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Author: Peachi Williams

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Join Peachi Williams, the Brand Voice Builder®️ as she discusses the elements of branding, business, and the recipe to get yours poppin'. Ready to live your best brand life? It's time to get the bag!
9 Episodes
Brands have a number of elements that make them work. The core comes together because of your brand assets making you recognizable in the marketplace. Do you have brand assets?
Do you have what it takes to build a successful brand? We're going over the traits most entrepreneurs have and the ones you can't do without.
Today we're talking about brand guidelines - what they are, why you need them and how it can help your creative team stay consistent.
Why Brand Voice is Key

Why Brand Voice is Key


In this episode, we're discussing why brand voice is so important to the foundation and growth of your brand.
In this episode, we're discussing the 10 reasons why you need a copywriter - even if you think you don't.
In this episode, we're discussing conservative content and how it can work for you and your brand.
In this episode, we address what a brand purpose is, what it isn't, and why it's one of the most crucial elements of your brand.
In this episode, we discuss how to define a brand voice and the things you cannot avoid.
In this episode of the Brand Voice Builder, we’ll be answering the question, "What's a freaking brand voice?" By the end of this episode, you'll understand how important it is and how it directly ties into your brand's success. 
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