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Author: Jeran Price

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We have one shot at life, and we can choose to go with the flow..(BORING & REGRETFUL) or we can discover the bad assness within and discover something very few ever experinece... A BAD ASS AND FULL LIFE!!!
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love myself I adore myself I worship myself Cos I’m the alpha and omega! I am the master piece!I am so virile I am an animal  When I go to action The beast rises  I am pure testosterone!I am desired  I am admired They call me a breeder. My semen is so valuable  I am a stallion! I am strong I am potent  I am dominant  I am The man My manhood is impressive   My manhood is desired  My manhood is scary They call it a monster! I love my own body  My body is manly My muscles respond My voice is seductive  I am pure testosterone  I am the virile one I am the loved one I revere my nature I am the man I am the complete prize I win I'm winning I am the champion winner I am the virile alpha The strong beast of animalistic dominance
THE LOFTY ONES I stand in front of myself and watch everything according to the view from the other shore. For this is OUR height and our home too high and steep do we here dwell for all uncleanly ones and their thirst. Cast but your pure eyes into the well of my delight my friends It shall laugh back to you with ITS purity. I am the instrument of action The vehicle to divinity On the tree of the future build we our nest eagles shall bring us lone ones food in their beaks And as strong winds will we live above them neighbours to the eagles neighbours to the snow neighbours to the sun thus live the strong winds. And like a wind will I one day blow amongst them and with my spirit take the breath from their spirit thus willeth my future. to mine enemies, and to whatever spitteth and spewethTake care not to spit AGAINST the windI am the imperium of sovereignty The force of victory I commit to triumph and irresistible strength I am of Devine stock of the immemorial where I live eternally as on a bright peak which remains in perpetual sunlight above every cloud. I am beyond the farthest where death is defeated I penetrate the Olympian spirit I wear the immortal crown Anointed in absolute glory victory and triumph as my apex, I am victorious,  this is my inner birth I am twice born and supernatural I am the Olympian of luminous principle The path of god-like liberties I smash degrading impotence I rise in the potency of supreme rule I  am the strength of the strong, devoid of passion and desire I am the original fragrance of the earth, and I am the heat in fire I am the life of all that lives, and I am the penances of all ascetics I am the original seed of all existences the intelligence of the intelligent, and the prowess of all powerful men I am perpetual light and orderlike an uncontrollable and irreducible fire always yearning for new material to feed its blaze in the form of new obstacles which i defy  and force to reassert itself. I am PEACE THROUGH VICTORY I consist of a certain inner style, a certain formation of the mind and character, a simplicity, clarity and harshness, a directly experienced meaning of existence, I am without expressionisms without sentimentalisms, I have a pleasure for commanding, obeying, acting, conquering and overcoming oneself I am the Olympian ideals of our most ancient and purest traditions I am  able to conceive as equally ours an aristocratic heroism, free from passion proper to my  being My life-centre is truly on a higher plane I  hurl myself  beyond any tragedy, beyond any tie and any anguish, as irresistible forces. I am the perennial victor The solar God of the bright sky Lifted upon the celestial sphere The shield of power I am stronger than fire and iron I am beyond life and death.
