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How is technology changing our lives? Hosting interviews with innovators, execs, and more, Canada’s tech expert Mike Agerbo explores how everything from tech gadgets to internet culture are changing our world.

For over 20 years, Mike Agerbo has made technology simple for audiences. He brings the latest gadgets to Global TV audiences with his weekly Noon Hour News Tech Talk segment and hosts the popular tech TV and YouTube show GetConnected. He also hosts The App Show, a radio show all about mobile technology.
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It's not too late to find the perfect gift for Mom! Mike and John share their last minute tech gift ideas.  Later in the show, they talk to one woman about her journey to discover her ethnic roots using DNA technology and Ancestry DNA.  See for privacy information.
Monstercat, a disruptive Vancouver record label, has given Electronic music artist's the tools to live sustainably since 2011. Monstercat CEO, Mike Darlington, joins Mike and John to discuss how the company has innovated with artists in mind through the pandemic, and how they're getting in on the NFT trend. Later in the show, we explore the latest fitness technology, including the hottest fitness trackers. Are you ready to get in shape? See for privacy information.
Renewable energy and finding ways to harness it is more important than ever as we find ourselves falling deeper into a climate crisis. In honour of Earth Day this week, we learned about a Canadian company that's bringing solar power technology to homes. Danial Hadizadeh, CEO of Mitrex, joins Mike and John to discuss this promising new technology and how it makes it possible to harness renewable energy for residential homes.  See for privacy information.
Like most things, art is evolving thanks to technology. Mike and John explore this evolution with Douglas Coupland, an accomplished Canadian author and artist. Discussing everything from writing to digital art and NFTs, Douglas offers a unique look into the new opportunities technology has created for artists over the years and how it continues to change the process of creating art.  See for privacy information.
What are dark patterns online and how did the Trump campaign use them to trick supporters into donating millions more than they intended? Mike and John explain how to recognize when websites and other user interfaces have been engineered to trick or manipulate you into making choices you typically wouldn't. Most importantly, we discuss how to protect yourself from falling victim to dark patterns, even on seemingly trustworthy websites. See for privacy information.
Heard of Twitch but still not sure what it is? And how are streamers making money on this platform? Mike and John speak with popular Twitch Streamer, Barnacules, to demystify Twitch and learn how you can make money on the platform. Spoiler alert: the platform is no longer just for gamers.  See for privacy information.
Technology continues to create new opportunities across industries and the art world is no exception. With NFTs fuelling a crypto art boom, it's the perfect time for artists to embrace this new trend. Mike and John discuss how artists can create and mint their own NFTs by validating their information on the blockchain. Sound complicated? Not to worry, we'll demystify the process.  See for privacy information.
NFTs are continuing to take the Internet by storm. We explain what they are, how they work, and how you can invest in them. We a discuss the environmental impact, which is bigger than you'd expect.  We also speak with the CEO of a new startup revolutionizing the way electric vehicles, or EVs, are charged in the San Francisco Bay Area.  See for privacy information.
The world is facing a computer chip shortage, dubbed Chipaggedon, that threatens the production of many popular consumer technology products. Melissa Chee, President and CEO of ventureLAB joins us to discuss how her company plans to help strengthen Canada's domestic hardware industry, instead of relying on imported chips.  Don't forget to tune into next week's show when we learn about an innovative new approach to charging electric vehicles that can save drivers time.  See for privacy information.
Looking for a new lockdown DIY project? The GetConnected team recently built a high-end custom gaming PC right in our studio. This week, our resident PC build expert joins us on the show to to discuss the build and what you need to know about building your own.  Later in the show, we learn about cryptoart and why it's all the rage with investors, like Mark Cuban.  See for privacy information.
The satellite technology behind Elon Musks Starlink internet service is cool, and it's bringing high-speed internet to users in remote areas in Canada and other parts of the world. But how does the service measure up for real users? Could it be the answer to bringing internet to every corner of the globe? Mike and John speak with one Canadian about his experience with the new broadband internet service.    See for privacy information.
