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Author: Funke Oladele

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BAM Podcast brings inspiration to its audience by sharing stories of successful Africans in diaspora, their challenges and strategies to overcoming barriers and eventually achieving success. This podcast will cover tips and tricks, and topics relevant to achieving success with the aim of motivating BAM podcast's listeners to venture out and achieve their dreams.
23 Episodes
In this 23rd episode of the BAM Podcast, Entertainer Clifford Owusu is the featured guest.  He is a Comedian, Dancer, and HR Professional.  Owusu started out with a sheer passion for music and making people happy. He spent his early life getting educated, thereby graduating college and starting a career in Human resources. His passion for music and dedication to doing what he loves eventually shot him into the limelight in 2013  with one viral video post. He shared the following details in this interview session; - How he started with his love for music, dancing, and making people laugh - How it took eight years of doing what he loves and posting his performances online before having a breakthrough- How he learned the hard way before officially branding- How he is managing  a full time 9-5 job and being a full-time entertainer- How he comes up with his skits- Advice to aspiring entertainers on what it takes to be an entertainerContact Clifford OwusuInstagram: @cliffordowusuWebsite: Beyond Africa Magazine (BAM)Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagWebsite: www.beyondafricamagazine.com
Episode 22: Interview with the founder of ROOTs Technology, Tolu Oyeniyi (TJ).  He is a self-taught software engineer, investor, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. He founded ROOTs Technology as coding and career prep program where he helps newbies learn to code and prepare for job search.Tolu shares the following about his entrepreneurial journey,- How he started out as Business Analyst earning about $37,000 Annually- How he started teaching himself how to code and switched careers to become a software Engineer- The challenges he has encountered as an entrepreneur- How he started his coding and career prep program- How having a professional marketing team is increasing sales and revenue- How  he started a youtube channel that became a sales funnel for his businessAbout Tolu OyeniyiWebsite: Channel: services mentioned: with BAMFB & Instagram- @beyondafricamagazineTwitter- @beyondafricamagLinkedIn- @beyondafricamagazineWebsiteswww.beyondafricamagazine.com
Episode 21:  This solo episode is a wakeup call for you to bring your dreams to life and also provides information on what to expect from BAM Podcast in 2021 . It's usually a daunting feeling when you have an idea and don't know how to go about it. In this episode, you will learn steps to take toward launching your dreams.  Don't let your dreams be too scary for you to bring to life. Just Go for it!!For support with bringing your dreams to life,  click Dream launchers to join our facebook community. Email Indicate you interest in a 3-part webinar series to provide step-by step guide to launching your idea in 2021. Follow on Social MediaFB & Instagram- @beyondafricamagazineTwitter- @beyondafricamagLinkedIn- @beyondafricamagazineWebsiteswww.beyondafricamagazine.com
 In this 20th Episode of BAM Podcast,  the guest interviewed is Viola Llewellyn,  the co-founder and President of Ovamba Solutions, Inc.  Ovamba Solutions Inc. is  an award winning African “TradeTech” company that creates culturally attuned technologies for Financial Institutions. Ms. Llewellyn was listed in the “Digital Undivided Report” as one of only 34* Black women in the USA to have raised more than $1 million for a technology company as featured in the April issue of Vanity Fair Magazine. She is listed on Innovate Finance’s 2016, 2017 & 2018 “Women in FinTech Power List”, and on “Latice80’s Top 100 Women in Fintech 2019” ( list. Ms. Llewellyn is further distinguished by being the first Female African Tech Founder to speak at both “Slush”, Helsinki and “Slush, Tokyo” – yearly events that are billed as the biggest gathering of innovators, funders, startups and entrepreneurs in Europe and Asia respectively. In late 2018, her TED Talk was included as part of the “Reboot” Series with Boston Consulting Group. Ms. Llewellyn is a published author of the The Brooking’s Institute’s “Foresight Africa 2019” article, ‘Winning in Africa’s FinTech: The Ovamba Way’, and the Wilson Centers’ “Africa: Year In Review 2019” this Episode, Ms Llewellyn shares the following,- How she wanted to be a Genetic Engineer at age 9- How she got a head start with her career at fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Unisys, KPMG, e.t.c.