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GetConnected brings technology to you! Since 2000, GetConnected is one of Canada’s leading radio, television, and web sources in technology journalism. Join Mike Agerbo and guests to hear about technology news, product reviews, tips and tricks, giveaways, deals, recommended apps, expert interviews, and more.
153 Episodes
Mike Agerbo, John Biehler and our latest team member, Stephen Fung bring you the latest tech news.This week we're coming from New York City as we attend the big Samsung Unpacked event which launched their new Galaxy Note 10 & 10+ smartphones, the Galaxy Book S ultra thin computing device and a lot more. We'll talk about what we saw and the features of all the new devices.Mike has an update about his stolen MacBook...hopefully the final chapter!We also talk with Brian Jackson (now with Info-Tech) about how Disney is using artificial intelligence to watch the reaction of audiences to their new movies (with permission) to get better insight into what the audience want and how they react.We close out the show with our Alexa skill of the week.
This week, Mike Agerbo and John Biehler discuss the latest tech news, AJ Vickery stops by to talk about the tech used in the bikes in the Tour de France. Amanda Blain joins us to discuss her experiences with the smart glasses from North, Focals. Alex from joins us in studio to discuss what to look for when you look to get your damaged smartphone repaired.
Mike Agerbo, John Biehler and Graham Williams discuss the latest tech news.Erin Lawrence ( joins us to share her picks for some great outdoor tech you may want to look into this summer.AJ Vickery drops by to tell his tale of woe with respect to the computer in his vehicle. John shares the story of two technologies that were popularized by the railway industry in the late 60s and early 70s that we still use today.
Mike Agerbo and John Biehler are joined this week by fellow tech journalist Derek Malcolm.We discuss the Amazon Prime Day deals, a new program that Amazon has brought to Canada to help customers avoid counterfit products, Mike talks about his experience with new smart glasses from North based in Toronto and we talk about the latest security issues hitting Zoom video conferencing application, a new Android malware making its rounds as well as Apple's privacy issue with the Apple Watch Walkie Talkie feature.
Mike Agerbo, Graham Williams and John Biehler discuss the latest tech news. This week's guests include the president of Telus Mobility Solutions, Jim Senco, who Mike discusses the latest unlimited data plans being rolled out.We also talk with Shruti Shekar (Mobile Syrup) about the latest Huawei news and Mike updates us on his experiences with his Tesla electric vehicle after having it for a while now.
Mike Agerbo, AJ Vickery & John Biehler discuss the latest tech news.Mike talks with Erin Lawrence ( about the latest outdoor tech.MIT scientists have found a way to use wifi signals to scan for people through buildings, Mike, John & Graham Williams discuss the implications this brings.There is a new update for the Raspberry Pi mini computer out now and we discuss how you can use these inexpensive computers in all kinds of great uses.
Mike Agerbo and John Biehler are in Las Vegas for the big HPE (Hewlett Packard's Enterprise division) conference.Mike talks with Michael Vogel (Netcoins) about Facebook's new cryptocurrency,  we discuss our experiences in Las Vegas where we got to try out the new Star Wars Secrets of the Empire VR simulation at The Void, sequencing genomes in plants with Dr. Sebastian J Schultheiss (Managing Director of Computomics), Christian Reichenbach explains the Blockchain-based marketplace for vehicle and mobility data that HPE is helping with.As always, we close out the show with an Alexa skill - this week we will change your life if you use Alexa for timers in your kitchen.
Mike Agerbo, John Biehler and Graham Williams discuss the latest tech news.We talk with Mark Saltzman about all the new games and consoles at E3 in Los Angeles.Unlimited data plans are the new battlefield in the Canadian wireless market and Shruti Shekar from Mobile Syrup talks with Mike about what it all means.Mike & John talk with Eugene Suyu, CEO of Tinkerine Studios that design and build 3D printers in Delta primarily targeted to the educational market.Our Alexa skill closes out the show with Guitar Tuner.
Mike Agerbo & John Biehler discuss what they found when they visited the world's largest technology marketplace, Huaqiangbei, in Shenzhen, China. Mike talks with Katherine Keefe from Beazley who is a specialty insurer for companies looking to protect themselves against hackers threatening with ransomware attacks. Tile is opening a new office in Vancouver and AJ Vickery talks with CJ Prober, Tile CEO about the move. Mike & Graham Williams also discuss the latest tech news and what Apple announced at their annual developer conference, WWDC.
Mike Agerbo and John Biehler travel to Shenzhen, China to tour Huawei's campuses, manufacturing plants, cyber security labs and more. We discuss the current legal issues between Huawei and the US and get a front row seat at a press conference for the legal procedings during our visit.We speak with Brian Chamberlain, Executive Advisor at Huawei who shares the history of Huawei, the Canadian connection to it's humble beginnings and where things are now.
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