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Join your Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef, two women who can’t get enough true crime, who cover all the macabre happenings in our world - past & present. They tell their favorite tales of murder, paranormal & all things mysterious. Join us for a gruesome meal of terror with a dessert filled with some comedy & absurdity. Let’s get weird, creeps.
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In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef continue discussing the disappearance of Natalee Hollway. Natalee's case is reopened because Joran was caught on camera admitting to being involved in Natalee's disappearance. Joran drops a bombshell during an interview claiming he sold Natalee into sex slavery & paid off Deepak & Satish Kalpoe for their help in delivering Natalee. Some pictures surfaced that were taken in the waters of Aruba that look like a human skeleton at the bottom of the ocean. Plus, Joran is finally arrested but not for what you think he would be.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef continue discussing the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Deepak Satish carries much hatred towards Natalee's family, which led him to state that he believed she was dressed like a slut the night she disappeared & that she was a racist. If Deepak told the truth in the beginning instead of covering for Joran, his life wouldn't have been a mess, he made his own bed. Natalee's family continues to boycott visiting Aruba & it actually kinda works. US visits to Aruba do fall & Aruba takes a hit. Aruban prosecutors annouce that Natalee's case will be closed without charging anyone in her disappearance or assumed murder. Plus, a man named Patrick goes undercover with the help of a reporter named Peter to get Joran to confess on video.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin share some tales that will chill you to the bone. A doctor that yeets a larvae the fuck outta town. A dog that meets the invisible man. A decapitation & a murderer sipping a juicy juice. Plus, some of Crypt Keeper Stef’s personal miseries. It’s party time!Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef continue discussing the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Natalee's family never stopped looking for her, her father Dave would spend countless hours digging through trash looking for his own daughter's body. Joran continues to profit off of Natalee's story, but now, he is flying to The United States to cash in. Natalee's parents take his visit to The States as an opportunity to slap Joran & his father with a lawsuit. The girls go over one of Joran's interviews where he explains why his shoes were missing on the beach the night Natalee disappeared. They also hit on Dave Holloway's book suggesting that the authorities in Aruba are corrupt & more suspects that were arrested & released.Support the show (
 In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef continue discussing the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Natalee's mother, Beth, becomes a permanent fixture on the island, even staying for a short period of time in Natalee's room that she shared with classmates at The Holiday Inn before she went missing. Joran Van Der Sloot continuously changes his story about the evening Natalee went missing, even pointing the finger at Deepak & Satish Kalpoe. Duct tape washes up on an Aruban beach with blonde strands of hair attached to it, could it be Natalee's hair? Joran becomes more suspicious by the day, an ex-girlfriend claims one evening at the beach together he said "Who knows? You may now be on the beach with someone who is able to get rid of a corpse." The girls play Joran's 1st interview & go over his condescending tone. He states no women have come forward stating he was violent towards them. That means nothing, they could be scared or maybe even dead. Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef begin to discuss the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Natalee was a sweet girl from Alabama, she was kind, but straightforward. She enjoyed doing good things for others. She was hardworking & got herself a full scholarship to The University Of Alabama pursuing a pre-med track. She rewarded herself with a trip to Aruba with her graduating high school class where she could just let loose. Unfortunately, she met a stream of piss named Joran Van Der Sloot. Who was the opposite of Natalee. He was a sneaky pathological liar. Natalee sadly vanishes the night before her flight is scheduled to bring her home to Alabama. Joran is the last person seen with her, he is questioned by police, but his story just keeps changing.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef finally conclude their journey with the infamous Unabomber. They dive more into Ted's manifesto. Was it really just the ramblings of a paranoid schizophrenic or did it really have a deeper meaning, maybe even a truth to it? The Unabomber's manifesto being published finally cuts the FBI a big break in the case & the manifesto is compared to a 23 page document that Ted's brother, David, has that was sent to him from Ted. Could this document be the outline of the manifesto? Plus, Ted's sentencing, how he is living now & how social he has become including his new friends in prison & pen pals from all over the world. Ted's reign of terror on the United States will always be notorious & always be remembered, just the way he likes it.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin read stories about why you should always lock your front door, why you should never engage with a shadow person, why you should never leave frozen cherries in your freezer & why you should never trust a dollar dollar bill y’all.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef continue discussing The Unabomber. They discuss the more personal aspects of Ted Kaczysnki's life during his reign of terror. Starting with the relationship with his brother David. Ted kept trying to cut off communication with him, but just couldn't hold himself back from writing nasty letters to David. David was living his best life & got married to his love Linda. Ted was not a happy camper. He accused Linda of manipulating David, which wasn't the case. Ted's father was also diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer & decided that he would rather end his life than try to live what was left of it. Ted's mother decided she would like to make amends with her son, but Ted made it hard, crying over being picked last during high school sports. Then they hit on Ted's letters reaching out to newspapers, hoping to get his manifesto published & how the FBI was still working hard trying to catch him. Ted spent his time at the cabin making the last of his bombs & writing letters to people who angered him. Finally, the FBI decided to let his manifesto be published, all 35,000 words of it.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin continue discussing The Unabomber. They discuss how he began to make his bombs look more friendly. With handles, binders, manuscripts & even just pieces of wood. He wanted the element of surprise & worked hard to make his bombs look approachable enough for someone to pick them up. His first fatality happened on December 11th 1985, impaling the poor man who thought he was just moving a piece of wood out of the back parking lot of his store. Ted wrote about it in his journal, proudly stating the man was “blown to bits”. Ted also spent time arguing with his family through written letters, they urged him to seek help believing he was suffering from a mental illness. Finally, two witnesses see Ted place a bomb & were able to give information to draw a composite sketch, but the witnesses believed that Ted was around 28 years old when he was much older - leaving the sketch to do more bad than good. Also, Ted forms his longest friendship with an unlikely person - a scam artist.