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Unfiltered and honest conversations around all things pregnancy, labour & delivery and motherhood because, let's be real, this whole motherhood thing is confusing, hard as f***, lonely and just downright bat-shit crazy. I get it. I hear you. We are in this together. Hit SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss an episode! I can't wait to catch up with you every Wednesday & Saturday.
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Today's episode features badass mom Cachet Prescott. Cachet thrives on helping others move from where they are to where they want to be by helping them shift their thoughts, perspectives, habits, words and actions. On her podcast, All Things (Un)learned, Cachet focuses on helping others use unlearning as a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation, and she shares the personal unlearning journeys of people from all walks of life. On the family side, Cachet and her family are a military family who live in Perry, GA. Cachet has been married to her husband for 14 years, and they have three daughters [Triple S - Sarai (12), Saren (9) and Saige (6)].In today's episode we chat about: - what is unlearning - why it's important- how it applies to motherhood: unlearning the "shoulds" & minimizing the mom guilt- resistance to unlearning: ego- tips for unlearning motherhood- understanding your core values - her own journey through unlearning Podcast: All Things Unlearned - Podcast Instagram: allthingsunlearnedInstagram: cachetprescottAs always, come join me on Instagram so we can continue the conversation over there: _badassmomsclub
When I was 24 I decided to enter a bikini fitness competition! Are you ready to hear all about my journey?!Check here for a quick overview of what I chat about:- why did I want to compete?- what my training schedule and food intake looked like- binge eating & how I punished myself- our New York trip- the last month of prep- the last week of prep- the spray tan - competition day!- reverse dieting, hair loss & the loss of my periodWas it all worth it? Do I regret doing it? Would I do it again? You'll have to listen to find out!Self-Love Club Volume Volume 2 for purchase here.Instagram:
Welcome back badass moms! Today's episode features badass mom Jessica Temple. Jessica is a wife to her amazing husband and a mom to two little boys, Benji (4) and Alex (2). Jessica is on the show today to share her journey of raising two special needs boys. Benji has autism, ADHD & sensory processing disorder and Alex had a perinatal stroke. We are going to chat all about:- getting diagnosis for both kids- advocating for our kids in the healthcare system- disciplining a child with autism- autism does not equal bad parenting- what not to say to a special needs child/parent- how to respond to people who say inappropriate things about your child- therapies the boys did - challenges and best parts - balancing having two children with special needs- advice for other parentsJessica is SUCH a badass mom and I am so grateful that she came on the show to share her journey. As always, I highly recommend you check out Jessica's social media, podcast and website so you can see more of what she is up to and connect with another badass mom like yourself: As always, I would greatly appreciate if you subscribed, rated & reviewed the podcast and come join me on Instagram so we can connect as well: @_badassmomsclub
Hey badass moms! Ok, so you might be wondering if we are doing a math lesson today but don't worry, I am not qualified to teach math in any regard! So....what's with the title of the episode? Well, today's episode is a rant. There are (once again) things I am noticing in the motherhood community and I feel the need to speak up about them: mom shaming, the divide between moms who parent their kids differently than other moms and the lack of overall community. There is a common theme of mom shaming taking place when a mom notices that another mom parents their child differently. So in this episode I'm going to rant a little about these topics as well as drive home the fact that just because someone parents their child differently than you or I, it doesn't mean they are wrong. There are millions of ways to parent just like there are many ways to combine numbers together to get the same total at the end. Thanks for joining  me on this little rant and as always, make sure you hit subscribe and come join me on Instagram: _badassmomsclub
Today's episode features badass mom Brit McQuarrie. Brit holds a special place in my heart as she is my life coach and part of the reason the Badass Moms Club podcast exists in the first place! Brit & got connected back in January when I was feeling lost in my life and I am SO grateful that she was there to help me through finding my voice and peace in my own life. On today's episode we chat about: - mom guilt- trying to balance being a mom and an entrepreneur- feeling like a failure at both - learning how to do both - prioritizing what's important - time optimization & how to get your to-do list done- ask for help- letting go of what's not a priority - meditation / intentional thought - a great strategy for meditation- our brains don't know the difference between reality and what we're thinking about- her journey to overcoming her fear of blood testsBooks referenced today by Dr. Joe Dispenza: You Are The Placebo and Becoming SupernaturalAs always, make sure you check out Brit's social media and PLEASE please please reach out to her if you are also feeling like you need coaching in your life!IG: britmcquarriewww.britmcquarrie.comFB group - I am LimitlessLastly, come join me on IG so we can be friends there: _badassmomsclub
