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Heart Soul Wisdom is a journey of self discovery and transformation. Moira Sutton and her amazing guests share real life stories, tools and strategies, to inspire and empower YOU to create and live your best life! Come along on the journey and finally blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that have held you back in the past, so you can live your life with the joy, passion and happiness, that you desire.
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EmpowermentHealth & Well BeingEntrepreneurshipFreedom & FulfillmentSpiritualityMindsetQuantum Shifts in Business and in LifeDeberah is a non-conformist Empowerment Expert and one of the most profit-producing Business Growth Authorities in the world. She is probably best known for her creative ingenuity, tenacity, and leadership while negotiating the Virgin America deal between Sir Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, for which she received the “Steal of the Year” award, for the deal that never should have happened. Her clients are empowered to live their own lives of personal and financial freedom, while at the same time, experiencing explosive results that skyrocket both personal and financial growth. Using her proven Formula, they experience exponential success, combined with a clear understanding that life and business are meant to be easy, abundant, joyful and fun!Website: http://DeberahBringelson.comGifts:Getting into the Quantum Field &7 Transformation Blueprint for Business & Life Physics Course Growth Intensive Home Study's Website: http://moirasutton.comCommunity:
Connecting to your Innate Joy & the Angelic RealmSpiritualityHealth & Well BeingHealingEntrepreneurshipFreedom & FulfillmentPassion & PurposeTheresa is a globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive, Master of the Healing Arts, Channel, and Transformation Teacher who offers spiritual teachings in fun, relevant, and instantly applicable ways that help conscious, intuitive, sensitive world-changers heal, step into their Purpose, and live a joy-filled life.She calls people who feel that they should have attended Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters before being sent out into the "real" world into their greatness—helping them to create greater health and vibrancy while assisting them in finding the strength in their sensitivity and guiding them in the use of these superpowers.She is an international speaker, spiritual teacher, mentor, master of the healing arts, yoga and wellness professional, and Angelic channel.As a Visionary, a Love Warrior, and a fierce stand for PEACE, she has been helping others to heal and accept their own power for over than 15 years. She empowers Sensitives to stand in the Truth of Who They Really Are so that they can live their Purpose and feel alive and fulfilled.Website:https://theresavee.comGift: Journey to Meet Archangel Michael's Website:http://moirasutton.comMoira's Community:
Love and RelationshipsSpiritualityMindsetLeadershipHealth and Well BeingFreedom and FulfillmentPassion and PurposeThe Power of the Heart to Connect and HealJust as an acorn contains all the information to become an oak tree, you were born with a user's manual for your life - including purpose, well-being, and peace of mind - right inside your own heart.Sheva Carr is a Visionary, Humanitarian, Creator, Lover of Life, Author, Speaker and the Founding CEO of Heart Ambassadors.  She is also the Co-Vice President and UN Delegate Leader for the United Nations Peace Messenger Organization “Pathways to Peace.”Sheva helps people all over the world learn how to access heart intelligence and peace of mind, to receive the benefits of the heart’s impact on their relationships, health, performance, creativity, contribution, legacy, social change, and the building of a global culture of peace. She is honored to COLLABORATE with an incredible team of colleagues and friends at Heart Ambassadors.  HeartMath Institute is committed to helping awaken the Heart of Humanity.  “They believe that when we align our hearts and minds and connect with others, we awaken the higher Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual capacities that frequently lie dormant. Today, you will learn about the power and intelligence of the intuitive heart and how heart-based living empowers co-creation with others for the benefit of you and others. Websites & Community:www.heartambassadors.comWWW.PATHWAYSTOPEACE.COMGift: Shift to the Heart Course - Beginners CourseIMPORTANT: First step is to register at with your name, email and phone number to begin and thank you. for Stress: Coherence Initiative: HTTPS://WWW.HEARTMATH.ORG/GCIMoira's Website: Community:
Passion & PurposeLove & RelationshipsHealth & Well BeingEntrepreneurshipSpiritualityMindsetPurpose, Passion and PajamasGenevieve was a successful television marketing executive until she dramatically changed the direction of her life. She found her true purpose when a sudden voice inside her head challenged her life as she knew it. In 2001, she founded the hugely successful national non-profit, Pajama Program, when a six-year-old girl’s question changed her life forever and she jumped off the corporate ladder! Almost twenty years later, Genevieve’s Pajama Program has delivered 7 MILLION magical gifts of new pajamas and new books to children throughout the US. Genevieve is now a professional speaker, author, personal strategy coach and consultant, sharing life and leadership lessons she learned through her Pajama Program journey. Her book Purpose, Passion and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection and Lead with Meaning was released in August 2020 and she presented her first  TEDx talk, “1 Idea + The Human Connection = 7 Million Pajamas and Books”. She has been interviewed on many local and national media outlets including OPRAH and continues to inspire others to listen to their heart-voice in pursuing their passions.  You will be empowered with today’s heartfelt conversation and the inspiring journey on how one woman made a major life change at the age of 38 to pursue her true purpose and make a huge difference in the world.Websites: to get involved: gen@genevievepitturo.comPlease email Genevieve and let her know you are part of the HSW (Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast Community) for your special Bonus GiftMoira's Website:
Love & RelationshipsHealth & Well BeingEntrepreneurshipFreedom & FulfillmentSpiritualityMindsetPassion & PurposeBonus Episode ~ 2020 with Women's Empowerment Life Coach Moira SuttonFirst welcome to the Bonus Episode on the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast.  I am so excited for you to continue to be inspired and empowered to live the life you love, shine your brilliance and remember your genuine divine connection to your heart, soul and wisdom.I’m your host Moira Sutton and I would like to thank you for being part of our Community and celebrate with us our first season.  growing our community and we are here to serve you.  Thank you for sharing the episodes with your friends, liking us and please share with us what topics you want us to discuss and who would you like to hear from in 2021.  As we enter our second season, we have decided to create a Patreon account for the beginning of the year, to give you the opportunity to support the show and production.  Stay tuned, we will share this link with you in the New Year.Gift:
Defy the Ordinary, Become ExtraordinaryLove & RelationshipsHealth & Well BeingEntrepreneurshipSpiritualityFreedom and FulfillmentAdventureMindsetPassion & PurposeAs an Intuitive Business Mentor and Spiritual Guide Elena has been up-leveling speakers, performers, athletes, coaches & purpose-based entrepreneurs to become extraordinary beings and legendary leaders for over 16 years. She is certified in several energy healing modalities, performance psychology, movement, business, and coaching. Her unique system “In Flow and On Fire” unlocks & unleashes your unlimited potential, for you to take courageous action to defy the ordinary and become extraordinary in business & in life. Her unique system aligns mind, body & spirit to manifest her client’s visions and build profitable and transformational businesses that change the world.Website: Gifts and chapter from Alchemy of Love: Find the Key to Keeping your Bank Account Flowing, Your Body Glowing & Your Business Growing"Re-wiring Prosperity: to a Peak Intuitive Mindset:'s Website:
Love & RelationshipHealth & Well BeingMindsetFreedom & FulfillmentSpiritualityPassion & PurposeFrom Grief to GratitudeMartha Handler was raised in Northern Illinois, where she began to see wolves in her dreams from a very early age. Always a nature girl, she spent her free time either swimming in a lake near her house or roaming around in the Enchanted Forrest near her home. It was here that she first heard nature speaking to her and asking for her help while promising guidance in this endeavor. Martha is an environmentalist, an award-winning author, and the Board President of the Wolf Conservation Center. Her first novel, “Winter of the Wolf,” was recently published by Greenleaf in July 2020. In her novel, Martha brings together two very important pieces of her life--the death of her best friend's son and her work as President of the Wolf Conservation Center--to tell an empathetic and powerful story with powerful messages. Martha sees magic at work everywhere around her. She does not believe in coincidences, only co-incidents: and things that you hear, see or feel can help remind your soul of its path.Website: https://marthahunthandler.comWolf Conversation Center: http://www.nywolf.orgHow Wolves Change Rivers:'s Website:
Health & Well BeingFreedom & FulfillmentSpiritualityPassion & PurposeTransform and Heal Yourself with SoundJill is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. She is widely recognized as an expert and composer in the field of Sound & Color Healing! She has also produced ten musical CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Jill's Wings of Light is dedicated to the sharing and advancement of Sound Healing and strives to spread awareness and knowledge of the many novel uses of Sound Energy for the benefit of mankind. She reveals how Sound Healing techniques have been used for growth and enlightenment throughout the ages. Uniquely, Jill combines information of ancient origins with modern scientific findings to present innovative paths to restore health and vitality, emotional strength, balance, intelligence, and higher consciousness.Three Key Takeaways you will discover:• That Sound literally changes you ~ You can use sound to improve health, receive spiritual gifts and even alter personality traits.• You will have access to free music to boost your immune system to fight against the coronavirus.• And How to change your mindset ion how you can use sound as an energy source to empower yourself and live your best life.Website: jillswingsoflight.comGifts:Moira's Website:
Love & RelationshipsHealth & Well BeingEntrepreneurshipFreedom & FulfillmentSpiritualityMindsetPassion & PurposeCalling in your Greatest LifeJeanne Byrd Romero is a Senior Certified Calling in “The One” Coach and Facilitator, a senior certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, a certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Coach, and a Senior certified Feminine Power Transformative Coach. She has over 10 years of experience successfully coaching hundreds of men, women and couples about physical and relational health and wellbeing.Jeanne is an expert in health and relationships.  Her personal experience transforming her own body with healthy choices and supplements as well as having a happy, healthy marriage make her an extraordinary leader when it comes to coaching men and women to achieve the breakthroughs necessary to have their deepest desires met in love and life!”Jeanne’s desire for you is to help you create a successful, soulful love life that matches your most intimate desire for partnership.  She wants to help you nourish and support your physical body so that you feel congruent and comfortable in your own skin, able to offer your heart and body to your Beloved as a gift, without shame or ambivalence. She helps you catalyze heartbreak and suffering so that the people and experiences that informed you, no longer define you, or impact your futureWebsite: Trust your Gut e-book Quiz Discover your Secret Love Identity in our Conversation:Dr. Roberto Minoru NaitoMoira's Website: the Life you Love Community:
Health & Well BeingEntrepreneurshipFreedom & FulfillmentMindsetPassionBecoming a Heartfelt EntrepreneurLindsey is a speaker, author, podcast host, world-renowned wellness expert and bold entrepreneur who turned her degree in chemistry and doctorate in pharmacy into a health and wellness education company. She shares her passion for natural wellness on stages around the world and reaches countless others through social media platforms. Her mission is to share her knowledge and expertise in a way to empower you to make tough decisions to help you learn to trust your inner voice to give you the courage to take care of yourself and others. In doing so, she strives to inspire you to find your greatest purpose.Lindsey's Website: elmore.lindsey@gmail.comGifts: Free Booklet for 5 Steps to Become an Entrepreneur Strategies Lab ~ save $100.00 when using the code's Website: the Life you Love Community: Distance Reiki Healing Sessions:
Health & Well BeingEntrepreneurshipFreedom & FulfillmentSpiritualityMindsetPassion & PurposeShifting from Chaos to ClarityMaura Joy Lustig is a Transformational Mindset Coach & believes that each one of us has a special gift within us that deserves to shine. She feels that when we discover that gift and realize what’s truly possible for us, we have the ability to create our best life. Using her signature 7 step process, “Convert Chaos to Clarity” she supports women in transforming into their own extraordinary essence. Maura works with women ages 40 to 65 who may be experiencing a crisis in their health, relationships or in their career. They may be struggling with overwhelm, feeling shut down or powerless, and are ready to break free and live the life they love. Maura helps them to rekindle their desires, gain confidence, and clarity and take a powerful stand for their life. They celebrate their uniqueness, discover their joy and embody their passion for living.Website:'s Website: the Life you Love Community:
Love & RelationshipsSpiritualityMindsetEntrepreneurshipLeadershipHealth and Well BeingFreedom and FulfillmentPassion and PurposeBeing the C.D.O. of Your LifeDebrena is a three-time nationally published Author, Master Life Coach, TV Relationship Expert, Transformational Facilitator, World Traveler, and owner of Masterminds ~ a personal growth and spiritual development company, for the past 25 years. She’s been seen in Oprah’s O magazine, as well as Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise and Woman’s Day. She is also a popular radio show and podcast guest, and the Founder of “Juicy Woman University” and “The Love Academy.” Debrena teaches you how to re-design and align your life around TRUE joy, love, peace, freedom and flow. She believes this starts first ~ with recognizing that you are the C.D.O. of your Life. Enjoy our heart felt conversation ~ where Debrena will reveal the meaning of C.D.O. and more importantly, what it means and looks like to move through your life from a place of Being ~ this.Debrena's Website: Gifts: An article on being the CDO of your life, and an e-book  - Think It, Write It, Declare It.'s Website: the Life you Love Community:
EntrepreneurshipHealth & Well BeingSpiritualityLove & RelationshipsFreedom & FulfillmentPassion & PurposeMusic that Heals and Empowers YouSteve Pederson helps bring hope and healing to a hurting world through his music and positive message. As a trained classical guitarist and award-winning speaker, Steve helps people who are broken physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to find a path towards healing, transformation and self-empowerment. He calls this path of reclaiming your personal power The Dream Highway. As a songwriter, music composer and producer Steve has produced several albums, including one aptly titled The Dream Highway. His music soothes the soul and moves people to live inspired lives. He is also the creator of The Dream Highway Podcast, a show that inspires people to overcome their toughest obstacles and fulfill their destinies. Steve lives in Chicago with his wife and two beautiful teenage daughters. Website:http://TheDreamHighway.comGift: Guitar and Meditation5 Steps to Creating the Life of your Dreams Blueprint's Website:http://moirasutton.comMoira's Community:
Dreams ~ Finding My Way Back HomeEntrepreneurshipFreedom & FulfillmentSpiritualityMindsetPassion & PurposeMarilu grew up in Mexico where she started her career within the fitness industry as a Pilates Instructor and Nutrition Coach. She moved to Canada 10 years ago and began to study at the Niagara Culinary Institute. Upon graduating Marilu held the position of Head Chef and then stepped into the “Entreprenurial Journey” as the owner of the Guacamole Mexican Grill in Toronto. Marilu is now the Founder of Good Growth Coaching Company, helping women shift out of their comfort zone into the realm of miracles. She helps women unlock their true potential by changing their mind-set and aligning to their life purpose and spiritual path. She is a Certified Life Coach with Mary Morrissey’s Institute and a Reiki Master. With her diversified background Marilu offers clients wonderful transformation tools and strategies to help people achieve joy and happiness, and Marilu believes that when one achieves inner peace - we will have a more peaceful world.Website: Testing your Dream's Website: the Life you Love Community:
Love & RelationshipsHealth & Well BeingEntrepreneurshipFreedom & FulfillmentSpiritualityMindsetPassion & PurposeBeating Anorexia and Choosing LifeAngela has long been on the road to personal freedom. She survived an early life of chaos, which led to a lengthy battle with anorexia and bulimia. She spent a total of twenty-four weeks inpatient over seven years, amidst three separate hospitalizations. Angela credits a team of healthcare professionals plus twelve-step recovery for saving her life, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. She sees her eating disorder and recovery path as a huge gift—the beginning of a complete life and spiritual transformation so desperately needed. Angela shares her compelling story of triumph to spread a message of hope, because she still remembers what it was like to have none. Website: https://angelahowell.comGift: Finding the Gift: Daily Meditations for Mindfulness's Website: the Life you Love Community:
SpiritualityAstrologyLove & RelationshipsHealth & Well BeingMindsetPassion & PurposeOn Becoming an Earth Sky WomanTami Brunk, Astrologer and Earth Mystic marries the worlds of astrology, dreaming, and Gaia wisdom to support visionaries and world changers creating a human culture in harmony with Earth Intelligence.  She has impacted thousands across the globe as co-founder of Venus Alchemy, founder of the Earth Sky Woman Guild and her e-zine Astrology for Earth Renewal.  Her practice is deeply informed by decades as an environmental writer and poet, naturalist, perma-culture designer, ally to indigenous communities and eco-activist.Learn who “Earth Sky Woman” is, why she is so essential for our Post Pandemic world, how to bring her alive within your world.  Earth Mystic and Astrologer Tami Brunk shares how the Feminine principle within both men and women helps us mend our fragmented world and repair the divide between heart, body, and mind, Earth and Sky, Spirit and Soul. Website:http://astrologyforearthrenewal.comGift: Living your Goddess Blueprint's Website: the Life you Love Community:
EntrepreneurshipHealth & Well BeingFreedom & FulfillmentSpiritualityMindsetPassion & PurposeYour Path to ProsperityIt wasn't until Steve nearly lost everything that he took the time to look at his life and really began to find a better. way. On the outside, he looked successful, on the inside, though, Steve felt empty and lost. The playbook he was using in life was not working anymore & despite all the books he had read on success and purpose centered living, he did not find the answers he needed. So, Steve left all of this behind to figure out how to write his own story and in order to find the way, he had to first learn to go within. Steve will share his own personal journey and share his wisdom if you have ever felt lost and alone or lost your way.Website: Gift: Healer's Journey Treasure Map's Website:http://moirasutton.comMoira's Community:
Health & Well BeingEntrepreneurshipMindsetFreedom & FulfillmentPassion & PurposeSheena Cantar is a High Performance Mindset Mentor, helping people make money, make a difference and have fun!   It is Time to Flourish, a time to step out of the corner and shine.  She works with businesses and individuals, instilling within them not only the mental foundations of success and the motivation to achieve, but also the actionable strategies that will empower them to grow, improve, and thrive in today’s ever-changing world. Through the Proctor Gallagher Institute, with Bob and Sandy Gallagher, she facilitates the teachings, principles, strategies and fundamentals that help people and organizations create the results they want in life… results that STICK.   WEBSITE:http://Sheena.thinkingintoresults.comhttp://Sheenacantar.arbonne.comFREE GIFT:    Moira's Website:http://moirasutton.comMoira's Community:
Love & RelationshipsMindsetSpiritualityEntrepreneurshipHealth & Well BeingFreedom & FulfillmentTravel & AdventurePassion & PurposeDaniela is an accredited professional engineer, who left a lucrative corporate career in management consulting to pursue her passion for people. Having founded several businesses in the past, she is now inspired by energy philanthropy vs business. She helps women of all walks of life reconnect with their natural Female Power, and experience true Love and Passion, Ageless Beauty, and Effortless Success. Daniela now travels the world and often settles in the beautiful Adriactic Coast of Italy, where together with her partner Massimo, she conducts her signature program Perla Nera-The Art Of Being A Woman, and La Bella vita Lifestyle - Living Your Best Life On Your Own Terms. Website: www.marinajacobi.comMoira's Website: the Life you Love Community:
MindsetEntrepreneurshipHealth & Well BeingPassion & PurposeSandi believes health is all about cultivating health because life is about living long, happy, healthy lives and enjoying a Life with Zest! She is fiercely committed to inspire and empower busy professionals to restore their minds and bodies, and discover their best paths through nutrition, busting food myth mysteries, utilizing mind-body strategies and how to create a healthy lifestyle. It all comes down to adopting new strategies and mindset. Sandi set out on her own personal life journey, to learn everything she could about health & wellness, and how successful people integrate this into their lives. Now, she helps female entrepreneurs & thought leaders - rock both their business and personal lives while looking and feeling great doing it!Sandi's Website:'s Website: the Life you Love Community:
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