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Author: Randy Mortensen

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My mission with the Courageous Recovery podcast is to save lives and allow the person to Reveal the Lifestyle Champion within them.There are many different types of recovery programs, they all are aimed at helping those battling substance use disorders to transition from being harmed to being clean and sober. Anyone who’s battling a compulsive or destructive behavior wants to be healthy and they desire to live a happy and productive life. Sadly, only 1 in 10 Americans with a substance use disorder receives treatment. Why?Because it’s not safe to come forward and admit your challenges. The stigma is fueling an American public health crisis and we need to “Crush the Stigma!”Substance use disorders are associated with discrimination and social disapproval – more than any medical condition. These same people are often isolated, outcast, and even imprisoned. Stigma isolates people, it discourages them from seeking help, and even leads some medical providers to resist delivering evidence-based treatment services.
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Just over twenty years ago Jim Shoopack battled and suffered, in silence – clinical depression. He was suicidal but through his faith in God, and assistance from friends and family, he overcame the depression. Shortly thereafter, he set a goal of completing 100 marathons. To-date he has finished 21 marathons, including four in four months and three in three months. Since overcoming his battle with depression Jim has gone on to earn his Doctorate in Education, further demonstrating how far someone can go after overcoming depression. In this episode, Jim shares how to deal with & overcome suicidal thoughts. Also. he is very vulnerable in his willingness to talk about the debilitating depression that stole his freedom for more than three months back in 2001.Jim’s goal is to be the “voice for the voiceless”, and often states a statistic that’s not well known in our society today – the stat is “approximately 1 in 4 people will suffer in silence with a mental health challenge”. The fact that 26.2% of the population in North America have suffered from anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, is what has motivated him to complete the 100 marathons. He has traveled to Honduras, Nicaragua, and Mexico on service trips. His fluency in Spanish has been beneficial in helping to serve as a translator for the church groups he’s traveled with. As part of his journey, he and his wife, along with their three pups have traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada. Travel is part of his “self-care” journey.You can contact Jim via email at 
Angel uses the tagline “The CEO Confidant” and after listening to him for a few minutes you will know why. He is the pre-eminent advisor to CEO’s who deeply care about their legacy when it comes to their family, their business endeavors, and for humanity.He is originally from Spain, moved at 18-years old to Barcelona, and married his college sweetheart but within 6-months they were divorced. This crushed him emotionally. The next stop was London, and then he attended a sales bootcamp in Massachusetts. Shortly thereafter he visited Mexico and Cuba. A book titled, “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield radically impacted Angel’s life.Angel Ribo is the founder of Divine Human Ventures Inc. and the non-profit called “Wisdom for Kids”. He helps CEO’s double their revenues in three years or less by bringing on innovative and systematic approaches to their organizations, based on strong principles, rooted in the essence of the Divine Human BeingHe has two missions in life that are both deeply connected. His #1 mission and his life purpose is to help kids in need in Latin America with his revolutionary non-profit. The #2 mission in his life is to help 7,390 CEOs within the next ten years who will impact their staff, their customers, their partners, and the world.Enjoy this episode – be encouraged and challenged!!!!!More about Angel can be found at or and 
In this episode you will hear about the 5 Common Mistakes that are made when pursuing recovery. Too often we are constrained from caring for others because of our own attitudes, but just know that a few words of encouragement may be all the other person needs to hear today.God gave us His words as encouragement and for us to share with others. He delights in seeing you use the gifts, skills, and talents he has provided to fulfill the plan He has for your life.The five mistakes most often made are too often obstacles that hold us back from the happiness, joy, and satisfaction we’re all looking for. Only YOU can make the decision to pursue help. The shift from denial to willingness is imperative to your success.When you focus on one step at a time and one day at a time, you are able to build on previous successes, learn from past mistakes, and ultimately achieve the happiness, joy, and healthier future you want!Reveal the Lifestyle Champion!!!!!
