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Seller Central Expertise. Technical how to advice to improve sales. With more than 300 brands consulted for, My Amazon Guy sees trends and speaks about how to improve traffic and conversion on your products.
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Portions of Seller Central went down Wednesday morning. I suspect system outages again on Black Friday or possibly Cyber Monday. Order reports will be delayed, not unusual. Lots and lots of glitches today. Affects reporting, shipments and more.Black Friday deals launched early this yearSeeing some FBA items lose buy box to MFN. This happened in May during peek buying on Amazon. FBA overwhelmed. Increase your MFN prices, or turn MFN off if you can’t handle a surge.Amazon has added 100 product type classifications and attributes. Some are auto classifying.Grocery is being standardized with sizing variations.Lot of parentages being broken up for color and size. Can’t make sense of it.Amazon added a “Growth” section on drop down in seller central, nothing of value in thereThe new brand drop down, however, is very valuable, check out weekly to monitor reviews and brand analytics.India Becomes Amazon’s Second Largest products auto translate to Spanish with customer preference settings.Still recommend putting in a couple of Spanish keywords peppered in on search terms and A+ content photos.Biggest question I have right now is what will the IPI requirements be in January and will the 90 day stock limitations go away. I think they will, but too early to tell.Brand registry pending trademark registration now done through regular brand registry portal. If you don’t have brand registry - a new section showed up yesterday to load videos for non brands in the video load section. This was supposed to be available 60 days ago but just seeing it for first time.Walmart back end has removed search termsThey might rely heavier upon titles and bullets as a resultEtsy uses “tags”Target’s ecommerce sales jump 154% in Q3 2020Walmart’s eCommerce sales jump 79% in fiscal Q3Amazon Pharmacy Business Adds Online Store, Free Delivery for Prime MembersGoogle “Amazon news” top result is “Will Amazon go bankrupt” and that’s pretty click baity but found it interestingAmazon will go bankrupt. If you look at large companies, their lifespans tend to be 30-plus years, not a hundred-plus years," he said. Bezos went on to say that it was his job to delay that date by as long as possible. Amazon turned 25 years old today, so it is fast approaching Bezos's 30-year benchmarkSelling tips for today - AB test A+ content and titlesRun video ads.Make sure campaigns don’t run out of budgetSupport the show (
Michael Erickson is the CEO of Ad Badger, easily the best podcast that is dedicated to Amazon PPC. I've listened to them test real case studies, doing things to prove them so to speak. When Amazon misleads or doesn't transparently share how things work, these guys know how to cut through the thick of it and figure it out. PPC, the most important thing on Amazon or the mostest important thing on Amazon?If you had to summarize your entire 100 podcasts into one soundbite, what have you learned about PPC?Right product with right message to right consumer at right time.People who master PPC - wield a weapon.  What they know to be true is that there are many ways to market your product. Lot of PPC dimensions. Not all keywords are treated equal.One keyword will be best.So what you're saying is, put my top 3 keywords on a manual campaign and an auto campaign and I will then have Amazon passive income? /sSimple and digestable - and giving the right advice. Step by step process is a disservice.Be helpful/accessible but too complex.How many ads is too many?Improvements someone can make today:View search term reportAdd new negativesNegative phrase and exact match.When would I want a high ACOS?More often than one would think.Amazon looks at conversions and orders.Pick between 10 orders at 10% acos, or 100 orders at 50% acos, most of the time it makes more sense to do 100 orders at 50% acos.More reviews creates more orders.What has changed on Amazon?Way more adsWhat will change in 2021?More ads.Higher complexity.Higher CPCCounter to this to make best listing for that keyword. If you bid less, if you convert better. Be the best result.More competitionMUST have brand registry.What use case was the most helpful to your cause? Most surprising? The higher you spend the lower your ACOS. Diminishing returns?Product market fit - spend more to hungrier market.Growing up played starcraft. Got a degree in biology. Taught high school biologySupport the show (