Hey hey hey badass moms! Welcome back for another amazing episode. Today's episode features badass mom Jenny Elliott. Jenny is mom to Cameron (2.5 years old), married to her husband for 7 years, and she works in a Fortune 500 company in the Accounting & Finance department. Jenny is passionate about traveling and is the host of the Career Mom Podcast! On today's episode we talk all things careers + motherhood. We discuss: - what it was like having 12 weeks of maternity leave & then putting her 12 month old baby in daycare and going back to work- the hardest parts of going back to work: the mom guilt, heartache for leaving baby at daycare, going to a job where she didn't know what it meant anymore/why it was a priority, second-guessing everything, pumping, & transitioning jobs- going through an identity crisis when her baby was born & when COVID-19 began- comparing herself to others and to her pre-baby self- tips to get through all of thisRegardless if you're a career mom or not, this episode has something for you! Jenny gives amazing insight into the thoughts, feelings and worries of being a career mom while providing tips for getting through it all. As always, I encourage you to check Jenny out on social media and to listen to her podcast:Instagram: careermompodcastFacebook Group: Career MomPodcast: Career Mom PodcastAnd if you haven't already, please subscribe, rate & review the podcast and come hang with me on Instagram: _badassmomsclub
Today's episode features badass mom Keikilani, but she goes by Lani. Lani is a mom of 6 kids (3 biological and 3 adopted) and has been married for 14 years. Aside from being a badass mom, Lani is also a strategy and clarity coach for moms who are building their own business. Lani and I discuss SO many amazing things today that include: - the decision to foster/adopt- fostering - the process it took- turning down their first two foster opportunities- what it was like when they did say yes to their first kids- what it was like having the bio mom in the picture when fostering- neglect in the foster system- adopting their foster children- integrating the 3 adopted kids into their current family- running a house with 6 kids - biggest struggles through all of thisPhew. That is a lot but honestly, Lani shared so much amazing information that I couldn't leave anything out! I am so grateful that Lani took the time to share her journey and also give us insight into the world of fostering & adoption. I have no doubt that you are going to absolutely love Lani because she is truly a badass mom. As always, I encourage you to check out her social media and websites for all her goodies! Lani's Links:Personal: Blog: https://allmygoodthings.comInstagram: Adoption & Foster Care Resource: Article "Stop saying, "I don't know how you do it" Coaching: - FREE Strategy & Priorities Guidebook - book a FREE "mini" Brain Burst if we're not already IG friends, please come join me over there: _badassmomsclub
Welcome back badass moms! I am SO excited to be back on the podcast with you. Season 1 was absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to share all the amazing guests & solo episodes I have lined up for this season.To kick things off, I have the very handsome Emmanuel back on the show today as we are chatting about our first year of parenthood. For those of you that don't know who Emmanuel is, he is my boyfriend of five years and Esmé's father. Today we are chatting about:- what was great & what we didn't like about our first year of parenthood- things we would have done differently- things we've learned- social media and parenting - comparing yourself to others & mental health This episode is amazing and such a great way to kick off Season 2!As always, I would love if you could subscribe, rate & review the podcast. And if you haven't already, please come join me on Instagram so we can keep the conversation going: _badassmomsclub
Buckle up badass moms because this is the LAST guest episode of Season 1 and it's awe-maze-ing (seriously though, it's everything I would ever want to say...said by an amazing woman!). Today's episode features badass mom Kayla McCaul. Kayla lives in Portland, Oregon with her two daughters (8 & 4 years old) and husband. Her and her husband have been pivoting in careers for about five years now as they find what works best for them. At the time of recording this episode Kayla wasn't able to share her latest news (as you'll hear at the end of the episode) but I am super excited to announce that she is officially a licensed real estate agent in her town! Go mama!Kayla & I chat about SO many amazing things that are common themes you hear me talk about. We chat about: - transitioning from being the primary caretaker to working full-time and husband taking over more - the ups & downs of that - lessons learned from going from a business owner to working under a company again - the mom guilt that came with going back to work full-time- how her autoimmune disease was worse when she was at home with her girls- tips for having a life outside motherhood- how she overcame the mom guilt from going back to work- fostering emotional awareness in our childrenI am so jazzed to cap off our guest series in Season 1 with Kayla. Kayla is awesome (as you can hear!). As always, venture over to her Instagram to see what she has been up to as of late (and check out her adorable family). Furthermore, if you live in Portland and need a real estate agent, message Kayla!Instagram: lifeas.kaymReal Estate website: always, come hangout on my Instagram: jeshessels and don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode!If you're interested in the Badass Moms Inner Circle, please head on over to the website to apply:
050: Thank You Mama

050: Thank You Mama


As we wrap up Season 1 I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you. Yes YOU. You have made this journey SO incredible and I could not be more thankful that you have come along for the ride. I have learned so much about podcasting, myself, you and motherhood. I can't wait to Season 2 to come out!!Please come join me on Instagram so we can stay in touch while I take a break!Instagram: jeshessels
Today's episode features badass mom Punam Saxena. Punam has a Masters Degree in Education and is a mother to four kids who are 4.5 years apart and are now grown-up. While the kids were growing up, Punam was a stay-at-home mom and she volunteered in the kids' school. After the kids grew up and went off to college, Punam launched a podcast called edu-Me which is all about empowering parents to become partners in their child's education. In today's episode we are discussing: - bridging the gap between school/education and parents - advocating for our kids in the school system- building relationships with the teachers- how to support your kids through their school journey- quality time vs quality- life with 4 kids within 4.5 yearsAs always, pop on over to Punam's podcast and social media so you can connect with her!Instagram: theedumeFacebook: Punam Verma Saxena Website:, come join the conversation on my Instagram (jeshessels) and don't forget to hit the Subscribe button here so you never miss an episode. 
Today's episode is the ultimate parenting handbook to get you through your pregnancy and first year of baby's life! It's what everyone has ever wanted. Get ready, buckle up because I'm about to drop some awesome information on you. 
Trigger Warning: This episode contains conversations on sensitive topics such as abuse, infidelity & miscarriage. Today's episode features a badass mom who has requested to stay anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the conversation. Even though this mom wants to stay anonymous, this conversation is amazing nonetheless and you will quickly learn how strong and badass this mom is!In this episode we will discuss:1. What it was like having a baby at 20 years old & the hardships that came with that2. Being in an abusive relationship & the infidelity that took place3. How this mom left the relationship & healed herself 4. Finding love again & becoming a step-mom5. Having a baby at 35 years old & the differences & similarities to having a baby at 20. This episode is full of ups and downs but ultimately leaves you on a high note as this mom gives her advice for other women in similar situations and gives us hope that there is a bright future after abuse. If you are experiencing abuse or know someone who is, please reach out to the local women's shelter in your area for assistance. Please also know that you are not alone & in no way, shape or form is the abuse your fault. As always, please take a moment to subscribe so you don't miss an episode and rate/review so I can see your thoughts!Please also come join me on Instagram so we can keep the conversation going: jeshessels
This episode actually has no advice on whether you should send your kids back to school or do distanced learning. Why is that? Because the only person/people who know what is best for you & your family or what your options are is you and your family. Not me. Not your neighbour. Not your mom. Not the school board. You & your family. I know this decision has to be made relatively soon as September is right around the corner but I just want to say, whatever decision you do make, it is the right decision. Also, if you don't really have an options due to work or other circumstances, that's okay too!The unfortunate part is there are going to be people who judge you either way. There will be people who judge you for sending your kids to school & there will be people who judge you for doing distanced learning. There will be people who will feel that your decision is wrong and will judge you no matter what. Since there is no way to avoid this, try your best to stand by your decision and know it is the best decision you could make. But give yourself the grace and space and trust in yourself that you are making the best decision possible. Times are unprecedented right now. For the first time in our lives parents are having to make a huge decision on what risks were willing to take based on our physical health, mental health & financially...all at once. If need be, talk it out with your family, friend or someone else that you trust. Get their opinion or have them just listen but remember, ultimately, your decision is the best one there is! You do need to feel guilty or like a bad mom at all!So, like I said before, there is no one right answer here and there is no wrong answer at all. Trust yourself mama! You got this. 
