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As founder and CEO of not one but two companies, Troy Hooper is a jack of all trades! As founder and CEO of Kiwi Restaurant Partners, Hooper offers hospitality consulting, management, development, franchising, and concept creation services.  This podcast is especially engaging and you definitely won't want to miss it. On this episode, Troy and Host Zack Oates discuss: What makes a successful franchiseConsistencyCommunicating with the consumerMoreThanks Troy!
Tomer Molovinsky is the CEO and cofounder at Per Diem. Per Diem is a subscription business  that partners with neighborhood businesses to create food and drink experiences their customers love. Tomer has built Per Diem into a company where hospitality and innovative tech meet.On this episode, Tomer and Host Zack Oates discuss: In store vs digital perksApplying life skillsFuture of restaurantsCustomer experienceMoreThanks Tomer!
Gage Anderle is a director of virtual brands at Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants, Inc., a family owned restaurant franchise. His experience in brand management, sales growth, strategic planning, and more has enabled Gage to take brands from brick and mortar to 100+ ghost kitchen operations. Tune in to hear what Gage has been cooking up in the virtual scene and where he plans to take this industry. On this episode, Gage and Host Zack Oates discuss: Virtual conceptsThird party marketingThe future of brick and mortar restaurantsMulti unit operatorsMoreThanks Gage!
Solomon Choi is the founder and CEO of 16 Handles.  16 Handles is New York City's first self serve frozen yogurt shop.  With over 20 year experience in the restaurant industry, Solomon's restaurant concept became the segment leader in NYC and grew to over 40 locations internationally. Tune in to hear how he rose to the entrepreneurial top and took a bite out of the big apple!On this episode, Solomon and Host Zack Oates discuss: Building a global brandMarketing applicationStaying ahead of the curvePutting the customer on a pedastalMoreThanks Solomon!
Alex is a restaurant industry innovator, in-demand speaker, and passionate advocate for restaurant operators and workers. A fourth-generation restaurateur, the restaurant business has been in Alex’s blood for over 85 years. Alex currently leads Nextbite, a digital platform designed to develop restaurant delivery. Tune in for his expertise in restaurant tech!On this episode, Alex and Host Zack Oates discuss: Restaurant delivery techRestaurant infrastructureHospitalityBrand launchesMoreThanks Alex!
 Monte has over 40 years in the industry working every position from dishwasher all the way to Director of Operations. As a restaurant coach and hospitality coach Monte shares his wealth of knowledge in food, beverage, hospitality, service, sales, and cost controls that he has gained through 40 years of success and mistakes.On this episode, Monte and Host Zack Oates discuss: Mindset coachingPersonal EngagementMoving beyond just numbersMoreThanks Monte!
Will Pacio is the cofounder and CEO of Expo, a data science platform that has contributed greatly to transforming the hospitality industry.  Expo focuses on helping large multi-unit operations better leverage all of their data in one integrated solution. With over 20 years in the restaurant industry- with responsibilities ranging from line cook to head of IT- Will has seen it all! The development of the hospitality industry is in good hands!On this episode, Will and Host Zack Oates discuss: Data science platformsOperational dataDelivery mechanismsMoreThanks Will!
Stephen M.R. Covey is a highly-sought after international speaker, who has taught trust and leadership in 56 countries to business, government, military, education, healthcare, and NGO entities. We are fortunate to have him as a guest on our Give An Ovation podcast! Tune in to hear from a distinguished author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and expert in business leadership!On this episode, Stephen and Host Zack Oates discuss: Trust & InspireBuilding your business from the inside outLeading vs managingProgressive leadershipMoreThanks Stephen!
Atul Sood is the chief business officer at Kitchen United. Kitchen United offers restaurants a top-tier food production facility that combines insights with ideas on how to profitably expand into the food delivery business. Given his experience, Atul has proven his skill at business intelligence and offering minimal risk and capital outlay. On this episode, Atul and Host Zack Oates discuss: His pioneering of the ghost kitchenMulti concept diningAutomationThe development of deliveryMoreThanks Atul!
Sam Caucci is the CEO and founder of 1Huddle, a training platform that aims to improve staff performance and better prepare employees for the workforce. Sam Caucci's innovation engages employees with quick paced games that are customizable to the company's brand and can be played in under five minutes. On this episode, Sam and Host Zack Oates discuss: The importance of catering employee training to be company specificDiversified trainingAutomationEncouraging your team to subscribe to core beliefs and standardsUnderstanding the behavior of the workforceMoreThanks Sam!
Mike Mirkil is the head of marketing at Personica. Previously operating under the name Fishbowl, Personica is a digitalized platform that offers a better way to connect with and engage guests. With over 30 years of experience in the marketing industry, Mike had plenty to offer this episode of Give an Ovation. Tune in to hear his expertise on personalization, customer loyalty, and understanding market needs!On this episode, Mike and host Zack Oates discuss: Redefining customer valueMeeting guest expectationsSegmentationMoreThanks, Mike! 
