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We dive into a lot of discussions around things that are uncomfortable to speak about in educational circles. We are 3 educators that try to show and model different perspectives. We can have uncomfortable conversations, comfortably.
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We enjoy this work! Follow us on Twitter @speakingeduccat1 @japhillips0722 @2darythoughts @dougtimm34
Deanna invites her son Avery on the podcast and we have some fun!
This was a fun one!

This was a fun one!


This week we talked about what are wishes are for this school year and what value added we will bring to 21-22! @2darythoughts @japhillips0722 @dougtimm34
Join us in learning from Ms. McCollister or @msmccoco on Twitter as we discuss her many roles in education and how being a black female affects her relationships with staff, students, community, etc.  We talk about a lot in this podcast.  Also make sure to check out her PODCAST called "the namaste stories" where she talks about Stories for growing souls.  A podcast for children and their families seeking light and lessons along the journey.  Each episode will focus on a new story, mediation, theme, and more, all focused on growth, lessons, and life experiences.   As always this episode also features @japhillips0722 , @2darythoughts , and @dougtimm34 with their ideas, questions, and insights. 
In this episode we talk about all sorts of things Equity Based and some of our biggest challenges.  And Mr. Wilson joined us! Follow us on twitter @2darythoughts @japhillips0722 @dougtimm34 @StephenWilson31
This episode we spoke to mental health for all those involved in education.  From Students to Staff.  We had a lot thoughts and not always what you might think. @2darythoughts @dougtimm34 @japhillips0722
This week we talk to Carl Bond a retired state trooper that works in a Middle School in Delaware as a constable.  He has an interesting decorated past and a lot of experience he brings to the job.  Deanna, Jerod, and Doug learned so much we claim to have taken more notes on this episode than any other.  Thank you Mr. Bond!  @japhillips0722 @2darythoughts @dougtimm34
This week Jerod, Deanna, and Doug talk about "wokeness" and as usual also get diverted to many other topics around equity.  We enjoyed this conversation that center primarily around feelings as our facts this week were inconsistent at best.  Hope you enjoy hearing us as much as we enjoyed this conversation together.  Just trying to grow in the equity space. 
@Inclusion_Coach joined us for a spirit conversation on everything special ed.  She also has a new program she is starting, which she speaks to at the end.  Great conversation in the lounge about what she wishes Special Education could be for all students.  Keep it human. @japhillips0722 @Hessteacherest @dougtimm34
Season 3 Episode 2

Season 3 Episode 2


@Hessteacherest @Japhillips0722 @dougtimm34 @StephenWilson31 @MrSmall215 @ToutouleNtoya We had moments in this podcast where we just had a lot of fun.  A celebration, we talk over each other, the recording is at moments sketchy, but no way know of how to fix it.  There are so many truths here in this conversation.  We talk AP of the year, clothes, Spades, hair, white rappers, and embracing who you are..... In a moment where everything is hard, this conversation left us smiling for days.     
We catch up with such an inspirational leader and educonnector!  We talk Edumatch, deficit mindset, tokenism, and a few other things!  @sarahdateechur on Twitter Check out EduSnap this weekend - Topic EduMatch Snapshot in Education 2020 Launch Party Description Join us as we have the authors of EduSnap20 and do an unconference-style event where you can take a deeper dive into various topics. Don't have a copy yet? Get it for free at Time Feb 13, 2021 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Deanna, Doug, and Jerod tell us who they would want to vacation with and where, plus... White Backlash - White backlash (portmanteau whitelash) or white rage (sometimes white rage backlash) is the negative response of some white people to the racial progress of other ethnic groups in rights and opportunities, their growing cultural parity, political self-determination or dominance. Action Bias - The action bias describes our tendency to favor action over inaction, often to our benefit. However, there are times when we feel compelled to act, even if there's no evidence that it will lead to a better outcome than doing nothing would. Find us on Twitter: @Hessteacherest @japhillips0722 @dougtimm34
@japhillips0722 @Hessteacherest @dougtimm34 With Special Guest @mrsmall215 This episode we dive into the Critical Race Theory and ideas and applications. Context was gained from the following sources.
The views and ideas talked about here are not representative of any organization. Follow us on twitter: @stephenwilson31 Finally joined us! @hessteacherest @japhillips0722 @dougtimm34
The ideas and thoughts here are not of any larger organization. We  discuss current issues and how they related to equity, racism, and our community each week. @hessteacherest @japhillips0722 @dougtimm34
The views here do not represent any organization and are those of the individual speaking. NEW GUEST ALERT!!! @_chazy_ About growing up, his experience, and you know us! So some foolishness!
All the views here are individualized and not representative of a larger organization. Here are the songs we played tonight. "Theme" - Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad Luke Cage (Original Soundtrack Album) "I'm Dying of Thirst (Live)" - Robert Glasper Covered (Live) "Glory" (From the Motion Picture "Selma") - Common & John Legend Glory (From the Motion Picture "Selma") - Single
So this episode has Justin Schleider in for his opinions, which like us are not representative of any organization. 
The views here are of individuals and not a larger system or organization. 
Where We Are Right Now

Where We Are Right Now


The views here are not represented of any larger organization.