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Author: Jim Leach and Steve Bowers

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Media and law enforcement experts combine to discuss contemporary law enforcement issues, ongoing investigations, and cold cases.
469 Episodes
COP TALK remembers those heros who gave their lives trying to help others.This episode is dedicated to:Supervisory Special Agent Daniel P. Cox, U.S.C.B.P.Officer Lewis Andrew (Andy) Tratlor, Austin Texas Police DepartmentOfficer Scott Russell Dawley, Nelsonville Ohio Police Department Hosted by Jim LeachEpisode #2, broadcast on 10/27/21 
Bob Ney and Steve Bowers discuss the kidnapped missionaries in Haiti,...the Billionare Tax ... January 6th Hearings - Anything significant? ... Vote this week? ... Biden was money for environment .. is that a winning issue?  Conversation from Oct 27th..
Tom Squitieri and Steve Bowers cover the foreign policy/military landscape from Sudan to Pakistan - Russia, China and More in this October 26 conversation.
Tennessee Attorney and Retired Judge, Paul Summers, discusses the Keep Nine Amendment.  The proposed amendment if adopted would establish by Constitutional Amendment a Nine-Member U.S. Supreme Court.  Paul discusses the concerns that have prompted this amendment proposal, its early status and what's involved in getting it passed.
"The Investigator", Jim Leach, uses his decades of experience to analyze this case.  There are a lot of questions revolving around this investigation.  Jim invites everyone to share their  comments and questions!
Bob Ney and Steve Bowers attempt to assess the significance or insignificance of Congress declaring Bannon in contempt, discuss the different ways are being discussed to pay trillions for social infrastructure and reflecting on the Haiti kidnapping (victims are from Bob's area in Ohio) in this October 22nd conversation from Blue Suede Forever.
Jimmie Leach discusses breaking news in the Gabby Pettito murder investigation
Bob Ney and Steve Bowers go into detail on the procedure to get a $2 Trillion compromise through House and Senate (Bob has been there).  Plus, Bannon in Contempt - Does that Matter?  And who is benefitting from the supply chain disruption.  (Conversation October 20, 2021 - Victoria Jones Birthday)  Plug at the beginning for an Ellis interview on The Cause - The American Revolution.
Joseph J.  Ellis discusses the American Revolution .. our first civil war?  Not exactly, but the colonists had a power source the British did not understand and could not defeat.  However, "The Cause" was understood differently in every state .. even in every community.  Joseph Ellis and Steve Bowers talk past and today in this October 19th conversation from Blue Suede Forever ..
You will enjoy hearing the candid and knowledgeable analysis of law enforcement and the legal system from someone who served as a Criminal Justice Professor, Assistant D.A., District Attorney General, and  Circuit Judge for the 28th Judicial District in Tennessee.   
Bob Ney and Steve Bowers / personal conversation before it's over .. in this October 15th interview from Blue Suede Forever ..
Tom Squitieri and Steve Bowers review several key issues and topics in this October 14 discussion.
Jimmie Leach and Steve Bowers review the week .. Gabrielle Petito case takes next step with autopsy release ... Other cases including those where officers were killed ... and more ...
Bob Ney analysis of Congress - House Ups Debt Ceiling - Now What? - December Next - and Schumer is on  point ... May be headed toward GOP Control?  President Biden is finally going to talk supply chain - About Time!!  And the Court Martial Deal .. Bob Ney and Steve Bowers from October 13 ...
Is Schumer more leader or more politician?  Bob Ney and Steve Bowers discuss current congressional leadership ... Whether Bannon and others can be forced to provide information to a congressional investigation ... and what are the jobless figures telling us in this discussion from Blue Suede Forever.
Tom Squitieri and Steve Bowers talk Syria - Assad Still There .. Seeks Diplomatic Relations.  A Naval engineer and wife charged with selling nuclear information!  China doing beach landing exercises!  A real court martial this week  And Fake furs at the White House.  Conversation from October 12th at the Pentagon.
So after Mitch said Republicans are not going to participate in raising the debt limit ... The Senate did ... with Republican help?  What is going on in Washington DC?? Bob Ney and Steve Bowers review the week and more in this October 8th discussion from Blue Suede Forever!
FBI Jurisdiction Is or Should Be What?  Boards of Education? Dog the Bounty Hunter - Does He Help? That and More in the Weekly Update with Jimmie Leach and Steve Bowers ..
Tom Squitieri and Steve Bowers from October 7th Blue Suede Forever
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