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Brake The Mould Parking Podcast

Author: Gemini Parking Solutions

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Brake the Mould is a new, groundbreaking podcast for parking industry professionals, hosted by Ryan Jackson and Alastair Finlayson of Gemini Parking Solutions, featuring regular guest appearances from industry leaders.
5 Episodes
Rhoda shares her key tips on creating a high-performing virtual team, that is not tied down by the physical location of an office – but still manages to perform.  Rhoda also answers the question that has been at the top of my mind, can we create, or even simply maintain a company culture when working remotely? Rhoda thinks we can, and in some ways, working remotely allows for an even better way of driving culture and focusing on performance. Learn the tools that Rhoda uses to manage her virtual team across the world, including some highly valuable productivity trackers and her own SOP for ensuring the whole team is communicating effectively on projects.
Steve has been busy answering questions of the BPA’s members and we dive into some of the most pressing issues and processes required to return to some form of normality in the coming months. *This was recorded via remote call, last month, which means that some of the discussions and predictions have come true as well as some of the information being slightly out of date. With the ever-changing landscape, things are changing by the day, which is why we are pushing to share as much information as possible with the parking community. Steve shared his update in the next steps in developing the new Code of Practice. The BSI and Government are targeting a December 2020 completion date, which has enabled a brief 4 week consultation over the summer.
Is there a better way of feeding appeals data back to providers and the wider motoring community to provide transparency and ultimately, raise understanding, standards and the whole experience? Is there a way that POPLA could be less black or white with their appeals process? There are approximately 30 POPLA trained assessors from various backgrounds with many years of dispute resolution experience. There are, however, a number of details that can impact the decision such as varied levels of legal points and mitigating circumstances presented. John shared his insight into why this impacts the appeal process as a whole. John brings a wealth of experience and shares his insight on how the parking industry as a whole can continue to improve and support the customers.
In today’s episode, the focus is on effective employee engagement and how to inspire development within your teams. The industry faces many challenges with employee engagement, so it feels only right to get the insight and knowledge from an expert in engagement systems on how to effectively engage with employees and some of the things that the industry should be focusing on to grow as a whole. The episode will prove to be valuable for leadership not only within the parking industry but anyone who aspires to lead a high-performing team.
We’re delighted to announce a very exciting start to our ground-breaking new podcast, Brake the Mould – for all things parking! Our first ever show is a lively and informative conversation with Director of the RAC Foundation, Steve Gooding, and our regular presenters, Ryan and Alastair. In this launch episode, we talk about raising industry standards, motorist education and other issues relevant to parking. Join us! On Steve Gooding: After a long and illustrious career at the Department of Transport, where Steve was Director General of Roads, Traffic and Local Group, he joined the RAC Foundation in 2015. The RAC Foundation is a transport policy and research organisation that explores the economic, mobility, safety and environmental issues relating to roads and their users. He’s the main man!
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