My guest on Episode 54 is my friend, Rick Indridason, who has a powerful testimony and an amazing story of redemption, faith, and hope. Today, Rick is a remarkable husband (he and Alissa will celebrate 7-years of marriage in June). He is an outstanding Dad to a young son and two teenagers, as well as a hard-working and committed professional in the construction industry.As the youngest of five children, with two older brothers and two sisters, Rick has experienced some challenging and difficult times. His alcoholic dad left their family when Rick was only five years old, then five years later, at age ten, Rick’s Mom died – and she was the matriarch of the family, the only foundation the five children had at the time.Rick’s journey includes him smoking weed at age ten, shortly after Mom died, and that grew into drinking alcohol in his early teens, progressing into doing hard drugs and entering a life of poor behaviors, coupled with stealing cars and doing whatever it took to fund his poor choices. He experienced numerous incarcerations and spent years in jails and prison.His sober/clean date is Thanksgiving Day – November 26, 2009. The desperation and despair had overcome any functionality in his life. Rick says about that day, “I felt no hope but then God spoke to me and give me hope”. There are two books in the Bible that really spoke to him. In Isaiah 43.25 – where the Lord said “put your trust in me, stop fighting, and you will be restored”. And the other is in Chapter 3 of the book of Lamentations.Rick is leading an extraordinary life today and desires to share his gratitude while offering hope and encouragement to that person who’s still struggling.
This week, the broadcast is an amazing testimony by John Farrell at the Quest180 meeting in Viera, Florida. John has been blessed to be sober for more than thirty years and shares in this testimony how he was desperate to hear guidance from God and shortly thereafter heard from God that “prayer is the answer”.John is a strong advocate for 12-step programs and is a true leader, coming alongside others who are battling to get clean and sober and then remain that way. He touts his life as a demonstration of God’s forgiveness, His redemption, and His healing powers.John recalls those moments where feelings of helplessness and a lack of self-worth dominated his thoughts as he was struggling in a college career. God touched his heart and then John re-surrendered his life to Him.If you have questions or would like to connect with John, please call my office at 321.757.HOPE.
The broadcast this week is from a powerful testimony that was shared by Dusty at the Quest180 meeting in Viera, Florida. She is one of the leaders of the recently launched faith-based recovery programs. Dusty has a demonstration of God’s love, His forgiveness, redemption, and restoration.Dusty shares her challenges, and the punishments she has endured over the past few decades. But today, she is leading an outreach program that’s intended to serve those who are struggling with substance use disorders and others who are being sexually exploited.She talks about those moments where feelings of helplessness and a lack of self-worth dominated her thoughts. However, during her darkest moments, God touched her heart and she surrendered to Him. Today, she is a powerful witness and is a huge advocate for healing. She’s a real proponent of the Life Recovery Bible.If you have questions or would like to connect with Dusty, please call my office at 321.757.HOPE.
Episode 51 - Step 9

Episode 51 - Step 9


In this episode I'm going to cover Step 9 - focusing on forgiveness, grace and amends. Step 8 and Step 9 are critical in the healing and restoration in our lives and those we love.The verse I really want to highlight is from Luke 6:31 - from the Life Recovery Bible - "Do to others as you would like them to do to you". So simple, yet so tough some days, right?Who's the most difficult person to forgive? Yourself! If you're still struggling with this step, please reach out to me by leaving a comment below.Be Extraordinary Today!!!
Episode 50 - Step 5

Episode 50 - Step 5


On this episode we’re going to be covering Step 5 – focused on confessing or admitting our sins, all the dark and secrets of our past, to another person. Step 5 is often difficult for people. I have often been asked, “why do I have to admit my wrongs to another?”Many of us have been keeping secrets almost all of our lives. Every day those secrets take a toll on us. God's forgiveness, provides us a safe, protected passage down the path of ongoing recovery. For us to disclose to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the precise nature of our wrongs will necessitate an act of proper humility on our part.After writing down our personal moral inventory in Step 4, we are prepared to mend our past wounds through confession and humility. This confession process is truly life giving. Through the process, all obstructions are set aside from our path, and we obtain complete insight, understanding, and direction from God.Personally, I was very timid and frightened of painstakingly completing this crucial Step. It took awhile to gain the nerve to initiate this Step, but when I finally admitted my wrongs, a sense of relief and pleasure filled me like never before. It was a very awe-inspiring occurrence for me, but the act itself wasn't as bad as I pictured. For me to sincerely, and entirely follow through with this Step, I had to eliminate all unenthusiastic thoughts from my mind. I told myself that completing this Step would only generate growth and improvement in my life, further allowing me to become the man God wanted me to become. I set aside the false pride that kept trying to surface. It was essential for me to quiet my mind, while praying to God for the courage to put together a thorough confession.Along the way, I started admitting my wrongs to God the Father. I