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Scott Landers is the Co-Founder of Figure 8 Logistics, a digital service that is helping to pioneer the world's leading food delivery experts of tomorrow. From workshops and industry insights to on-demand support, Figure 8 Logistics truly lends a helping hand to those look to commandeer food delivery systems. Tune in to hear Scott's expertise and first hand experience pertaining digital systems!On this episode, Scott and Zack discuss: -Similarities between the digital and literal table touch-Improvements in delivery systems-Effect of third party delivery-MoreThanks, Scott!
Lauren Fernandez understands what it means to hustle. Whether it's paving the way as a first generation Cuban American, starting her own business, or helping restaurant brands grow from 1 to 2 units, to 10, and then to 20 and beyond. Lauren is the Founder and CEO of Full Course. Full Course partners with restaurants to optimize existing operations, develop sustainable growth strategies, and bring the right investor partners to the table. What drives her to invest and grow? The people.On this episode, Lauren and Zack discuss: -Representing diversity-Fair and ethical capital-Bringing staff together-Putting the emphasis on the people-MoreThanks, Lauren!
Tanvir Bhangoo is truly a jack of all trades. As a digital executive and advisor working with global brands, member of the Forbes Technology Council, former VP of Tech at Freshii, AND Director at Restaurant Brands International, Tanvir understands the tech and tools needed to meet consumers in their space. The list could go on and on but now, Tanvir is the Owner of TBX Digital, a brand that helps executives accelerate digital growth and boost operational efficiencies through value-driven consulting and advisory offerings.On this episode, Tanvir and Zack discuss: -Switching out tech stacks-Timing innovation-Walking a mile in your consumer's shoes-Executing the customer experience-MoreThanks, Tanvir!
James Passafaro is the Co-Founder of Opsi, a daily management tool built to progress the way modern operators manage their restaurant. James channeled his experience as a chef and the issues he saw with tech and employees into restaurant tech. His hands on experience and initiative, James understands what it means to truly help the heart - back of house employees - of restaurants. On this episode, James and Zack discuss: -How tech can be optimized for employee use-How tech doesn't detract from the heart and is personable-What it truly means to fail-Resilience-MoreThanks, James!
There may not be anyone with a more impressive hospitality marketing pedigree than Erin Levzow! We can't list it all here, but she has experience marketing for Caesars, MGM, Palms Casino, Wingstop, and is now the VP of Marketing Technology at Del Taco. She is also the recipient of many awards, such as 40 under 40 Brand Innovators, Top Women in Retail, and CMO of the year. On this episode, Erin and Zack discuss: -Bringing Tortas to life and the customer research that went into it-How Del Taco stays relevant-Erin's success in restaurant marketing-Going where the customers are-Common marketing mistakes restaurants make-MoreThanks, Erin!
Carl Starkey is the Co-Founder of AWSM Sauce, the world's first sustainability focused sauce and condiment company. If that doesn't scream innovation, I don't know what does! Carl is an expert in all things CPG (consumer packaged goods). Carl provides an interesting perspective to the podcast as his expertise is in sending the consumer home with an excellent customer experience. Tune in and "ketchup" as we tap into this incredible company and venture!On this episode, Carl and Zack discuss: Delivering excellent customer service when the provider is not presentGiving the brand a voiceAllowing the guest to "fail"Understanding shelf lifeProduct innovationsMoreThanks, Carl!
Kathleen Wood! She has 30 years of restaurant leadership experience, she was the Co-founder and President of the Leadership Institute at Elliot Group, President and COO of Rasing Cane's Chicken Fingers, Founder of Suzy's Swirl, and for 14 years has served as Founder and CEO of Kathleen Wood Partners. And she is the author of Founderology - wow!On this episode, Kathleen and Zack discuss: Her book, FounderologyHow Kathleen Wood Partners helps restaurant execsThe role of a GMUsing tech to help employeesPhy-gital hospitalityMoreThanks, Kathleen!
With a stack of credentials, Marie Smith has established herself as a leader inside and out of the restaurant industry. As the CIO and Co-Founder of Data360, Smith has dedicated herself to helping the non-tech savvy individuals conquer tech and data.Marie and host Zack Oates discuss: Optimizing the use of techHelping individuals to normalize dataCurating online relationshipsMoreThanks, Marie!
Xavier Jackson is a former D1 basketball player turned entrepreneur, and the President of Coinlete. Coinlete's mission is to create a community of brands and athletes that recognize the power that each one holds in the relationship + continue giving athletes the resources they need to be successful.Xavier and host Zack Oates discuss: How restaurants can use local and national celebrity endorsementsThe logistics of endorsementsMoreThanks, Xavier!
Arne Saupe is the  VP of  technology at Farmer's Fridge. Farmer's Fridge started out offering smart fridges but have grown into at home delivery. Farmer's Fridge's goal? To provide fresh healthy meals whether you’re on the go or at home. Given his experience in tech, Arne understands all aspects of system design and development. Tune in to hear how his expertise can help your operations and systems.On this episode, Arne and Zack discuss: Leveraging dataUsing tech to bring food to consumersSurpassing expectationsDeveloping deliveryThanks, Arne!
