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South Florida Business is the destination for the world’s most successful business minds to share their thoughts about what’s happening in today's business world. Our podcast is designed to keep it real. We don't dance to the tune of the typical business show, we explore what really matters to you with frank and real conversations. We bring the smartest brains in the business to talk about business trends, tactics and what they really think.
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In this episode, Paul Barron talks with Ami Kassar, a business funding expert, to discuss the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and available SBA programs for businesses affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. The intent of the PPP is to allow businesses to get their employees back on payroll for eight weeks with a 100 percent forgivable loan as long as they have not laid-off workers in response to the virus. This program provides temporary security for employees during this uncertain time, ensuring that when we restore back to normal employees will be ready to return to work.
Many otherwise successful businesses struggle because of lack of capital or access to capital—in fact, it is the number one reason why businesses fail in their eighteen months. Improving access to capital should be one of your main goals for your business.
The true measure of a successful business is if it has become a brand. Why? We explore one of the icons in brand building with Shula Restaurants CEO.
Even with a compelling concept, quality food, and a solid customer service experience, many new businesses find themselves struggling to survive because they have failed to differentiate content marketing and advertising.
Shula's is one of the rare breed of brands that have the ability to cross over into various segments with a brand name that exudes excellence. We get the chance to explore the South Florida restaurant business strategy with Shula's Restaurants CEO Bill Freeman.He has been tasked to create an array of brands that are set up for success in the premium dining segment with a focus on the fast-growing market of South Florida dining. Guest: Bill Freeman, Chief Executive Officer of Shula’s Restaurants
Trusts are confusing with the likes of revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, and tax issues. What does each type of trust do and is it right for you? Check out this episode of South Florida Business with AJ Yolofsky of Yolofsky Law and host Paul Barron to find out!
Legal Mistakes are some of the costliest mistakes you can make as an entrepreneur. The reality is that setting up your business the right way to deal with most issues is easier to do than you think, join AJ Yolofsky of Yolofsky Law and host Paul Barron as they explore entrepreneurship and what you should be doing and what to avoid. Should I do an LLC if I plan on taking on investors? Find out in this episode!
AJ Yolofsky of Yolofsky Law and host Paul Barron break down some ideas and steps you should consider on all your estate planning needs. Learn when you should be looking at estate planning and what steps to get ready for any big changes in your life. Only 18% of Americans over 55 are really ready for any major issues in their life, don’t get caught without a plan for your family.
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