Bill LaPierre |  Catalog Strategies, Catalog Survival, Catalog Trends I’m not going to recap Covid cases or report on the retail sales shifts – we already know that store traffic is down or non-existent, and as the virus cases grow, fewer consumers will venture out. Be glad you have a direct to consumer business.However, here is what I’m hearing from readers and clients about current catalog and ecommerce results: hard goods and food mailers are generally doing great. Some moved their Black Friday sales events forward by a week or two, simply because demand is so strong, they were afraid they would be unable to ship all their orders. Despite many Americans still being unemployed, many catalogs report difficulty in hiring enough staff for the warehouse.Backorders and out-of-stocks remain a massive problem, due to factories that were closed, shipping delays, and an overall increase in demand caused by the pandemic. Those of you selling anything for the home, or products that consumers use in a pandemic are simply struggling to get through the next six weeks. Several of our clients reduced circulation – even eliminating holiday mailings – simply to avoid customer service issues. Moreover, many clients have reported that they are reducing short-term digital advertising, simply because they can’t get orders out the door.Response to apparel offers however is mixed, with most mailers reporting soft response. Fortunately, most apparel mailers did not dramatically increase circulation in anticipation of picking up sales that would have ordinarily been done in retail stores, which they expected to be shunned due to the pandemic.The bottom line is that most of you are doing very well, but operational issues – which have not been part of the holiday season for years at the magnitude they are this year – are causing huge problems.What I Didn’t Hear:In years past, mailers always complained that they experienced soft sales the week before or the week of the election. However, despite all the other things that have gone wrong in 2020, no one has reported any hiccup in response related to the election, or its continued aftermath. And if consumers don’t go to the malls over Thanksgiving weekend, you should continue to reap a strong harvest into December, or until the shipping network grinds to a halt.Support the show (
Judson started his career as an actor. He met his wife Kelly Overton in Hollywood (she stars on Netflix series Van Helsing as Vanessa Van Helsing, a Syfy fantasy drama) but left Hollywood to become an Amazon seller.  Most important skill from being an actor to help as an Amazon seller: Storytelling. Make the visuals match the solution to the problem the consumer has.Listing we analyzed while on the podcast - MicroDerm Glo thing behind the scenes fact about Van Helsing. What is the #1 most important piece of content for your amazon product page? - Split test main image it with PickFu. Showing product in use, like candle lit, will perform better. Test a wine glass with wine and without.Small guys optimize better on Amazon. Big guys lazily check it in because they are killing it off Amazon. How do sellers increase conversion rates in 2020/2021?Video. What is the #1 missed opportunity for Amazon PPC today?Video ads.Amazon mistakes: Launching a "cool" product. But I didn't vet it - Judson runs an agency to do storytelling in photos and videos.Support the show (
Joe Shaw is a food Scientist with formulas on barbecue seasonings. Won the National BBQ Association contest 1st place. My favorite seasoning Joe has made is the Slap Apple Bourbon. As a current My Amazon Guy client, he joined us because he didn't know what he didn't know.Mike Mills is the LEGEND - won Memphis on Main 3 times. "Start with what your confident in, build up to what you're competent in."Joe first got started when going to school he became good at "Food math." How do you find your marketing demographic. Flying Swine: Targeting not just consumers of bbq but buyers who will prepare the food. We discuss how Joe got started, how he picked the food category, and why he contacted My Amazon Guy to take it to the next level.Flying Swine Seasonings are made for all your smoking and grilling needs. They are all purpose seasonings for all you can think to try. From meats like pork, beef, chicken or fish to side dishes ranging from chili to mac & cheese, and even popcorn, you will not find a better seasoning anywhere. Buy it on the Amazon store.Support the show (
My father now works for me, I talk about how backed up Amazon is, how more people shopped on Amazon for Prime Day (And Walmart), and how my agency is doing in general.Send us fan mail here.Support the show (
After you've completed all the best practices, your PPC, SEO, Design, and Catalog are setup, you may consider. Check out Seller.Tools.How are sellers using more advanced strategies with chat marketing right now?Won Many Chat top developer award.Journey a customer goes on. The flow is the journey.Advanced straetgy staying accessible.Have processed $10,000,000 in rebates.All ships rising, expotential growth, 85% of days on par with Prime Day 2019.What's the future of more advanced strategies on Amazon coming into 2021?Amazon wants customers staying on platform longer and engaging further.What is the biggest thing a seller can do to start winning on Amazon? (Or phrase this as what's the most common but obvious mistake sellers are making right now?)Differentiantion of product. Action you can take today in 5 mins. Amazon is a compare and contrast marketplace. Your product is not seen in isolation.Tried and true optimization on Amazon. First impression is important.Troy Johnston bio:Troy Johnston is the Co-founder of Seller.Tools, a robust suite of optimization tools leveraging actual Amazon data. He sold one of his flagship brands for multiple 7 figures and quickly moved to consulting for 8 & 9 figure clients on Amazon.  Troy is obsessed with creating data-driven solutions for Seller.Tools clients by empowering sellers with the best data alongside exclusive features. You can find Troy and an amazing community of FBA sellers through the Facebook community FBA Kings.Support the show (
