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RUCKUS Networks brings you interesting topics with a wide range of guests to sit down and discuss all things that make up the product portfolio. We'll discuss topics including products from our portfolio, Wi-Fi, routing and switching and more! We can't wait to share with you what our teams are up to.

You can contact the podcast team using the email address for any feedback or ideas for future episodes. We would love to hear from you!

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On our latest episode, Jim and John are joined by Al Brown, CEO of SmartWAVE Technologies, a RUCKUS Partner. And why are the mutts talking to the CEO of one of our partners? It's all about Wi-Fi 7 once again, and we get a partner's perspective about what's ahead of us for this new standard, and what they are excited about to provide to their customers. Except for the part where Jim excludes Al from the conversation to go off on some tangent. You know, Jim being Jim.If you are interested in checking out SmartWAVE, here's the link you need You can send an email to SmartWAVE using 
In our latest episode, Jim and John learn that they cannot be replaced by AI (we tried!?) but they can be joined by Mittal Parekh to talk about all the things that AI can and cannot do for our most excellent modern networks.
In our latest and greatest, Jim and John spend more time with esteemed SE Ryan McCaigue, discussing all things relative to wired and wireless networking in the classroom environment!
In our latest episode, Jim and John sit down with special guest Ryan McCaigue to talk about every kid's most favoritest time of the year...back to school! For our teaching trio, they discuss key factors in deploying and supporting in-school Wi-Fi that will earn them that A+!To learn more about client capabilities, check out "The List" at the WLANPi tool that was discussed, check out that out here read more about the profiler tool to check out your own clients capabilities, check out this link
In this week's episode, Jim and John have a spirited discussion about...favorites. As in, what are their favorite APs and controller platforms to run them on. There are no right or wrong answers, but if you ask Jim...To see the entire AP lineup, check out this link learn more about the RUCKUS SmartZone, follow this link RUCKUS One, check out episode 73 and this link here learn more about RUCKUS Unleashed, check out this link you want to read more about the R550 test report Jim referred to during the episode, check out this link here 
In our latest episode, Jim and John spend time with Bart Giordano, President of NICS and GM of RUCKUS Networks, diving into the upcoming Wi-Fi 7 goodness.To read more about Wi-Fi 7, check out this link here learn about CommScope Sentry, check them out here
On our latest RUCKCast, Jim and John are joined by Adam Cutts to have fun with some Security Story Time! Security is more than one device or one service, it's more of a mindset and everything thing can either contribute to, or expose holes, in your network security posture. Listen is as they discuss tactics, theories, and challenges with securing today's networks.#ruckusnetworks #security #SDWAN #SASE #ZeroTrustYou can follow the RUCKUS security story at this website learn more about U.S Federal Government solutions click here
In our latest episode, the Johns outnumber the Jims, as John Murphy joins our hosts to dig more into the RUCKUS WAN Gateway. John (Murphy!) first presented on this at the recently concluded Mobility Field Day. You can see his presentation in the link below. this link to learn more about the RUCKUS WAN Gateway
RUCKUS One is the next evolution of the RUCKUS Cloud controller platform and Mittal Parekh joins the crew to talk about this evolution and what it means for the future of cloud controllers. Listen in as Mittal hits all the high points about what RUCKUS One is and how it can help organizations and administrators alike deliver exceptional user experiences.RUCKUS One Press Release: more about RUCKUS One here: the product overview video here: supported AP models here:
During his presentation at Mobility Field Day 9, Rajiv Iyer, a Sr Director in the Product Management Team at RUCKUS, introduced everyone to Cloud RRM. Jim and John had some questions and invited Rajiv to the show to dive a little deeper. What is Cloud RRM, how does it work, and why people should consider embracing RRM in the cloud after spending so much time avoiding RRM.To see Rajiv speak at MFD9 : Ruckus Purpose Driven Networks – New Solutions and Innovations
On our latest episode, Jim and John have a timely-and timed!- debate about whether to deploy Wi-Fi 6e or Wi-Fi 7, as well as what thoughts might go in to making those decisions.To follow what RUCKUS Networks is talking about concerning Wi-Fi 7, follow their website here 
In our latest episode, Jim and John discuss the upcoming Mobility Field Day 9, where RUCKUS will be presenting on May 18th at 1:30PDT/4:30EST. You can watch the stream live, or get more information, here: some prior Field Day presentations, check out these links!
In our latest episode, Jim and John talk about some perishable skills that WiFi engineers have-specifically, surveying and troubleshooting. And while there are loads of tools to be used, the best tools are the ones you have. Some tools vaguely discussed in the show: https://www.intuitibits.comAnd Eddie Forero doing his WireShark thing...
On our latest epsiode, Jim and John are joined by Christopher Mohammed, PLM for RUCKUS CloudPath, to talk about some of the best things that CloudPath can do, that perhaps you weren't aware of.
On our latest RUCKCast, Jim and John virtually sit down with Keith Wong, PLM for the RUCKUS R series indoor access points, to talk about our latest indoor AP, the Wi-Fi 6E capable R560! For additional technical information:
In our latest episode, Jim and John spend time talking with Jeff Sojourne about the new RUCKUS ICX 8200 line of entry-level switches.For more information on the product line:
In the latest episode, Jim and John manage to record face to face while attending WLPC2023 In Phoenix. This episode has a bit of it all, summarizing the WLPC experience thus far, plus some interesting configuration conversations that have recently popped up.
In our latest episode, we take a bite out of the Internet of Things, discussing vRIoT servers, the oh-so-important Ruckus IoT Insights, and some really neat real-world applications for this increasingly popular technology. can read the blog about this subject here
In our first episode of the new year, Jim and John catch up on things and dive into a hot topic: eSports and networking!
In this episode, John and Jim finish their WLPC discussion, as the pair discuss the exciting Deep Dive and Boot Camp opportunities awaiting WiFi fans in February!
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