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Author: Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb

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Welcome to the Lieb Cast Podcast—where we break down complex laws, scrutinize politics, and shatter biases with a dash of snark. Education, not indoctrination, is our game. Attorney Andrew Lieb, our seasoned host, embarks on a compelling journey to illuminate the often opaque aspects of these topics.

Committed to maintaining neutrality amidst political polarization, the Lieb Cast team ensures a dialogue rooted in fact over bias. Our crew examines new laws, probes the effect of political environments on the economy, and provides unfiltered views on topical issues, all while sustaining a stimulating, balanced, and entertaining discourse.

As an experienced litigator, legal analyst, and political commentator, Andrew Lieb is a recognized presence on numerous TV and radio networks. Known for his ability to translate complex legal changes into layman's terms, Andrew serves as a reliable resource across the nation.

In addition to his legal expertise, Andrew brings to the table diverse perspectives drawn from his roles as a corporate trainer, author, real estate school proprietor, and entrepreneur.

Yet, The Lieb Cast is not a one-man show. Andrew is accompanied on air by his wife and business associate, Lauren, alongside his colleagues — Employment Attorney Mordy Yankovich, known as "The Chazakah", Attorney Cheryl Berger, and Law Clerk Alex Licitra. Their collective input enhances the podcast's dynamic blend of education, wit, and animated discussion, creating a unique signature for The Lieb Cast.

The Lieb Cast goes beyond being a podcast; it's a dialogue, a mentorship, and a voyage of learning, all in one package. It's your passport to unraveling the intricacies of laws, politics, and economics, devoid of biases and brimming with insights. Don't hesitate. Search for "Lieb Cast" on any podcast platform, subscribe, and join us on this enlightening journey towards knowledge and truth. Let's get informed, not influenced.