- How she and her business partner started Ovamba solutions and focused on the African market.-  How Ovamba’s solutions combine innovative Sharia compliant structures with eCommerce, logistics, and business services to drive financial inclusion and promote growth.- The challenges of starting up in Africa while living in the US and the major role her team has been playing in moving the business forward- How Ovamba solutions has grown over the last 8 years   - The challenges of being a woman in tech.- She finally shares advise entrepreneurial advice.Visit Ovamba Solutions' WebsiteOvamba.comAbout Beyond Africa Magazine (BAM)Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagWebsite: www.beyondafricamagazine.com 
BAM Podcast features Bunmi Akintomide, a Systems Specialist Manager at Salesforce and Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Indy Black Millenials, Shop black Indy, and Afroyounited Podcast. He is passionate  about using technology to connect people and dedicates his time to community services.In this Episode, Bunmi shares the following,- His family and educational background- How he discovered his passion for technology- How he works his way up in his profession - How he uses technology to address community needs around him- How and why he founded Indy Black Millenials, Shop Black Indy, and AfroUnited Podcast.- Advise for any one who is interested in the tech field. Connect with Bunmi Linkedin: BunmiAWebsites: www.indyblackmillenials.comwww.shopblackindy.comwww. afroyounited.comBAM's  InfoFacebook, Instagram, Linkedin: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagWebsite: www.beyondafricamagazine.com 
This 18th Episode of BAM Podcast is about Social Entrepreneur, Aisha Addo. She is the founder of Power to Girls, a Non-profit organization that focuses on empowering girls with focus on mentorship. Aisha has recently developed a ride sharing service, Drive Her app which is tailored to women to promote safety and empowerment.  Aisha is the recipient of the Young Black and Gifted Award for community Service and she was named a Black Diversity Group Role Model. She is also one of the100 Black Women to Watch in Canada and among the 150 Black Women making history in Toronto.In this session, Aisha shares the following,- Information about her family and educational background- How she discovered she had a different passion from her chosen career- How an experience led her into mentorship- How she started her Non-profit organization, Power to Girls- The challenges she encountered as an entrepreneur- How long it took to get funding for her Non- profit business- How she was able to scale and reach out to many more girls - The fulfillment she finds in mentoring girls and empowering women- How she developed Drive Her App- Lessons learned and advise to aspiring entrepreneursFind out more about Aisha Addo Instagram: @aishaafuaInstagram: @aishaaddoWebsite: InfoFacebook, Instagram, Linkedin: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagWebsite: www.beyondafricamagazine.com 
This Episode on BAM Podcast is about Business Coach and Online Marketing Strategist, Sandra Kemayou. She has a master’s degree in psychology and worked a few years in that field before transitioning to become a Business Analyst. With an entrepreneurial mindset right from childhood, Sandra has ventured into several businesses over the years and honed in on her skills by starting a Coaching business to empower women to build profitable coaching businesses. Sandra shares the following details in this Episode,-        Her early life, education and career-        How her family background fostered her entrepreneurial mindset-        How she changed her career path-        How she honed in on her coaching skills and started her coaching business-        What it took to build her brand and how she scaled-        What her coaching brand is about and strategies adopted to help clients become successful-        How she went from losing money earlier in business to making six figures, monthly-        How people can connect with her coaching business and services. Contact SandraFree Training AvailableFB and Instagram: @sandrakemayouWebsite: www.sandrakemayou.comBAM Podcast InfoFacebook, Instagram, Linkedin: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagWebsite: www.beyondafricamagazine.com 
