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Every week, host Tate Siemer and guests talk all things related to apartment investing including: how to get started, finding deals, finding capital, mindset tips and so much more. Tate welcomes high-level, guests who share actionable tips, ideas, education and inspiration.
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Tune in with Dave Dubeau and learn about the popular formula in applying effective marketing to a highly targeted audience that motivates prospective investors to reach out and take action. We also talk about raising capital and dealing with rejections. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODEPassion for marketingHelping others raise capitalWays to raise capital5 Steps on the money partner formulaMarketing your businessSetting the right mindsetRESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDInvestor Attraction BookABOUT DAVE DUBEAUDave has been an entrepreneur since 1993 and a real estate investor since 2001. Began investing in 2003 and did 18 deals in 18 months. In that time he has done deals ranging from creative no-money-down transactions, rent-to-owns and more recently multi-family properties. He's the author of seven books and has been teaching and training people about marketing and real estate investing since 2006. He also shared the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, Robert Herjavek from Shark Tank, George Foreman and many others. CONNECT WITH DAVEWebsite: DaveDubeauCONNECT WITH USGreen Light Equity GroupSpecial Announcement! Tate's brand new audiobook "F.I.R.E.-Financial Independence Retire Early Through Apartment Investing" is downloadable! go to: Green Light Equity Group
Our guest today, Tyler "T-Boss" Bossetti, explains some tactical tips in avoiding the peaks and valleys of starting and scaling a business. He also shares some values and insights to get your mindset right and take you through the top.WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODEOvercoming self-adversity through real estateEducating people on financial literacyRemoving egos and limiting beliefsBelieving in people, process, profitAchieving goals and expectationsLearning the workflow processThe importance of leverage and diversificationABOUT TYLER BOSSETTITyler Bossetti is a 27-year old Real Estate Developer based in Columbus, Ohio. He grew up in a small town in rural Ohio where he learned early the importance of finances and developed a motivation to succeed beyond what he started. In 2016, Tyler purchased his first investment property and since has been involved in 4,000+ real estate transactions and built an 8-figure real estate portfolio.CONNECT WITH TYLERWebsite: 0 PercentCONNECT WITH USGreen Light Equity GroupSpecial Announcement! Tate's brand new audiobook "F.I.R.E.-Financial Independence Retire Early Through Apartment Investing" is downloadable! go to: Green Light Equity Group
Join Dan Lewkowicz today as he dives deep into triple net lease, how it works and how it can be beneficial to investors. Learn every aspect of single-tenant net leased properties, commercial properties, multifamily, and multi-tenant retail centers from this episode.WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODESyndication and “flip” commercial propertiesWorking with triple net lease in the commercial real estate space Effects of the pandemic on Multifamily propertiesWays to improve relationships with brokersBenefits of a triple net lease Opportunities in multifamily investingTeaching brokers how to be incredible brokersRESOURCE MENTIONED Multi-Family Millions: How Anyone Can Reposition Apartments for Big Profits ABOUT DAN LEWKOWICZDan Lewkowicz is a seasoned real estate veteran with over 15 years of experience in many facets of the real estate industry. Starting his career “house hacking”, he quickly moved on to flip houses in and around metro Detroit and eventually created a company called Renaissance Real Estate Ventures. Currently, Dan is director of investment sales at Encore Real Estate Investment Services and specializes in shopping centers, medical office buildings, industrial fulfillment centers, quick service restaurants, and automotive repair and parts stores. Dan has four lovely children and resides in Oak Park, Michigan with his fiancé Brady and enjoys running, lifting weights, yoga, and playing acoustic guitar.CONNECT WITH DANWebsite: Encore Real Estate Investment ServicesLinkedIn: Dan LewkowiczPodcast: Dan On Top PodcastCell Phone No: 248.943.2838CONNECT WITH USGreen Light Equity GroupSpecial Announcement! Tate's brand new audiobook "F.I.R.E.-Financial Independence Retire Early Through Apartment Investing" is downloadable! go to: Green Light Equity Group
