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HEALTH & HAPPINESS with Lynette Mieglitz
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HEALTH & HAPPINESS with Lynette Mieglitz

Author: Lynette Rubino Mieglitz

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Regarding my podcast I want to bring to your attention that although it started out for people who were ill, it took a lot of twists and turns which has spiritual insight for everyone. I read over and over on social media how we need something to lift our spirits and I truly believe this will or I wouldn’t be putting my name out there. I recommend staring with Season 1 Episode 1 and move forward as they build off each other.This podcast is about going from (poor health) to HEALTH and from (unhappy) to HAPPY. Each week I will share what has helped me and some epiphanies to go with it. My goal is to help anyone going through the same journey and hopefully make this thing called life a little easier/better. It's about coming back or coping with life's challenges in a positive way.
24 Episodes
This episode is about living in the present moment and enjoying your life, but not just your life but a shout out to parents who hold the well being of their children and the generations to come or people we share this planet with.  
Being YOUR Best Self

Being YOUR Best Self


This episode is about preparing and being our best self so when opportunities arise we know we gave it our best.  Not somebody else's best self, but YOUR best self.
This episode is about thinking there is always something or someone better for us out there when the right one might be under your nose.  In so many instances we have just forgotten how to treat each other.
This episode is regarding some of the positive changes that happen when faced with life's challenges, and hopefully were can make those changes within ourselves without being forced to do so. 
This episode is putting all of the previous episodes together by realizing what the driving force is behind it.  We all wear many hats in this world but there is one thing that is always consistent.  
This episode is about opening yourself up to others outside of your comfort zone, you might be pleasantly surprised.  The ones that are there to support you and help you isn't always the ones you think it will be.  Also I am leaving my Facebook address below in case there are any topics you would like to go over,  I also have a business page under - lynette mieglitz podcast and voice over.Facebook messagelynette rubino mieglitz  -
3 Levels of Happiness

3 Levels of Happiness


This episode is about gaining a happy life in spite of what might be going on with or around you. .  On a scale of 1 - 10, trying to get to a 15 in terms of happiness and also be a source of light where there may not otherwise be any.
This episode is about finding the support you need once you decide what adjustments need to be made to make your life goals come to fruition.
This episode is about making your world the way we want it to be.  Sometimes we stay stuck in what is familiar to us.  It's breaking out of that familiarity into making our life the way it should be.  Steps to move forward in doing just that and living our best life without limitations.
This episode has to do with our current times and conversations.  I think we have surrounded ourselves with so much bad new that, seems to be what every conversation is about.  In Laughter Is The Best Medicine, it gives us ways to not only live life a little lighter/happier but also to be a beacon of light where there is none..
This episode is learning not only to walk in your carnal self but walk in the spirit also where all the right answers are.  The spirit fills all those voids that we think comes from lack of something in the material world, it takes both carnal and spiritual to walk and be the best version of yourself.
This episode follows suite with the spiritual direction the other episodes have taken.  This series originally started out to  help people with health issues BUT has now taken a profound turn to guide anyone on this journey called life in a more confident, happier and spiritual direction.
This episode is my 12th and final of a series of 12 episodes.  Each episode compliments the other in term of a new and positive way of thinking so you are better prepared regardless of what life throws at you or what cards you are dealt. 
This episode is about when you feel detached/disconnected from your friends, family or the world around you.  There are many different causes and many steps you can do and should do to feel connected but in general life shouldn't be so hard.  There is a lot to be said for letting life unfold and see what wonderful gifts it brings.  
This episode talks about the changes that are made either voluntary or involuntary when you hit that rock bottom place, the blame game and the positive outcomes.
In life we try to be our best selves or try to shed what isn't  working for us but there always seems to be someone who resists our change or tries to tell us what we should do. This episode talks about finding what isn't working for you and having the courage to make the change...IT'S NECCESSARY        I can be messaged on Facebook under:  Lynette Mieglitz.
This episode is about how to and reason for making an intention board.  Puting the desires of our hearts into action without being attached to the way we get there.  Not resisting life and where it takes us.
Viva Italia  episode 7e

Viva Italia episode 7e


This episode gives tribute to Italy for setting such a good example to the rest of the world by handling this difficult time with such grace and dignity.  Also finding that silver lining in every cloud including health crises.  
This episode is about when were faced with the necessity to use assistance or a assistant device and what has to take place mentally and emotionally before we can do it physically. 
This episode talks about the early days of your journey after being diagnosed and what you can do to try to get your life back on track.  
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