One must seek the place  whence there is no return and take refuge in the primordial Purusha from whom hath issued the original impulse .... This place neither sun, nor moon, nor fire illumines; it is there I have my supreme abode.The north is my state of mind I am polar for I am the fixed axis which all revolvesBeast is raw and fearsome Man is pure spiritual reflection God is omnipotent and true I am Beast I am  man I am  God Together we uphold the solar dynasty We are the celestial bridge from temporal to royalty I am beast.... I traverse the wild and unknown I seek what I may devour Pride in the barbaric rage My nature is to conquer I am the predator I stalk the hunting grounds 1,000 enemies 1,000 ferocious victories I am hard severe and crush all things I invoke fear I am the bear The wolf The lion I am the apex predator The beast in me is the first step towards manhood (Man) I am the glimpse of man justifying the existence of manI inwardly hold to lifes principle I outwardly manifest the world The true North abides in me Higher and upward I am the white water river flowing from creation I am the image of perfect power Supremacy dwells in me I am charged with the traditions of excellence I am the house of strength I am the guardian of higher intentions In me rest royal powers Sacerdotal prestigeI hold the invariable middle I meditate upon the fire of sacred instinct I come away with divine guidance I burn bright like 1,000 shining suns My action creates I transform and hold the future I summit the celestial peaks I claim my purpose I find my home The Supreme country I am king of the world The all powerful commander I command the complete beast The reflection of divinity consumes me(God beginning)I am centered I manifest light and truth I am the smokeless fire I am the secret tradition of peace I am the return of all things I am the foundation of being The axis with which my world spins I operate in spirit soul and body I see all effects in cause I direct with effortless precision I am exact I am the great crystal clear lodge The king of peace The dealer of justice I am the energy that connects We truthful ones We high-minded ones We good ones I am the powerful Beast I am the upright man I am the forever God We beasts We men We gods I am Complete Music: Whitesand- eternity
Music: Whitesand- eternity
What will you do with your powerFor You possess the nature of all power The ability to control life Let this be the banner flying over man Above it all, however, there soars, transfiguring him,  the image of his greatest hopes and remotest aims.— namely, that of the strong, mighty, and magnificent man, overflowing with life and elevated to his zenithAlpha dog affirmations unleashing the POWERFUL ONEI sacrafice for power My character is persuasive My tactics are coercive I control the situation Power seeks out the enemy I welcome conflict Confrontation Sharpens my talent I take the sword by the handle I profit by destroying the enemy I am the paragon of elegance Out witting and thwarting the opponent I live by master Mentality The will to power Knightly,  high minded,  aristocratic I preserve and promote expansion This is life I embody living Dominance Wealth Health abundance Fortune I feel and rejoice in my splendid strength This is good This is ambitious I am effective I remain active and vigorous I plan several moves ahead Constant vigilance constant tactical thinking I retain sovereignty over my environment I rejoice evermore over my determined fate Excellent Beautiful Fire Pure intention I am spontaneous and self affirming I say yes to life strength conquest and power I align myself with my creator The master of will in action Ever attaining heights of excellence The herd recognizes my drive for ambitious living I excel at strategy and powerI am herald as autonomous Solidified as the overclasssed , the blessed the highest I accept the summit of goodness My face is washed in the brilliance of utility The apex predator drinks and is filled with golden standardsI directly act on self empowerment I seek to enhance my strength I am high spirited and unmatched in my affairs I am strong and naturally dominant The rejuvenation of man's greatness I admire the esteem of power and righteous ability I must express my creativity my spirit The walls of my city follow certain decorum There are honorable ways to live as a noble man The tradition of excellence guides the beast in me The wilderness is tamed with my agression I know my prey throughly I advance accordingly The lion Must hunt I am truly fearsome I burn bright and uncaged Let us have faith in the instinct If this be my fate I SHALL LIVE IT IN POWER