Tune in to this episode as Josh Plave discusses the advantages of investing passively with retirement funds in multifamily properties, as well as collectively owning and operating apartment buildings. Retirement accounts cannot earn active income and should rely entirely on passive income sources.    WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE2 Types of approach for retirement investorsInvesting with retirement account profilesSelf-directed Investment Retirement Account (IRA) and the taxes involvedMitigating the impact of unrelated business income tax (UBIT)Utilizing the UBIT calculatorSetting the right mindset in using retirement accountsABOUT JOSH PLAVEJosh Plave is a multifamily syndicator who specializes in helping investors use their retirement funds to passively invest. Through his company Wall to Main, Josh provides all the tips and tricks needed to invest quickly, safely, and inexpensively with an existing retirement account. CONNECT WITH JOSHWall to MainCONNECT WITH USGreen Light Equity Group
Today's episode is extra special because it's Tate's birthday and it’s also recorded live at Pennsylvania. We want you to tune in and learn with Tate and his special guest Phil Kulp, who is a passive investor in the 179-unit deals they recently closed and discusses the value of real estate investing.WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODEHistory of Kulp Dairy Farm and its legacyAdvantages of investing passively in real estateTaking over a new asset obtainedThe value of multifamily investing and leverageRespecting others’ opinionsABOUT Phil KulpPhil Kulp grew up on a farm and comes from a long line of farmers. He went to college in Virginia for four years. He returned to work for his father in Kulp Dairy Farm for the first time in 1996. Their main products are milk, meat, and fertilizers. He then got into real estate and invested passively with Green Light Equity Group. He's had a lot of success and is diversifying his assets into commercial multi-family for cash flow, wealth growth, and tax benefits. He has a wife who works as a full-time school teacher, six children (three boys and three girls), and a dog named Slinky.CONNECT WITH USGreen Light Equity Group
We have an amazing guest in the house today, Brianna Schmidt, the Managing Broker of Second City Real Estate. She discusses the benefits of outsourcing tasks, leveraging your skills, and implementing them to scale your asset.WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE:The power of outsourcingUnderstanding where your cash is best to usePros and cons of residential and commercial propertiesDisadvantages of the 1% ruleFactors to consider when investing in asset classesImportance of scalability and nurturing property management relationshipsABOUT BRIANNA SCHMIDTBrianna Schmidt is the Managing Broker of Second City Real Estate and is a Co-Founder at The Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit a weekend educational summit for real estate investors. She  utilizes her extensive knowledge of building and managing a portfolio to teach clients about all aspects of buy and hold investing, how to analyze potential properties, how to calculate your ROI, best practices when marketing and leasing your rental property, and how to be a landlord and build a portfolio. Her job does not end when you close on a property; she is always available to help you throughout the process and scale your business.CONNECT WITH BRIANNAWebsite: Secondcity-reBiggerPockets - Brie SchmidtCONNECT WITH USGreen Light Equity Group
In today’s episode, we get philosophical and spiritual speaking about multifamily real estate. Tune in to learn everything you need to know about multifamily properties and raising capital from the expert, Ruben Greth.  WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE:Ways to separate and make yourself attractive to investorsHow to present a deal to investorsStrategies for capital raising Benefits of multifamily dealBuilding the right relationshipsThe impact of multifamily investment in people’s livesThe importance of having a marketing and spiritual mentorsRESOURCES MENTIONED:Ola Dantis: Mindset, Investing in the Brain, Manifesting & Multifamily SyndicationDan Handford of The Multifamily Investor NationDr. Wayne DyerBOOKS MENTIONEDThe Power of Intention by Wayne W. DyerThe Science of Getting Rich by Wallace WattlesThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon HillThe Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph MurphyABOUT RUBEN GRETH:Ruben Greth is the host of Capital Raiser Show where people can learn best practices for raising private money for multifamily syndication and other real estate investments.   He is also a Capital manager for ‘’Bakerson’’ where he works on marketing, brand awareness, and capital raising. Connect with Ruben:Website: bakerson.comInstagram: @capitalraiserYouTube: The Capital Raiser ShowPodcast: Capital Raiser ShowCONNECT WITH USwww.investwithGreenlight.comSpecial Announcement! Tate's brand new audiobook "F.I.R.E.-Financial Independence Retire Early Through Apartment Investing" is downloadable! go to:
Technology has made an impact in the real estate business especially with the current situation in the world right now. You can even close a deal if you are not in the same place as where your client is. In today's episode, Suzy Sevier and Michael Barnhart talk about their experience in closing their first deal and how they could make a difference with how they work as a team.WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE:Benefits in segregating tasks and setting up a plan with a partnerWays to close the desired deal and benefits of capital raising Advantage of having trusted partners and mentors to work withPros and cons of virtual transactionsA different approach on a business plan for multifamily investingImpact of having the opportunity to work with other peopleLINKS/RESOURCES MENTIONED:Downloadable Free Checklist ABOUT SUZY SEVIER and MICHAEL BARNHART:Suzy Sevier and Michael Barnhart are a power couple who recently closed on their first multifamily deal 88-units in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are the founders of Adventurous Real Estate Investors. Their adventure began at a TEDx event and the theme was “Reset” and it changed their lives. They took the event to heart and used that theme as a launching point to regain control of their lives, secure financial freedom, give back to the community and discover their big “why”. They want to share this journey by helping others check off their bucket list items and achieve their greatest ROI which is the return on impact.Connect with Suzy and Michael:Adventurous Real Estate InvestorsCONNECT WITH US: www.investwithGreenlight.comSpecial Announcement! Tate's brand new audiobook "F.I.R.E.-Financial Independence Retire Early Through Apartment Investing" is now downloadable! Go to:
Obtaining a loan for a multifamily property is beneficial if you have all the necessary documents in place. These documents can help you make your transactions smooth and easy. In this episode, Paul Winterowd shares his knowledge on what to be ready for regarding getting a loan.WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE:Importance of an Organizational Chart and Personal financial statementsScheduling of real estate owned documents and bio/resumeImportance of separating emotions in doing investmentsImportance of having a good credit score and credit report Benefits of having and keeping records of tax returns,  Rent Roll, profit-and-loss statements, budget, and Pro-forma documentsImportance of knowing who your team or supporting cast isABOUT PAUL WINTEROWD:Paul Winterowd (pronounced Winter Road) is a Capital Advisor with Bonneville Multifamily Capital, based in Salt Lake City, UT. He specializes in multifamily lending and has sourced debt for new construction, bridge, and stabilized products across a number of different loan programs and lenders. He has earned the CCIM designation and is also a multifamily investor having been a sponsor and key principal in 4 multifamily syndications and a passive investor in about 11 deals totaling ownership in nearly 1,500 doors.Connect with Paul:Email: paul@bmfcap.comContact No: 801 -323-1050CONNECT WITH US:
There are numerous ways to make money in the multifamily industry, one of which is to be a passive investor while living your dream. To achieve success as an investor, you must first learn the priorities of each person you work with within the deals. In today's episode, Tate's guest Scott Kidd, a full-time yacht captain, and multifamily investor shared his experience on how becoming a captain of a boat can relate to becoming an investor in the real estate business and adapting most of the lessons he has learned from being a captain for almost 21 years.What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Background of Scott Kidd and How He Started Investing in Real EstateWhen to Use the Power of Silence when CommunicatingScott on Becoming A Mentor for Legacy UKTaking Advantage of the Technology With The Current SituationIs Multifamily a Full-Time GigUnderstanding General Partnership in Apartment Syndication ProcessThe Benefits and Drawbacks of Being a Limited PartnerAdvantages of Working with Real Estate ProfessionalsThe Benefits of Teamwork and CamaraderieWorking in Limited or General Partnerships in the Coming YearsThings You Can Achieve as a Limited PartnerLessons in Developing the Right People to Work WithLinks/Resources:Salt Lake City Multifamily Meetup
Because of the camaraderie that you can share with other people you are working with, you can always find a way to succeed in the multifamily real estate business the best way possible. The different ideas that the members could come up with, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take full advantage of the scene. In this episode, Tate’s guest, the Rize Equity Group, shares how they evolved as a company by working as a team and showcasing each one’s potential in growing their business.The company is guided by a team with a proven track record of success. Individually, they’ve risen to elite levels of their respective professions and collectively they have infused the ingredients of their past success – teamwork, precision, attention to detail, and relentless work ethic – into the heart of everything the company does.What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How Rize Equity Group startedThe company’s Mission and Vision Practicing Abundance Mindset to Achieve GrowthWhen to Grab the Opportunity In Investing in Multifamily BusinessMultifamily Real Estate Business and its AdvantagesDifferences between Under Promising and Over Delivering in Real EstateChallenges in Working as a GroupBenefits of Working as a Team with One GoalUsing the Traditional Syndication Models and How you can get Creative In Closing dealsRize Equity Group’s plans and goals for the next 12 months and upcoming yearsBook Mentioned:Rich Dad, Poor Dad- Robert KiyosakiLinks/Resources:
Author of: “The Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Mobile Home Parks”TO DOWNLOAD, go to: www.partnerwithapex.comhost of “Savvy Mobile Home Park Investor” podcast.113 apartment and mobile home unitsMentors Mentioned: Brian Ellis and Adam “AAA” AdamsChose IT career over Real Estate Dreams.Realized that in order to reach income goals, he would have to pick up ALOT of single-family homes.Met partner, Stephen Anderson (former single family flipper), at a salsa dancing event, who invited Eloy to invest in apartment. Lots of investors flocking to mobile home park investing:-LOW tenant turnover-Less moving parts Tate and Eloy go into the inner workings of owning a mobile home park. Mostly, mobile home park owners only own the lot and charge a lot rent fee. In Eloy’s model, he is owning BOTH the park, the grounds AND some of the actual mobile homes, which he will rent out creating further value.We discuss Cap Rates, how they determine value in different markets, and how the ENTRY Cap should always be higher than the TARGETED EXIT Cap rate, which is how Eloy has structured his deals.Mobile Home Parks have become incredibly popular during the COVID pandemic. This is due to collections staying high and tenants continuing to pay rent. When tenants OWN part of their housing (in this case, their mobile home), they’re much more likely to pay rent on their lot. Money is moving from risky assets (such as retail, office, hospitality, etc) to “safer”, more risk mitigated assets.There’s NOTHING you can’t find on YouTube and Google, BUT you have to know what to look for!Podcast-“The Savvy Mobile Home Park Investor”’ll learn more doing DEALS than taking classes. The best ticket into the industry is to find a deal (or find capital for a deal) and get it done (which can be done through partnering with a more experienced operator/syndicator) However, paid masterminds are great! Peers, coaches, mentors who are committed to getting you to the next level are all accessible and ready to give you as much value as they can.Eloy is looking for DEALS! Florida mobile home parks.  Eloy can be reached at
Special Announcement! Tate's brand new audiobook "F.I.R.E.-Financial Independence Retire Early Through Apartment Investing" is downloadable! go to: www.glequitygroup.comIn this episode, Tate is joined by Yair Tilson of Kay Capital. Kay provides all types of funding for commercial real estate projects: debt, equity, mezzanineTate, Tim and Seth talk about the 2 deals that they are currently purchasing together: the why's and how's, the business plans, the exit strategies, etc. Tim Shaw: timshawrei@gmail.comSeth Teagle:
Special Announcement! Tate's brand new audiobook "F.I.R.E.-Financial Independence Retire Early Through Apartment Investing" is almost downloadable! Release date 3/1/21. go to: www.glequitygroup.comIn this episode, Tate is joined by Tim Shaw and Seth Teagle, veteran firefighters and multi-family entrepreneurs based in Columbus, OH. Tim and Seth have partnered up with Tate to form "Greenlight Ohio LLC" and are currently completing the acquisition of 249 apartment units in 2 different deals.  Tim and Seth both own their own multi-family assets in Columbus and are in rapid growth mode Tate, Tim and Seth talk about the 2 deals that they are currently purchasing together: the why's and how's, the business plans, the exit strategies, etc. Tim Shaw: timshawrei@gmail.comSeth Teagle:
In this episode, Tate goes deep with The Vincent Brothers: Adam Vincent and Paul Vincent of Vincent Esquire (can I type one more "Vincent"?) These brothers extraordinaire help apartment investors successfully surf the potentially treacherous waves of syndication AND invest in multi-family assets themselves. The chemistry between these two will leave you laughing and inspired.The Vincent Brothers can be reached at
Special Announcement! Tate's brand new audiobook "F.I.R.E.-Financial Independence Retire Early Through Apartment Investing" is almost downloadable! Release date 3/1/21. go to: www.glequitygroup.comIn this episode, Tate is joined by Julie Holly, founder of Three Keys Investment where she helps people like you find their freedom through multifamily real estate investing so that they can live the life of their dreams! She has invested in single family homes, house-hacked before it had a name, managed properties from 1k miles away and passively invested in multifamily assets. Currently, Julie is passively invested in nearly 300 doors.Her podcast Ask Me How I Know: Multifamily Stories of Struggles to Success is designed to fuel the mind and soul through weekly interviews with industry leaders as well as mindset episodes.Julie’s experience as a public school teacher, ability to relate with people and genuine care for their financial well-being allow her to raise capital for the team’s
