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The Innergy Healing Podcast, created and hosted by Sonia, seeks to bring together modern life and the purity of the ancient teaching of spirituality. The purpose is to share the energy of the teachings to help you, the listener, manifest and create the magnificent reality that you dream of; to Share love, understanding, and joy through a normal conversation. Meditations for the modern active person, to be incorporated, into your daily routine. A few minutes a day may change the way you perceive your life and how you interact with the world. Topics about spirituality, chakras, self-healing, healing with your own energy power, and much more will be introduced. Sonia has been trained and initiated by Master Goswamy Sunyata Saraswati of the Trishu Shambala Tibetan Raku Lingka empowered by Tsampa Yeshe Norbu Rimpoche, Nepal. “I was very blessed to have amazing teachers that have guided me, now it is my turn to help.”As a certified and empowered Tibetan Reiki Vajra gTummo Raku Kei teacher and practitioner of the 7th degree, Seichim, Lama Yoga 4th degree, Usui Reiki, Magnified Healing Master teacher, it is an honor to share with you the healing energies of these teachings. Check into my website regularly to discover new episodes to acquire confidence in your skills, to develop your ability and knowledge of meditation and spiritual practices. Podcast episodes are also available in Spanish.El Podcast de Innergy Healing, creado y presentado por Sonia, busca unir la vida moderna y la pureza de la antigua enseñanza de la espiritualidad.El propósito es compartir la energía de las enseñanzas para ayudarlo a usted, el oyente, a manifestar y crear la magnífica realidad con la que sueña; compartir amor, comprensión y alegría a través de una conversación.Meditaciones para las personas moderna, para incorporarlas a su rutina diaria. Unos minutos al día pueden cambiar la forma en que percibe su vida y cómo interactúa con el mundo. Se introducirán temas sobre espiritualidad, chakras, autocuración, sanación con su propio poder energético y mucho más.Sonia ha sido entrenada e iniciada por el Maestro Goswamy Sunyata Saraswati del Trishu Shambala Tibetan Raku Lingka empoderado por Tsampa Yeshe Norbu Rimpoche, Nepal.“Tuve la gran suerte de tener maestros increíbles que me han guiado, ahora es mi turno de ayudar”.Como maestra certificada y empoderada de Reiki Vajra gTummo Raku Kei tibetano y practicante de séptimo nivel, Seichim, Lama Yoga de cuarto nivel, Usui Reiki, maestra de Magnified Healing, es un honor compartir con ustedes las energías curativas de estas enseñanzas.Visite mi sitio web con regularidad para descubrir nuevos episodios para adquirir confianza en sus habilidades, para desarrollar su capacidad y conocimiento de la meditación y las prácticas espirituales.
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Continuing our conversation about Chi/ Prana, the life force.How to use this force to heal the body and mind.Bring cosmic energy Heal your physical bodyCalm the mindActivate the chakrasBe proactive and learn how to increase your well-being, you are a beautiful and powerful being with the ability to transform your life the way you desire. the show (
Energy is around us, within us. Learn to activate the powerful universal force to heal yourself and empower your life.Everything in life has its energy vibration created by the electromagnetic emanation from sounds, colors, thoughts.  If our body energy or Chi is not flowing through the energetic conduits we may feel out of balance.With your breath, you may activate and direct the prana or chi where it is needed to heal yourself. the show (
The throat chakra is the one located at the base of your throat. It is called Vishuddha in Sanskrit.Chakras are energy centers, when the flow of energy is blocked or disrupted health issues may arise.Blockages in your throat chakra may bring difficulties in expressing your feelings and thoughts.  Your neck may feel stiff or tense. Follow the guided meditation with healing sounds to release any tension or blockage from the throat chakra. the show (
The Universal Laws

The Universal Laws


Make your life easier by understanding t the universal laws.The universe is governed by fundamental laws; the laws of nature are the ones discoverable by science. There are more subtle laws and universal rules that relate to the spiritual planes, to the inner realm of consciousness.Our mind is powerful; being mindful of these laws and their application may change your life.The Law of AbundanceThe Law of ActionThe Law of AkashaThe Law of AnalogyThe Law of AscensionThese are the first five of many more.innergyarts18@gmail.com the show (
Proper Breathing.

Proper Breathing.


