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Different Leaf: the Podcast, hosted by Brit Smith, provides a roadmap to an evolving landscape for new as well as experienced cannabis consumers in Massachusetts. Episodes come out every other Friday.
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Despite major alleged corruption at the local level in Massachusetts' blooming cannabis industry, Vanessa Jean-Baptiste made history last month when she became the first Black woman to open a licensed cannabis dispensary on the east coast.Vanessa is a first generation Haitian-American who recently launched Legal Greens dispensary in her hometown of Brockton, Mass. Now, she plans to show the larger industry that people like her can not just enter the world of weed, they can lead it. Find out more at to for 4 issues of Different Leaf the magazine for $20. Follow us on social media @DifferentLeaf and @Different_Leaf and follow our host Brit Smith @BritTheBritish. Produced by Andrea Muraskin and Brit Smith, music by HomeBody.
In this episode, host Brit Smith takes a field trip to Liberty Dispensary in Easthampton, Massachusetts, for the East Coast launch of Garcia Hand Picked, a cannabis collaboration between Holistic Industries and Jerry Garcia's family. (That's right, a LIVE event, people!) Brit chats with Jerry's daughter Trixie Garcia, as well as Holistic Industries marketing director Rachel Genderson, - and of course, samples some premium flower. We also have an interview for you with Holistic Industries CEO and died-in-the-wool deadhead Josh Genderson about the Grateful Dead legacy and the importance of deadhead culture to the development of the bud we smoke today. Follow us on social media @DifferentLeaf @Different_Leaf and @BritTheBritish and check out for all the issues of Different Leaf the magazine.
Happy 4/20 to one and all! It's year two celebrating the High Holiday in lockdown, so instead of planning to pass the joint, this episode we're exploring some of the luxurious new ways we can enjoy cannabis this summer without sharing, and without the hangover.Host Brit Smith speaks with David Yusefzadeh, CEO and Founder of Cloud Creamery in Framingham, Mass., which will be selling infused ice-cream at select dispensaries starting on 4/20/21. Find out more at PlantJam.coThen, Brit talks to Matt Gamble, VP of Operations at Theory Wellness, where they're selling 4-packs of THC-infused seltzer drinks in a variety of flavors. Learn more at TheoryWellness.orgFollow us on social media @DifferentLeaf @Different_Leaf and @BritTheBritish and check out for all the issues of Different Leaf the magazine.
Most people born from 1945-1965 grew up believing that marijuana was the Devil’s Lettuce. The so-called Baby Boomer generation has since seen decades of major changes around cannabis culture, law, and science. Now, they're the fastest growing demographic of new legal marijuana consumers. So how can the older generations learn about including cannabis in their lives? And how can the cannabis industry better connect with them?Our guest this episode is Ms. Patricia Patton, also known as "The Canna Boomer." She's a community connector, a wellness and aging expert, and an author. Right now, her passion is working to bridge the gap between the Baby Boomer generation and today’s legal cannabis industry. Find Patricia's podcast "Me and Mary Jane" on Google Podcasts or iTunes. Check out for issues of our award-winning magazine.Follow Different Leaf on social media @differentleaf @different_leaf @BrittheBritishProduced by Andrea Muraskin. Music by Homebody.
There are so many decisions to make when purchasing weed at a dispensary, or buying seeds to grow at home. Is it a strain you're familiar with? Does it look gorgeous or scrappy? Smell like diesel or grape-flavored candy? Is it an indica, sativa, or a hybrid? What percentage is THC? CBD? CBG??? As you'll hear from our guest, grower Reginald Stanfield II, factors consumers may not even think of, like time of harvest or lighting can change the user experience. It can all seem overwhelming, but never fear, our guest is here to break down the science and dispel popular myths, like why higher THC doesn't necessarily equal better bud. Reggie is CEO and head horticulturalist at JustinCredible Cultivation in Cummington, Mass.Follow us on Instagram @differentleaf and @britthebritish, and on Twitter @different_leaf and @britthebritishFollow JustinCredible Cultivation on Instagram @justincredible_cultivation and follow Reginald Stanfield II on Twitter @forbes_next Check out for issues of Different Lead the magazine. Produced by Andrea Muraskin and Brit Smith, music by Homebody.