[00:00:00] There is a technology war out there right now, and most people don't realize it. I don't think people are talking about this and this is a very strange subject and is very loosely related to Amazon cell. So you're not going to hear, like, how to grow Amazon sales and this particular podcast. But I felt so strongly after seeing the signs that I wanted to talk about this today so that you are generally warned you need to think about this topic, in my opinion. My name is Stephen Pope. I'm the founder of my Amazon guy. And today we're going to talk about the technology war. [00:00:44] I'm going to start with some examples because I feel like most people are going to think I'm crazy initially when I talk about the subject. Ticktock, great example, because it shows how there's a conflict between two nations, China and the United States. So. All the government entities are like, yeah, China is infiltrating everything with Tic-Tac and they're taking control data and they're stealing people's information. And initially what happened on that timeline was like the government's like, hey, nobody can have ticktock consulting their phones. There was leaks about Amazon doing the same thing. And basically, eventually the government's like, hey, we're going to ban Tick-Tock. Are you going to sell this platform? You can't own a China. And if you think about that, that's never happened before on a technology scale of mass adoption before. This is one large sign of what I'm seeing, there is not a single software application you can log into right now without them shoving down your throat, sign up for OTP one time password. Have you enabled OTP yet? Why? Why is that? And it's because there is so much infrastructure being attacked right now that if you don't have in place, you're you're guaranteed to have a leak. If you look at the last couple of years, this problem's been escalating where we've seen, you know, the biggest the biggest release of personal information was when one of the credit score agencies got hacked, rather. [00:02:28] I mean, I use that word loosely, right? They didn't really get hacked so much as their security just sucked. Right. And then all of a sudden somebody just ran off with all of our information, your Social Security number, every credit source that you have available. Identity theft started spiking. They were supposed to pay people money in this big lawsuit. I didn't see a dime. I don't know if you guys did. And the list goes on from there, the situation. And like the catalyst that made me like want to talk about this was when Amazon's own system completely bonkers, broked. And and this is just one of many things that's been breaking at Amazon, of course. And if you've been listening to the podcast, you're like, OK, Steven's talking about things breaking in Amazon yet again. I get it. But this one's very unique. This is a very unique angle. So I have an agency with 30 employees and half of my agency is in the Philippines. So I had created this very intricate way of having everybody log into our accounts. Right. So I would have half of my accounts on one email address and half in another email address. And then I would have every once OTP code transfer over into my Google Voice text messages, and then I would order for that to the entire organization. Support the show (
Parentages no longer combining reviews, the norm is now seperation Vine will start charging on seller central as early as January.Amazon Live - getting hot, need iphone app.Can no longer due partial refunds on Amazon, must do a full refund. One work around is to ask customer to open a return request and charge a “restocking fee”Book a coaching call with My Amazon Guy at the show (
Vine Canada: it's own set of 5 enrollments.Global Export setting: (North American Remote Fulfillment): the show (
Growing traffic to your website through SEO is a free and longterm solution to increasing your sales. Even if you don't focus on your website, and are an Amazon seller, take 5 minutes today to set your meta tags for your homepage. I tell you how.3 Tips to Improve SEO Traffic to Your WebsiteSet the HTML Title and Meta Description of your homepage.Title tag 60 CharactersMeta description 160 CharactersImprove your website speed. Check your site speed and what issues to fix using Google Developer tools the title tag and alt text of your photos.Find keywords to chase as well as your own current keyword rankings using this free tool sponsored by My Amazon Guy. the show (
