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Give an Ovation: A Podcast For Restaurants

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An ad free resource for restaurateurs! Over 100 episodes and a new episode every Monday. Listen in to learn from industry leaders how to grow your restaurant, improve your guest experience, turn your customers from strangers to friends, and to leverage data and marketing tools to increase your revenue.
266 Episodes
Imagine dining in a world-class restaurant and, as an added bonus, enjoying a lively game of bowling or bocce right there. That's the winning recipe Dale Schwartz, Founder and CEO of Pinstripes, brings to the table. From his journey as a visionary entrepreneur to the inception of Pinstripes, Dale shares the ups and downs of his business adventure.On this episode, you'll learn from Dale about: Crucial role of feedback Cueing the guestEntrepreneurial success More!Thanks, Dale!
Experience a revealing conversation as we delve into the intricate world of diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB) in the restaurant industry with Dr. James Pogue. You'll gain a new appreciation for the importance of DIB and its role in enhancing productivity, igniting innovation, and strengthening collaboration.On this episode, you'll learn from James about: DIBs Inclusive leadershipCreating a sense of belonging across experiencesUnderstanding but not limiting team membersMore!Thanks, James!
Get ready to feast on some delicious insights as we sit down with Gus Malliaris, the  genius behind Detroit Wing Company and its rise from a singular location to 31 thriving branches. We unwrap the secrets behind Gus's  success underscoring the power of customer experience in the restaurant game.On this episode, you'll learn from Gus about: Leader by example Handling multiple locationsInstilling passion in employeesMore!Thanks, Gus!
Meet Joe Fontana, the charismatic owner of a successful chicken sandwich restaurant, Fry the Coop. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing the guest experience, Joe reveals how he's carved out a successful niche within the bustling chicken industry.  We tackle the tough topic of survival in a cut-throat market and the ever-changing restaurant industry trends.On this episode, you'll learn from Joe about:Timeless menu itemsNurturing strong community connectionsTackling customer complaints head onMore!Thanks, Joe!
Join us as we sit down with Troy Hooper, CEO of Hot Pallet America, the parent company of dining phenomenon, Pepper Lunch, and dive into the unique experience that sets them apart. Troy shares not only the intriguing locations of these restaurants but also his perspective on how to stand out in the food industry through exceptional hospitality, regardless of the restaurant type.On this episode, you'll learn from Troy about: Setting clear expectations for customersPursuit of Feedback Innovative approach to international brandsMore!Thanks, Troy!
Ever wonder how top restaurant brands create a guest experience that keeps customers coming back for more? Prepare to be enlightened as we sit down with Donna Josephson, CMO of Shipley's Donuts, a seasoned marketer who has worked with big names such as Chick-fil-A, Applebee's, Wendy's, and McAllister's. Donna lays bare the common pitfalls marketers often stumble into in the restaurant industry and emphasises the vital role of a partnership between marketers and operators in delivering a memorable guest experience. On this episode, you'll learn from Donna about:Addressing diverse needs of guests Importance of emotional connection Rapid innovationMore!Thanks, Donna!
Ever wondered about the inner workings of the restaurant industry? Sam  Oches is an award-winning editorial director of Informa's Restaurant and Food Group. Sam Oches has had his eye on the industry for quite some time and has developed an eye for exploring the factors shaping this dynamic landscape. On this episode, you'll learn from Sam about: Labor availabilityRise of automation Tip cultureMore!Thanks, Sam!
Get ready to uncover the mysteries behind the success of Groucho's Deli, an iconic restaurant that's stood the test of time for 80 years. Deric Rosenbaum, the president of this thriving chain, joins us on the show to share his insights on a two-fold approach to innovation and the significance of open platforms. On this episode, you'll learn from Deric about:Customer engagement Using feedback to redirectCompatible traditional and progressive guest experience tacticsMore!Thanks, Deric!
Are you ready to revolutionize the way you perceive restaurant marketing? Join us as we turn the tables with the brilliant author and consultant, Chip Klose. We pick his brain about his game-changing book, 'Restaurant Marketing Mindset.' This is not just another marketing guide; it's a deep dive into the psychology of your potential customers.On this episode, you'll learn from Chip about:Word-of-mouthThe triangle principleRethinking your marketing planMore!Thanks, Chip!
Ready for a story of resilience and innovation in the restaurant industry? Join us as we sit down with Andrew Simmons, the dynamic CEO of Mama Ramona's Pizzeria. Andrew shares his rollercoaster journey, from buying the business right before the pandemic, navigating through the crisis, to coming out stronger. He gives us insights into how he has revolutionized the restaurant's operations by integrating tech and reducing labor costs without compromising the human touch in the business.Listen to this episode to learn about:The economics of pizza subscription servicesUsing tech in non-tech-savvy neighborhoodsThe importance of listening to customersHow to use transparency to your advantageMoreThanks, Andrew!