It's already been a busy year for marijuana-related bills in several states, including South Carolina, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Alabama. Chances are, you either live in a state that already has medical marijuana laws, or soon will. There's a lot to know about what legal medical cannabis could mean for you. So this episode, our friendly neighborhood cannabis specialist Dr. Peter Grinspoon is answering some of our listener’s questions about medical marijuana and cannabis research. Brit asks audience questions about the difference between inhaling, edibles, and cannabis tincture, how to dose marijuana without getting too high, how THC and CBD could interact with prescription medications, and what we know about THC-8. Follow us on Instagram @differentleaf and @britthebritish, and on Twitter @different_leaf and @britthebritishCheck out for issues of Different Lead the magazine. Produced by Andrea Muraskin and Brit Smith, music by Homebody.
This episode, Brit gets a roadmap to her body's reactions to the form of a report from GreenWay DNA, a consumer genetic testing company that uses your DNA to make CBD and THC dosage recommendations specific to you. GreenWay DNA geneticist and co-founder Ry Wagner and Chief Development Officer Robert Brown join us to break down the science of human genetics and cannabis, and Brit faces some hard truths in her chromosomes. Learn more at For our next episode, we're bringing back cannabis specialist Dr. Peter Grinspoon, MD to answer all your medical questions. Send your questions to by Monday, February 22! Follow us on Instagram @differentleaf and @britthebritish, and on Twitter @different_leaf and @britthebritishCheck out for copies of our magazine. Produced by Andrea Muraskin and Brit Smith, music by Homebody.
Investing in cannabis companies may seem daunting, but it's undoubtedly becoming more popular. Funding for marijuana companies spiked big-time in January 2021 after President Biden was sworn into office and Democrats won control of the Senate. For anyone interested in investing in weed, experts says this is the time to get in on the game. This episode, host Brit Smith talks to the leaders of the ArcView Group, the world’s first and largest group of high-net worth investors who focus solely on legal cannabis companies. CEO Kim Kovacs, CIO Jeanne Sullivan, and Chief of Staff Laura Toomey discuss legal implications, investment strategies, advice for marijuana entrepreneurs, and details on the ArcView Group's Women's Inclusion Network. Find out more at - Find us on social media @DifferentLeaf @Different_Leaf and @BritTheBritish - check out for copies of our magazine. Produced by Andrea Muraskin and Brit Smith, music by Homebody.
A lot has changed over the past four years; we didn’t have adult-use pot shops in Massachusetts for the 2016 inauguration! In fact just a decade ago, recreational weed shops weren’t even a thing in the U.S. Over the span of just a few years, marijuana has gone from a taboo topic and a seedy underground gateway drug, to a luxurious experience developed by top scientists and promoted by our most trusted celebrities. How did it happen?This episode, Brit interviews Heather Cabot, an award winning journalist and former ABC News correspondent and anchor, who recently released her second book "The New Chardonnay; The Unlikely Story of How Marijuana Went Mainstream."Check out to purchase 4 issues of Different Leaf the magazine for $20, and find a list of physical locations selling the magazine. Follow us on social media @DifferentLeaf and @Different_Leaf, follow host Brit Smith @BritTheBritish - Produced by Andrea Muraskin and Brit Smith, music by Homebody.
With the new year off to a rocky start, we could all do with some tips on how to relax more in 2021. This episode, author and sex coach Ashely Manta joins Brit to talk about her new book with Merry Jane; "The CBD Solution: Sex." Ashley's book is all about how cannabis can enhance our sex lives, whether that's solo or partnered, how it can help us reframe our thoughts about our bodies and shame, and how it can help us reconnect with ourselves and our partners. Trigger warning: Brit and Ashley also discuss how CBD and THC can help sexual trauma survivors like them. Find us on social media @differentleaf @different_leaf @britthebritish, and find issues of Different Leaf the cannabis magazine at Produced by Andrea Muraskin and Brit Smith, Music by Homebody.