Retiring from His W-2 Job to do real estate full time!In the US for 20 years, from Kenya.Dad passed away young, raised by single mom and village.2001-came to US for college-computer  Started buying single family houses in Boise.The power of in-person conferences-Jack met his one of his partners at Michael Blank’s Deal Maker Live event-ended up closing 3 deals (about 500 doors) with that partner!Owns in AZ and TXJack is a General Partner / Sponsor for 950+ apartment units, and an equity partner in an additional 400+ units.Wants to expand into FL and GA (would do smaller deals in SLC or Boise)Team Sport-whatever you need to get a deal done is available in a partner!Jack uses Dugan Kelley for his syndication attorney ( uses CityGate for Property Management ( relationships with the brokers.“Deal First Approach”-Finding the deals is what’s most important right now-find a deal and take it to a team and take it down.Do a deal with Jack! Deal Criteria:1980’s built or newer150 units (preferably 200) or moreMay change criteria to 1990’s or newer.The better/nicer the asset class, the lower the risk (and the lower the returns)SE Markets Florida and GeorgiaConnect with Jack! www.kendubayproperties.comSchedule a meeting with Jack: phone: 818-635-4289“Give in abundance and you’ll get in abundance”Books: NOT going to talk about “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”ABC’s of Multifamily Investing by Ken McElroyAudiobooks-catch up on books and podcasts on road trips!“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon HillWants to squeeze the next 5 years into 2 years: 5,000 units (at 1,500)Wants to diversify into international properties (South America).Family time-is a HUGE part of his “Big Why”
This episode welcomes the “Blue Collar Kid from Parma, Ohio” made good, Mr. Tim Bratz! Tim is the CEO and founder of Legacy Wealth Holdings, a real estate investment company that acquires and transforms distressed apartment buildings into high-yield assets for their own portfolio. Tim's current portfolio exceeds 4,000 units with a valuation of more than $350M. Working in real estate, Tim has built a passive business and created a residual income that allows him to live the lifestyle of his choice. He’s here to educate and empower others to become financially free through commercial real estate. In this episode, Tate and Tim discuss Tim’s bumpy road from personal/financial disaster to being the owner of 4000 units.Guiding Principles: 1. “Burn the Ships” Create a restraint, no fall-back plan. 2. Build Long Term Vision-not “get rich quick”Millionaires and Billionaires are made by making deals and taking equity. Trade your time for equity in deals.Masterminds: The importance of the guidance of his mastermind to keep generating revenue during law suit with business partners. He found out that “The worst case scenario wasn’t that bad.”Relationship capital is MUCH more valuable than financial capital.Mastermind-having the right people in your corner. He 4X’d his income in 10 months in 2016 after attending his first mastermind.-if you sign up for a Mastermind, make it a 36 month commitmentThis year, he’s selling 2,000 units, keep 2,500, and adding 4,000 doors!The “1% Rule”: if the monthly rent covers 1% of the all-in price per unit of the complex, the deal should cash-flow.Enroll in his “Commercial Empire” Event at can be reached at: 
In this episode of the Apartment Guys (and Gals) Podcast, Tate and Dr. Erin Hudson go deep into Erin's success story going from being a Chiropractor to being a full-time real estate entrepreneur. She's achieved impressive outcomes in her investing career, all while being a mom of 5!Erin is a stand for empowering women in the apartment investing space. Her big "Why" is creating a legacy, changing hearts and helping those in need.  Erin's company, Quattro Capital, offers an amazing opportunity for new investors to be involved in a deal. Listen for details.Erin can be reached at
In this episode, Tate welcome Prashant Kumar, an immigrant from India who owns 1200 apartment doors as a General Partner and 100 doors in his own personal portfolio. Prashant's true passion is teaching people to access inner peace through meditation. He is also passionate about serving the elderly through assisted living projects as well as teaching financial freedom through multi-family real estate.Prashant references and the book "Heartfulness" and the book "The Heartfulness Way" by Kamlesh Patel
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Kristen Sherlock

This is one of my favorite podcasts on multi-family property investments! I appreciate the variety of guests on the show. They provide me with ideas I can do in my own investment portfolio. Go have a listen!

Feb 13th
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