I'm a bit nervous to talk about this but I feel like it needs to be discussed so it can be normalized. As someone who consumes marijuana, I feel like there is still so much stigma around it and those who consume it.  In today’s episode I want to talk about:1. Marijuana;2. Why people consume it;3. What types of people consume it; and4. How there shouldn’t be any stigma attached to being a marijuana consumer.  So, lets talk about marijuana itself and the two main components of it: THC and CBD THC = is the main component in weed that gets you high CBD = does not get you high but still boasts many benefitsMarijuana can be consumed in many forms: smoking, vaping, eating, drinking & extracts Why would someone consume marijuana? The reasons differ from person to person and can range from recreational, to medical to spiritual. And the benefits of consuming THC or CBD cannabis range from reducing nausea, pain management and help with chronic pain, reduce headaches and menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, relaxation, increased awareness, increased libido, aid in meditation, anxiety, depression, ADHD and more. So why is there so much stigma around consuming marijuana as a mom?  People still widely view marijuana as a drug and drugs are bad People think that if a mom indulges or consumes marijuana, she is high all the time and cant be a good parent  People think it’s a bad example for their kids  So these reasons make it taboo still for a mom to consume marijuana but yet its socially acceptable for moms to drink wine. Wine o’clock is a very real thing and it's almost a right of passageway into becoming a mom.  But in the same way a mom who drinks wine isn't always drunk and she's not always drinking, a mom who consumes marijuana is not always smoking and is not always high.  We wouldn’t shame a mom for having a glass or two or three of wine. We wouldn’t shame a mom who says she likes to have a bath to unwind. Or have half a cake after a hard day. We don’t shame moms for these things yet we still do it for moms who consume weed.And I just really want to break down the barriers of this by sharing my own story.  I would love to see motherhood culture normalize moms consuming marijuana in the same way we have normalized and encouraged moms to drink.As always, I would love to continue this conversation over on Instagram or email. Instagram: jeshesselsWebsite: www.jessicahessels.comDISCLAIMER- As mentioned in the podcast, these views and ideas are solely my own and are not intended to provide parenting advice or suggestions on the use of substances while parenting. Child safety is paramount and it is a parents responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their child. Children are required to have a sober care provider at all times. If you have questions regarding substance use while caring for children, please connect with your local child welfare agency.
Hey mama - you are not alone!I know motherhood can feel & be REALLY lonely at many points. I know we can feel like we're the only one's going through what we're going through. But let me tell you - you are not alone, you really are not. So many moms are going through what you're going through.So many moms feel the same way as you do.Some many moms are thinking what you're thinking.You are not alone. It takes a village.It takes a village to support a mom. And guess what?!There is a whole community of moms who wants to surround you. There is a whole community of moms who want to support you, empower you, let you know you're doing an amazing job. You got this mama, you really do. And just know deep down inside that you are not alone.As always, I'm sending you a big virtual hug & lots of love. If you want to feel a little less alone, come join me on Instagram where we can support each other - jeshessels
I am so excited about today's episode as I have two wonderful guests on the show, Brenda and Kristi, who go by the hilarious yet awesome name "Disorderly Blondes".Brenda lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida. She is a wife to Lawrence and a mother to Dylan (17) and Oliver (11). Dylan is on the autism spectrum and Oliver has a genetic duplication. Brenda also works as a freelancer in design, is a writer and the host of the Disorderly Blondes podcast with Kristi.Kristi lives in Jupiter, Florida. She is married to Tim and a mother to JR (15) and Jackson (13). JR is on the autism spectrum and Jackson is neurotypical. Kristi also is a writer and the host of the Disorderly Blondes podcast with Brenda. This episode is FULL of gold nuggets as we discuss:1. What it's like being a mom to special needs children;2. How they processed the autism diagnosis;3. What treatments & therapies they tried;4. Their biggest struggles as parents;5. What they wish people would stop saying to them;6. How they cope with the demands of being a special needs parent;7. What they love about being moms, and8. Advice for other parents in similar situations as them. This episode is both educational and funny as Brenda and Kristi take us on the ups and downs of being a mom to special needs children (and how wine is involved). I highly encourage you to check them out on social media & head on over to their podcast to learn more!Instagram: disorderlyblondesFacebook: Disorderly Blondes Autism PodcastPodcast/website: always, if you liked this episode please take a quick moment to subscribe, rate & review - it really means the world to me!And make sure to come join me on Instagram where more conversations are happening: jeshessels
