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If you love animals and would like to learn more about them and the people that work with them in all sorts of different fields this is the show to listen to. We will discuss all sorts of different animal topics and we'll invite guests from many different walks of life to talk about their animal passions and hopefully get some useful information out to the public.
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Hello everyone! So for my next podcast I have author of The Glasswater Quintet, Feline Behaviourist, and Actor, James Morgan-Jones joining me. (Please scroll down to see a brief biography on James) James will mainly be discussing his time as a feline behaviorist, but he'll also touch on the other two aspects of his life, acting and being an author. As a special treat James will also read us a couple of poems that he wrote! So if you're interested in hearing about what it's like to be a feline behaviorist then please listen in!
I have one of our own local organizations from Tucson on with me, Sol Dog Lodge and Training Center. Shelley Harris, their Director of Marketing and Community Outreach will be talking with me about Sol Dog, how they got started and some of the different services they offer. They're doing some really great things at their organization and if you're interested in finding out more, listen in!
My next podcast should have everyone howling for more! We're going to be learning about wolves! I'm going to have Maddy Witt, the Education Supervisor from the International Wolf Center on the podcast with me. We'll talk about some of the myths, learn more about the pack, and learn about the interactions between wolves and humans. So come join us!
My next podcast is going to talk about cosmetic testing on animals. This is a cruelty that we all need to address and get stopped! I'll be joined by Vicki Katrinak from the HSUS. We'll talk about why this goes on, what happens to the animals being tested on, and how we can get companies to stop doing animal testing. Please join us for this very important topic.
Hi everyone! My next podcast is about horses also, Katherine Calkins, the owner and head instructor of J6 Equestrian Center, located in Benson, AZ will be on the podcast with me to talk about the center. She'll tell us a little bit about the history of the equestrian center, why she opened the center, what they do there, and some of the different services/events they offer. So if you're a horse person please tune in.
I have Ginger Kathrens on with me. She is the Founder and Board President of The Cloud Foundation, a Colorado 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to preventing the extinction of the herds of wild mustangs and burros. Ginger and I are going to talk about how the wild mustangs and burros are being eradicated from the lands that were set aside for them, how the BLM is not protecting them the way they are supposed to be, how The Cloud Foundation is advocating for them, and what the public can do to help. Ginger is an Emmy Award-winning producer, cinematographer, writer and editor as well as an award-winning author. She introduced Cloud, Wild Stallion of the Rockies to the world in her famous documentaries, giving us the first in-depth look at the rich and complex society of wild horses.
This week I'll be talking with Wendie Patrick the founder of Dogs of Pride. Dogs of Pride produces pet products from supplements to grooming products made from all natural ingredients that are safe for your pets and safe for you to use. She also started Finnessiam Health which also offers holistic health products and services for both ourselves and our pets! So if you'd like to learn more from Wendie about how and why she got started in this, how some pet products can be harmful to humans, bonding and connecting with your pets and other great topics please tune in!
My next podcast is going to be another good one. I have ACO Mike Wilster from Surprise Police Dept. on with me to talk about A Day in the Life of an Animal Control Officer. I thought that it would be good for everyone to understand just what it is that animal control officers do on a day to day basis. So Mike is going to talk with me and discuss all of this.\\
Hey all! So I have a really great podcast for you this week, especially if you are involved with rescue, whether it's domestic animals or wild animals! I'm talking with Chris Roy the founder of and Fosterspace and he's going to give us a lot of information on these two apps he created. These apps list rescues and people willing to foster and transport for the rescues and they're easy to use as well being free, unless you want some extra features, but Chris will explain all of this on the podcast! So please tune in and find out how you can use Doobert and Fosterspace!
Hello all, W. Bruce Cameron was supposed to be on the podcast tonight but he had to cancel and we will be rescheduling. Instead John Gilbert, founder of Tucson Rescue Now will be joining me to update us on everything his rescue has been doing to help the senior dogs find homes and about the new sanctuary he has in the works!
