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Boomer Far-Out Adventures

Author: Craig Koehn

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Boomers are you ready to start checking off your bucket list? We host conversations with baby boomer age adventurists sharing amazing journeys inspiring us to realize our own bucket list dreams.
11 Episodes
Conquering 5 mountain passes while crossing the Continental Divide 4 times with amazing highlights in Yellowstone complete with a grizzly encounter, wow! Meet 3 retired buddy's who experienced that and much more on their nearly 500 mile trek! This episode exemplifies what we're all about with our Boomer Far-Out Adventures Podcast, enjoy!
Leon Joseph Littlebird takes us on an epic river journey through the Grand Canyon stopping at sacred Native American sites along the way. Leon graces us with a glimpse of his Navajo and pioneer heritage which permeates his life giving us insight for our own lives. It's profoundly deep and extraordinarily exciting, enjoy!
Multi Grammy Award winning artist John McEuen joins us and waxes poetically about his far out adventures in music, travels and many other facets of his larger than life experiences.
Take a deep dive exploration of Patagonia and the surrounding regions with Knowmad Adventures co-founder Jordan Harvey. Jordan shares his passion and expertise for the region and gives his insight on why Patagonia is the ultimate destination for boomer age adventurers.
With the CDC discouraging international travel this summer due to covid-19 most of us will be vacationing domestically. With our new normal in mind we re-convene with boomer travel adventurist writer Linda Ballou as she reveals her 32 off the tourist grid hidden gems along the stunning California coastline. 
Renowned Travel Adventure Writer and environmentalist Linda Ballou catches us up on her globetrotting travels, her books & writing projects and shares her views on taking care of our planet.
Join us as we trek the infamous El Camino Santiago in Spain with Dori Rodman on a journey of healing and self discovery.
In part two of our interview with surfing icon Dick Metz we cross the African Continent where Dick was the first to ever surf at what has now become one of the go to surf destinations in the world. 
In part 1 of a 2 part interview surfing legend Dick Metz takes us on his astonishing trip around the world looking for the perfect waves, and what a long strange trip it was!
We set the table for our new podcast. Meet your host Craig and find out what we're all about and where you'll be exploring as as we take podcast treks with baby boomer age adventurists. 
We caught Josh right after he returned from heli-skiing in British Columbia, chest deep snow, helicopters and great company, what an epic trip!
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