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Author: Dr. Mona Amin

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Welcome to The Pedsdoctalk Podcast. A podcast hosted by U.S. based Pediatrician and mother Dr. Mona Amin to educate and empower parents in their journey through parenthood. Episodes will include education regarding hot topics in Pediatrics, interviews with experts in the field, conversations with fellow parents, and insight into her experience as a mother and Pediatrician. Content is both evidence-based and experienced-based to give you tips to keep your child healthy and mindful. Follow her on Instagram @pedsdoctalk and YouTube (PedsDocTalk TV) for more!
61 Episodes
As an OB and Pediatrician, a common assumption of us two doctor moms is that we have it all figured out. Not. Always. I welcome my friend Dr. Marta Perez (on Instragram as @dr.martaperez), who is an OB and new mom. We chat about motherhood and everything that got us here today. We share a heart-to-heart about the assumptions that are made of us as physicians and doctor moms. Did we fear pregnancy, labor, or motherhood?Did we experience anxiety in pregnancy or postpartum even with all we know?Do we experience momma guilt?Did we empathize more with our patients after our experiences being pregnant and becoming a mom?Dr. Marta Perez and I break it all down and also educate about the real deal--the truth behind pregnancy, labor, delivery, and motherhood!Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@pedsdoctalk and @dr.martaperez)
As parents, one of our hopes is to allow our children to live a long and healthy life.Part of this, is creating heart healthy habits for our children.I welcome Dr. Renee Rodriguez (Paro), who is a Pediatric Cardiologist and mom, to talk all about how we promote heart healthy habits for our patients and our own families.We discuss the importance of creating heart-healthy habits and offer simple ways to make this a possibility for your family.What are some ways we can create heart-healthy habits?Why is this important?How can we teach our children the importance of this?What are screening tests done in Pediatrics for heart health?What do Pediatric Cardiologists do as a specialty?Tune in as we discuss heart health for our children in honor of American Heart Month Make sure to follow @pedsdoctalk and @drreneeparo on Instagram for more tips! 
Oh toddler sleep!This can be a struggle for many families. Perhaps you had an infant who was a 'great' sleeper and is now going through a regression OR you want to teach your toddler to fall asleep independently for the first time. Toddler sleep issues can be a struggle. I welcome Victoria from Bella Luna Family, who is a  sleep consultant and mother to a toddler. We discuss toddler sleep including regressions. How can we teach our toddler independent sleep skills?What are toddler sleep regressions and why do they happen?What do we do during these regressions?What is the key to success in helping teach our toddler to sleep?What are some various strategies to consider?Tune in as we discuss all of these questions Make sure to visit for more help with all things parenting (sleep, behavior, and potty training!) Follow @bellalunafamily and @pedsdoctalk on Instagram for more sleep and parenting tips! 
Pandemic+Winter+Kids= can be a tough combination.That's why I invited Elina, who is a Physical Therapist, mom, and lover of all things movement for kids. She comes on the episode to talk all about how we can keep our kids moving indoors during this pandemic winter.She offers practical ways to encourage movement for our children from her experience as a working-from-home mom in a cold-weather climate. How can we make screen time more physically active?What items can we use around the house to create activities?What are some ways to develop motor skills at home?We discuss this and so much more.Make sure to follow @elinadpt and @pedsdoctalk for more content. 
