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Landlords and Real Estate Brokers face yet another onerous duty and exposure point that will help tenants request housing accommodations and modifications. We review the new requirements and discuss the anticipated impact on the real estate industry. 
Like you haven't heard it before, we have 3 constitutional attorneys breakdown the leaked decision from Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.We discuss the implications of the leak, how Roe v. Wade was decided, the expected future for abortion law, and most importantly, the integrity of the Supreme Court.The Lieb Cast specifically gives advice to Justice Amy Coney Barrett for a concurring opinion where she should suggest a constitutional amendment for a new procedure if the court is ever again to depart from settled law and abandon stare decisis. The Cast breaks down everything that you need to know about abortion, precedent, and our courts as we move into a new order of our understanding as to what constitutes a fundamental right. 
We discuss what the Stop Woke Act means for schools, businesses, and the future of workplace training. We also address the tricks played by Musk, Gates, and DeSantis. 
Confront everything head on. Don't just parrot talking points delivered to you in can't say no leading questions. We discuss how linguistics makes you say yes when you should say no. Learn to ask questions and check out Mallory McMorrow if you want to get inspired to tear down bad arguments like a house of cards.
Lip Service Legislation. This week we discuss how NY is trying to protect employees' rights and we clarify the status of fantasy sports betting.
Transgender Marijuana Pay Transparency Stops Sexual Assault. Are you confused with all these laws? We breakdown how they conflict with each other and how much exposure they create for those who take shortcuts. Plus, we tease, our awesome, amazing, smart, and competitive new partner. 
Beyond the rise of interest rates and the beginning of the real estate recession is Judge Jackson and the definition of a woman. Should she define sex / gender in light of religious organizations not hiring gays going before the US Supreme Court and Florida's Don't Say Gay bill?
We discuss pending legislation about accessibility and productivity enhancements with Neil Romano. We also discuss new Real Estate Broker disclosure requirements about reasonable accommodations / reasonable modifications.  Neil Romano,  Trump Appointee  & Former Chairman at The National Council on Disability. He has dedicated his career to the marketing of ideas and messages to help save lives and promote public policy. Romano's extensive professional background includes tenure as director of communications for the White House Office of Drug Abuse Policy. In 2007, Romano was nominated by President George W. Bush to be the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy and was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate. As head of the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), Romano advised the Secretary of Labor and worked with all DOL agencies to lead a comprehensive and coordinated national policy regarding the employment of people with disabilities in the United States. 
We closed our closing department to avoid drama, but it found Andrew on TV when he explained how prioritizing those convicted of marijuana offenses in granting retail licensing is reverse discrimination. 
Beyond discussing war in Ukraine, nuclear power plant seizures,  the State of the Union, and what happens at the bus stop, we dive deep into the good intentions of legislators to stop housing discrimination. Yet,  how they are going about doing so will cripple the brokerage industry while leaving chaos in its wake. We can't ignore how industry is changing before us just because the world is overwhelming. We breakdown the flaws in the law, as written, it's impossible timing, the infrastructure challenges and how it will lead to more discrimination rather than less.
Andrew does his best to clarify where the world stands with Russia & Ukraine while updating everyone on  pending legislation. We discuss Biden's Supreme Court pick, the future of electronic real estate closings, updates in real estate required education, and a new law to help mortgage borrowers who are delinquent on their loans. 
The Cast discovers why America is headed for a real estate crash and how it was easily avoided if legislators followed precedent from prior administrations.  Plus, we discuss proposed legislation in accessory apartments, code enforcement, sexual harassment, arbitrations, and more. 
It’s a new era of victims’ rights. This week we discuss a new federal law that stops employers from both hiding their harassment in confidential arbitrations & blocking victims from bringing class actions. We also dive into a NYS plan to boost accessory housing through legalizing accessory units. Then, we tie it together with a cancelled politician making a comeback.
We discuss how good intentioned rules can backfire and lead to litigation through the lens of the race discrimination case against the NFL and pending legislation regarding good cause eviction. 
We discuss the Supreme Court taking up affirmation action & explain how newscasters and podcasters intentionally stoke political divides to get ratings. 
We discuss a new real estate law limiting how brokers qualify homebuyers and how it's indicative of a systemic problem of good policy  bundled in delivery. Then, we dive into COVID vaccines, sexual harassment at Michigan, and personal stories that each demonstrate how delivery is as important as substance.
We explain how the housing market will change given the end of the eviction & foreclosure moratoriums. We clarify new Supreme Court rulings on vaccine mandates and advise employers throughout the country how to adapt policies. 
This episode provides an in-depth analysis of Friday's Supreme Court hearings on the Biden administration's contested COVID-19 regulations set separately by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Emergency Temporary Standard covering employers with 100 or more employees and CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ) Emergency Regulation covering healthcare workers.
The new year gives us all a chance to reflect and empower ourselves to move the needle ever so slightly to adapt and make strategic decisions to better our business practices especially in a changing world at the new peak of the pandemic.  The Lieb Cast gets personal on this segment in the hopes of inspiring you to pivot your business. Sub topics include: changes to the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 that will impact Real Estate Brokers, Landlords, and Co-Ops in NY.
OSHA Mandate is before the Supreme Court, Issues between the 5th & 6th Circuit Courts, Omicron, New NYS laws in real estate brokerage and food delivery.
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Richard De La Cruz

Andrew your show is like Jimmie Walker would say "Dy-no-mite". Not only am I being instructed but I'm also being entertained. You bring an abundance of energy, humor and quirkiness to the real estate platform. You definitely make learning fun and exciting. Keep up the outstanding work. Richard De La Cruz, Queens, NY

Oct 14th
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