Newsflash; 2020 has been a heck of a year! Since Different Leaf the Podcast started just a few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic began, we've been here to track exactly how this year impacted the world of weed.For our End Of The Year episode, we're checking back in with some amazing guests from our earlier episodes. In episode 4, when the recreational pot shops first closed down in Massachusetts, host Brit Smith talked to Dr. Peter Grinspoon about what consumers had to do if they couldn't afford a medical card, and how people with a history of addiction, like Brit and Dr Grinspoon, could remain steady during the pandemic. In episode 8, as tensions grew over the police-involved killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Brit had an important conversation with Niambe McIntosh, daughter of reggae legend Peter Tosh, about the impact of the war on drugs on communities of color. And in episode 10, we got to learn from cannabis educator Emma Chasen, who taught us the science of how cannabis gets humans high. Check out for a list of physical locations selling Different Leaf the magazine, follow us on social media @differentleaf - @different_leaf - @BritTheBritish - produced by Andrea Muraskin, music by Homebody.
Just in time for the holidays Different Leaf's "pot product guru" John Arvanitis joins Brit to talk about some of the goodies he sampled for the Fall 2020 issue (out in stores right now)! Budding novice to OG toker, we've got something for everyone on your list. Find out more about Different Leaf the magazine at follow us on social media @DifferetLeaf, @Different_Leaf, and @BritTheBritish. Produced by Andrea Muraskin, Music by Homebody
The teenagers of 2020 are growing up in a very different world of weed than any generation that came before. Today, young people who want to try marijuana can get ahold of much higher-potency bud than ever had before. They can buy ready-made infused brownies or gummies, they can dab 90% THC concentrates, and they can take a few sublingual drops without anyone knowing. In the coming years, they will be the youngest customers at legal marijuana shops in dozens of states.So how does pot impact teenage brains and lives? How can young people make good choices in the era of legal marijuana? And how can parents talk to their kids about cannabis?This episode host Brit Smith talks to Sarah Coughlin and Mswati Hanks of the Charlestown Coalition, an organization connected to Mass. General Hospital that supports youth in central Boston going through drug and alcohol recovery. Learn more at out more about Different Leaf the magazine at follow us on social media @DifferetLeaf @Different_Leaf @BritTheBritishProduced by Andrea Muraskin, Music by Homebody
The election is finally over! The people have spoken, and with every single cannabis ballot initiative approved across the nation, there seems to be a least one thing we can all agree on; we should definitely be allowed to toke some good bud at the end of a long, hard day. We may now have medical marijuana in 35 states plus D.C., and recreational weed in 15 states plus D.C., but at the same time, there are also around 40,000 people, mostly Black men, who are still locked up in the U.S. for offenses like cannabis possession or low-level sales. Thousands more have marijuana-related crimes on their records, and countless others have lost their lives to the violence of militarized policing. Don’t worry, the imbalance in this system has not gone unnoticed. This episode, Brit talks to cannabis industry leader Andrew DeAngelo, one of the co-founders of “The Last Prisoner Project.” Launched in September 2019, the LPP is a non-profit that aims to do exactly as its name suggests; free every last prisoner still behind bars on cannabis-related crimes, and set them back up for success in society. Read more on the LPP’s criminal justice work in the fall issue of Different Leaf the magazine at; learn more at; follow us on social media @DifferentLeaf @Different_Leaf @BritTheBritish; Produced by Andrea Muraskin, Music by Homebody.
Unsurprisingly, legal marijuana sales have been rising all over the map ever since May. Several states have reported month after month of record breaking sales numbers for adult-use and medical, including Illinois, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington state. This week, Brit talks to Dr. Marion McNabb from the Cannabis Center of Excellence, who has partnered with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to do an anonymous research study on how COVID-19 is impacting medical and adult-use marijuana consumers.Take part in Dr. McNabb’s ongoing research on cannabis during Covid by going to Check out, find us on social media @Differentleaf and @Different_Leaf, find our host Brit Smith @BritThe British. Produced by Andrea Muraskin, Music by Homebody.