Child safety can be overwhelming.I find a lot of my families struggle with how to make sense of all this information.So, I welcome Holly Choi. She is a mother, CPR/first aid instructor, child burn educator, and child passenger safety technician to speak about 10 things she wishes every parents would know about child safety.How can we prevent burns in the home?What are the biggest safety tips around the home? What are the most common injuries we see as a Pediatrician and safety educator? How do we make sure toys are not choking hazards? What is one thing we want every family to feel comfortable knowing how to do? Make sure to follow her @safebeginnings on Instagram to learn more about infant and child safety! We only hit 10 things here and of course there is so much more to learn. Resources:@safebeginnings free guide on anchoring furniture: Free babyproofing checklist: on @safebeginnings webinars and e-courses: Car seat checks: Car seat checks: Control in US: (800) 222-1222 Follow me at @pedsdoctalk on Instagram for more 
It is an honor to welcome Emily Oster who is an economist, mother, and author of the New York Times Bestselling book, Cribsheet, to the podcast today.Emily's book Cribsheet: A Data-Driven Guide to Better, More Relaxed Parenting, from Birth to Preschool breaks down so many topics and choices parents struggle with in parenthood.From deciding to circumcise, sleep train, to introduce screen time, she breaks it all down with the evidence.I welcome her on this episode to talk about the limitations of breast feeding research.Breast milk is beneficial, but is it really FAR superior to formula feeding?We break down the research and discuss if breast is REALLY best. sure to follow @profemilyoster and @pedsdoctalk on Instagram 
What is your parenting style?Have you really thought about what goes into finding your parenting style and WHY finding your unique parenting style is important for you?i welcome Mercedes Samudio, a licensed psychotherapist, parenting coach, and author of Shame Proof Parenting: Find your unique parenting voice, feel empowered, and raise whole, healthy children.I welcome her on the podcast to discuss parenting styles, how a parent can find their unique parenting style, what a parent should consider when establishing this parenting style, and why it's important for a parent to find their unique parenting voice. Listen in as we try to empower parents in their parenting journey through SHAME PROOF PARENTING. For more resources visit: sure to follow @Diversityinparentinginc and @pedsdoctalk on Instagram to continue the conversation 
For my final episode of 2020, I want to talk about the year that has felt like five.So many people wanted to "cancel" this year. And although this year was tough in so many ways, it has taught us more about the world and ourselves than we may have realized. It has also taught our children so much as well.Listen in as I celebrate the GOOD this year has brought us. By celebrating the good, I am not undermining the lives loss and those who experience injustice in this world. Let's celebrate this year and what's to come tomorrow, in 2021, and the years to come.Follow @pedsdoctalk on Instagram for more educational and uplifting and honest content! 
How many of you have heard the following myths in regards to your child??"Wait for tummy time!""Put alcohol on an umbilical cord to clean it.""Sleeping on your belly as a newborn is fine!""Give your baby formula or oatmeal to make them sleep longer." "Your baby needs a walker to help them learn how to walk.""Bouncing your baby on your legs will make them bowlegged." "It's okay to give your baby/child aspirin for a fever." "Slapping is a good way to discipline a child." "Every boy should be circumcised." "Wait until one year to give allergenic foods" "Toddlers NEED cows milk and juice and should have milk with every meal"On this episode, I welcome my best friend, fellow Pediatrician and momma Dr. Marie Jones to bust these myths and why these are not true. This is an episode you may want grandma and/or grandpa to hear because I have a feeling you have heard many of these from them. Tune in and make sure to follow @pedsdoctalk for more!  
Do you know what it really means to be a conscious parent?On today's episode I welcome Katherine Sellery, a 3x TEDx speaker, who has taught thousands of parents the Conscious Parenting Revolution  to help them raise resilient, considerate, centered and empowered kids who know their inner voice and honor it.We discuss what it means to be a conscious parent. Being a conscious parent requires us to dive deep into our insecurities as parents, how we approach discipline, and the high expectations we place on our children and ourselves.It's about being more aware of ourselves so we can better parent our children and meet their emotional needs.Listen in as we discuss what it means to be a conscious parent, how we can create boundaries, but still allow our child's inner voice to be head, how to find a balance between praise and acknowledgment, and so much more! Make sure to visit for more resources on becoming a more conscious parent. 
"Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others." -Brene Brown Why is it so hard to set boundaries with our relatives? Why is it important to set these boundaries? On today's episode I welcome Jenny Mehrer. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (On Instagram as @jennywestmehrerlmft) who joins me to talk about boundary setting with our loved ones. We discuss:Why we have difficulty setting boundaries with loved onesWhy lack of boundary setting can cause friction in familiesWhy lack of boundary setting can cause behavioral issues in children First steps in creating boundariesHow we can communicate to our parents who differ in various parenting philosophies How to create boundaries during the holidays and surrounding COVID precautionsTune in for this very important episode. Follow @jennywestmehrerlmft and @pedsdoctalk to continue the conversation! 
A healthy body image is one of the most important things I want to teach our children. How they look at their bodies, how they view food, and how they value themselves more than how they look is so important. The medical community is guilty of causing issues with body image on how we sometimes report weight, percentiles, and BMI. The medical community doesn't take into consideration genetics and various body types when they come up with these "standards of health."On this episode, I welcome back Jessica Gust. She is a mother and Pediatric Dietician ( on Instagram). We discuss when percentiles are helpful, how they should be used, why we both don't love BMIs, how we tie in eating habits to body image, and how we can create a healthy body image for our children.Tune in to learn so much on this very important topic. Remember to follow @pedsdoctalk and on Instagram to finish the conversation. 
On this episode I welcome Allison, the owner and founder of The Potty Training Consultant (@pottytrainingconsultant on Inatagram), to discuss the basics of potty training. She is a mother of two and her company has helped thousands of families around the world in their potty training journey. We discuss: The average age of potty training in AmericaSigns of readinessA couple methods to considerHow to determine which method may be best for your childWhat a parent should do if their child is resistant to potty trainingWhat are some barriers to potty training Tune is as we talk about potty training basics! Make sure to follow @pottytrainingconsultant and @pedsdoctalk on Instagram to continue the conversation! 
Simply put, we can learn a lot from kids. They are the greatest teachers and I often find that when we are feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders, children can be the ones to make us feel like ourselves again. They are honest, they are full of love, and they are not afraid to be themselves! We can learn a lot more from kids! In this episode, I share 15 ways we can be more like kids. Characteristics I love most about kids that inspire me every day to be a better adult. Tune in and as always follow me @pedsdoctalk on Instagram if you are not already! 
Infant spit up, reflux, and constipation are common. When severe, it can be really overwhelming to a parent. On this episode, I welcome Dr. GI Joe (Dr. Joanna) who is a pediatric Gastroenterologist ( on Instagram). We discuss infant reflux and constipation. Why does spit up happen?What is the difference between spit up and reflux?When are medications needed for reflux?When does reflux get better?What are some basic reflux precautions after feedings?What is infant dyschezia?Is all straining constipation?What are some basic remedies for constipation?What are some red flags when it comes to baby poop?Tune in to listen to a great discussion on the infant gut! Make sure to follow and pedsdoctalk to continue the conversation!
It’s 2020. Why is there still a stigma surrounding mental health?! Especially around maternal mental health? Women are celebrated for doing it all.Society tells us we can juggle it all, when in reality it is IMPOSSIBLE to do it all without help.Postpartum is the most critical time in a mother’s life. A baby is born, but so is a mother.We still tend to forget about mom when the baby arrives. How does that make a woman feel?Their body has changed, their hormones are all over place, and they are now responsible for caring for a new human being.We cannot underestimate the weight of this transition in a woman’s life. We cannot diminish the emotional weight postpartum carries and motherhood carries. We cannot tell women to brush their feelings under the rug.We need to be open about postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety so women know the signs and symptoms to look out for.I am so honored to speak to Dr. Pooja Lakshmin (@womensmentalhealthdoc on Instagram. She is a Perinatal Psychiatrist and contributor for the NY Times.We speak about “Mom martyr mode,” Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, and how to know when you need to talk to someone about your mental health. Our hope is to break the stigma surrounding maternal mental health. Understanding things are not okay take strength. Getting help takes strength. We want to normalize therapy and the medications and diagnosis of postpartum anxiety and depression. Follow us @pedsdoctalk and @womensmentalhealthdoc to continue the conversation.IF YOU WANT SOMEONE TO TALK TO ABOUT HOW YOU'RE FEELING, CALL POSTPARTUM SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL AT 1-800-944-4773Dr. Laksmin is also starting an online community called the Gemma Project, to empower mothers and guide them in their postpartum mental health journey. For more details, visit:
There is nothing really basic about breastfeeding. Although it is something many women do, it is not easy by any means.Production, finding the right latch, and pain can all be common hurdles in establishing breastfeeding and enjoying the experience. On this episode, I welcome Melissa Mancini (@more_than_milk on Instagram). She is a mother of two, registered nurse, and certified lactation consultant. She answers breastfeeding and pumping questions such as: How can a mother best prepare herself postpartum for BF?What are some must haves for a mother who is choosing to BF?What is the physiology behind BF?Why does cluster feeding happen?What is better? Feeding on demand or feeding on a schedule?When can we introduce a pacifier?What are the biggest hurdles to establishing BF?What can a mother do about pain with BF?Are nipple shields okay?When should we incorporate pumping, especially if a mother is going back to work?How often should a mother pump?What is powerpumping?Tune in to learn more about breastfeeding and pumping basics from Melissa! Follow her at @more_than_milk to learn more about breastfeeding in a supportive and empowering way! 
We are 6 months into the COVID-19 Pandemic and parents around the world are balancing more than they ever have had to.Work, distance-learning, daycare, COVID risk, your own well-being, and the safety of their families. Decision fatigue IS REAL. Parenting is tough, but Parenting in a Pandemic is even tougher. I welcome Dr. Kelly Fradin (@adviceigivemyfriends on Instagram). She is also the author of the new book: Parenting in a Pandemic. We have a Pediatrician to Pediatrician conversation about COVID, flu, and bronchiolitis, when to seek care, how each of them can present, testing, return to daycare and school, and navigating viral season in a pandemic as parents. We hope this episode empowers you to get through this pandemic--and take care of yourselves so you can take care of your little ones. Dr. Fradin also discusses portions of her book, which is available NOW. @adviceigivemyfriends and @pedsdoctalk to continue the conversation and get more COVID/parenting tips!Thank you to Lark Adventurewear for sponsoring this episode.Visit to shop.Use promo code Pedsdoc15 at checkout to save 15% off your first order! 
In honor of teething week on my Instagram, I welcome Dr. Erin Isaac, Pediatric Dentist and @dr_erin on Instagram.We have a great discussion about Pediatric Dental Health. We discuss: When should babies see the dentist?What is typically done at these early visits?When should a parent start brushing and flossing and how?Is fluoride okay? What if there is fluoride in drinking water?What are risk factors for developing cavities?What do you do if a tooth falls out?How can a parent prep their child for a dentist visit?How can a parent help the dentist do their job as seamlessly as possible?Tune in to hear the answers to all of these questions and so much more.Follow @dr_erin for more information on your child's dental health and for inspiration as a practice owner. FOR MORE information on all things teething, visit my Instagram @Pedsdoctalk. I will save all useful info to my Story Highlight-Dental Health. Thank you to Lark Adventurewear for sponsoring this episode.Visit to shop. Use promo code Pedsdoc15 at checkout to save 15% off your first order! 
Kids. They are adorable. Until you give them a red crayon instead of a yellow one and all of a sudden that adorable kid is screaming in your face. Childhood tantrums can be draining. So I invited Deena and Kristin (the masterminds behind the popular Instagram account, @BigLittleFeelings) to discuss all things toddler tantrums.Kristin is a mother of two and Deena is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has studied neurobiology and childhood development. Together, they provide amazing resources for caregivers in navigating those difficult moments with toddlers.Tune in to find out how to be the calm, cool, and collected leader of your house with effective and loving boundary setting. We discuss real-life situations and provide examples on how to navigate them to help your child cope with those Big Little Feelings. Make sure to follow @pedsdoctalk and @biglittlefeelings on Instagram to learn more about childhood wellness. If you want more, check out for a link to their popular tantrum course! 
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