Paul McEnany is a content strategist, product wizard, Host of the Tastemakers podcast, and Co-CEO of Plein Air Agency - a creative company for restaurant brands. Paul brought a breath of fresh/plein air to Give an Ovation!On this episode, Paul and Zack discuss: The biggest mistake restaurants make in advertisingThe importance of understanding what role ad spend plays within the larger business strategyThe benefits of working with industry-specific agenciesWhat it's like being a Co-CEOMoreThanks, Paul!
Lloyd Oshiro is the VP of Marketing Innovation at The Food Connector. The Food Connector helps companies to develop and execute marketing plans. With heightened innovation and the ability to see the bigger picture, Lloyd brings his expertise to this weeks podcast episode!On this edition, Lloyd and Zack discuss: Restaurant industry pipelineFood service distributionTips for sales and managementMoreThanks, Lloyd!
Aaron Roberts is the President and Executive Producer at Rising Tides Creative, an all in one creative resource which is used by some of the most forward-thinking restaurants in the industry such as Cali BBQ. Rising Tides Creative is known for bringing restaurants and other brands to life online, and brought those same creative juices to this episode of Give an Ovation!On this edition, Aaron and Zack discuss: Why most restaurants are hesitant to create on social mediaMistakes restaurants make with their mediaThe importance of being yourself onlineWhy Aaron's clients don't do 2nd takesEffective social media takes timeMoreThanks, Aaron!
Tim McLaughlin is a restaurateur and restaurant tech extraordinaire. Having owned two restaurants, Tim understand the grit, innovation, and drive that it takes to run a business in the restaurant industry.  Now, as the CEO of GoTab, Tim applies this experience to making payment processes easier and other operations run more smoothly.On this episode, Tim and Zack discuss: Empowering guestsOptimizing the payment processTaking advantage of techTakings risks and opportunities others wouldn'tMoreThanks, Tim!
What's the record for person involved in the most organizations at one time? It might just be our guest today, Ellis Winstanley with 11 active positions currently listed on his LinkedIn, some of which include Board Member of the Texas Restaurant Association, President of El Arroyo in Austin, and President of Axial Shift, an operations platform for restaurants. Whichever position you choose, Ellis brings valuable experience to this edition of Give an Ovation!On this episode, Ellis and Zack discuss: Eliminating anything besides hospitality for employeesHow Ellis runs his businesses from Costa RicaHow El Arroyo grew through clever signsThe importance of family first in a team cultureMoreThanks, Ellis!
Joe Monastero is the COO of Texas Restaurant Association. TRA aims to serve as an indispensable resource for the hospitality and foodservice industry. TRA membership enables your company to build customer loyalty, rewarding careers and financial success. Joe  understands what it means to grow a business. Through TRA he is dedicated to helping any and all restaurants and restaurateurs grow their brand.On this episode, Joe and Zack discuss: Overcoming obstacles (i.e global pandemic)Creating a familial environment within your brandFinding room for growthMoreThanks, Joe!
Jason Berkowitz is the Founder of ARROW UP, a highly-designed training tool for reducing liability, insurance premiums, and building a stronger culture in restaurants. He has extensive restaurant experience, having been involved in over 40 restaurant openings and was most recently the COO of Tocaya Organica. On this episode, Jason and Zack discuss: How to retain staff for freeHow to establish systems for staff successThe number one human desireMoreThanks, Jason! 
Juan Orrego, Co-Founder and CEO of Cuboh, knows what it takes to provide an optimal third party experience. Cuboh consolidates all your online ordering tablets in one device. Juan's middle man perspective has raised him an expert in efficiency, visibility, and post ordering experience.On this episode, Juan and host Zack Oates discuss: Ghost KitchensThird party deliveryCustomer journeyWhat it takes to keep customers returningMoreThanks Juan!
Clay Dover is a true restaurant marketing vet with over 30 years in the industry (even though he barely looks 30 years old)! Clay is the CEO and President of Velvet Taco, a concept known for its gourmet tacos and strong brand. He has former experience as a Marketing Manager for Chili's, the VP of Marketing for Apex Restaurant Group, the CMO of Raising Cane's, and more. Tune in to this episode to learn: What goes into making a memorable guest experienceThe importance of tuning into customers and staffContingency plansMuch moreThanks, Clay!
Bryan Solar, GM of Restaurants at Square, is a pro at using tech to help restaurant owners, staff, and customers to bridge gaps. Square builds common business tools in unconventional ways so more people can start, run, and grow their businesses. Tune in to learn how you can optimize tech within your business!On this episode, Bryan and host Zack Oates discuss: Leveraging techConsistency in quality and serviceMaking consumers and staff feel valuedMoreThanks Bryan!
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