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An ad free resource for business owners and entrepreneurs. Listen in to learn from industry leaders how to grow your business, turn your customers from strangers to relationships, and to leverage data and marketing tools to increase your revenue, and so much more.
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Ian Christopher, Galley Solution's CEO and co-founder came on this episode of Give an Ovation to talk about how Galley Solutions can help restaurant operators not only understand their food costs, but also gain insights about the inner workings of their restaurant through data and make the digital transition successfully. Thanks Ian!
This episode features John DiLoreto, the current President of Flipdish North America. He and host Zack Oates discuss Flipdish and showcase the importance of restaurants establishing their own digital presence by looking at what happened to companies that didn't. 
Michael Rolland is one of the co-founders of Lodel, a delivery platform for local business and niche markets. He had some awesome things to say about Lodel, getting the most out of delivery, and more. Thanks Michael!
Collin Wallace is the co-founder of ZeroStorefront, a purpose-built customer acquisition and retention tool for restaurants and other businesses. He's started many successful companies, and was the former Head of Innovation at Grubhub. As a luminary in the restaurant tech industry, it was a pleasure having him on this episode of Give an Ovation! Thanks Collin. He and Zack talk the importance of communication, how restaurants are now e-commerce businesses, and more. 
Tracey Matney is the founder and CEO of Restaurant Victory, and is a chat marketing & ROI expert who specializes in helping restaurants get more fans and revenue. She and Zack talk how to collect customer data (without invading privacy), using it, tracking ROI, and more. Thanks Tracey!
Wilson K Lee, a serial entrepreneur, successful restaurateur, prominent YouTuber, and COVID-turned-consultant, came on the show to discuss his four biggest tips for restaurants to survive during the pandemic. He and Zack talk omni-channel approaches, diversifying your revenues, hygiene and signage, and connecting with your customers. Thanks Wilson!
Scott Wiener is the Big Cheese (owner) of Scott's Pizza Tours, as well as the founder of Slice Out Hunger, a non-profit organization that use pizza to help the hungry. He and Zack talk about Scott's story, his tips for restaurateurs during COVID-19, and of course, Scott's favorite kind of pizza. 
As one of the founders and owners of one of the most successful brands in the country, one of the "Top CEOs To Follow", and one of the nicest guys around, Wing Lam had some incredible insights to share about how you can build your brand and help it survive the corona virus. 
Skip Kimpel, Chief Information Officer at 4R Restaurant Group talks with Ovation CEO Zack Oates about making IT a revenue generator, contactless restaurants, and moving forward in COVID-19. 
Paula Grassell is an operations expert - as a former operations manager at MOD Pizza, REI, and Starbucks, she had great insights to share about how restaurants can manage during this pandemic. Her and Zack Oates discuss tuning into customers, being in the people business, how to get front line workers engaged, and more. 
Tanvir Banghoo, Managing Director at TBX Digital and VP of Technology at Freshii talks strategies for surviving the new normal with Zack Oates. They discuss the importance of becoming a digital first business, taking time to ground yourself each week, ghost kitchens, and more. 
5 insights and other wisdom from food industry founder, consultant, visionary and thought leader, Erle Dardick for restaurateurs moving forward. 
6 tips and other insights from the award-winning hospitality executive and partner and Kinetic12.
Bradley Bloch is the co-founder and CEO of CFO2, a company dedicated to helping restaurant operators level up their financials and run a tighter ship. He discussed four specific tips and gave other great insights with Ovation CEO Zack Oates on this edition of the Give An Ovation podcast. 
As the former head of marketing for Metro Diner and Bloomin' Brands, restaurant consultant Crafton Bryant talks with Zack Oates about using down time created from the corona virus, merging operations and marketing, and more on this episode of Give An Ovation. 
5 tips on sanitation and navigating the new normal with the executive director of the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO).
Ann Rolke shares some of her expertise as a strategic marketing and communications professional with over 20 years in the restaurant industry. 
Five expert tips and other insights from North Carolina State University Professor, Ben Chapman. 
Kelli Laube, hospitality trainer at, gives 5 specific pointers on making guests feel welcome generally and during a pandemic. 
LuckyDiem - a truly risk-free marketing tool? (Hint: yes.) Find out on this episode of Give An Ovation with LuckyDiem's VP of Sales, Sean Vazan.
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