What does it take to lead successful brands like Red Robin, Torchy's Tacos, California Pizza Kitchen, and Texas Roadhouse? G.J. Hart, current CEO of Red Robin, breaks it down for us, stressing the importance of remaining true to the essence of the brand while testing changes to keep it attractive to customers. G.J.'s insights are a treasure trove for anyone involved in the restaurant business so tune in and hear about his extensive experience and knowledge.On this episode, you'll learn from G.J. about:The hospitality modelInvesting in the right peopleCritical balance between consistency, differentiation, and authenticity More!Thanks, G.J.!
Have you ever wondered how plant based food can serve the growing global demand for burgers? Join Zack Oates as he sits down with Benjamin Kaplan, co-founder and CEO of Plant Burger, who shares his fascinating journey into the world of plant-based cuisine. From his personal switch to a flexitarian diet to the creation of Plant Burger, a food haven designed for all food enthusiasts irrespective of their dietary preferences, Benjamin’s story is both intriguing and inspiring.On this episode, you'll learn from Benjamin about:Accuracy and tasteImportance of an omnichannel presence What it means to be plant basedMoreThanks, Benjamin!
Andy Freivogel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Science On Call, a restaurant tech platform that provided 24/7 support with either a call or text.  On this episode, Andy unveils the magic of technology - from POS to delivery platforms - that simplifies restaurant operations and paves the way for a smoother guest experience. Tune in and explore the tech that is shaping the restaurants of tomorrow!On this episode, you'll learn from Andy about: Back of house supportReducing guest frustrationCreativity in improving guest experienceMore!Thanks, Andy!
Danny Snow is part of a Disney-centric family with extensive experience at Walt Disney World perfecting his customer loyalty expertise. After earning an MBA in Business, he became the Director of Marketing at Snow & Associates, Inc., contributing to its growth as a leading customer service speaking/training company globally. He's known as a "customer service champ" and advises leaders on decisions affecting their organizations.On this episode, you'll learn from Danny about: Creating true loyaltyExternal factors to trustOrganizational cultureMore!Thanks, Danny!
Priyam Saraswat stands as the Co-Founder of Voosh, a testament to his innovative spirit and commitment to revolutionizing the restaurant industry. His relentless drive to push the boundaries of what's possible in the restaurant industry, combined with his strong technical acumen, has set him apart as a trailblazer in the realm of restaurant technology.On this episode, you'll learn from Priyam about:Managing third partyOff-Premise BusinessConsistency in HospitalityMore!Thanks, Priyam!
Mark Brezinski has been a longstanding expert in the restaurant industry for over 40 years with experience working with industry giants such as YUM! Brands and Pei Wei. Now with his book, ForkFight, Brezinski opens up about his successes and failures in the restaurant world, by chronicling the stories collected through traveling the globe to create great restaurants and working alongside some of the most dynamic personalities.On this episode, you'll learn from Mark about: Preferred communication channelsPerfecting traditional guest experience tacticsBouncing back from failureMore!Thanks, Mark!
Mark Kelnhofer has spent 20+ years in managerial cost accounting and an additional seven years in restaurant cost management refining his methods. Now as President and CEO of Return on Ingredients,  Mark has successfully combined these two methodologies to create an air tight strategy for increasing profits and mitigating loss. On this episode, you'll learn from Mark about:Understanding total costsReacting to cost changesInventory management More!Thanks, Mark!
We are kicking off our 250th episode with Hamed Mazrouei, the Founder and CEO of Milagro Corp, a customer acquisition and retention platform for multi-location restaurants.  With expertise in the telecommunications, software, and restaurant industries, Hamed excels in driving revenue growth, optimizing operations, and achieving outstanding results.On this episode, you'll learn from Hamed about: Loyalty as a subset of retentionBoosting your top lineImportance of understanding customersMore!Thanks, Hamed!
Lisa Miller has 30 year of experience under her belt working in consumer insights and innovation for industry giants such as Quaker and Pepsi Co.. Now as a President of LWM & Associates, Miller focuses on providing integrated strategic insights and plans to unlock and activate business growth.On this episode, you'll learn from Lisa about:How connection is a two way streetThe business of creating joyCustomer retention skills More!Thanks, Lisa!
Ken Bott is the definition of an expert in customer loyalty. Having worked for top brands such as Darden Restaurants, Bloomin’ Brands, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), and Continental Airlines, Ken has perfected his approach to developing strategies, organizations, and integrated marketing plans, focused on driving the bottom line. How does Ken do it? By not losing sight of the guest experience.On this episode, you'll learn from Ken about:Customer loyalty and advocacy Establishing a connection digitally What it takes to get a repeat customer More!Thanks, Ken!
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