As we look to the light at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic, we'll continue to see new challenges and opportunities for both employees and employers. Looking beyond 2021, we'll likely see a move toward a hybrid work model where employees spend more time working remotely than they did before the pandemic, while still meeting in person from time to time. Speaking with Ed Rodriguez, General Manager for Canada of Citrix, makers of software solutions that enable enable remote and hybrid work models, we discuss how technology will support the new hybrid work model.  See for privacy information.
As pandemic restrictions stretch on, many of us are working to build new workout routines. Aaron Fader, CEO of TUT Fitness joins Mike and John this week to introduce the company's revolutionary fitness tech, the TUT Trainer and TUT Rower. Developed in Canada, these devices offer an affordable full body workout at home with high intensity interval training (HIIT), resistance training, and time under tension training. Find out how TUT can change your home work outs and what the future holds for this innovative Canadian company as they take on giants in this space, like Peloton.  Later in the show, we explore the the future of contactless payments with Mastercard.  See for privacy information.
Almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have found ways to cope with restrictions and social isolation with the help of technology. In this episode of the GetConnected podcast, Dr. Ron Baecker, Professor Emeritus in Computer Science at the University of Toronto, joins us to discuss his new e-book "The COVID-19 Solutions Guide." He shares unique tips and insights for coping with life in the COVID era.  Later in the show, Mike and John open up the mailbag and answer your tech questions!  See for privacy information.
As Facebook faces more legal trouble from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), we explore the effects of monopolies on innovation. Joining Mike and John, Dr. Mahdiyeh Entezarkheir, Associate Professor of Economics at Western Ontario University, shares some surprising research that might make you look at monopolies in a whole new light.  Also in the show, John talks about his new favourite tech gadget.  See for privacy information.
This week, Mike and John recap their CES experience. They discuss what worked and what didn't at the first-ever virtual Consumer Electronics Show.  Later in the show we look at how you can get free over-the-air TV using an HD antenna. Ted Kritsonis joins us to talk about the Tablo HD antenna.  See for privacy information.
This week, we're unpacking our experience at CES 2021, the first-ever virtual Consumer Electronics Show. Although we're not attending the show in person this year, we're bringing you the hottest tech gadgets from the virtual show floor. Find out what we saw and what we're most excited about from household robots to rolling screens to a single-serve ice cream machine that uses recyclable pods.  Don't miss next week's show for more CES 2021 coverage.  See for privacy information.
The annual Consumer Electronics Show starts on Monday but this year, it's going virtual! As one of the biggest technology trade shows in the world, CES has been brought together hundred of thousands of show attendees annually for over two decades. Steve Koenig, VP Research of the Consumer Technology Association, gives us an in-depth preview at how this year's event will deliver all of the tech without any of the germs.  Don't forget to tune in next week to hear all about the show and the most promising tech of 2021. See for privacy information.
By 2024, NASA will launch the Artemis mission to explore more of the surface of the moon than ever before. On this week's show, we speak with NASA rocket scientist, Derek Dalle, about what it takes to execute a launch like this. Discussing the complex computing required to simulate every step of the mission, Derek tells us about how NASA is engineers are preparing for a safe and successful spaceflight that will land two astronauts on the moon's South Pole, which we know to have water. Earlier in the show, we welcome a UBC engineering professor to discuss how blockchain technology can help us distribute the COVID-19 vaccine safely given its strict temperature requirements.  See for privacy information.
Technology moves fast and new trends emerge every year. As we move into 2021, Duncan Stewart from Deloitte joins us to chat about the company's 12th annual tech trends report. He shares valuable predictions about the new year's hottest trends and the impact they'll have on consumers and businesses. Tune in to learn about what we can expect from the evolution of virtual medicine, the health risks of 5G, and 8K television sets--yes, we're up to 8K now!  Later in the episode, we speak with a Canadian company bringing technology innovation to the office lunch.  See for privacy information.
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