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Bringing people from multiple roles to talk about products, product management and influence product mindset has on organizations.
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This is another solo episode where I talk about some updates, ask for the feedback (yes, please - send me your feedback!) and walk through  Productization Canvas - a little worksheet that should help with productizing an existing solution. Also, some updates on the whole podcast thing and questions for the audience. As always - you should contact me via my website: or via Facebook: Also, this podcast is now on YouTube:
In this episode, I am talking to Kaushal Vyas - a fellow product manager who talks through various challenges aligning multiple teams working on the same or different products, locally or remotely. We discuss how to approach customer/user dilemma in the B2C world, what steps could be taken to address alignment, cohesion, and sense of ownership in product teams. As always, if you want to be a guest or have a question about the podcast, guests or any kind of feedback - feel free to connect at  Also, this podcast is now available on YouTube:
In this episode I am talking to Erin Wood, a Project Manager at NASA. We discuss why the project-based approach is a better tool for NASA, what are some of the differences between project and product management approaches to getting things done and what it feels like to work from home in this "new norm" world during COVID-19 pandemic. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via the website: Also, this podcast is now available on YouTube:
Irina and I are talking to Nikolai, a design lead with a lot of experience working with various products in healthcare and finance. We talk about the examples of when making something happen isn't as easy as it seems, having education as a prerequisite for a Product Management role and a few more things. As always - if you want to connect, be a guest on a podcast, or have a question for hosts or guests of the show - feel free to connect at
In this episode I am talking to Ksenia, a data analytics and BI specialist. We had a chance to discuss a data-driven approach to building products, the impact of AI in the near future, and what product management would look like when AI comes a-calling. As always, to see a list of all episodes, all the places where you can listen to the podcast or to connect, ask questions or be a part of the show - please visit 
In Episode 08 I am talking to Jon Janego, who shares his experience of being a product manager in a software security industry and the challenges of a young product management organization. As always, if you have any questions for me or my guests - feel free to connect at
In the episode 07, I am talking to Richard who works in San Francisco bug bounty company about his experience sharing product management responsibilities with other product managers, remote work and managing two roadmaps for one product. For a full transcript of this and other episodes as well as getting in touch - visit
I am talking to Fouzan Alam - a product manager in a life sciences startup about things that are straight out of science fiction. Even though he's working on things from the future, the problems he is tackling are from the present. As always, you can visit to connect, ask questions or to read a full transcript of the episode.
In this episode, Irina and I are talking with Kyma - a seasoned Business Analyst who has a lot of interesting insight into BA's world and how BAs are interacting with Product Managers. Additionally, Kyma brings a lot of questions that most BAs are asking but are having a hard time finding answers about product management. 
I am talking to Peter Dwyer, a product manager from Nielsen. Their approach, product structure and product lifecycles are somewhat different from your regular software products. We explore that non-standard approach and things Peter and his team do in their context.
In this episode Irina and I are interviewing Vitaly - a delivery and design lead who works close to product enough to absorb many of the product management methodologies and approaches. We found it interesting to see delivery organizations adopt the product mindset - and we grilled Vitaly on it. As always, if you have any questions or want to subscribe to our podcast - visit
In this episode I and Iryna Miranos - one of my colleagues - talk about what makes a product successful and how to measure success of a product, how to tell if an idea is viable, when to drop the development of a prototype to cut losses - and many other things. For a full transcript of this and other episodes - visit
In this episode I talk about a life of a product that was built by my team a couple of years ago. This is a first episode, so I would appreciate any feedback you may have. Please reach out to me at
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