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef continue discussing The Unabomber. They discuss Ted's first acts in trying to destroy technology & maybe even the people who were using it. They hit on the first bomb that he planted. Ted was first known to the FBI as the Junkyard Bomber in the beginning because of his habit of making bombs out of parts found in landfills rather than buying them in stores. Also, he would stamp some bombs with the initials FC, standing for The Freedom Club. Ted wanted to either lead investigators to think there was an organization responsible for these bombings or he wanted to believe he was a part of something bigger. Most serial bombers develop a recognizable signature in the way they make their bombs over time, but not our Teddy bear, he was inconsistent, on purpose. Plus, could Ted be responsible for The Tylenol Murders?Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin begin discussing The Unabomber. Theordore John Kaczysnki was a happy baby, until he was taken away from his parents at 9 months old covered in hives. He was almost like an animal locked in a cage, his parents only being allowed to visit him twice a week for two hours. But Ted grew up to be a very smart young man with an IQ of 167, skipping 6th & 11th grade. When he graduated high school he began his college education at Harvard University at only 16 years old. Where he also was involved in an experiment, one that might have had the CIA involved, one that might have been linked to MK Ultra. Could this have influenced the chaos that would transpire? He went on to teach at Berkeley, but Ted seemed to never be satisfied. He hated that he spent his whole life studying, that he never even kissed a woman, that technology was taking over the world & nature. He was spiteful, he wanted his revenge. Moving to a cabin in Montana, Ted started to really fantasize about what he wanted out of life.Support the show (
Episode 64: BUT WHO IS BOAT

Episode 64: BUT WHO IS BOAT


In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef discuss the Pickering lost boys. On the evening of St. Patrick's Day in 1995, six teenage boys were at a party. They decided they were going to leave the party around 12:50AM & this would be the last time they were ever seen in person. But there was video footage of three of the boys at a Marina off of Lake Ontario stealing beer from a boat. Two boats were reported missing the next morning & the search was on. Police, the marine unit & the coast guard helped to search the very large, Lake Ontario, but nothing was found & nothing would ever be found except for a gas can in New York from one of the boats that was reported stolen. The boys' families just want closure, to bring their babies home - dead or alive, to be able to say goodbye. With the 26 year anniversary just passing of their disappearance, will we ever find out what happened to these boys?Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef take it back to their home state of New Hampshire for their 3rd installment of their hometown murders. Jonathan Armerault was a good stand up guy which made him appealing to his coworker Britany Barron. She had been suffering with an overbearing, controlling & psychotic husband. Soon an affair sprung, but Britany's husband Armando would catch wind of the web of lies his wife wove. Out of anger he beats Britany senseless, strangling her unconscious, & lures her lover to a secluded park, where Jonathan will sadly meet his fate. Armando, thinking he could get away with murder puts a plan in place, but things don't always work out the way we would like them to.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin discuss a bizarre death involving Egypt, a woman throwing herself out of a second story window, drugs & a tour guide. They hit on a brush with a possible Wendigo & even scarier a murderer. Also, two grandpas banning together in the afterlife to help protect their granddaughter from the hamburgluar.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef discuss The Wendigo. A mythological creature, a cryptid & an evil spirit which firstly originated from the folklore of indigenous people around the east coast forests of Canada. This creature can be just that, a creature or it can possess a human. Either way people are getting eaten. They discuss how to get away from a Wendigo & how to kill one. They hit on some encounters with this evil creature & end with a freaky fettuccine.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef finish discussing the disappearance & assumed murder of Peter Falconio. They discuss the continued persecution of Joanne from the media & the accusations that she is lying to police. They hit on the fact that only two of Joanne's footprints were found at the crime scene & only in her hiding spot, BUT there is more to the story than that & more that police weren't willing to admit. They talk about the theory that Peter faked his own death, co-workers & friends came forward to testify that he was known as Sneaky Pete. They dive into the DNA evidence that police have from Joanne's shirt & the defense's argument that maybe Joanne had picked it up at a restaurant that the accused & the couple had both eaten at. Also, the sentencing, guilty or not guilty? Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef begin discussing the disappearance & assumed murder of Peter Falconio. Peter was from The United Kingdom & along with his girlfriend Joanne Lees, they decided to take a trip to Australia. They spent a couple months in Sydney, enjoying the nightlife there, but soon took off to continue on their road trip. They ventured onto a highway known as The Stuart Highway, a very long dark road that was almost 2,000 miles long. There they came across another motorist that urged them to pull over stating there were sparks coming from their exhaust. This man would turn their world upside down.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Stef & Devin finish discussing The Academy Maniacs. They discuss the rest of their victims, including some that survived their brutal attacks. They hit on a homeless man who was actually framed by police & jailed for one of the murders that was actually committed by Artyom & Nikita. They talk about how these dickfruits tried to mutilate their victims, but they were too idiotic to understand that their little folding pocket knives were too flimsy for cutting off hands & cutting out eyeballs. They speak on the trial & the black tears of big baby Artyom, no one feels bad for you bitch. Also, both of the boys laborious sentences & what Artyom is up to these days. Nikita was a dark, mysterious man & still is to this day.Support the show (
In this episode The Crypt Keepers Devin & Stef read a chilling ghost story. One full of the goat man, jerking, brawtz, head counts & talking cats. Then they read a story about a deceased relative appearing in his family’s home asking for help. Get your freak on & press play! Submit your listener tales to thepodcastfromthecrypt@gmail.comSupport the show (
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