042: I've Fallen Off

042: I've Fallen Off


Today's episode is a little different than our usual Simple Saturday's and that's because I need to hold myself accountable. I talk a lot about doing the things that make us feel fulfilled, fill our cup and make us happy so that we can, in return, be better & more present moms. I am here today to tell you that I have not being doing those things. In fact, I've been treating myself like an a**hole. I have been the biggest jerk to myself. For the past couple months I have been eating terribly, I have been on social media for hours everyday and I haven't been meditating or journaling. I have not been doing anything for self-care and in fact, I have been doing the opposite. This is really getting to me. I haven't been sleeping properly, I'm always tired, my mind races a lot, I'm constantly distracted & can't focus. But I made a decision to stop! I jumpstarted this by doing a 60-hour water fast in order to hit the reset button. Beyond that, I have committed myself to the following: 20 minutes of movement, maximum of 2 hours on social media and reading of 15-20 pages of a personal development book everyday.I wanted to share this with you because I know it's easy to talk-the-talk but it is harder to walk-the-walk. I have fallbacks and slip-ups as well but the important piece is that I always get back up and get back into the swing of things. And let me tell you, I already feel SO much better!So, if you've also been feeling unfulfilled and like you've fallen off a bit, then I encourage you to join me in these coming weeks of picking 1-3 things that you know will make you feel happy & fulfilled. Then start implementing them TODAY!Join me on Instagram so we can chat & hold each other accountable: jeshessels
Today's episode is one for the books as I have dad, Gareth Nock, on the show. Gareth is quite an incredible man but he isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Gareth is originally from the UK but now lives in Toronto. Gareth works in the fitness industry, is a podcaster and is also a husband and dad to his cute three year old. Today's episode is full of gold nuggets! We discuss:1. How dads need to step up, get more involved in all of the journey and be vulnerable2. How dads need to advocate for themselves3. Dads are not babysitters - they are parents4. Parenting is a 24/7 job - not a full-time job5. Dads need to own their life and take responsibility 6. How we should be asking for consent from our children for hugs and kissesBuckle up because this episode is not only amazing but also really honest and vulnerable. As always, go follow Gareth on Instagram at: gareth_nock_fitness And definitely check out his new podcast called We As Difference Makers, Start Talking
Hey mama! Are you and your partner feeling a little bit (or a lot) disconnected lately? Or maybe you two are doing great but you want to connect more. Either way - I hear you! Today's episode is all about connecting more with your partner in an easy way. Enter...The 5 Love Languages. The 5 Love Languages is a book written by Gary Chapman. Chapman explains that there are 5 ways to express and receive love: words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, quality time & receiving gifts. According to Chapman, we all have a top love language and a secondary love language. These are the ways in which we like to receive love. This is really important stuff mama because if you or your partner are not receiving love in the way in which you prefer, you may end up feeling unloved, disconnected, like something is wrong in your relationship and more. So, what do we do? First step is to find out what you and your partner's love languages are! If you don't have time to read the book, you can pop on over to the website and take the short quiz: finding out your love languages, have an open conversation with your partner about the ways in which you both like to have your love tank filled based on your love language. it! And do it regularly. The more often we can fill our partners love tank...the more connected and loved they will feel - and vice versa!You will be amazed at how fast you can see your relationship become stronger, more connected and more loving overall.And to all the single mamas out there, you can still do this! Your love tank also needs to be filled so knowing your love language is important so that you can have your love tank filled by friends, family, or yourself!Make sure you come join me on Instagram and let me know what your love language is!My Instagram is: jeshessels
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