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Our next Think Tenacity Events takes place on Tuesday 20th September at 6.30pm. SAVE DATE and book early using link below: GUESTBlack Therapist, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor,  (MNCS Prof Accred)Martina Jean-Jacques | +447709  | Facebook: MJJ PsychotherapyInstagram: mjj_psychotherapy us on social media Event:
Our next Think Tenacity Events takes place on Tuesday 20th September at 6.30pmSAVE DATE and book early using link below: GUESTJoanne Jackson | +44(0) 7930 393 464 (WhatsApp) | joannejackson2@icloud.comBlack Therapist Child & Family Psychotherapist /  Trainer / Supervisor - Online video Therapy- Face2Face Therapy us on social media Event:
Our next Think Tenacity Events takes place on Tuesday 20th September at 6.30pmSAVE DATE and book early:  Link to register -  here us on social media
You can also listen via our YouTube Channel -   YouTube, here YouTube Channel LINK - DATE and book early: Tuesday 20th September . Register to attend our upcoming Masterclass - Follow us on social media
Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 - Do you have a mental health question? Join us at our upcoming event sponsored by Think Tenacity Podcast. - Podcast@ThinkTenacity.comGet ALL your mental health questions answered:What is depression?When you're feeling lonely, how to overcome loneliness?What is Anxiety Disorders?What is Trauma/PTSD? - Bipolar UK Charity support via email If you prefer an email response to your query, please email us and we will get back to you. We aim to do this within three working days, usually less.join our ecommunity Another great way to get peer support is to join our online forum - the eCommunityWorld Bipolar Day (30 March 2022) is celebrated each year on March 30th, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who was posthumously diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. The vision of World Bipolar Day (WBD) is to bring world awareness to bipolar disorders and to eliminate social stigma.Symptoms of bipolar disorderPeople with bipolar disorder have episodes of:depression – feeling very low and lethargicmania – feeling very high and overactiveSymptoms of bipolar disorder depend on which mood you're experiencing.Unlike simple mood swings, each extreme episode of bipolar disorder can last for several weeks (or even longer).
Website link - click here It's  vital for our community that Black people to have access to Black therapists, and Think Tenacity Podcast are fundraising to help make this happen by selling "Your Mental Health Comes First!" limited-edition water bottles to cover the costs to run a FREE Black therapist Zoom workshop in May 2022  via our Shopify store. 100% of sales to go towards the cover event costs and you get updates on our social media platforms: chose water bottles because drinking enough water is essential for both physical and mental health. If you would like to support our fundraising efforts, you can buy one at our Shopify store or click on the link in the bio. Get yours now and help us make a difference for access to Black therapists! For more info drop us an email Black people are not getting the support they need! UK mental health services are consistently failing the Black community. An independent review of the Mental Health Act found that: "Mainstream mental health services often fail to understand or provide services that are acceptable and accessible to non-white British communities and meet their particular cultural and other needs."Contact us 📧  Podcast@ThinkTenacity.comSave Zoome event date: Tue 31st May  2022 - Mental Health Awareness Week Event - Q&A with three Black Therapists 
Contact us 📧  Podcast@ThinkTenacity.com event date: Tue 31st May  2022 - Mental Health Awareness Week Event
Contact us 📧  Podcast@ThinkTenacity.com event date: Tue 31st May  2022 - Mental Health Awareness Week Event
breaking down stigma in the black communityIn her latest blog Bella Rareworld talks about stigma in the Black community and how we can all play our part in breaking it. World Bipolar Day on Wednesday 30 March 2022 (6pm - 9pm) our community will come together for our second virtual conference.  Register free to attend theme of this year's conference is LIVE WELL WITH BIPOLAR. Join us for an exciting programme of free sessions and discussions.We are thrilled to announce that the leading researcher and author Dr Kay Redfield Jamison will join us to speak about her personal experiences of bipolar and share her top tips for living well. The author of bestsellers An Unquiet Mind, Night Falls Fast and Touched with Fire, and the co-author of the standard medical text on bipolar, Dr Jamison is also is the Dalio Professor in Mood Disorders, a Professor of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and an honorary Professor of English at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. At the conference, we will also be launching the second report from the Bipolar Commission, our research project which aims to improve the quality of services and reduce the rate of suicide for people with bipolar in the UK.There will also be five panel discussions to choose from:- Global action on bipolar- What does self-care look like for men who have bipolar?- Creativity and bipolar: experiences of Black and Ethnic Minorities- Women with bipolar in TV drama: do fictional characters encourage understanding of the condition?- Coming out: is it easier to tell people you’ve got bipolar or that you’re LGBTQ+?
