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In an exclusive interview, singer and activist Billy Bragg talks about making music with meaning, Marx, refusing to give in to Boris Johnson – and passion on an Italian volcano.   Chapters: 02:04 - Billy Bragg 1 29:45 - Billy Bragg 2
With more than 7 000 languages globally, we look at mother tongues. Can Kiswahili be Africa’s lingua franca? And we explore two people’s complex relationships with their languages: Setswana and Arabic. Chapters 02:20 - Kiswahili 19:27 - Setswana 29:42 - Arabic
To mark June 16, we unearth Afrikaans’ Black roots and focus on contemporary Black Afrikaans. Also, a new book on how Nelson Mandela led Umkhonto weSizwe to war against Africa’s strongest army. Chapters: 02:34: Hein Willemse 29:24: Emile YX 41:05: Paul Landau
Shamed by 2020 exposés of forced sterilisations at public hospitals, the health department vowed to act – but victims still await justice. Also, is the Saxonwold Shebeen open for a drink? Chapters: 03:13 - Bongekile Msibi 16:09 - Baragwanath 21:21 - Women’s Legal Centre  31:55 - Guptas
Banyana are not treated well, despite being one of the favourites to win the Women’s Afcon in July. Could their American counterparts’ equal-pay victory help our national women’s football side? Chapters: 2:47 - US Women's Soccer 8:24 - Amanda Dlamini 22:22 - Joseph Mkhonza 32:12 - Busisiwe Mokwena    
The murder of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh sent shockwaves around the world. But will it change US-Israel relations? And the full story of legendary scribe Can Themba finally gets told. Chapters: 02:58 - Shireen Abu Akleh 11:12 - Can Themba 31:41 - Joe Thloloe
Abortion has been legal since 1997 in South Africa. Despite this, more and more women are risking their lives by going to unlicensed abortionists. We ask why. Chapters: 02:33 - Abortions down town 08:39 - Catherine Burns 28:17 - Emihle Ntuli 33:51 - Matthew Kavanagh
Unemployment in South Africa is soaring and many are forced to take any job they can get. Our 100th episode focuses on casual workers, who have the most precarious jobs. Chapters 01:58 - Annah Moreki 10:51 - Who are casual workers? 18:55 - Casual workers protest 22:39 - Rights and numbers 25:56 - What about the working class?
Amazon workers finally get a union with ripple effects in US politics expected. And liberation theology helped end apartheid. What role does it have in politics, inequality and exploitation today? Chapters: 01:45 - Amazon scene setter 12:25 - John Logan 32:54 - Liberation Theology scene setter 38:02 - Mzwandile Molo
In this bumper edition, find out why politicians spoil the religious vote and so many Jews fought apartheid. Also, meet SA’s chief satanist and hear the music that makes Muslims dance. Chapters: 04:04 - Mbhazima Shilowa 18:24 - Jonathan Ancer 30:46 - Lael Bethlehem 42:09 - Satanic Church 59:43 - Sufism
Indian activist-doctor Yogesh Jain believes inequality in public healthcare is a global crisis. And, we look at religion’s role in instilling outdated attitudes towards sexuality. Chapters: 1:48 - Dr Yogesh Jain 7:49 - Gender and religion 20:38 - Gay and Muslim
More than 100 000 South Africans have died officially from Covid-19, some anonymously and buried in paupers' graves. Hospital and mortuary workers tell the stories of the unclaimed. Chapters: 02:15 - Covid’s nameless graves  18:16 - Mojak Lehoko 27:56 - Song
Sexual assault in South African jails is widespread but grossly under-reported. We lift the veil on this scourge. And, we pay tribute to murdered land activist Ayanda Ngila. Chapters 01:31 - Tebogo Mokobori 18:25 - Doreen Gaora 30:12 - Rebecca Gore 39:12 - Ayanda Ngila
The struggle continues for Cape West Coast small-scale fishers after their court victory against seismic blasting. And, why is Yemen’s bloody seven-year-long war largely forgotten? Chapters: 01:49 - Seismic Survey 17:07 - Wilmien Wicomb 26:06 - Aisha Jumaan   Host: Tebadi Mmotla Guests: Martin Blake, Solene Smith, Wilmien Wicomb, Aisha Jumaan Production: The Good People at Between Productions Editor: Charles Leonard  
Progressive Russians say no to war. Is Covid-19 petering out? And though essential, did the world miss out during the cultural boycott against apartheid South Africa?   Chapters: 02:22 - Russian anti-war 21:58 - Francois Venter 31:41 - Pacific Express
A new book celebrates Frantz Fanon’s seminal work as a shack dwellers’ movement applies his ideas 60 years on. Also, a Kenyan woman’s challenge to experimental music.   01:56 - eKhenana 16:52 - Nigel Gibson 33:05 - Nyokabi Kariũki
Amnesty International explains why Israel is an apartheid state. An iconic Soweto cinema makes way for a mall. And we revisit the jazz haven, Club Pelican, a place of love and Black consciousness. Chapters: 02:28 - Saleh Hijaz,  18:53 - Eyethu Cinema  28:01 - Mphethi Morojele 36:27 - Boitumelo Mofokeng
Xenophobia is raising its ugly head again in South Africa under the guise of protecting jobs, and it’s threatening to turn violent. We speak to those at the centre of it: migrants.   Chapters: 01:25 - Xenophobia scenesetter 09:08 - Patrick Ilunga 13:59 - Edith Chikwana 17:10 - Sylvestre Kabasidi  23:52 - Janet Munakamwe 43:05 - Song
The Afcon tournament in Cameroon was full of the politics, passion and pain of African football. We talk about the cup’s pan-Africanism, ask who’s to blame for the deadly stampede and get a Bafana star to weigh in on our team’s future chances. Chapters: 02:06 - Sean Jacobs 23:18 - Maher Mezahi 38:34 - Matthew Booth 54:49 - Song
We look at solutions as students tell us about their struggle to afford university as the academic year begins. And, we visit the first nightclub opened in Soweto with veteran jazzman Khaya Mahlangu. Chapters: 02:24 - Higher education 18:24 - Salim Vally 37:38 - Club Pelican
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