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Author: Laura Christianson

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Whether you’re preparing to launch a writing-related business or you’re retooling the writing you’re currently doing, The Professional Writer podcast will help you do the right things in the right order so you can confidently plan, launch, and grow your business.
85 Episodes
Hoping to do freelance writing? Want to know what the freelancing life is really like? In episode 85 of The Professional Writer, Tracie Heskett and I – both long-time freelance writers – reveal our best tips for breaking into freelancing. The post 85 – Work-for-Hire Freelance Writing, with Tracie Heskett first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Episode 84 of The Professional Writer podcast is the first in an ongoing series where I chat with people who do interesting things with their writing – other than writing books. Gregory Halpen certainly fits the bill! He's a passionate home baker, dessert blogger, photographer, and life coach. The post 84 – Blogging for Fun and Money, with Gregory Halpen first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Want a slew of simple-yet-effective tips to move from "invisible" to "in-demand" by getting featured on blogs, podcasts, magazines, and TV shows? In episode 83, Lisa Simone Richards, a PR & Visibility Strategist, shares insider secrets for reaching more people without spinning your wheels on social media or wasting money on Facebook ads. Includes extensive show notes so you can follow along while listening. The post 83 – Get Visibility Through Other People’s Platforms, with Lisa Simone Richards first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
I answer 3 burning questions people repeatedly ask about email list building: Can I bulk email my contacts through my regular email account? Since I’m required to display a valid postal address on every email, and I don’t want to display my home address, what are my options? Can I use my gmail address to send newsletters? The post 82 – 3 Must-Dos When Setting Up Your Email List first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
You work up your courage and pitch the “book baby” you’ve been laboring over for years to an agent or editor. They respond with, “Tell me about your author platform.” Your heart hits the floor as you realize that you’ve spent years writing your book, but only a few minutes thinking about who might buy it. I'd like you to consider a different approach – one that enables you to simultaneously write, publish, and build that all-important author platform. I call it “becoming a writerpreneur.” (Includes transcript and loads of links.) The post 81 – Becoming a Writerpreneur first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
I’m doing something different on the podcast today, introducing you to Jump-Start Your Email List, my group coaching program that starts March 15. I’ll walk you through the four items you’ll create during the program and introduce you to five bonus trainings and tutorials (valued at over $700) that you’ll receive as a student in the program. Plus, you'll get a special discount when you register by 2-22-22! The post 80 – Jump-Start Your Email List (Group Coaching Program) first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
My 4-tiered strategy gives my audience many opportunities to know, like, and trust me: (1) free resources (2) low-cost DIY training (3) affordable done-with you programs (4) premium coaching and done-for-you services The post 79 – 4 Strategies for Growing the Know-Like-Trust Factor first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Authors should never separate writing from marketing. They're done in concert, much like a choir in which individual voices blend together to create a unified, harmonious sound. Today, I'll introduce you to my strategic plan that seamlessly combines writing and editing with branding, platform building, and marketing. The post 78 – When Should I Start Marketing My Book? first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Protect your creative work! Lawyer Amy Nesheim helps us understand (1) The difference between copyright and trademark; (2) 5 steps you can take if someone steals your content; (3) The 4-factor Fair Use test; (4) LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship, and (5) Contracts: rules for the relationship. The post 77 – Protect Your Creative Work: Copyright, Fair Use, LLC, Contracts, with Amy Nesheim first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
“When budgeting for publishing and marketing your book, build in a 10 percent cushion to allow for unexpected expenses.” As she prepared to publish her debut non-fiction book, Amy Connell discovered the importance of the budget cushion. She shares exactly what spent to create branded promotional products, send influencer copies, and hire niche consultants. You’ll also learn Amy’s secret for creating a free, interactive resource library for her book buyers. The post 76 – Costs of Marketing and Promoting Your Book, with Amy Connell first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
“A writers conference is the place I can find out how to get my book published, because my book is perfect, and everyone needs to read it.” That’s the mistaken assumption three newbie writers – Sarah Sundin, Sharon Elliott, and I – made before we attended our first writers conference. Oh, were we in for a surprise! The three of us chat about our first-ever writers conference experiences, and how attending conferences has shaped and grown our writing careers. The post 75 – Writers Conferences: The Best Investment an Author Can Make, with Sharon Elliott and Sarah Sundin first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Five online tools to help you become a more powerful writer and editor (recommended by my listeners): ProWritingAid Jarvis AnswerThePublic PerfectIt WordHippo Transcript, video tutorials, and links to trainings included! The post 74 – Strengthen Your Writing and Editing With These 5 Robust Online Tools [Crowdsourced] first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Your most valuable ability is your credibility. That’s why sensitivity readers, subject matter experts, and fact-checkers are crucial. In episode 73, five listeners recount their thoughts about this important topic. Learn what sensitivity readers do and how to find them. The post 73 – Sensitivity Readers and Subject Matter Experts: Why Authors Need Them first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
“An unknown author wanting to get an unknown manuscript published by a traditional publisher is akin to an 18-year-old showing up in Los Angeles with a 6-string guitar, wanting to get a record contract,” says debut memoir author, Lisa Baldwin. Learn how several publishing professionals helped Lisa shift her expectations and shape her manuscript into an award-winning book. We discuss three types of investments Lisa made: (1) pre-publication costs, (2) publication costs, and (3) hidden costs. The post 72 – Costs of Self-Publishing a Book, with Lisa Baldwin first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Running a writing-related business costs several thousand dollars per year, even when you’re a frugal DIYer like me. In episode 71, I’ll walk you through: exactly what I spend to run my business how much to budget for essentials 3 things to do before investing in a service or tool Transcript and loads of links included. The post 71 – Things I Spend Money on to Run My Writing Business first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
How can frugal, penny-pinching entrepreneurs creatively build a business without forking out a ton of money? In episode 70, I’ll show you five basic, FREE things you can do right now to: • find great deals on tools for your business • gain visibility • interact with prospective readers and book buyers • earn bonus income Shareable infographic included! The post 70 – 5 Quick, Easy, and Free Ways to Gain Visibility as a Writer first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
When I hear the phrase, “business finances,” I shudder. I’m not a numbers person; I'm a word person. That’s why I invited bookkeeping expert, Vanessa Butler, to guest on The Professional Writer podcast. Vanessa will help us word nerds take a serious look at: The financial health of our business The most efficient ways to do accounting Why "business" and "pleasure" bank accounts shouldn't get married Why it's important to create a realistic monthly budget, and to look at it daily The post 69 – Bookkeeping Tips for Your Biz, with Vanessa Butler first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
A contract that clearly and specifically spells out expectations is a must-have for every entrepreneur, whether you’re hiring someone to work for you, or someone is hiring you to work for them. In Episode 68, I’ll share contract horror stories, suggest items to include in a legal agreement, and recommend easily customizable contract templates. The post 68 – Why You Need Contracts first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
We’re exploring five problematic platform-building practices: The “swollen ego” bio Inflated follower counts Platform plugins Bestseller lists “Award-winning author” taglines I believe these vanity metrics give authors permission to bend the truth as a means of proving their worth. And that concerns me. Let’s talk about it! The post 67 – The Problem with Vanity Numbers, Half-Truths, and Swollen Egos first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
Misinformation and horrible advice about email marketing abounds. In episode 66, I’m going to give you some tough love. I’ll bust 7 myths about email marketing. The post 66 – Debunking 7 Email Marketing Myths first appeared on Blogging Bistro.
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