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Whether you’re preparing to launch a writing-related business or you’re retooling the writing you’re currently doing, The Professional Writer podcast will help you do the right things in the right order so you can confidently plan, launch, and grow your business.
70 Episodes
How can frugal, penny-pinching entrepreneurs creatively build a business without forking out a ton of money? In episode 70, I’ll show you five basic, FREE things you can do right now to: • find great deals on tools for your business • gain visibility • interact with prospective readers and book buyers • earn bonus income Shareable infographic included! The post 70 – 5 Quick, Easy, and Free Ways to Gain Visibility as a Writer first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
When I hear the phrase, “business finances,” I shudder. I’m not a numbers person; I'm a word person. That’s why I invited bookkeeping expert, Vanessa Butler, to guest on The Professional Writer podcast. Vanessa will help us word nerds take a serious look at: The financial health of our business The most efficient ways to do accounting Why "business" and "pleasure" bank accounts shouldn't get married Why it's important to create a realistic monthly budget, and to look at it daily The post 69 – Bookkeeping Tips for Your Biz, with Vanessa Butler first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
A contract that clearly and specifically spells out expectations is a must-have for every entrepreneur, whether you’re hiring someone to work for you, or someone is hiring you to work for them. In Episode 68, I’ll share contract horror stories, suggest items to include in a legal agreement, and recommend easily customizable contract templates. The post 68 – Why You Need Contracts first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
We’re exploring five problematic platform-building practices: The “swollen ego” bio Inflated follower counts Platform plugins Bestseller lists “Award-winning author” taglines I believe these vanity metrics give authors permission to bend the truth as a means of proving their worth. And that concerns me. Let’s talk about it! The post 67 – The Problem with Vanity Numbers, Half-Truths, and Swollen Egos first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Misinformation and horrible advice about email marketing abounds. In episode 66, I’m going to give you some tough love. I’ll bust 7 myths about email marketing. The post 66 – Debunking 7 Email Marketing Myths first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
When crafted thoughtfully, promotional social media posts that link to your blog or podcast really do work. Learn 3 things not to do under any circumstances, plus get 10 tips to help you write stellar social posts that’ll get clickthroughs. The post 65 – 13 Tips for Crafting Stellar Social Posts That Link to Your Blog or Podcast first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
What’s it like to migrate from writing for the Christian market to writing for a Big 5 general market publisher? Susan Meissner penned 9 novels for the Christian market before moving to the general market, where she has had 7 historical novels published by a major New York publishing house. In episode 64, Susan, a USA Today bestselling author, shares her evolution as a writer and reveals how she “raises the bar” for each new story she writes. The post 64 – Writing Books for a Big 5 Publisher, with Susan Meissner first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Let's flip the script on "playing small!" During my frank conversation with mindset coach, Kyrsti Snyder, we discuss (1) why we don’t accomplish our goals, (2) three types of goals we can set for our business, and (3) five tips for achieving our goals. The post 63 – Create and Achieve Growth Goals, with Kyrsti Snyder first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Do you like to write true, inspirational stories? Consider shopping your stories to an anthology such as Chicken Soup for the Soul. Tracy Crump, author of 22+ Chicken Soup for the Soul stories, shares insider tips for shaping a story to submit to the world’s most popular anthology series. The post 62 – How to Submit Stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul Anthologies, with Tracy Crump first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
When many others offer the same types of services, products, and programs as you, how can you make a name for yourself? Brand strategist, Britney Gardner, and I discuss several core principles for doing business intentionally: finding your best client, selecting brand photos, developing marketing messages, and filtering the wrong subscribers off your email list. The post 61 – Intentional Business, with Britney Gardner first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
“Shoulding” ourselves – saying, “I should do this or that” – freezes us from making progress. Let’s stop beating ourselves up! Author coach, Alice Crider, suggests practical tips for getting out of our own way so we stop sitting on the sidelines and become leaders. The post 60 – How to Get Out of Your Own Way, with Alice Crider first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
What motivates a writer to have such faith in their project that they persevere for months or even years in the face of countless rejections? Grit. To flesh out what grit means for the success of your business, I’m sharing fascinating stories from real-life creatives, as well as four ways to develop grit, from Angela Duckworth’s book, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. The post 59 – 4 Traits of a Gritty Writer first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Does talking about books put you in your happy place? Do you enjoy influencing readers to pick up good books and steer away from bad ones? You might want to try your hand at reviewing books. Katherine Scott Jones – book enthusiast, reviewer, and author – introduces us to the art of book reviewing. You’ll discover (1) who should – and shouldn’t – become a book reviewer; (2) what readers, publishers, and authors look for in a book reviewer; (3) four ways to get started reviewing books; (4) how to write a balanced, fair review, and (5) how to follow up with the publicist/author after you publish your review. The post 58 – How to Become a Book Reviewer, with Katherine Scott Jones first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Are you seeking a literary agent? Wondering what you can do that’ll help them say “yes” to your pitch? Barb Roose, an agent with Books & Such Literary Management, unpacks 3 important factors that’ll help you land an agent, and shows us 3 effective ways to build an author platform. Transcript included. The post 57 – How to Land a Literary Agent, With Barb Roose first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Some people mistakenly assume that writing for children is simple. Multi-published author, Diane Stortz, knows that writing children’s books is every bit as challenging – and rewarding – as writing for adults. In Episode 56, Diane shares the secrets to her success and recommends six things prospective children’s writers can do to get started. The post 56 – Writing for Children: Expert Tips from Diane Stortz first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Crafting guest post guidelines for your blog requires a lot of thought and decision-making. But guidelines are well worth your time investment. In episode 55 (part 2 in my mini-series on guest blogging), you’ll get a free printable swipe file of my guest post guidelines that you can adapt for your own use. The post 55 – Guest Post Guidelines: What to Include first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
I receive bizarre guest post pitches every week. I instantly delete them without opening them. Episode 54 is a guidebook for what NOT to do when pitching your guest blogging services. Follow along with the transcript while listening – I reprint several actual, unretouched pitches I’ve received, complete with hilarious spelling and punctuation errors! The post 54 – 6 Surefire Ways to Guarantee Your Guest Blogging Pitch Gets Instantly Rejected first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
When you’re writing a book, it’s just you, banging out beautiful words. When you finish the draft, your next step is to invite others to help prepare your manuscript for publication. In part 2 of my conversation with freelance editor, Samantha Hanni, we discuss three ways authors can bring the ‘reader first’ mindset into the editing process: (1) stay humble about your message, (2) stay humble about your edits, and (3) communicate with your editor. The post 53 – Editing With a ‘Reader First’ Mindset, with Samantha Hanni first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Approach writing as if you’re hosting a dinner party. Invite readers to the table with the understanding that they bring life experiences with them that’ll impact the way they’ll receive your words. “Set the table” for your readers by putting them FIRST. In Episode 52, Samantha Hanni and I unpack three questions that’ll help you shape a reader-first mindset: (1) What are my publishing goals? (2) Who is my reader? (3) How do I want my reader to be different after reading my book? The post 52 – Shaping a ‘Reader First’ Mindset, With Samantha Hanni first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Should I seek a traditional, royalty publishing house or should I self-publish? It’s a question nearly every author asks themselves. For Dianne Andre, the answer was “self-publish ebooks.” In Episode 51, Dianne and I discuss why she chose indie publishing, and she unveils four book launch tactics she tried during her recent book launch. A bonus infographic is included: 7 Steps to Plan an Ebook Launch. The post 51 – Preparing for an eBook Launch, with Dianne Andre first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
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