scenes of TV’s Amazing Race: when do they eat, do laundry, down maggot-filled cheese, jump off buildings, and deal with cameras in their face 24/7—Non-Profit Spotlight CASA



Which one is healthier, cheaper, has the most alcohol—everything you need/want to know. Non-Profit: Fun Breweries that give back to the community! 
Space trip details-toilets, food, fear, lure, worst-case-scenario, etc. Non-Profit: Jandy Ammons Foundation



Hiking in all its glory, fun, health benefits, socialization, how to, places to explore-everything. Mary talks with Laura Bradford, of the I’d Rather Walk Group.  Non-Profit Spotlight: The Umstead Coalition 
Dr. Katharine Brooks, an award-winning board-certified counselor, coach, and the author of several career books including, "What Color is your Parachute?" and “Picture Your Career,” hands over the keys to taking advantage of the COVID job climate to change jobs, negotiate top employment packages, reduce job seeking fear, and the formula to close the deal and walk out with the job! Non-Profit Spotlight: Made4Me
Dr. Paul Cook, Professor of Medicine at ECU’s Brody School of Medicine, and an expert in the area of infectious diseases, including SARS-COVID and HIV, talks what a COVID endemic will be like-timeline/will our vaccines stand-up/need boosters every year/Omicron—Non-Profit Spotlight: Red Cross
Artist Patrick Dougherty will lead a community art project to create a monumental willow sculpture. Known as the “Stick Wizard”, Dougherty has made over 300 willow sculptures all over the world. According to some, his internationally distinguished art manages to make a permanent impact with a temporary footprint. Non-Profit/Make a Difference Spotlight: Town of Cary Adopt A Spot, and Spruce environmental volunteer opportunities
History, favorites, the 129 AD ‘Angels Hymn,’ Forbidden Carols, Laurelyn Dossett sings and talks about her composition for the NC Symphony. Non-Profit—recycle Christmas Tress to save the dunes-Surfrider Foundation--Oldie but Goodie Repeat-somethings may not apply 
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