I am the immeasurable mind I possess the ability to see beyond All situations become clear I logically capture the problem I mold the opportunity into a solution Resolution speaks to me 1,000 thoughts become 1,000 successes I am intelligent Unlimited capacities flow through my thinking I am the process of genius My thinking patterns slow down time Answers are habitual and effortless I am full of advantageous knowledge Creativity guides me into recognition I am recognized Potential flows from my behaviors I see the advantage of power and perception I am the mindset of talent I am cognizant of the perfect thought I employ my thoughts The most powerful thoughts go to work for me My mind is sharp and attentive I am the pure brightness of enlightment I choose to be decisive and certain My thoughts are composed and confident I am 3 steps ahead I see all angles I am Complete and conscious I think I see I create More power All power I am the most powerful thought Knowledge comes easy to me Wisdom seeks me The truth is my voice 1,000 gods whisper to my spirt The essence of infinite understanding guides my ruminations Challenges are clear to me I seek the difficult I transcend limitations I see what others fail to I love to think the highest thought I bring order into chaos My mind is in unison with life I am the intelligent one I am the bright one I am the mind of God I think great and epic thoughts I inhabit the uppermost part of genius I wrap myself in the best thought I choose to be clever in all endeavors Sharp witted and in tune Everything is turned over and pondered I analyze and make sure All solutions are mine All creativity is mine I know the answer My instincts are correct My intuition is on point The sun is my clarity The north is my direction Intelligence is my vehicle Wisdom is my destination Success and rewards are my life
I am Complete beast I seek out danger and tame the wild I punish myself with superior tactics I pound my heart and sing the anthem of God's I prevail over the trials Weakness can kiss my ass I am the superior savage I am hard harder the hardest I am the backbone of 1,000 raging warriors Level up here I'm I am the wrecking ball of power A complete beast I am rugged I am dangerous I am a fighter I require strength I demand courage I am self mastery Call the gods The champion has arrived I am skillfully competent I am committed to next level greatness I step on the throat of average I am the strong one The heroic one All weakness bows down to me I stand up Chest out Chin up I am the way of greatness I hold a savage and reputable reputation Say my name Know my name The arena is mine The battle is mine The enemy is defeated I am king I am a complete beast Strength courage mastery and honor I answer to the calling of a badass man My way leads to the highest I defend greatness I become the honorable one All hail my victorious tactics The beast in me is hungry Perseverance and dominance are my food I came to eat I feed on excellence Get out of my way The podium is mine My throne is victory My life reigns The table is set let's feast I am the complete beast
May the uppermost dwelling, the apex podium unlock my purest and richest thoughts May the shadow of my being launch itself into action Let me be acquainted my genuine self I grasp the symmetry of chaos and order I peirce through middle ground I dissipate fearI dispose of the boundaries within the circuit of my ever expanding life I plant myself in the wilderness and extend my dominion As the tide follows the moon so will achievement shadow my steps MY SOUL IS INSULATED WITH BARRIERS OF GREATNESS I am shined upon by the faces of the godsI pour my internal soul outwards All that I am is reflected in the external I am wanting I am man The creator of fate I am the author of rule Allow me the depth and breadth to expand Allow me to witness the farthest the highest Shape me with splendor of creation I open my eyes to the unblemished beginning Guide my instincts towards freedomI become wild and free I am unharnessed from the conditions of society I surrender to the old instincts Renew my raiment of resolveMy joy My power My formidableness I expand my potential The arena is widen and the heavens of chance are opened Let me be sudden Let me be convincing I am as the lightening strikes I instantaneously produce a scheme of sovereignty I impregnate life with meaning with course The wholeness of my life swells with vitality,  utility and faculty I am the tremendous power of hammer stroked quantity I fabricate the essential element of life The freedom of higher man I sanctify intention with strength What is nature is mine What is mine is natural So high do my actions soar So long do their drum beats echo The utterances of a higher man May my creations be sacred and separated for use I call on the spirit of reason and duty I voice distinguished truths May my words construct my vision May the fate of supremacy continually orbit my stateI am the sound estate of unobstructed wisdom Allow me to be active and absolute Man hopes, genius creates I am eyes fastened forward My every thought ripe with truth I am the bearer of a nourishing appetite Give unto me the royal feast of creation Let me see the beauty of life transform from the unconscious to the conscious Glory hangs from tree of the gods I am here to reap my inheritance Life and the abundance thereof            