read and reread my personal inventory, while recollecting all corrupt and nasty situations that I could recall. I started with my childhood, continued through high school, and then college, and then the years in my 20’s, and then admitted my wrongs all the way to the present time, while asking for God's forgiveness and mercy. After I admitted my wrongs to God, I practiced my confession with my sponsor and then I chose my pastor to admit my wrongs to. I trusted my sponsor with this information, and I also trusted our pastor with the information, and I was meticulously open and straightforward; what a relief I felt after the action was concluded. It took many pages for me to recall my history, but the feelings and events that took place after completing Step 5 are very difficult to describe.I can’t stress enough the magnitude of completing this Step. This step gives you healing, freedom, and you gain support in your recovery journey.Please reach out to me for guidance. Text CHAMPION to 66866 or email me RMortensen@extremeinfluence or call my office (321) 757-HOPEThe online assessment is available at 
It was by no accident that John Giordano chose addiction and mental health treatment as his life’s work. Growing up the son of a heroin dealer and trying to cope with the trauma of being molested as a young boy, he fell hard into drugs and alcohol. Over thirty-five years ago, at the urging of his family, John entered rehab. He emerged a changed man – committed to helping others afflicted by this terrible disease.His new path required new knowledge. He has since earned many degrees and certifications including Certified Addiction Professional (CAP), Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Criminal Justice Specialist, Master in Neurolinguistics Programming, Certified Practitioner of E.M.D.R, Certified Sentence Mitigation Specialist, Certified Mindfulness and Powerful Mind-Body Awareness Therapy Skills, International Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, and in 2008 he was honored with a Doctor of Human Letters from Sinai University in Jerusalem Israel.As he began his career in addiction treatment he became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of care he observed in treatment facilities. John decided to set out on his own and with only $300 he opened an addiction treatment facility that evolved into the highly awarded, JCAHO accredited, 62 bed G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment in North Miami Beach, Florida which eventually sold for $45 million.Giving back to his community has always been core principle of Mr. Giordano’s. His efforts to better his community have also been recognized. Florida State Congresswoman Carrie Meek presented Mr. Giordano with the distinguished “Martin Luther King Award” for his work in the community. In addition to his daily responsibilities; John has provided counseling and trauma recovery services to law enforcement officers and Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. He is a state and federal expert witness and also the Chaplain of the North Miami Police Department. As a 10th-degree black belt and National Karate Champion, he also trains law enforcement officers and Green Berets in self-defense and negotiation techniques.More info at And you can purchase his latest book here: 
Raymond Campbell is a long-time friend and Christian brother. We’ve known each other for more than twenty-five years and have been in numerous business ventures together. Ray has been sober for almost forty years.He refers to himself as a “re-vert” to the Catholic faith for over 33-years. Ray and his wife, Kathy, the mother of their four beautiful daughters, have been married for more than 40-years. They reside in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, having recently relocated there from Yankton, SD. Two of their daughters are married and Kathy and Ray are the proud grandparents of a young man, an energetic toddler named Micah.Ray began drinking at age fourteen while growing up in Long Island, New York. He is the oldest of eight children in his family and moved to South Dakota to play football in college. On the broadcast Ray shares about taking his first drink at the age of fourteen as part of an initiation into a fraternity. He says, “this began my journey of stupidity while seeking approval, to be one of the cool guys”.Today, Ray is passionate about serving others, he’s a faithful attender at their local Catholic church, and he has a heart for those who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.During the broadcast we mentioned the new way for businesses to accept debit or credit card payments – reducing the usual high-cost of the processing fees to zero for the merchant. You can learn more about this money saving opportunity by connecting with Ray via LinkedIn: or by calling or texting him at (605) 660-3555
Episode 47 - Step 1

Episode 47 - Step 1


Step 1 is the beginning of your recovery journey. At the very outset is the realization there are three issues to be dealt with via this step: (1) being powerless (2) denial, and (3) admitting powerlessness. The journey begins where we admit that we are powerless to control our tendency to do the wrong things and our lives have become unmanageable, out of control.Two questions need to be asked: (1) Am I going to let my past failures prevent me from taking this journey, and (2) Am I afraid to change? Or, what are my fears of the future?Four actions are required as you’re working through this step:  (1) Stop denying the pain (2) Stop playing God (3) Start admitting your powerlessness, and (4) Start admitting your life has become unmanageable.Let’s face it, we have all stumbled over poor choices in the past. But the race isn’t over yet. God isn’t interested in how we started, but how we finish the race. If you’re battling, let today be your day that you begin to pursue true freedom. Blessings!!!