Email your mental health question to: Podcast@ThinkTenacity.conYour Mental Health Question @ThinkTenacityQuestion by: Danielle Bridge CEO/Founder of ABC Life Support CIC Danielle Bridge on social media
Many people with social anxiety also have other mental health issues, such as depression, generalised anxiety disorder or panic disorder.Need emotional support - Whatever you're going through, please call samaritans charity today, it's free,  any time, on 116 123 - A FREE CALL - 24 Hour line may have social anxiety if you:- worry about everyday activities, such as meeting strangers, starting conversations, speaking on the phone, working or shopping- avoid or worry a lot about social activities, such as group conversations, eating with company and parties- always worry about doing something you think is embarrassing, such as blushing, sweating or appearing incompetent- find it difficult to do things when others are watching – you may feel like you're being watched and judged all the time-fear being criticised, avoid eye contact or have low self-esteemoften have symptoms like feeling sick, sweating, trembling or a pounding heartbeat (palpitations)- have panic attacks, where you have an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety, usually only for a few minutesAre you feeling lonely?Most people feel lonely sometimes, for many different reasons. If loneliness is affecting your life, there are things you can try that may help.Support is also available if you're finding it hard to cope with stress, anxiety or depression.Loneliness can affect anyone at any time. During the COVID-19 outbreak, spending less time with family and friends has led to more feelings of loneliness than usual for lots of us– particularly for those who have been isolating or shielding.Adapting to changes can come with its challenges too, and it might still feel difficult to connect with family and friends, colleagues or other everyday contacts.It's natural to go through periods of loneliness, and you should not blame yourself for feeling like you are struggling, now or at any other time. It's really important to remember that loneliness and difficult feelings can pass.If you're feeling lonely at the moment, the following tips can help. Different things work for different people, so try to find what suits you, and seek further support if you feel you need it.Source: Healthy Caribbean Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by Tropical Flavours Paperback – 25 Jun. 2021 - by Mellie K.  (Author)Buy on Amazon:
Read full article published in London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, click here.How to contact Think Tenacity Podcast:Podcast@ThinkTenacity.comFollow Think Tenacity Podcast on Social Media Mental Health Host:Bella Rareworld | LinkedIn |
Email your mental health question to: Podcast@ThinkTenacity.conYour Mental Health Question @ThinkTenacityI'm your podcast host Bella Rareworld, Mental Health Motivational Speaker and would love to answer your question on #JustAskBella - send your question by email to podcast@ThinkTenacity.comIf we increase conversations about mental health we create more awareness and can break stigma together!Podcast Guest: Former athlete, British & South of England Championship winnerMohammed Sillah-Freckleton
Your Mental Health Question - Why are you passionate about mental health awareness? | Guest speaker : Etty Dunn–Howe, Wellbeing Programme OfficerVolunteer Centre Chelsea and Kensington | Website websiteSOCIAL MEDIA:  IG Instagram | Facebook Facebook | TwitterTwitterMeet Etty Dunn–Howe, Wellbeing Programme OfficerI am passionate about empowering people through volunteering, finding projects for individual’s that improve their wellbeing through social connections and support. As wellbeing officer, I will work with you to find placements that are mindful of your interests and individual access requirements. Opening up opportunities and building new skills.
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