guarantee myself a future I am the origin of responsibility The sovereign man calls duty his conscience I outlive my past and secure. My future I confront time and construct my history I possess a historic instinct of action I honor my promise to say yes to life My existence is the greatest adventure The light of my perfect salvation I am sharpening my attention  I approach the highest living because I see the ultimate truth I devoutly labor for the summit of pure manifestation The shining rays of truth strengthen my way I stare down the narrow pass of the heros path I am a fugitive escaping deaths confinement I race towards a new life as the rising dawn colors the morning  with vital purpose I hold court and judge the darkness I choose the highest light , the infinite star to guide my finite reasons I am the creator of my future There is a zeal and glow in my pursuing of the excellent I hold to superior ideals I overcome imagined perils and choose to venture into truths reality I see my fate. Within each eye turns the burning wheel of lifes flame. I am here. I am now. I  am the purified presence of responsible duty. I an rested renewed and risen. My actions create my day My actions are pristine and calculated My thoughts are of success and ascension Today is my gift Today is my life I am Taking full advantage of every resource available Responsibility is my creed Influence is my desire I hold the authority to shape my environment It is I who grips the power to transform I manage my time and shape my fate I guarantee myself a future I am the origin of responsibility Life and it's rewards are in my measures I undertake the role of master and commander I value life I value self-reliance I value the order to command excellence I am the responsible curator of LIFES AMBITIONS
I am the heartbeat of a war GodI am the strong spirit of battleCourage and confidence pull my chariotI hold the capacity to violently tear down the walls of captivityI am brutal precisionAlpha dog affirmationsI am a battle frenzy butcherI am crowned with the helmet of fierce protectionI carry the shield of cock strong confidenceI am armed with the sword and shield of victoryI am the savage God of WarI handle the dark side of victoryI am prepared to do what others are unwilling toI am willing and able to confidently advanceI rule over courageConfidence and courage are my servantsI am pure and sheer violenceI am the deity of ordered chaosI am the hard choice of progressionI choose the severity of excellenceI chisel my mindI chisel my bodyI am the sculptor of badass resultsI am the sword cutting away weaknessI shout echoing glory from the mountain topI winI am WinningI am THE WINNERAres blood boils withinI am definitely directed with the constitution of manhoodI impregnate my surroundings with the spear of a championI am the will of spotless powerDivine energy rages through meI confidently combat less than attitudesI inspire terror in my enemiesThe opponent bows to my authorityMedals of honor adorn my spiritThe God of war is victoriousThe hands of acting action are rewardedI am the initiative of courageI am the proven God of WarAll advantages surrenders to my will
High snow capped mountain peaks of confidence The rising of brilliance shines onward The most excellent and exquisite thoughts Covered in breathtaking and refreshing intuitions I am the mind of the all knowing I am the beginning I am the end  Alpha dog affirmationsA mind unleashed Repeated , repetitive,  turned over and examined thoughtsThe cylinder of explosion I am the process of revolutionary thinking I analyze with quantum precision I envision  the conclusion I know the result I am the omniscient energy of genius My mind towers over the subservient Tall, upright and sleek thinking Bold, courageous and daring advances I am the silent wisdom flowing amongst the gods A river of life white waters through my ruminating power A thought,  a power MY ACTION 1,000 perfect unyielding and pure thoughts A flood undamming the gates I am the master of my mind A torrent affair of compartmentalized munution Tried, refined,  purified and tested I am the relentless one I am the steadfast one I hold true to all knowledge Wisdom is my calm and determined breath 1,000 steadied reserved breaths Insight is my warrior spirit I attach my being to understanding The highest God head thoughts thunder with the depths of my consciousness I am perfectly aware I sense all things I know all paths I am the way I am unchained The road to enlightment is mine I choose to be conscious The stainless way of high mindedness chooses me I am the mindset of victory and glory One thought, one foundation,  ONE VICTORY chaos and order beckon me I step to the edge I spread my courageous wings of battle tested hardness I jump into the challenge The lasting legacy of wisdom upholds my birthright I am man, I am God, I am creator Above and beyond ignorance I face the valleys I climb the mountains I sacrifice the comfort of non-thinking To  honor the privilege of creative power  I am the perfectly ordered thoughts of a man in control As I think so I become Ordered thoughts Examined thinking Meditated being I am solar I am northward I am the silver age of sun stroked genius The storm of greatness rages within My mind is the 2nd coming of FIRE
