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CFO Bookshelf is based on the popular weekly newsletter by Each week, a business author or thought leader is interviewed where practical insights can be applied by financial leaders. The show was founded by a pioneer in the part-time CFO business.
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You've probably heard the term Open Book Management, but what if you could hear Board members of a successful company talk about this practice that's been used for nearly 10 years.In this episode, we talk with the founder and CEO of PFSbrands based in Missouri where topics include financial huddles. the book Keeping Score with Gritt, a strong company culture, core values, customer service, and the power of critical data made available to team members on a daily basis.
An OKRs Doubleheader

An OKRs Doubleheader


Did you realize the first book written on OKRs was Radical Focus by Christina Wodtke? She's our guest along with Ben Lamorte who joins us for his second appearance on the show. We talk about when and when to never use OKRs.
When you think of iconic and successful CEOs, names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz, Jack Welch, and Sam Walton probably spring to mind.Can you name a 4-time CEO who orchestrated overwhelming turnarounds at each of his stopping points?Hunter Harrison did, and he's the subject of the book, Railroader: The Unfiltered Genius and Controversy of Four-Time CEO Hunter Harrison.Our guest is the author of this biography, Howard Green. We talk about the CEO's childhood, the relationship with his father, 3 keys to his emerging success as a railroader, and much more.
I'm a huge fan of the book, The Management Myth by Matthew Stewart.During our conversation, we talk about the business gurus, strategic planning, management consulting, philosophy, and what is a great manager.
Lora Cecere needs no introduction, but she's a global thought leader on supply chain.She is the founder of Supply Chain Thought Leader and also writes for Forbes. She also publishes content on her website Supply Chain Shaman as well as on LinkedIn.Lora is the author of Supply Chain Metrics that Matter which was published in 2015. She is followed by more than 320,000 on LinkedIn, and her organization's Supply Chains to Admire is must-reading each year.
There are only three books I recommend on the topic of performance measurement. By far, the best title is Transforming Performance Measurement by Dean Spitzer.While working for IBM, Dean realized that training was not the path to better and transformation performance. As he started learning the good and the bad of performance measurement, he learned what was needed for organizational transformation - something The Balanced Scorecard could never deliver.The Big IdeasTraining alone does not improve organizational performanceChanging the measurement system precedes organizational changeThe strongest quadrant in the balanced scorecardThe 4 Critical Success Factors of Transformational Performance MeasurementThe dark side of measurementThe 10-30-60 RuleThe Chief Measurement OfficerExploratory vs confirmatory measurementTransactional vs Experience measurementThe IPOO ModelProfit-Sharing Plans and Performance Measurement
Steve Cakebread's current CEO at Yext says he is the master of taking technology companies public. Steve published his first book in 2020 entitled The IPO Playbook, and we talk about what happens before, during, and after the IPO.
CFO Dive's, Jane Thier joins CFO Bookshelf to discuss the top business stories of 2020. While COVID and PPP dominated the headlines, other stories and themes developed as well such as automation, pivoting to digital, and working from home.
Tax CPA Jeff Shore gives us some last-minute tax insights for 2020 along with tax ramifications of a new administration in 2021. We also talk about PPP, timing expense deductions, tax credits, and expense classification. Don't worry - this is not boring at all. Jeff is quotable and easy to understand as he demystifies some complex tax topics.  
I'm a long-time reader of the great blog posts at One of those writers is Dan Murray who is their Director of Strategic Innovation. I was so lucky in getting to meet Dan at a Quantrix conference a few years ago - that friendship has continued and led to this conversation about data extraction, ETL strategies, data infrastructure, and BI tools such as Tableau.
I recently heard an S&OP podcaster ask if S&OP is dead, and so I wanted to ask one of the pioneers in this planning space if S&OP was still revelvant.Our guest is Bob Stahl, an S&OP pioneer, speaker, writer, and consultant. You'll enjoy his first answer to my question.
I first learned about Doug Hall's insights on marketing and innovation when I read Jump Start Your Business Brain. His newest book is Driving Eureka. Doug is a pioneer in the field of innovation engineering and the founder of Eureka Ranch. He's our guest on this week's edition of CFO Bookshelf.
Retired FBI agent and cybercrime expert and author Scott Augenbaum is back for this bonus episode. He gives us 5 shopping tips for the upcoming holiday to protect us against cybercriminal activity.
This year, my email was hacked. I was lucky as nothing was stolen, just my time and patience.Once I got my email restored from Microsoft who made me feel like a criminal, I wanted to find an expert on cybercrime who specializes in cybersecurity. Not only did I find him, but I read his book and found him on LinkedIn. Within hours, I was able to schedule an interview with retired special agent Scott Augenbaum of the FBI.
Bob Lung is a CPA and CFO who has a side gig that includes followers around the globe. Bob is an author, podcaster, and membership site owner in the realm of fantasy football. Bob tells us how he got his start in accounting and how he was introduced to fantasy football in the mid-80s. We also learn how his volunteer work at the NFL Hall of Fame each year in Canton, OH.
What's Your And?

What's Your And?


Do you have an and? That is, what do you do outside of work?That's the topic we explore with John Garrett, a former PwC internal auditor in M&A who then became a stand-up comedian. Today, he's a public speaker and consultant with a specialty in improving business cultures. He's also the author of the book, What's Your And?
Business coaching is a $15 billion industry, so CFO Bookshelf wants to know if executive coaching is overrated and over-prescribed.The no-name CFOs address those questions and more along with a very special guest who is relatively new to the industry.
I had no idea that the GoVenture suite of online business simulations even existed. Millions of players have learned the basics of business along with strategy, marketing, sales, operations, finance, and accounting through weaving their way through these realistic simulations.Our guest is Mathew Georghiou, the CEO and founder of MediaSpark, the creator of the GoVenture games.We talk about the origin of the game and who the intended audience is. Looking for a fun way to learn business? This episode is for you. 
Startup expert Brett Fox is the author of Learn How to Take a Punch. In our interview, he discusses team building, culture, raising VC funds, when to scale and when not to and, product-market fit leading indicators.
In the next four years, CEO, author, and private equity expert Adam Coffey will be creating $2 billion in new wealth for his investors through just 6 initiatives with only a small team while maintaining a great culture of 3,000 employees. Adam is also the author of The Private Equity Playbook.
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