So this Thursday I have Nicole Briggs the President of Peaches Bully Rescue on with me. She's going to be telling us all about her rescue, why she started rescuing Bully Breeds and how they help out with special needs dogs! One of their dogs, Jack, an adorable little Bully with Spina Bifida made national news which helped him find a home and we'll talk about him and some of her other dogs looking for homes!
Let's talk about a Dog Groomer's Life! I hope you all can tune in this Thursday when I have one of our very own local groomer's Donna Brown on the podcast! Donna has been grooming animals for 45 years and will be sharing some of that knowledge with us. For any of you that would like to be groomers this is the podcast to listen to!
So my next podcast is a little more serious, we're going to be talking with Dr. Bernard Mangone about a veterinarian's role in animal cruelty cases. Dr. Mangone is a veterinarian with Palm Glen Animal Hospital and has been involved in animal cruelty cases during his career. He's going to give us more information about what veterinarian's do during these investigations, when they're expected to report animal neglect/cruelty, and how important their testimony is in these cases. This is good information for those in the law enforcement field to know and is also good information for the public to understand just how veterinarians help these cases.
Hi everyone! It's time to giddy up and go to the next podcast! We're going to talk with my guest Denise Bowden from the Chincoteage Volunteer Fire Company about some hardy little ponies that live on Chincoteage and Assateague Islands. That's right we'll be talking about the Chicoteague Ponies! I was fascinated as a kid about the story of Misty and Stormy, two ponies that lived on the islands. Now Denise will share information about these ponies and how they have survived on the islands for hundreds of years, as well as how the fire company came to own them. So I hope your ready for some pony play and can tune in!
Hey everyone! I thought I'd be a little foxy and tell you about the podcast coming up this Thursday! I've got Reanna Cole from Save A Fox on the show with me! She's going to give us all sorts of great information about Save A Fox and the foxes they rescue. We'll discuss the fur trade and fur farmers and why people get pet foxes and then relinquish them.
So the next podcast is about a little creature most people misunderstand and don't like. We're going to be talking about opossums! I have Beth Sparks the founder of the Opossum Pouch Sanctuary and Rescue on the show with me. She's going to tell us all about these little creatures and hopefully make many of you see them in a new light. They are really very useful little animals and do many good things, but I'm going to let Beth tell us more about that. So don't play dead and tune in to the podcast
Hello everyone! Well it's that time again and I have a really cool podcast this Thursday! I have Chelsea Carter, a Marine Biologist, from Clearwater Marine Aquarium on the show with me. She's going to be giving us all sorts of information on what the aquarium does, what some of the tools of the trade are, and what kind of research they're involved in. We'll also be talking about Winter and Hope the two dolphins that were the stars of Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2! They are permanent residents at Clearwater and we'll hear about their stories as well! So I hope you can come and join us from 6-7:30 pm.
So I have a local rescuer coming on with me this coming Thursday. I'll be speaking with Nancy Young-Wright, founder of Rescue Me Tucson. Nancy has been doing a lot of great things in Pima County and Apache River Reservation and she's going to tell us about some of those things. She's also going to fill us in on how she decided to start her rescue and what their future plans are. I hope you all can join us from 6-7:30 pm, AZ time.
Hey everyone, I have a really good podcast tonight! I have Kelly Diehl from the Morris Animal Foundation talking with me! She's going to fill us in on all of the great things Morris Animal Foundation does to help contribute to research to help our dogs, cats, equines, and wildlife be healthy and stay healthy, from giving grants to their own research. They have also been doing a Golden Retriever Lifetime Study which will hopefully give them lots of good data to help with that breed as well as other breeds that have similar health issues. I hope you all enjoy all of the great information Kelly has to share with us!
No guest tonight unfortunately, but I'm gonna maybe tell a couple funny stories and give out a couple tips about different animal things.
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