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This podcast is dedicated to the good-intentioned, loud, arrogant, and at times just obnoxious manager that I used to be.

It will be about a lot of hard lessons learned (and still being learned) in hopes that others can make it through with fewer scars, but just as many good times.

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9 Episodes
We are back for Season 2!It has been a crazy couple of months and we took some time off to learn and reflect, but we are back!We have a lot coming up this season, but to start us off:July 1st: we have our first guest! Craig Nelson, CEO of Opmantek; a leading provider in Network Monitoring Software, was cool enough to chat with me a couple of weeks back and we dove into their unique culture and the "Green Book" they built to teach their team about the Opmantek Way. Check it out!Book Recommendations:David and Goliath - Malcom GladwellHow to be Less Stupid About Race - Dr. Crystal Fleming
In this combo episode, we spend some time talking about employee engagement strategies, tools you can use to keep people connected, and then we dive into some of the common problems MSPs are facing during the Covid-19 Crisis. 
In Episode 6 we talk about some tips and tricks for keeping remote workers engaged and functional, some of the leadership challenges, and some responsibilities that maybe we aren't used to in our day to day in-person lives. Check out my LinkedIn for some technical tips on remote access. For a great book on employee engagement (both in person and remote) check out Patrick Lencioni's "The Three Signs of a Miserable Job" also apparently published as "The Truth About Employee Engagement: A Fable About Addressing the Three Root Causes of Job Misery".
Hey All,In Episode 5 we talk about what it means to be a responsible and trusted partner during/after disasters/emergencies like a lot of the world is currently experiencing. It's very tempting to just get out there and sell as much as possible when the market is demanding solutions right now, but as a trusted partner it's our job to do what is RIGHT, not just what the customer wants RIGHT NOW. Check out the book I mentioned "Getting Naked" by Patrick Lencioni to learn more about the Kind Truth.And don't forget to like/share my podcast posts on LinkedIn to be entered in this weeks book giveaway contest!Want to get in touch? Connect with me on my LinkedInWant to start your own podcast? Check out BUZZSPROUT
In episode 4, we discuss the Broken Windows Theory and how it relates to Managed Services. Check out my original article on this HERECheck out the Wiki HEREContest!!!!!To celebrate our 1000th download, I am going to give away one of my favorite books by Scott Stratten. To enter, like/leave a comment on the LinkedIn post where I share this on Tuesday the 3rd for episode 4 or the post where I share episode 5 next week. Contest entry will close at 11:59 pm HST on 3/29. I will randomly draw a name to pick a winner based on likes/comments. If we get to 1500 downloads by the time the contest closes, I will give away a second copy to a second winner, so share the podcast with your friends! 
Welcome back to the MSP Culture Podcast! In Episode 3 we dive into my favorite show of all time, THE OFFICE. Specifically Season 5 Episode 23 - where Jim and Charles Miner have a communication breakdown over putting together a "rundown" of clients.Charles makes a request, Jim doesn't feel safe enough to be vulnerable and ask for help - hilarity ensues. Well, not really. Jim sends some stuff to his dad and no rundown ever gets made - but in real life, it could be worse. So dive right in, understand why it's a problem and how to avoid it. If you haven't seen this episode of The Office, go watch it! Oh, I added some music to this episode - The song is called "Easy Seas" and it's written by Chris Haugen
G.I. Joe said it best - Knowing is half the battle. In Episode 2 we talk about why showing up is the other half.As a leader, you are expected to bring your A-game every day, your team needs you, your company needs you, and your customers need you. Unfortunately, coming in at 100% every day just doesn't work; and being a good leader means understanding when to show up, when not to, and how to communicate when you just don't have the capacity to give to your team at that moment. 
Welcome to the new MSP Culture podcast. Episode one talks about what this podcast is going to be, and we talk about what good and bad cultures look like.
In this episode, we have our first guest! Craig Nelson, CEO of Opmantek joins us to talk about how a strong company culture allows them to be a leader in the Network Monitoring Software industry.Check them out at or contact the team at
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