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Author: Jim Leach and Steve Bowers

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Media and law enforcement experts combine to discuss contemporary law enforcement issues, ongoing investigations, and cold cases.
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Episode 5 of  "The Murdaugh Murders" is titled , "Catching A Killer" and includes an in-depth discussion of what the crime scene may tell us about the killer(s). Joins us as long-time police investigator, Jim Leach, describes what various pieces of evidence at the scene can tell about how the crime was committed, and, what kind of person or persons may have committed it!The author, Jim Leach has also written, "You Can Tell ME, Effective Interviewing Made Simple", which is available at aired on 11/23/2021
Topic: Pentagon Report - Nov. 23, 2021 ...  Defense Secretary Middle East Trip ... Russia at the Ukraine Border ... China's Hypersonic System Better Than We Thought ... Refuse Vaccine Is Your Discharge Dishonorable?  What About the National Guard When Your Governor Says, No Vaccine Mandate?Guest: Tom SquitieriHost: Steve BowersLength: 23;36Source: Blue Suede Forever @ WNWS-FM 101.5
Topic: News Review Nov. 22, 2021 - Haiti Release! Build Better Passed House - Now What?  Biden Helping Trump? Russia - Ukraine & More.Guest: Bob NeyHost: Steve BowersLength: 20:23Source: Blue Suede Forever WNWS-FM 101.5
Guest: Retired TBI Investigator - Jimmie LeachHost: Steve BowersLength 9:59Source: Blue Suede Forever - 101.5 WNWS-FMTopics: Trials in Kenosha, Brunswick, Shooting Death in Jackson, Scheduled OK Execution & More (The Weekly Wrap)
Guest: Tom SquitieriHost: Steve BowersLength: 23:21Source: Blue Suede Forever 101.5 FM WNWS=Jackson, TNSubject: Pentagon - November 18, 2021China - Reporters - South China Sea - U.S>Japan - Vietnam & More..Including What Do They Drink To Relax?
Guest: Roy Herron (Former State Rep. and State Senator, TN-D)Host: Steve BowersSubject: Book "Faith in Politics: Southern Political Battles Past & Present"Date: November 16, 2021Source: WNWS 101.5 FM, Jackson, TN .. Show "Blue Suede Forever"Length:  18:54
Guest: Bob NeyHost: Steve BowersTopics:  Should Members of Congress Be Censured?Bannon Back -"Misdemeanor from Hell" he says!January 6th Sentences!Congress and War Power!Kenosha & More ...Length: 23:41
Guest: Anthony MossSubject; History of Walking Sticks & Canes (There is a difference)!Host: Steve BowersDate: November 17, 2021Setting: Radio Show (Blue Suede Forever) on WNWS 101.5 FM Jackson, TN
Episode #2 of "The Rittenhouse Trial" looks at how media coverage of this trial and other cases may influence what we believe "justice" means in a particular trial.  If we make up our minds about a person's guilt or innocence before we have heard all the evidence, it may color our judgement of what the evidence means. How is the Rittenhouse trial going to turn out? Guilty or NOT guilty?Jim Leach is your host for this episode. He is also the author of "Simply Safer", a book full of simple, common sense suggestions that can make you safer in everyday life. All of Mr. Leach's books are available at Amazon.comEpisode #2 aired originally on 11/16/2021
Episode #1 dealing with "The Rittenhouse Trial"  is produced at the same time the attorneys are making their closing arguments to the jury!Hear Tennessee Underground listeners comment on and question what is happening in this complicated trial. Some of the questions in this trial include motive, legal details, and the actions of the judge and lawyers!Tune in as career investigator, Jim Leach, addresses these issues and introduces some questions of his own.Episode #1 of "The Rittenhouse Trial" originally aired on 11/15/2021. The host is Jim Leach, author of "Murder Is A Tough Business, The Pursuit Of True Evil", available at
Guest: Bob Ney Host: Steve BowersDate: November 15, 2021Time: 23:10Reporter released! Biden and the President of China!The Bill Signing!  What about the Social Build Better Bill?What has happened to the relationship between the White House and Vice-President Kamala Harris??
This is Episode #4 of our series dedicated to the investigation of The Murdaugh Murders that occurred in South Carolina. Listen as our host Jim Leach discusses some of the confusing circumstances surrounding this double homicide. Okay, it's time to pitch in and try and help solve this case! Let's put together everybody's thoughts, comments, and questions about leads, motives, and  what a successful investigative approach might be!The host for this episode, Jim Leach, is the author of "You Can Tell ME, Effective Interviewing Made Simple". This book, as well as Mr. Leach's other publications, is available at Amazon.comOriginally aired on 11/13/21
Episode #3  of our series investigating THE MURDAUGH MURDERS centers on the crime scene and the autopsy.  We discuss what evidence was found at the crime scene and what forensic experts can do with the physical evidence from the scene as well as the autopsy. Career investigator Jim Leach is the author of this episode. Mr. Leach's latest book is titled "Murder Is A Tough Business, The Pursuit Of True Evil" and can be found at Amazon.comThis is an active investigation and we want your thoughts!Aired originally on November 11, 2021.
Pentagon Reporter, Tom Squitieri talks with Steve Bowers on Veterans Day 2021.
Jimmie Leach & Steve Bowers Weekly Update - Nov 11, 2021
Congressman David Kustoff on Veterans Day and More in this Nov. 11, 2021 conversation with Steve Bowers ...
It's November 10th and Bob Ney and Steve Bowers discuss the Social Infrasture Bill (Build Better) - Should We? Trump & January 6th .. and the "Normal" Democrats ..
"AND SOME GAVE ALL", Episode #3, remembers these heroes who gave their lives trying  to help others. This episode is dedicated to:Police Officer George Gonzalez, U.S. Department of Defense, Pentagon Force Protection AgencyOfficer Brian Russell Pierce Jr., Brooklyn Illinois Police Department   Deputy Sheriff Brandon A. Shirley, Jefferson County Kentucky Sheriff's Department
This POLICE REFORM episode (#3) titled, "Is The Defund Police Program Working Pretty Good?" looks at what is happening in several cities that have implemented various versions of cutting police services, eliminating police positions, redirecting funds to other departments, and/or creating alternative policies.The host for this episode is Jim Leach, and the show originally aired on 11/9/2021 
Our POLICE REFORM episodes discussed new "STOP" laws in Philadelphia as well as new "SHOOTING POLICY" instituted by a department in Georgia. We have picked out some of our listeners' thoughts and included our own!There was also one observation concerning the Gabby Pettito case that made an excellent point, that is applicable, not only to the Pettito case, but to other cases as well.Please share your thoughts with us!Your host for this episode is Jim Leach, author of, "Murder's A Tough Business, The Pursuit Of True Evil", and a career law enforcement officer.  
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