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With Google recently introducing a "G Button" to their AI BARD search function that provides factual context for queries, Andrew contends they should take it a step further and argues Google should implement an "M button" (i.e. Marjorie Taylor Greene) to generate more vitriolic and polarized responses instead of fact-checking. The Cast analyzes the strategies used by figures like Donald Trump and MTG to dominate news cycles and discusses if AI could be leveraged to take polarization to new heights. 
 Andrew and Mordy analyze the Joe Biden Impeachment Inquiry and the circumstantial evidence that has emerged in the Hunter Biden Investigation and discuss if Joe Biden's involvement rises to the level of a criminal breach of fiduciary duty.  Tune in as these two hash out the complex issues and try to separate fact from speculation in one of Washington's most polarizing political sagas. 
This episode analyzes the complex legal tactics and strategies unfolding in the high-profile Georgia election interference case involving Donald Trump and his allies known as the "Big 19." Host Andrew Lieb breaks down the judge's recent rulings on motions to sever defendants and speedy trials, examining what these decisions might mean for the legal defenses and cooperation strategies of Chesebro, Powell, Eastman, and others moving forward. Lieb also considers the implications of ongoing disputes over jurisdiction and immunity claims, offering predictions on how unfolding legal battles could impact cooperation incentives, flipping, and the ultimate outcome in this closely watched trial.
In this episode of Lieb Cast, we examine the political stances of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Mitt Romney. We also dissect the recent court ruling that found Texas's 'Death Star' bill unconstitutional, demonstrating how checks and balances worked in this instance. The discussion provides a legal analysis of the case and considers the role of pragmatism and constitutional principles in mitigating extreme partisan actions and rhetoric.
In this episode of Lieb Cast, the team delves into the nuances of each Republican candidate's responses from the recent debate. They share insights into who they believe could be a strong contender against Biden in the 2024 election. Additionally, Andrew reflects on some of the more eccentric messages he's received online following his TV appearances, shedding light on the diverse reactions from viewers.
This week's episode dives deep into the bombshell 98-page indictment against Donald Trump in Georgia. Andrew and Mordy debate the most jaw-dropping allegations, including Trump's phone call threatening Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. The discussion also touches on claims surrounding the alleged Biden Crime family and updates on the fifth state considering investigations into Trump. Listen in as tensions rise during a debate on Trump's potential legal consequences and the future of the GOP amidst the growing challenges facing its influential leader.
Join Andrew and Lauren as they navigate a slew of current events, from the spirited sorority rush at the University of Alabama to a startling brawl at a Birmingham dock. As they delve into the looming legal challenges facing former President Donald Trump, the duo doesn't shy away from the big questions. With their signature blend of lighthearted banter and astute analysis, they contemplate the ramifications of a potential indictment and conviction for Trump on multiple criminal charges. Moreover, they walk you through the intricacies of what would need to transpire for a civil war to ignite. Whether you're here for a laugh, an education, or a deep dive into societal implications, Andrew and Lauren have got you covered in this captivating episode.
This week's episode zeroes in on the imminent trial of Donald Trump, shedding light on his freedom of speech defense and the tactics employed by both plaintiff and defense. In addition, it delves into the escalating concern of AI displacing occupations such as influencers and singers, brought about by cutting-edge AI capabilities that facilitate eerily accurate replication of human movements and mannerisms.
In this episode, we take a critical look at the recent whistleblowers making accusations against Hunter Biden based on secondhand and thirdhand information. From claims of "sweetheart deals" to allegations of peddling influence through Burisma, we follow the "crumbs" of evidence to see where they actually lead - which does not match the findings of the 2020 Republican Senate report "Hunter Biden, Burisma and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns" that found no wrongdoing by Joe Biden. We also cover the latest developments in Hunter Biden's tax evasion case, including the rejected plea deal and accusations of an "immunity dumpster fire." But through the circus-like atmosphere of speculation and hearsay, one thing is clear - more firsthand facts and evidence are needed before we can draw any firm conclusions about the accusations against Hunter Biden. Tune in for an honest assessment of the political posturing that has come to dominate the Hunter Biden story. 
The Cast addresses two contentious issues that have gripped the nation's attention: Marjorie Taylor Greene's involvement in revenge porn and DeSantis wanting to sue Bud Light about their Trans marketing campaign. They delve into the disturbing incident where Greene shared Hunter Biden's private photos during a congressional hearing, sparking heated debates on ethics, privacy rights, and the responsibilities of public figures.The episode also explores  DeSantis Suing Bud Light. First, he champions protesting Bud Light. Then, he wants to sue Bud Light for being protested and losing sales. Wasn't that his goal? Now, let's take his logic to another level. DeSantis believes that it was a breach of fiduciary duties to shareholders for Bud Light to target market to the transgender community because he characterises that community as being comprised of "radical social ideologies." However, and assuming this dubious theory is successful, wouldn't it subject every company to suit for target marketing groups that shareholders believe are comprised of "radical social ideologies" and therefore make it impossible for any business to target market? 
The Cast rips apart the veil of complacency surrounding the AI-induced disruptions that are shaking our world.With his characteristic flair, Andrew Lieb tackles the polarized dynamics between Republicans and Democrats, revealing the contrasting attitudes to differing ideologies within the parties. The plot thickens as we veer into the Hollywood strikes where artists demand AI protection in their union contracts.We don't just scratch the surface here. Lieb is all about the big picture, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive legislation and policies to counter the inevitable challenges thrown up by AI.The conversation is heated, the stakes are high, and the viewpoints are diverse. Buckle up as we navigate the controversial alleyways of the "deep state" theory, allegations against Hunter Biden, and the effectiveness of unions in a world increasingly molded by AI.So, tune in to the Lieb Cast. It's time to face the music and dance to the tune of politics, AI, and societal evolution.
On this episode of The Lieb Cast, we talk with legal expert Joshua Ritter about two big decisions made by the Supreme Court. The first one, called 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis, is about a Christian website designer who didn't want to make websites for same-sex weddings. The court decided that it was her right to choose what kind of work she wants to do. The second case, Groff v. DeJoy, involves a postal worker who didn't want to work on Sundays because of his religious beliefs. The court sided with the worker, saying that employers must make reasonable accommodations for employees' religious practices. These two cases could change the way businesses treat their employees' rights to free speech and religious freedom.Joshua Ritter, Esq., Media Legal Analyst and Podcast Host of "True Crime Daily: The Sidebar", lends his legal expertise to help us navigate these complex rulings, discussing their wider impact on society and the potential contradictions within the court's interpretations. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that's as timely as it is critical.