 The guest featured in this 16th Episode of BAM Podcast, is Fatima Sesay, Journalist and PR Strategist. She is the Founder of Inside the Diaspora and a Journalist at Sahara Reporters. She shares the following major points during her interview,1.       How her early life started in Sierra Leone and how she witnessed a civil war2.       How she eventually migrated to the United States3.       How she discovered her passion for journalism and got started4.       How her desire to work for a black owned organization led to getting a job at Sahara Reporters5.       How she built her brand, Inside the Diaspora6.       How she is currently using her platform to showcase and highlight issues pertaining to Africans in Diaspora7.       How she focuses on impact and is determined to continue to grow her brand globally.8.       How a person who is interested in journalism can get started. Connect with FatimaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter: @InsidediasporaEmail Address: BAM Podcast InfoFacebook, Instagram, Linkedin: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagWebsite: www.beyondafricamagazine.com 
This is Episode 15 of the BAM Podcast, featuring Dr. Prince Ellis, a Ghanaian-American Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati Ohio, founder of PERN Consulting, Co-founder of the African Professionals Network (APNET), and a member of the New African Immigrants Commision (NAIC) in the state of Ohio.  Dr. Ellis is an Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Cincinnati (UC) Clermont and an adjunct faculty at UC Lindner College of Business. He completed his doctorate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business from Argosy University.  His research areas include eLearning, International Business, and Technology. He authored a book focusing on “Corporate eLearning: Impact on Employees”. He believes in service to his community. In 2018, he was appointed by the Governor of Ohio John Kasich on the Board of the Ohio New African Immigrants Commission (NAIC) and reappointed by the current Governor Mike DeWine. Dr. Ellis shares the following in the Episode,1. How he started off with a student visa and the challenges he encountered earlier on2. How he was very active in student organizations and community events 3. How he became a community leader right from college4. How the African Professionals Network was founded to bring Africans in the state of Ohio together.5. How he became more recognized by being involved in community service on a state level.6. How he advanced in his professional career and recently got promoted as an Associate Professor with Tenure.7. Advice on the need for Africans to be more involved in their communities and get their voices heard.Contact Dr. EllisLinkedIn: @princeellisAPNET's Website: www.africanprofessionalsnetwork.orgConnect with BAM PodcastFacebook & Instagram: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagLinkedin: @beyondafricamagazineWebsite:
In this Final Episode of the Healthrepreneur Series, Dr. Nneka Unachukwu, Pediatrician and CEO of award winning practice, Ivy Leaque Pediatrics in Lawrenceville, Georgia shares her entrepreneurial journey.Dr. Una went from being a great clinician with no idea how to run a business to a serial entrepreneur. Armed with her depth of experience and wealth of knowledge, she founded EntreMD, a company designed to fulfill her passion of helping physician entrepreneurs build profitable businesses. She does this through the EntreMD Podcast, conferences and coaching.Dr. Una shares the following during this interview session,How she went to medical in Nigeria and how the system is different compared to the US.How she transitioned back to the United States for ResidencyHow she determined her specialty in Medicine.How she started her private practice barely two years after residencyHow she honed in on her entrepreneurial and coaching skills to start EntreMD, a company that helps physicians build profitable businesses through coaching conferences, and podcast.The successes, awards, and highlights of her entrepreneurial journey. Advice to enterpreneurial and goal oriented people, especially doctors.Dr. Una's Contact InfoYoutube: Dr. UnachukwuInstagram: @Dr. UnaWebsites: with BAM PodcastFacebook & Instagram: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagLinkedin: @beyondafricamagazineWebsite:
This is the 2nd Episode in the Healthrepreneur Series on BAM Podcast, which features Dr. Dami Solawon, a Doctor of Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, the CEO of Caring Hearts Medical Services in Houston Texas.  In this Episode, Dr. Solawon shares the following;1.)    How her family background served as the foundation for being success-driven2.)    How she struggled with science classes earlier in life3.)    How  she had always wanted to be an Accountant4.)    How she moved to the United States and eventually got into the nursing field.5.)    How determination propelled her to get her Doctorate degree and eventually open her private practice6.)    Advise for anyone considering nursing or already in the nursing field Contact Dr. SolawonInstagram: @Dee_SolawonClinic: Caring Hearts Medical Clinic.Connect with BAM PodcastFacebook & Instagram: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagLinkedin: @beyondafricamagazineWebsite:
This the 1st Episode in the Healthrepreneur Series on BAM podcast, which features Dr. Eji Shobowale, a Podiatrist who shares her story through undergrad, medical school, residency, and the events leading up to starting her own practice. The details of the interview session are highlighted below;-        How she started out college as an international student-        The hurdles she crossed to get into medical school-        What she did to prep for medical school-        What led to starting her own practice-        What she had to do to learn how to start a private practice-        The steps taken to start a practice such as, choosing a name for the practice, looking for a space, seeking funding.        How she has been able to sustain her practice till now -        Advice to her younger self and anyone aspiring to become a doctor.Contact Dr. ShoInstagram: @theflyfootdoctorYoutube Channel: The Fly Foot DoctorWebsite- with BAM PodcastFacebook & Instagram: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagLinkedin: @beyondafricamagazineWebsite:
This 11th Episode is a solo Episode where I, your host, Funke Oladele celebrate 3months since launching BAM Podcast and introduce the Upcoming “Healthrepreneur” Series.These are the highlights discussed in this Episode;1.      The process leading up to launching BAM Podcast2.      How I launched BAM Podcast in the heat of COVID-19 and lockdown3.      The tools I use for podcasting4.      Lessons learned in this first 3months5.      A recap of the guests featured and common lessons from their stories6.      Introduction of the upcoming  Healthrepreneur series on BAM Podcast which will feature health professionals who own their own practices.Tools mentioned in the sessionFirst Mic purchased from Amazon: ATR2100 with pop filter, armstand, shock mount, and mic standPodcast Host: Buzzsprout,  www.buzzsprout.comScheduling Tool: Calendly, www.calendly.comConnect with BAM PodcastFacebook & Instagram: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagLinkedin: @beyondafricamagazineWebsite:
This is Episode 10 of the BAM Podcast and the guest interviewed is Mohamed (Momo) Dione, an Actor.Momo shares details about his journey to becoming an Actor as highlighted below;- How he discovered his passion for acting earlier on in life- How he had to convince his parents of his desire to pursue acting as a career- How he invested in himself to sharpen his acting skills by joining acting groups and finding opportunities to learn and build his career.- How he was patient with process to start small by taking on small roles and learning the rudiments of acting- How he eventually landed his first major role in Law and Order, Criminal Intent 2006 as the son of Whoopi Goldberg - What motivated him to start his Youtube documentary, Momo Dione Going Home Series.- The sucesses and recognitions achieved in his acting career.- His advise for aspiring actors and anyone who has passion for something.More about Momo Dione:About Momo DioneMomo Dione Going Home SeriesInstagram: @MomodioneBAM InfoListen on Apple and google podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, and CastboxFB and Instragram- @beyondafricamagazineTwitter- @beyondafricamag.
This is Episode 9 of the BAM Podcast, the guest featured is Irene Dele-Adejumo, Founder of Omolewa Cosmetics and Chef/founder of Fruit Art USA. Irene discusses; How her love for putting make-up on herself and others led to her to discover the need for darker shades of makeup for women with dark skin tones.How she started her makeup company with $2500 How she launched and promoted her businesses in Africa initially and her experienceHow and why she decided to focus more on doing her makeup business in the USHow she developed her Fruit Art Business and got to be featured on Food Network and other TVchannelsWhat has helped her remain focused and consistent in business over the years.She wrapped up the session by sharing advise on how to achieve success in business.Irene's businesses and Social Mediawww.Omolewamakeup.comwww.fruitartusa.comInstagram: @omolewa_cosmetics @I_am_omolewaConnect to BAM PodcastFacebook and Instagram: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagWebsite: www.