Niko Papademetriou is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Qu Beyond POS. Qu's goal is to go beyond the limited legacy systems with modern tech solutions that will improve your profits and confidently lead you into the new digital era. Given his experience in the financial sector and his entrepreneurial mindset, Niko has  fueled restaurant growth by infusing speed, agility, and innovation into restaurant operations. Tune in to Niko and Zack's witty banter and engaging content!On this episode, Niko and host Zack Oates discuss: Customer engagementThe importance of being nimbleCreating value and building relationshipsDependability and consistencyMoreThanks, Niko! 
Kristen Barnett is the founder and CEO of Hungry House, a ghost kitchen that is shedding light on the culinary leaders of our tomorrow. Yet Kristen's innovation is one of many skills she is bringing to the table. Having earned her bachelors degree from Cornell University, we are fortunate to have met with one of the brightest minds helping to  develop the restaurant industry today. On this episode, Kristen and host Zack Oates discuss: Ghost kitchensMarketing channelsThe digitalization of hospitalityStorytelling through mediaMoreThanks, Kristen! 
Andy Rebhun is an accomplished Global Marketing Executive, who delivers first-to-market products and profitable growth for billion-dollar brands across Fortune 50 companies.  Andy Rebhun currently works his magic as the senior vice president of marketing and digital office of El Pollo Loco. Rebhun has a sharp eye for digital transformation and customer service; tune in to learn how he uses this expertise to take El Pollo Loco to the next level!On this episode, Andy and host Zack Oates discuss: Digital marketing strategiesWhat a seamless customer experience looks likeThe benefits of a third party (UberEATS, Postmates, etc.)Drone deliveryMoreThanks, Andy! 
Zach Goldstein, CEO and founder of Thanx, is an expert in retail, customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.  Thanx enables customers to automatically earn rewards at your favorite merchants - no plastic cards necessary. Zach's cutting edge innovation  grows customer lifetime value through data-driven engagement and a modern digital experience.On this episode, Zach Goldstein and Host Zack Oates discuss: Loyalty systemsDigital revolutionCustomer data collectionCustomer Lifetime ValueMoreThanks Zach!
Josh Sharkey is the Founder and CEO of Meez, a software that organizes your recipes so you can document, cost, scale, train, collaborate and prep like never before. Josh has touched every part of restaurant business in his career, as he's been a line cook, a restaurant owner, and a COO among other positions. He dropped some wisdom on this episode!On this episode, Josh and host Zack Oates discuss: The importance of recipe costingHow to recipe cost even when prices are fluctuatingWhat Josh wish he knew when he started a restaurantThe most important aspects of guest experienceMoreThanks, Josh! 
Dave Dittenber is the CEO and Founder of BYOD (Bring Your Own Data), a restaurant solution that helps operators in real-time by using AI. He is also the owner of DRI, a restaurant group based in Michigan. With over 24 years in the restaurant industry and plenty of other successful ventures, it's clear that there's nothing artificial about this guy's intelligence. On this episode, Dave and Host Zack Oates discuss: Dave's advice for his former self, including mentorship and listeningOff-premise diningDoes technology help or hurt the labor shortage? The most important aspect of the guest experienceQR codesDave gives Ovations to front line workers and restaurant associationsMoreThanks, Dave! 
Get ready for a knowledge-packed episode! Kelley Jones is the Principal of Kelley Jones Hospitality and a sought after speaker who has spoken at the world's largest conferences. He also works as the President & COO of Hospitality Alliance, and has developed several other successful restaurant organizations. On this episode, Kelley and host Zack Oates discuss: Interactive dining experiencesWhy service is more important than foodThe importance of recipe costingMaking the guest feel importantDeliveryMoreThanks, Kelley!
Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn are the authors of the Amazon #1 Best-selling book, "Delivering the Digital Restaurant".  Meredith comes with experience at Bain & Company, Yum! Brands, and Kitchen United. Carl has previously worked as the Head of Retail at bp, VP of Operations at Kitchen United, and Managing Director at People's California. We are excited to share their insights!On this episode, Meredith, Carl, and Zack discuss: How restaurants can win in the coming yearsHow societal changes affect restaurantsConsumers are driving change, not VC/techWhat it's like to co-author a book during a pandemicMoreThanks, Carl and Meredith!
Lindsey Hoell is the CEO of Dispatch Goods, a reusable container marketplace that partners with restaurants, businesses, and consumers to provide reusable container options to enable brick-and-mortar businesses to enable reuse. On this episode, Lindsey and host Zack Oates discuss: How Dispatch Goods worksThe surprising premium customers are willing to pay for reusablesSustainable choices even if Dispatch Goods isn't near youPlant-based optionsZuni CaféMoreThanks, Lindsey!
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