This Election Day, voters in Mississippi and South Dakota will get to choose whether or not to legalize medical marijuana, and voters in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota will get to say yay or nay to legalizing recreational marijuana. In Oregon, where the weed already flows like wine, voters will see a ballot question on legalizing the use of psilocybin; the psychedelic chemical in magic mushrooms. Oregon also has a measure that would decriminalize all drugs, which would essentially be the first major stepping stone to ending the drug war in at least one U.S. state.So what makes a successful campaign to legalize? And what can advocates do between now and November 3rd to make sure their message gets out there? This episode, Brit talks to Jim Borghesani, the former Director of Communications for “Yes on 4” - Massachusetts' successful marijuana legalization initiative that passed in 2016. Find out more about Different Leaf the magazine at Follow us on social media @Different_Leaf and follow host Brit Smith @BritTheBritish
From the devastating wildfires on the west coast, to the unexpected early snow days in Colorado, the effects of climate change are only just starting to impact marijuana industry supply chains. While outdoor cannabis cultivators are trying to figure out the best way to navigate the ever-changing elements, many are resigning themselves to the idea that moving their operations inside may be best for their bottom line.But as you can read about in the most recent issue of Different Leaf Magazine, indoor marijuana growing facilities are not known for being very eco-friendly. So how can cultivators, who may soon have to move indoors, make sure they’re growing cannabis in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way?This episode Brit talks to two guests from opposite coasts; Aaron Pagenkopf, farm manager at Diem Cannabis in Oregon (, and Sam Milton, CEO of Climate Resources Group in Portland, Maine ( more about Different Leaf the Magazine at, find us on social media @DifferentLeaf @Different_Leaf and @BritTheBritish. Produced by Andrea Muraskin and Brit Smith, Music by Homebody.
Levels of anxiety and depression have been increasing dramatically during COVID-19. On top of the pandemic, the west coast is on fire, there's a major social justice movement, and the U.S. has an incredibly contentious general election about 40 days away. Needless to say, we could all do with a safe and healthy way to chill out. Enter: Cannabis!This episode Dr. Peter Grinspoon gives us a little medical guidance on how to properly recuperate with marijuana and use it to help with anxiety and depression so we can all continue to survive 2020.Dr. Grinspoon is a Harvard-trained primary care physician at Mass General Hospital, who specializes in medical cannabis. He’s an instructor at Harvard Medical School, he’s a board member of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, and he’s the author of “Free Refills: A Doctor Confronts His Addiction.” Find out more at PeterGrinspoon.comCheck out Different Leaf the magazine at, and follow us on social media @DifferentLeaf @Different_Leaf @BritTheBritishProduced by Andrea Muraskin and Brit Smith, Music by Homebody.
Here at Different Leaf, we're missing the days of passing the dutch, plus opportunities for learning, connecting, and sharing the love at cannabis events. Lucky for us, this week's guest is here to help us stay engaged with the cannabis community online and get us psyched for the return of live events to come. Ann Brum is the entrepreneur behind Joint Venture and Co, a business development agency that works with companies in the cannabis industry. Ann also happens to be Brit's Massachusetts festival-going buddy.Ann and Brit chat about how the “culture of cannabis” has been passed down through generations, they reminisce about sweet festival times and discuss how to take these events online successfully. Plus, Ann fills us in on some early details about the PlantMRKT - an event produced by Joint Venture and Co in partnership with Different Leaf- coming (fingers crossed!) in 2021. Find out more about Different Leaf the magazine at Follow us on social media @Different_Leaf and follow host Brit Smith @BritTheBritish.
From the people you’d expect like Snoop Dogg or Cheech and Chong, to the more surprising names like Martha Stewart or the famously-sober Gene Simmons, there are a lot of famous people trying to sell us cannabis-related products right now. But is there actually any substance to that star-power? How do we know who is promoting good products, and who is just in it for the money? And are social media channels really a sustainable way to brand marijuana?This episode Brit talks about celebrities in cannabis with Dallas-born drag queen, choreographer, performer, medical marijuana advocate, and social media Influencer; Jay Jackson, better known as Laganja Estranja. Later in the episode, Avital Norman-Nathman, the writer behind Different Leaf's feature article on Laganja and other celebrities in cannabis, also joins the conversation.Find out more about Different Leaf the magazine at, and follow us on social media @Different_Leaf and @BritTheBritish
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