This is Episode 8 of the BAM Podcast which features guest, Osayi Lasisi, an attorney, a digital marketer, and a Podcaster (Co-host on Another Perspective Podcast).Osayi discusses the following in this Episode,Her journey starting from childhood to becoming a LawyerHow writing her first book, “Impossible is Stupid” opened her eyes to the world of marketingHow she found her passion in digital marketing which is now her full business. How she has helped businesses develop growth strategies through affiliate marketing and other marketing programs.How her Faith has guided her life and decision making.  Connect with Osayi Lasisi@Osayilasisi on Instagram and Twitter    Website:
In this Episode, Dr. Tola discusses the following;-        How and when she knew she wanted to become a doctor-        How her personal experiences and challenges contributed to her decision to choose psychiatry -        How the stigma associated with mental health is a barrier to seeking and receiving adequate treatment.-        How the African community try to address mental health issues with spirituality instead of seeking professional help-        How the collaboration of religious leaders and mental health professionals can lead to increased knowledge about mental health for people to be able to get the treatment they need. -        How to take care of yourself and your mental health in the midst of COVID-19 crisis-        How to know when you’re misusing alcohol and having substance abuse issues-        The importance of seeking help such as therapy or counseling, seeing a psychiatrist.-        Trends of mental health issues noticed as we deal with COVID-19 -        Advice for an aspiring future doctor on what to do o   Get a mentoro   Workhardo   Don’t give up easilyo   Take your MCAT-        Advice for current medical school student who is considering psychiatryo   Know who you are (Handson or loves to communicate well and  are your patient enough to work with people with mental health problems)o   Rotations will help you figure out what you loveo    a mentor while doing your rotationso   Doing your internships/Externships.o   Don’t give up!! Website: for the first seven individuals to get free 15minute consultation Email Address:
This is BAM Podcast’s first Solo Episode and sixth episode, where I, your host, Funke Oladele bring a message of hope and encouragement to my listeners audience amidst the COVID-19 crisis. In this episode, I share;-        What I have been able to do during the COVID-19 Lockdown period-        How I launched BAM podcast in the midst of COVID-19 and I am staying on schedule-        How you can channel this lockdown positively while looking for the opportunities that lie in this time period. -        How to stay focused and encouraged  through this chaotic timeConnect FB and Instagram: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @BeyondafricamagWebsite:  
The guest featured in this 5th Episode of BAM podcast is Jummy Ogunyemi, the founder of Glammednaturallyoil, a company that produces organic hair products to improve hair and has proven to help thousands of woman around the world. Jummy has a Masters degree in Law but has channeled her passion into entrepreneurship as she found her niche and greater purpose in her organic hair product business.Jummy discusses the following major points in this episode;How she explored her entrepreneurial skills and started her business with $300 How her faith guided a lot of the decisions regarding her business such as the name of her business, the ingredients of her oils e.t.c.How she quit her well paying job at an Insurance company where she was the first woman to make a million dollar in sales to become a full time entrepreneurHow her health challenges and experience with Postpartum hair-loss led her to creating organic hair products that has helped thousands of women across the globe to grow their hair.How she handled the legal aspect of her business and was able to protect her business The marketing strategies she implemented to promote her products and business (Influencer marketing, Affiliate marketing, and social media promotion)The progression of sales improved from selling 20bottles per month in the first few months to 2nd year 250bottles a month and 3rd year 1000bottles per month. How she gets fulfillment from hearing success stories of women who have experienced transformation in their hairEducation about hair-loss issues African American women deal with, especially the different forms of Alopecia.How Jummy plans to scale her business by focusing on self and business-development.And her advice to anyone planning to start a business.Glammed Naturally Oil Infowww.glammednaturallyoil.comSocial media: @glammednaturallyoilConnect to BAM Podcast -          Facebook and Instagram: @beyondafricamagazine-          Twitter: @beyondafricamag-          Website: www.    
In this 4th Episode of BAM podcast, the guest featured is Jonathan Kwaku Baiden, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Founder of Baiden & Associates, a social service agency that specializes in supervised visitation to ensure the safety of children. Johnathan discusses the following points in this episode, -          How his family values motivated him to venture into the social work career-          How he started Baiden and Associates and how he branded his services.  -          How he was able to negotiate his value and build his brand presence in a liquid market in the DMV area-          How he used his marketing team to build partnerships and grow his business-          The myths, misconceptions, and reality of Social Work-          The Opportunities that exist in the social work field -          Recommendations and tips for anyone who is interested in the Social Work career.Visit more information about Baiden and Associates Connect to BAM PodcastFacebook and Instagram: @beyondafricamagazineTwitter: @beyondafricamagWebsite: www.
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