This survey and inforamtion comes from Cleveland Research Company.  Business Performance & Profitability: Online channels continue to drive better than expected demand with 70% of respondents indicating their Amazon sales trended ahead of plan in 3Q. Profitability, however, is a growing concern for many manufacturers, with 46% citing they expect their profit margins to decline with their largest omnichannel customers next year.  As we covered throughout the Summit, the margin pressure at omnichannel customers is likely to result in a range of asks, including greater investment into media programs, higher co-ops, and funds to offset increased shipping costs. We expect this trend to be most evident with omnichannel customers as margins at pureplay eTailers have improved as a result of growing volume during the pandemic.  Commerce Marketing Focus: Nearly every company polled indicated they are participating in advertising on Amazon, and there is growth occurring with the number of brands participating in similar digital activations on sites like and  Almost two-thirds of brands, however, reported not having enough quality access to data and reporting to efficiently refine and optimize their commerce marketing efforts. Retailer Paid Search:  Manufacturers continue to be drawn to paid search advertising activations across different customers.  71% of those responding indicated they spend 75% or more of their ad budget on Amazon within paid search activations.  In addition, investing more and refining paid search strategies on was the top area of focus cited by brands selling on the site.  The Instacart panel discussion also highlighted that manufacturers are primarily focused on maximizing the paid search opportunity on that platform before moving onto other digital activations like coupons or delivery promotions. Retailer Programmatic:  Many companies are looking to layer in DSP spend on Amazon to help reach consumers across the sales funnel, citing the targeting improvements Amazon has developed as a key rationale for increased spend. 60% of manufacturers are looking to increase their investment in this area in 2021 (vs. 33% maintaining investment level and 6% reducing).  Amazon’s retail rivals do not yet appear to have as robust of offerings on the programmatic side and brands seem less focused on upper-funnel spend with these retailers.  Analytics Focus:  Similar to what CRC presented in its opening session, the polling data suggests manufacturers have a major need to build out their analytics capabilities.  To do so will take a combination of headcount and technology, something which nearly half of respondents indicated characterize their investment plans for next year.  42% of companies indicated they currently lack the headcount needed to action eCommerce data, and only 13% indicated they actively leverage eCommerce data into their product development needs.Marketplace Control: Approximately one-third of companies report having a distribution strategy that recognizes the dynamics around marketplaces, and nearly half report working on this initiative currently.  MAP policies can be one part of this strategy, although, only 19% reported having a MAP policy in place that they are actively enforcing.Support the show (
Mark Lewyn, long time Amazon seller who just wrote a book about his journey on Amazon. Serieral entrepnuer. Former journalist. Jumped into the internet early.As a journalist, you have no fear. When Mark was a journalist, you could reach out to people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and they'd pick up! You got immediate feedback from readers, you get that too in ecommerce.Tell me a little about how you ended up selling on amazonWhy did you decide to write the book “The $500 start-up on Amazon?”Don't follow your gut, follow the data. Got into darts.Tell me about some of the crazier products you sell or decided not to sell?How do you sell high quality goods on AmazonWent into darts, did great, went into dart accessories and failed. People just wanted darts.Got into diaper bags/caddies, but market got saturated. Product life cycle. Amazon mutual fund. Spread risk out.Amazon entering maturity phase, harder to sell. Busineses buying up Amazon sellers. Amazon sellers have to up their game, increase spend to be competitive. Have to take on investors or debt to grow. So sometimes you sell.Levels of improvement. Easy layup. Just optimize the page.Other forms of optimization. Supply chain optimization. Advertising. Diversification of geo locations. Craziest product I didn't choose to sell: Looked at sex toys. How does it feel to be getting close to 7 figures as a seller. Nervous sometimes with the risks. Risk reward - from 500k to 1mil. Personal question how to do it.Amazon is still a great market. Lots of opportunity. Start small on interesting niches to add value.Make sure you excercise to keep the Amazon stress down.Mark: "I started my Amazon business in 2015 and since