Breathing is something we do without thinking, Deep breathing has several good qualities.Enhance lungs capacityEnhance relaxationRejuvenates We must exercise our lungs to achieve better meditation and to clear our minds.Deep breathing enhance relaxation and lung capacity.Try it. the show (
What is the dimension!We hear so much about dimensions, and that we are in the 3rd dimension. Do we know what is a dimension? Understand:what is a dimensionthe characteristic of a dimensionwhat can you do to advance into a higher dimensionunderstand how amazing you are In this episode we will venture from the sixth to the twelfth dimension, understanding what they are. the show (
The sound OM brings you feelings of perfection, peace, infinity, truth, and infinite knowledge.Relax with the sound of OM.You are a universe of light!Repeat the sound of OM from your heart to obtain what you desire. the show (
Bring life force and vitality to your body with a proper breath.Increase staminalongevityclarityIntroducing who Master Sunyata was is important so you may understand the vastness of his knowledge. It is my honor and joy to share with you his teachings. the show (
The solar plexus is your power center, when it is not in alignment you may feel insecure, upset and out of balance. At the center of our body id the storage of our energies, good or bad. Here we store our pains and frustrations.With this meditation you will let go of any issue stored there. Trust the power within you, affirm how good and strong you are.After the meditation you will feel relax, strong and with a sense of harmony. Confident and secure of who you are. the show (
El sexto chakra o tercer ojo es un centro de vitalidad y bienestar de dónde sacamos elpoder de recuperarnos y regenerarnos sea mentalmente como físicamente.Beneficios de activar el tercer ojo:Alivia el estrés Alivia la ansiedadAlivia la sensación de aislamientoAclara tu mente the show (
The third eye is the seat of your sixth chakra.The center for well being, the one that gives you the power to recuperate and regenerate mentally and physicallyBenefits of activating the third eye:Relieves stressRelieves anxietyRelieves the sense of isolationClears your mind the show (
Take a step toward understanding your spiritual path now.We hear so much about dimensions, and that we are in the 3rd dimension. Do we really know what is a dimension? Understand:what is a dimensionthe characteristic in which dimension are we nowwhat you can do to advance into a higher dimensionIn this episode, we will venture from the first to the fifth dimension, understanding what they represent to us human beings. the show (
This guided meditation will empower you.Balancing the throat chakra with affirmations and crystal will:Ease the way you express your feelingsEnhance your self-loveAffirm your happinessNourish your spirit with creativity the show (
Introducing who Master Sunyata was, is important so you may understand the vastness of his knowledge.It is my honor and joy to share with you his teachings. the show (
Precious legacy teachings from Master Goswami Sunyata Saraswati. My beloved teacher, Master Sunyata, was a precious gift from the universe. He was my teacher for few years and left an important legacy of teachings, healings and spiritual practices. I think it is my duty and honor to keep not only his memory but specially his teachings vibrant. Even if they are very ancient teachings they are of most importance at this crucial moment of world changes and evolution.This is the first of a series of talks I will share with you. I sincerely hope it will help and benefit each one that listen to the words of wisdom left by Master Sunyata Saraswati. the show (
Chakras are energy centers, each center is located on a precise power point within our body. When your chakras are aligned and working properly your physical and spiritual being is in harmony. Increase your energyGroundingOpen to love and compassionDevelop your intuitionExpand your awarenessMeditations to balance each chakra the show (
To ease the stress, have a focused mind to be ready for any challenge we need to practice meditation. As you make your body strong with exercise you make your mind and spirit strong with meditation.Our thoughts create so why not create a perfect world of beauty and well being.  You have the power to master the way you feel, through meditation you will feel calm, in total control of your emotions at any moment. the show (
La meditacion es la mejor forma que tenemos para salir de los problemas diarios de nuestro mundo materialista y estresante. Es el camino hacia una libertad espiritual y emocional. Meditando descubrimos nuestra divinidad. Aprenda a respirar correctamente. para obtener una meditacion mas profunda e incrementar su vitalidad fisica. Si tiene preguntas porfavor contacteme via email desde mi pagina envieme un mensaje privado a mi facebook the show (
Meditation is the subtle route to liberation from the materialistic world of our modern life. Using breath and cosmic sound you may enter a world of inner peace and calmness.Inhaling Prana/life force you are detoxing and purifying; increasing your vitality and well being. friends with my podcast I am trying to help somehow during these difficult times.If you listen to the podcast on Podchaser and leave a review a 25 cents donation will be given to Meals on Wheels America. I know it is not much but every little thing counts. Please post a review on Podchaser!#Reviews4GoodSupport the show (
Meditation episode 5

Meditation episode 5


In the quiet of your home or the place, you have chosen to find a special moment just for you. A guided meditation to center yourself and find inner peace. You have the power of being in total relaxation to be reinvigorated by the energy of mother earth and the universe.Meditation to be grounded, to be focused. the show (
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