I've had some incredible and amazing guests on the first forty-five episodes. But this episode is extra special - God blessed me with two amazing ladies in my life and they are on this broadcast. My beautiful wife Pat and my awesome mother Joanne are my guests. If you're a spouse struggling with an addicted husband - please hear what my wife of 31-years has to say about patience and support. My Mom recalls, wondering why her son was behaving the way he was. And, over the years, has even wondered or questioned what she might have done wrong during his (my) youth. You and Dad did nothing wrong Mom! Two out of your three children turned out "normal" - without bad drinking habits.Please be sure to leave comments below about what impressed you about the words shared by these two fabulous champions. Also, subscribe, and please "like" and share the Courageous Recovery broadcast with others in your life.
Author  Kellie J. Wright is a writer, speaker, and Self-Love Transformation Guide. She’s also the host of Conscious Speaks Podcast, a board member of National Harmony Water Center in Eureka Springs Arkansas, and business owner of Internal Journeys. Her first book,  Internal Journeys: A Spiritual Transformation is a book of awakening sent forward in time. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. Kellie, a self-proclaimed Internal Narcissus, is on a passionate mission to help individuals discover their own truth through her self-actualized process called The 90-Day Transformation. She has walked herself into lasting light to become a modern mirror, seer, and healer. Her ability to reflect back exactly who you are being, so you can find the real truth of who you are, leads to embodying a more peaceful life. 
Joel Sheagren is a veteran photographer, director, and producer, who served the advertising industry for nearly 30-years. In 2015 he started directing and producing films. His first independent film was called CRACKED ICE which ran on the Hulu network. Cracked Ice was on the history of racing cars on frozen lakes in Minnesota. He is also the co-founder of a nonprofit called Hope & Rescue Foundation—a nonprofit addressing Human Trafficking and the issues driving the insidious practice. FASD/mental health is one of the driving issues. Joel is married. He and wife, Kim have two children. Their son, Sam, now 18, was diagnosed with FASD 3-1/2 years ago. Joel is working on a documentary called Embraced, Truth About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). The documentary is a feature length production that is focused on sounding the alarm concerning the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Joel’s son was diagnosed with FASD when he was 14-years old. One shocking statistic is: 1 in 20 school children have FASD, but there’s a major lack of awareness due to limited dollars dedicated to ongoing research. One goal of the film is to see a complete makeover in healthcare interventions, and to see alcohol companies jumping on board to promote awareness. Joel’s overriding goal is to see thousands of children miraculously healed of FASD, so they’re able to find meaning and live productive lives using the gifts and talents God has given them.Joel is presently in the process of raising the first $50,000 to support the development of this documentary. Please consider any size donation to make this happen. The website is 
Episode 43 - Overcoming the Fear of FailureOn this broadcast we will tackle some challenging aspects of fear. As Zig Ziglar wrote many years ago, "when it comes to F-E-A-R, you can choose to fight or flight. F-E-A-R really has two meanings: "Forget Everything and Run" or "Face Everything and Rise".On this episode I want to give you four questions to consider when you're facing fear:(1) Is there a fear of failure in your life?(2) Is it possible that you might actually fear success?(3) How do you deal with the fear of rejection(4) Is the fear of losing your identity real?WILL THE REAL "YOU" PLEASE STAND UP!!!!!
My guest is Luke Dillenburger, a native of Cincinnati, now residing on the Space Coast of Florida. He has battled opiates since first being prescribed pain pills following sports injuries.Luke has performed as a highly motivated realtor with a demonstrated history of also working in the staffing and recruiting industry. He is strong at coaching and time management, and strives to build great teams. Luke is a strong community advocate and a professional with a heart for community social services. He studied and played soccer at Adrian College and Ohio Midwestern University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. While in college he was recognized as an All-American student and since graduating has served as a coach for a high school soccer team and a soccer club team.He and Kristin eloped on a destination wedding in Ireland, married on the 4th of July 2018, in front of a castle. His beautiful wife served eight years in the United States Marine Corps.