We dive deep into the latest Supreme Court decisions, sparking intense debates on issues such as affirmative action, religious accommodations in the workplace, and freedom of speech. Our hosts fearlessly tackle the controversial aspects of these rulings, examining their policy implications from various angles. While opinions may clash, one thing remains certain: the Court's interpretations are scrutinized against existing legal frameworks. Join us as we dissect these contentious decisions and explore their far-reaching consequences on our society. 
Andrew fearlessly tackles the whirlwind of criticism he faces as a legal analyst. Brace yourself for a no-holds-barred exploration as Andrew takes on his followers' wild theories about historical events.Shifting gears, Andrew delves into the gripping saga surrounding Hunter Biden and the ongoing investigation that has captivated the nation. But this time, he adds an unexpected twist by bringing his son Spencer into the conversation. Fresh out of the 4th grade, Spencer offers his unique perspective on the evidence and unapologetically passes his own verdict on whether Hunter deserves a spot behind bars. Brace yourself for a dose of unfiltered wisdom from an unexpected source!
Prepare for a lively and snark-filled discussion as Andrew Lieb and his co-hosts dive into the heated controversy surrounding gas stove regulations. Buckle up as they dissect the recent restrictions on the EPA's powers and challenge the decision-making process. With a healthy dose of sarcasm, they question the wisdom of allowing uninformed individuals to make critical policy decisions.Amidst the banter, the hosts shed light on the importance of well-informed voting and the role of career experts in government agencies. They don't hold back in expressing their concerns about the influence of powerful individuals, or what they call "oligarchs," on the political landscape. Get ready for a thought-provoking conversation that calls for overturning Citizens United and addressing issues of campaign financing and stock trading by politicians.
In this week's episode of "The Lieb Cast Podcast," join host Attorney Andrew Lieb and his transformed Republican panel as they delve into the controversial topic of Trump's indictment and the missed opportunities by the Republican candidates. With a fiery and opinionated discussion, they dissect the 49-page indictment and break down the potential consequences Trump might face. They scrutinize the silence of Republican candidates in seizing this moment to take down Trump and propose Chris Christie as a potential challenger who has shown the courage to confront him head-on. Tune in to this heated conversation as they explore the implications for the Republican Party and the chance to assert new leadership. Attorney Andrew Lieb and his panel of mock Republicans (Cheryl is a Republican and Andrew is an Independent) engage in a thought-provoking conversation, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the party's potential candidates for the 2024 election. Don't miss this engaging episode as they discuss the future of the Republican Party and the opportunity for fresh leadership. 
Prepare for a riveting exploration of Pride Month, as we delve into the multifaceted controversies and extreme viewpoints it evokes. In this compelling episode of the Lieb Cast, we shed light on the passionate battles waged by both the extreme right and left political spectrums in response to Pride Month. From vehement opposition to passionate advocacy, we navigate the intricate landscape of clashing ideologies and societal divisions. Join us as we dissect the diverse perspectives, challenge assumptions, and seek to unravel the underlying tensions behind this significant cultural event. Brace yourself for an enlightening and thought-provoking conversation that unravels the complexities of Pride Month controversy.
In this week's explosive episode of The Lieb Cast, we challenge the status quo, pulling no punches as we dissect the culture wars at the heart of the Republican party. With DeSantis touting 'Make America Florida', we ask, is this the future we want or fear? We put Trump and DeSantis head-to-head for the 2024 race, delving into the paradox of charisma and intellect. Can DeSantis, with his intellectual prowess, match up to Trump's larger-than-life persona and unparalleled ability to move mountains with legislation?We also stir the pot on controversial social issues, wrestling with topics like teaching sexual orientation and equal rights for marginalized communities. Is it acceptable to disagree on these critical topics? We confront these questions head-on.Adding fuel to the fire, we explore America's seemingly insatiable appetite for crime and sensationalism. What does the sudden surge in social media ratings following Andrew Lieb's TV appearances talking about murders and criminal cases reveal about us as a society?This episode promises to be as controversial as it is compelling. So buckle up and join us on this rollercoaster ride as we navigate the fiery landscape of politics, crime, and blintzes. Tune in today!
In this week's episode of The Lieb Cast Podcast, we dive headfirst into the swirling sea of legal controversies surrounding social media. We kick things off with the recent TikTok ban in Montana, a move stirring up waves in the realm of First Amendment and Equal Protection rights. Join us as we dissect the ban's justifications, which alleges potential Chinese government surveillance through the popular app.Does the ban safeguard security, or does it sweepingly stifle free speech? We delve into the claim, drawing insights from legal precedent and fundamental principles of liberty.Switching gears, we also discuss the Supreme Court's decision, from this week, about Section 230 liability protection for Twitter and Google. We question whether these social media juggernauts should bear responsibility for the harmful content posted by users on their platforms while analyzing arguments from both sides.In a world where digital conversations dictate societal trends, these legal battles have far-reaching implications. Join us as we unravel the threads of these pressing issues, balancing legal interpretations with a humane perspective. The Cast touches on the importance of primary source material and the prevalence of conspiracy theories in society. We conclude by highlighting the need to critically examine information and not attribute every mistake or mishap to a grand conspiracy.Tune in to stay informed, educated, and engaged!
On this week's episode of The Lieb Cast, we explore the intricacies of recent headlines, shedding light on the truth beyond the media's narrative.We kick off the show by delving into the verdict in E. Jean Carroll's civil case against Donald Trump, the implications of the ongoing Writers Strike, and the tragic manslaughter case involving Jordan Neely. Finally, we do a deep dive into Florida's latest law, hailed as the nation's strongest legislation for medical freedom. We examine the actual language of the bill, cutting through the media headlines and talking points to dissect its true implications. We also offer our perspective on Governor Ron DeSantis's role in shaping this groundbreaking piece of legislation.Join us on The Lieb Cast for an episode packed with insightful analysis, balanced perspectives, and engaging discussions. It's time to look beyond the headlines and understand the real stories that shape our world. qzbz3QekdfsmH71xVoPE
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Richard De La Cruz

Andrew your show is like Jimmie Walker would say "Dy-no-mite". Not only am I being instructed but I'm also being entertained. You bring an abundance of energy, humor and quirkiness to the real estate platform. You definitely make learning fun and exciting. Keep up the outstanding work. Richard De La Cruz, Queens, NY

Oct 14th
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