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Author: Levi Kreis

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Are you on the verge of a radical transformation? Can you feel a spiritual awakening creating a vision for the future? If you’re ready for a rebirth and you don’t know where to begin, you’re in the right place. My name is Levi. I was a meth addict, living a self destructive lifestyle about to lose it all when I had a spiritual awakening that showed me the real power of self love, forgiveness and my oneness with Source. Today, I am a Tony Award winning actor, thriving singer-songwriter and licensed spiritual practitioner. Your journey may be different from mine, but if a path to radical personal and spiritual transformation is calling you, then you are already equipped to actualize that journey for yourself. If you're asking “how do I change who I am”, if you lack the motivation, the discipline or things like law of attraction, mindfulness and meditation seem unfamiliar, even silly to you, then let me help you make it fun, practical and tangible.Spirituality is not that serious. We can learn how to enjoy the process and even find humor in it. I believe that heaven is in the now moment. I make a bold claim when I say that paradise is yours to the degree you can imagine it. But I mean it. Your heaven is now. The moment is now. Start to imagine your paradise today. Please subscribe to the Imagine Paradise podcast and consider supporting it by going to and under members making a one-time donation or becoming a member.You got this. I believe in you. And I believe in the infinite support of the universe to give you all you need when you need it to make this radical personal and spiritual transformation possible.
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All of us find ourselves in a perpetual loop of negative thinking sometimes.  Knowing how to create distance between you and a pattern of negative thinking will allow you to toss out those limiting beliefs, assert spiritual principle in their stead and start creating a different quality of life.  Today I discuss a few ways to make that happen.  Become a member of the LK Crew at - being a member helps the ongoing creation of the podcast, music and theatre projects.  Support the show
A Space Of Grace

A Space Of Grace


A quick episode recorded on a travel day of tour giving you the backstory of a song from the album Imagine Paradise called Let It Go and the importance of extending grace to yourself and learning to forgive the past and reclaim that fire inside of you.   Support the show
This week I am joined by one of my long time friends writer/director Del Shores who offers a unique perspective as a perpetual lover of immensely talented actors who often had their own journey towards sobriety.  A very necessary episode for those of you who love an addict or alcoholic and want to know more about how to love them without enabling them.  Watch video of this episode at  Support the show
If you know my story of sobriety, you know that Leslie Jordan was one of the first fellow southerners I met when moving to Los Angeles and had a key influence on me getting sober.  Join Leslie and I as we reflect on our stories of sobriety and how it has elevated everything in our life including our careers.  We also spend a bit of the conversation talking about our craft and ways he's influenced my own take on acting.  Head over to to subscribe and see video of this episode.Support the show
Recovering addicts here in San Francisco will tell you first hand there is a direct correlation between homelessness and substance abuse.   Local ex-homeless/ex-addicts will attest that 8 out of every 10 people on the street are struggling with addiction.  Over 75% of unsheltered have a drug or alcohol addiction and a similar number have a severe mental health disorder. So why are we constantly marketed the idea that this is primarily a poverty problem and housing is the solution?  You can build all the housing in the world and get homeless off the street so you don’t have to look at us, but if we are struggling with drug addiction and mental illness, we're just housed dealing with drug addiction and mental illness.  In 2020, the death rate among San Francisco homeless doubled.  They condone this behavior and even help promote it with harm reduction policies that blur the line between harm reduction and drug promotion.  Caroline Shores Thrush is back and we’re giving you a recovering addict’s perspective on the “compassionate” policies she witnessed while working in the non-profit sector with transitional housing here in San Francisco.  Support the show
My guest, Caroline Shores Thrush, shares her dynamic story about discovering her need for sobriety at twenty years old and learning the power of self love, service to others and finding her own spiritual solution.  Don't forget to subscribe to this podcast and head over to for videos of each episode.Support the show
We become who we spend most of our time with.  It's important that those who make up our inner circle are living out the same high vibration lifestyle that we expect of ourselves.  Surrounding yourself with disciplined, positive, motivated individuals only supports your own efforts to be the same. Today's episode welcomes back the spiritual doula Anjie Hosley to discuss the important of quality friendships and how to attract them, cultivate them and be supported and empowered by them.  Support the show
Matt Gilhooly takes a moment away from The Life Shift Podcast to talk with me about his story, the importance of your story and how we are all on a journey to transmute pain into power.  We cover a few topics here with some great ah ha moments to enjoy. This episode will leave you inspired and hopefully make you more certain of your own ability to make good of broken things.Support the show
Focused on the liberating nature of letting your guard down and just being yourself, Anyway You Wanna was a song written for our LGBTQ+ youth to inspire and encourage them to know self-love on the deepest possible level.  But the message of valuing who we are is not just for the young, for many of us still carry deep wounds that linger still from a long arduous journey of coming out.  This episode not only tells the backstory of how the song came to be, but seeks to move us from pain into power.  Support the show
If you want to know how to optimize the quality of your romantic relationships and come to the table fully equipped to build something meaningful and fulfilling, there are three key non-romantic relationships you might want to get in order.  The Spiritual Doula Anjie Hosley is back with some real life applications that will get you maximum results in your relationship endeavors.  Support the show
We cannot attract that which we are not a vibrational equivalent to.  Therefore, in order to attract love and manifest the relationship of your dreams, we must do the work to become a vibrational match to the kind of love we desire.   Today's episode and conversation is inspired by the lyrics of Timeless (We Are) from the album Imagine Paradise available on all streaming platforms.  Don't forget to subscribe to for daily inspiration and motivation.  Support the show
As so many of my interviews this season, this is another fascinating true story of a phoenix rising from the ashes of addiction and making a new life for himself.  This is Steve on how he found sobriety, beat cancer and found a purpose for life.  We also have a great conversation about the transformative power of surrender.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and visit for daily motivational/spiritual content.Support the show
Scott L reminds us of the power of community and how isolation is death for those of us struggling with addiction and alcohol.  A great conversation of what life was like before addiction and what life is like in sobriety.  Remember to subscribe to this podcast and visit for daily motivational/spiritual content.Support the show
Dale G takes you on a remarkable journey of what life was like before sobriety and what life is like now.  If you need to be reminded of your ability to overcome addiction and build a new life for yourself that is happy, joyous and free, do not miss this episode.Remember to subscribe to this podcast and visit for daily motivational/spiritual content.Support the show
It's the final episode of Season 2 and we have a bit of light discussion around my song Lonely Sunday Morning from my debut album One Of the Ones.   If there is any sort of offering this episode gives is just to encourage you to savor every experience you have in life - it makes us who we are.Support the show
Now I Know My Power