I am the strong sunrise of 1,000 courageous warriors I am in step with the marching banner of revolution We are men We are heros We are gods Strength is my anthem Alpha dog affirmations I am the hammer of thor I strongly own the ground i walk on I am the war God I am the thunder and mighty This is my hammer This is my power This is my anthem I rule with sovereignty I am the highest proclamation Iron will and iron fisted I am multiplying strength I am a fortress of champion minded spiritedness I am the light of force streaming across the face of the cosmos I am draped in the chanting anthem of endurance The wheels of my chariot roll in thunder My eyes are filled wth the splendor of lightening I am the rock hard soldier of triumphant strength I rule self I master discipline I push through pain My spirit covers the whole earth This is my day This is my life All things bow under the force of my hammer I am the energy of thor I am the hammer of construction Unto the odds, I defy thee Unto the haters, I outlive thee I am mountain I am warrior I am forever MUSIC:
The burning blaze of tribalism rages within The fiery embers signal revolution I am man I am arrived All hail the determined We are the hallowed path Alpha dog affirmations I am the axe age of cutting separation I unite myself to higher discipline The horn is raised I answer my fates beckoning I destroy the weak nature I burn away corruption and injustice These trying times create character I am a strong man My way is perfectly prepared I am sheer might I am powerful I am True I am good I am the tactic of conviction The sun soaked compass of pure freedom navigates I am holding vertical esteem I am 1,000 true norths I rejoice in the legends of heros past We great men One aim One breath I am united fire The stories of our heros invite us into the ambition I am ambitious potential I set the bar high I avoid mediocrity The highest or die trying I am the eternal sacrafice of achievement My will to power is the extreme I refuse an average mindsetI emulate the paragons of duty and values Weak men climb hills I am a mountain climbing man of determination I raise the standards of greatness and beauty I pursue the seemingly impossible ideals of godhead heros I am cultivated from the Forrest of  manhood I am walking steadfast and head on into the face of the enemy We great men erecting the sculptures of greatness again I am driving out the riotous weakness I am circumventing the status quo My gods, my priciples, my standards live forever I am resistant to soft perceptions I celebrate and applauded exclusive honor codes I am walking away from mass produced slavery My mind constructs faith filled gravity I strip away my thoughts from the prison of consumerism I am the mind of freedom I am the wolf reclaiming my pack False worship of the temporary crumbles I am one with the mind of masculine nature I am man I am leader I am taking my position The fire is sparked I am the vehicle of revolution My act of foundation is to slay monsters I shoulder the bronze age I receive the old spirits  the silhouettes of GREATNESSMusic:
War God berserkerRoyal blooded weapon Alpha dog affirmations I am the unbreakable champion of the north I am the wolf pack of the east I am the lion hearted hunger of the west I am the depth and fullness of the south I am the controlled fury of solar rage I harness the wayward son of chaos I am the chiseled command of structured excellence I run with the gods I battle with Olympian spirited rage I conquer the finite I am an unleashed explosion of regal supremacy I am king and large hearted I am dominant and my war paint is majestic I am a war God berserker battle ready and armored with perfect weaponry The shining splendor of infinite royalty reflects over me All hail the king of thunderous prestige The world shall know my name For I am the hands of victory MUSIC:
I stretch my alluring hand over the presence of beauty True womanhood delights in the nature of my prominence The musk of my manhood creates exotic sensation She excitedly quivers in my presence The stainless maidens of life offer their roses to the kingMy chambers become the sacred place of onenessMy manhood penetrates the nectar of life I fill the opening to creation with my potent seed I am the strong shaft of dominance I am the sex god marking my presence Perfect and chiseled strokes The bedroom is the dwelling place of the virile king My heart chants with perfect confidence I swell with complete assertion The velocity of my thrust weakens her knees I dominate the positions of coitus I am a sex god, the king of creation The moans captivate the presence We are dancing the dance of consecrated radiance My timing is flawless and absolute I am Strong, hard,  powerful I enjoy every calculated move The beauty of woman contours to fit my body We are entire unionOur solidarity is unequaled I am reaching the highest climax I am the pleasure she craves I am upright , strong and erect I am the desire of our mingled breath The nakedness of the room enraptures our attention I am calmly sliding the song of existence into your wholeness Womanhood longs for her depths to be filled I am the sex king of fulfillment I am manhood unleashed My bed is the purpose of sexual ecstasy I run my hands over the beasts glory I consume the perfume of beauty She begs for  me to spill my seed I am man I am king I am the sex god of virile potency The gift of woman delights in my treasure Picture-Victoria_Borodinova
MANS TEMPLE THE HIGHESTI dwell in the sanctuary of the highest power I am cleansed with the waterfalls of uprightness Truth and authority are my backbone Mental prowess is my aim I am hungry for a vertical domain Alpha dog affirmations All things bow to the supremacy in me I am superior The sun is my guiding torch The wind of perseverance is at my back I am the agency of hyper productivity My excellence is methodically contemplated I sit upon a throne of complete preparation I am the mind of God I am the eyes of the king I am the hands of battle ready warrior I am rightfully rewarded I am the Olympian state of broadness This honor code is the central aspect of my identity I am forever stainless morality I am going great lengths to uphold my standard I am the epic quest of sovereignty I am captured by the power of awe I am Enfleshed with solar radiance The truest thought speaks to me And I speak to the truest thought The echoes of prestige fill the halls of my heart Holy and consecrated good fills my strength I am strapping and powerfully built I am the standing temple of the highest good I am protracted glory The bells of forever announce my entrance I am inhabiting the kingdom of supremacy I revel in my existence I am the hammer of God I am the carpenter of creation I stand up and climb the mountains of  vertical realms My mind is free from distraction My mind is on fire with the potential of my words I speak the language of a warrior I meditate on the wisdom of silent stillness I am here I am now I become the highest temple of manhood ----are we out of the woods-sterek-got dynamite
I am a man of immortal honor I am the type of man legends are made from I am the highest form of reputation I am the type of man etching my kingmanship nature into the stones of time We great men our legacy will echo across time and space Alpha dog affirmations I am the type of man exuding reflexive honor An eye for an eye I stand in the firelight of my tribe I am the type of man that sets boundaries and defends the perimeter I prove my worth through acts of strength and courage I exist in unyielding adherence to the codes and standards of my tribe I measure up, I bring forth value I rise in vertical honor I am a man of unmatched skill and rank I earn respect, I am rewarded for being the best I am a man of battled tested experience I prove myself with mastery over self.. I select and master my chosen skills I am the type of man meeting the requirents and merit of my tribe I am hardwired to conquer , excel and achieve I relentlessly push past the status quo of the empire I am a sovereign individual,  aligned to my tribes virtue I am the lighthouse beacon of honor, of freedomI am surviving triumphantly in hostile environments I am the strong, I am survivingI am the sum of superior actions and habits I am withstanding the pressures of the outside world My character in the dark reflects my character in the light I am intact wholeness a man completely integrated with nobility I am the sum of many masculine parts I maintain my elements and utilize them as nature intends I am the pacing lion UNCAGED MY SPIRIT IS FREE AND MY MANE RACES THROUGH THE BREATH OF FREEDOMI am high spirited righteous anger I choose my path, my purpose, my life, my tribe, A man refuses to merely watch, he chooses to take action I am participating in the direction of my living, I am the Charioteer of the dark steed and the white steed I am balancing the purpose of chaos and order I posses the wildness of manhood and the stoic control of godhead I combat the wild and untamed I am the white horse guiding the power of the dark horse I am a complete man.. I am the tribe of perfect nature We are returning to a life that feeds our soul What we do in this life echoes in eternity I am choosing to further the legacy of man, of our heros,  of excellence I overtake darkness and hold the chariot to the path Picture Music: autumn morning Victor Wayne
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