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Author: Mario Magaña

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It all started 20 plus years ago, driving home from working a swing shift. I turned on the radio and heard a voice that was electric. It happened during the middle of the segment when the topic was about UFO’s. Next thing I know I’m home. I was pulled into the conversation that I felt like I was with the host and the guest hanging around the water cooler. I would tune into the show nightly until I was moved from swing shift. After that I would tune in from time to time. When Art Bell left the show. Some of the host's fill in were just not the same. Art Bell was able to ask the questions without feeling like he was leaning in any direction. After the Art Bell chapter closed on the show, I would still tune in from time to time. Was it Art or was it the show brand that I loved so much?Fast forward 2020 I was hosting a radio weekend shift at the heritage station in Seattle from 6am to 12pm, When we got rocked with the pandemic I was asked to take a leave from my on air hosting duties till further notice. That's when I came up with the idea to continue with a podcast. My goal was to interview local people and restaurants with a goal to find an amazing place to get good eats. After a couple podcasts during some of the taping it would somehow turn to the paranormal topic. It would spark my interest in what others could learn. It was during an interview with Robert Lang from Lang Studio chatted about the ghosts that sparked me to make the change and rename the show U.S. Phenomenon.
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Tonight we go over the full Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena with our guest Michael Parker and Mark Jacobson. Why does the government believe the United States taxpayers buy this report? Mario ask why does this report have a ton of missing information. We check in with Charis Astrology for our weekly "Stars Report," Jay share what you didn't know about the Declaration of Independence, and Quinton Anton gives us our weather report.    
Since the northwest is home to some of the first reports of UFO's from Kenneth Arnold sighting near Mount Rainier. It would only be fitting to have James will give his expertise on Northwest sightings. James has takes a look at the mysteries of ufos. Some of the legendary eyewitness encounters that can be heard on this weeks show. You can find James K Clarkson on this website. (click on his name to check out his website) 
Michael Parker gives his take on UFO up ticks, and gives some insight on the reports that have been coming out in the mainstream media. Mark Jacobson returns to the show to add is take on the UFO, plus gets into the history about UFO/UAP( link to marilyn monroe)
If you're a person who like love Bigfoot and the mysteries behind them. Tobe Johnson takes us on a journey that will give you the ultimate encounters. These stories are on a whole nother level. Tobe Johnson  has his own podcast at 
What is Geo Engineering? Dane is the lead investigator for Geo Engineering Watch Dane who give some insight from what's going on in the sky. The Aerosols dispersion STRATOSPHERIC SULFATE AEROSOLS GEO-ENGINEERING
First I would like to thank Chris Dufresne for coming on Northwest Phenomenon.  Chris is action packed from the moment he on the show he is excited full of energy. We had the opportunity to chat about The Late Sylvia Browne (his mom). We also chat about how his mom Sylvia Browne predicted the pandemic in her book. Chis also give a small psychic reading about me and nails it right on.  We look forward to having him back on the show, to take call. 
@ChaseKloetzke joins me to chat about research and investigations for that last 20 plus years! With #fulldisclosure right in front of us. We ask why are people report more #UFO #UAPs #sightings Chase Kloetzke high energy gives you a sense of urgency. If you enjoy #UFO #UAPO's  this podcast is for you.  Special thank to Chase Kloetzke! You have a story or encounter you would like to share call our North West Phenom Hotline 24/7 (775)-990-5151 all calls are confidential. 
Who Killed JFK?

Who Killed JFK?


The million dollar question that is still asked about JFK...Who was behind the assassination? Was there more than just one  person plotting to kill JFK? During this podcast we look at some of the the conspiracies on that fatal November day. Our conversation with Kirby Wilbur the recently retired talk show host from KVI. Kirby cover all the angle, from the history to many conspiracies.     
Who was DB Cooper?

Who was DB Cooper?


In this podcast we uncover the burning question who was DB Cooper, with our guest Lars Larson from The Lars Larson Show. The fact that this case is still unsolved by the FBI. Lars and I get into who he believes Skyjacked the plane that dark night back in November 1971.   
in this podcast we learn from two of the best in the paranormal biz. June Lundgren and Wendy Stanton-Phillips share some of the dark places they've been and share what do if you need help if you have an encounter. You can find the on their website  
With all the headlines  about #Qanon talking about #Trump returning to power on March 4th. It was only fitting to have some of the best on the show. Michael Parker, Mark Jacobson , Charis to give some insight on the USA chart.  Who's drinking the Kool-Aid? Charis gives some predictions you don't wanna miss about march 4th. 
On this Podcast have you ever wondered what happens to our pets when they pass on? On this podcast we had the opportunity to chat with  Melissa Sehgal who is able to communicate with those who have passed on, and those who are still with us. Melissa also has been able to connect loved ones from the other side as well.  If you would like to contact Melissa email her at Email: or you can find her on Instagram @melissasehgal1
The Bigfoot Phenomenon

The Bigfoot Phenomenon


I had the pleasure to have some of the best in the world for our first Bigfoot Round Table discussion.  Marcia K Moore was a big part on getting this together.  Tobe Johnson joins us from his podcast-Strange Bräu Radio. Tobe is also going to release a book and documentary which will be out later in 2021. Book/ Doc The Owl Moon Lab | "A Shared Paranormal Experiment"  Ron More who has been investigating Bigfoot Phenomenon for 50 years. Best know for the Sierra Sounds, Ron Morehead is a researche, author, producer, and most of all a long-term experiencer. The Sierra Sounds are the only Bigfoot recording that have been scientifically studied, time-tested, and accredited as being genuine. Very few researchers of his caliber are brave enough to publicly consider the hundreds of reports that include that "spooky action at a distance. Ron Morehead has been featured on countless radio programs such as Coast to Coast AM, BBC TV documentaries, and the Learning Channel.  Ron Morehead.
For those would spend time in the woods/mother nature, do we really enjoy the whole beauty? In this podcast Marcia K Moore give us her encounters within her art which can be found at We also touch on the NW people why they would  elongate their head.   
Our guest Michael Parker joins us to talk about Covid-19, UFOs-UAP's plus his personal experience  during the 1992 riots in Los Angeles. 
Mark Jacobson  Monolith

Mark Jacobson Monolith


Mark Jacobson who wrote the book #PaleHorseRider about Bill Cooper. Makes his return to the show to chat about Monolith and other topics that touch on Bill Cooper and much more. Mark breaks it down why conspiracy get a bad wrap.  Nothing was off limits during the show.
In this podcast we chatted with Charis Astrology, she gives inside look at the history of why the church banned Astrology. This podcast is info is based on the history.  



Lon Stickler comes on the show to share eyewitness encounters of the human like thing called "Mothman" 
Ted (Bundy) Talks

Ted (Bundy) Talks


This podcast gives you some insight about Bundy. Our guest Jake from Private Eye Tours gives some in depth stories about bundy.  
Northwest Phenomenon host Mario Magaña talk with Patti who work at Rainier National Park gives an update on status on the Missing hiker Dr. Dubal.
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