Now I Know My Power


This episode is a great review of the four stages of spiritual awareness that I've referenced in previous podcasts.  I use my song Man Outta Me to transport me back to a time in my life where the journey from victim to victor was new and unfamiliar to me.  This conversation will remind you of your spiritual identity and the power that is inherently within you as a Divine expression of Infinite Potentiality.  Support the show
Forgiveness is not easy to come by sometimes, but nine times outta ten we are the ones that are still suffering - not them.  We are the only ones hurting by holding on to it.  Sometimes all the universe needs to hear is that little whisper from us that says "I am willing".  Just asking the universe to show us what we need to let go of - to show us who we need to become in order to forgive - it sets things in motion.  In this episode, I discuss the experience that informed my song Left Over and encourage all of us to lay claim to our own personal freedom through the power of forgiveness.  Support the show
Love In Another Light

Love In Another Light


Did you know that those of us who are prone to addiction are a special little breed with a natural inclination towards spiritual transcendence?  The problem is that we are seeking that transcendental experience through false substitutes.  When we realize that spirituality is the door to that transcendence, something clicks for us and we find a profound power.  If we daily invest in a spiritual solution, life can be a daily high that only Spirit can provide.  In this episode, I use my song Love In Another Light from my debut album One Of The Ones to tell my own journey from addiction to recovery.Support the show
Emotions are our internal guidance system.  They are to be observed and evaluated, but not necessarily absorbed as our identity.  Becoming the observer of our emotions creates a healthy distance between feeling and "being" that feeling.  "I am angry" vs "I have anger" is notably different vibration.  Instead of identifying with every rush of emotion we have, it is possible to become the thoughtful observer of our feelings and follow them down to the fundamental belief that is supporting that feeling.  In this episode, discussion is inspired by my song I Should Go from my debut album One Of The Ones.  Support the show
Watch Me Walk On

Watch Me Walk On


We all gotta stumble before we're standing tall.  It's part of the learning process.  If recent failures have you feeling hopeless and loosing perspective,  be reminded that you have the power to transform any experience and there is nothing to be alarmed about.  You are lacking nothing.  In this episode, I do a deep dive into my song Standing Tall from the EP Bad Habit and review the four stages of spiritual awareness.Support the show
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