My guest on Episode 41 is Mike Jaffe, a native Floridian, who has a reputation in the construction industry of having an honest work ethic, broad experience, and a drive to help anyone in the construction field. He has been with DFI General Contractors in Palm Bay, Florida for four years and was recently promoted to Vice President of Business Development.Mike is driven by the idea that the best work is born from integrity, character, diligence, craftsmanship, and fun. He prides himself on being empathetic and measures his success based on the professional growth of those on his team.His aha moment was in June of 2016, and he’s been sober and clean since then. He is married to his high school sweetheart, is the proud Dad of three children, and when not in the office or on a job site you can find him coaching his son’s baseball or soccer team. And in his spare time he enjoys fishing and golfing.Mike is passionate about helping others, regularly attends recovery meetings in the community, and is willing to help anyone who’s battling a compulsive or destructive behavior. He is a warrior with a purpose!
Dr. Lin is an author, a speaker, and is passionate about sharing his experiences with the problems of addiction to drugs and alcohol.Lin is an Honors grad of the UNC School of Medicine and studied at Duke University Medical Center. He later held faculty positions at both institutions. He was recognized internationally for his work in cancer research, receiving both grants and awards. He authored numerous scientific articles.His recovery from drugs and alcohol began on May 7, 1997. Since getting clean and sober, he has counseled a large number of addicts and alcoholics striving to succeed in recovery. He and his wife reside in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, on a hobby farm with sheep, alpacas, a donkey and numerous birds including turkeys, ducks, geese, and chickens. An organic garden sits nearby and he’s an avid photographer, plus he also loves playing bluegrass on his guitar.You can learn more about Lin’s books and programs at and His email address is 
My guest on Episode #39 is Brian Alston, who resides on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Brian is a pioneer in providing education and training for individual persons and communities who are seeking multi-generational economic results via greater dimensions in growth and change.The primary focus on this podcast episode is to create awareness for the Kauai Men’s Conference 2020 Virtual Event that’s taking place November 21, starting at 10am and concluding at 1pm Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time. It will be broadcast on Facebook and other channels. This year’s theme is “Health & Wellness across the Lifespan”.There’s a great lineup of local speakers and presenters, plus you won’t want to miss the “island theme” and special activities. Registration is free and I’d like you to share this information will all your connections.Register here: Since 2016 the Kauai Fatherhood Council has hosted an annual Men's conference to challenge the growth of men in areas of values, responsibility, accountability, love and sacrifice in our relationships with family and community.The ongoing work Brian and others focus on draws from fields of knowledge such as Social, Emotional, Cultural and Moral Intelligence they create strategic partnerships between and across people groups, fields of knowledge and expertise to address current concerns in local communities.Their associations invite Professionals of all fields of knowledge and expertise to participate as Advisors to the Humanitarian Sustainability Initiative. If interested please check out their Green Hawaii Conferences and join their working groups based on locales of interest and areas of humanitarian concern. The have focused projects in Hawaii, Appalachia, Detroit, Haiti, Greensboro, California and the Navajo Nation.  
Pastor Devin Miller, Founder and Pastor at Clear Faith Christian Counseling, Consulting and Coaching Services is my guest on Episode 38. His life calling is: To love God and to serve God’s people.Pastor Devin was raised in Wisconsin, graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Business Management, and post-graduation he became a Youth Pastor. In 2012, he wrote a book titled: Miracles of Jesus: The Process of Community Building Through Kingdom ExpansionWhen asked why he wrote the book, Pastor Devin’s response was, "After serving the community as a Pastor, I often wondered what would communities really look like if churches became the catalyst for actual change? Where do we see such change occur? Then the Spirit spoke and said, " through the miracles performed by Christ."This book was written to give both church and community leaders a guide or a blueprint to follow. A script that shows when you truly serve the needs of the people, not only is the life of the individual changed but the community which you are serving, with a kingdom mindset, is transformed.Now living in the Dallas area, he and his wife started “Clear Faith Christian Counseling, Consulting, and Coaching Services”. This online ministry focuses on reaching those online who have lost hope in the traditional church, yet still have faith in God through Jesus Christ. Our aim is to provide fervent prayer, relevant study, true and meaningful fellowship, and integral services to the least, the left out, and the lost in and outside the church 
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