I have launched all sorts of crazy products. Today I'm approaching seven figures, which only a teeny-tiny percentage of Amazon sellers ever do.That said, I've tried to capture the flavor of my crazy ride in a book that just came out this week called "The $500 Start-up on Amazon: How a dad of three launched a business on Amazon and escaped the hamster wheel of 9-5." is a quickie summary of what's included:Mark Lewyn had built a successful career as a journalist and technology executive until his last company crashed and burned, leaving him high and dry: No job, a wife and three kids, and a mortgage to boot. In the age of Covid-19, it's a dilemma facing an increasing number of people, both in the U.S. and abroad. Mark knew needed to figure something out, and quickly, and whatever he did couldn’t require a big wad of cash to get started. His answer? Amazon, specifically selling new products on the world’s biggest digital store. His initial investment: just $500. Today Mark is one of the leading sellers of products on Amazon. Not the biggest, mind you, but definitely up there. In "The $500 Start-up on Amazon,” Mark takes you on his journey of discovery on Amazon. He shares with you everything he learned along the way so that you can profit from his successes and avoid his mistakes. The $500 Start-up is the perfect read for anyone who is curious how a new generation of digital cowboys are cashing in and how you can do it too.Support the show (
Help file: proper case only if you sell a medical related product."Use Capital Letters only for the beginning of each word. Do not use all Capital Letters throughout the attribute. This applies for Product Title, Bullet Points and/or Product Description."Get Amazon Consulting at #amazonseller #amazonfbaSupport the show (
There’s a lot of implications in an increasingly mobile world. Amazon has increasingly become mobile first. So today we talk to Wes Pomeroy, who is the Director of Digital Merchandising at Verizon Wireless. You heard that right, we landed an interview with a director at Verizon Wireless.Data is useless, insights are priceless.Wes and I used to work together at Moxie Interactive and we spearheaded improving conversion rates on mobile devices. In fact Wes used to be my boss. So Wes you have a ton of ecommerce and mobile experience, can you tell us about your background?Questions: Tell me about your mobile experience.Walk me through a short history of how mobile has changed in the past 15 years.How is shopping on mobile different today than say 3 years ago?Is selling online getting harder or easier? Why.How does mobile complicate this?Amazon’s detail pages are getting clunkier by the day. Doing the opposite of typical ecommerce best practices. It’s like a jungle on mobile. What are your thoughts on this?Amazon just released Profiles, a social media version of FB for Amazon. And it's only viewable on mobile. Do you think Amazon can play in this?Verizon has a video series of techxperts Let’s talk tik-tok. Should brands be playing their to increase sales and build audiences?Support the show (
Payoneer continues to impress with integrations and partnerships with Walmart, Wayfair, and other global marketplaces. Today I talk to Ben Stein, partnerships manager at Payoneer about finance and what he’s seen in his ecommerce career as a business analyst. About Payoneer: Simplify your international business transactions with Payoneer. Get paid in multiple currencies, bill your global clients, sell on marketplaces worldwide, pay your overseas business expenses at low cost and more.Global expansionBen worked at Walmart, Jet 4 years.Why hasn’t Walmart/Jet caught up to AMazon? User behaviorInternational staff paymentsFinancial capital - payoneer. Payoneer Working CapitalMerchant capitalFinance advice - pick one option over anotherWhat is Payoneer?B2B payment portal connectionsWorking capital productBeen on marketplaces for 6+ months, link to Payoneer, request capital.Quick accessWayfairAbout working capital: When it comes to cash flow, over 60% of businesses claim to have faced challenges, but there are ways to seize growth opportunities when funds are tight. Payoneer Capital Advance is the ideal cash flow management solution designed specifically for marketplace sellers, providing you with instant working capital to invest in expanding your business in a smart and safe way. You can use this advance to be prepared for peak periods by purchasing inventory or ads to stay on the first page for product discovery, or expand into new categories and marketplaces. Collection is gradual and in order to leave you with sufficient cash  flow to manage your day-to-day, Payoneer collects a portion of each payment you receive from the store associated with the Capital Advance, until it is fully settled. The more you grow, the more working capital you’ll be offered. Click here to learn more about Payoneer’s Capital Advance or reach out to Ben Stein at today!Support the show (
Watch on YouTube for demo.   Amazon advertising news and updates Brands creative and reporting enhancementsNew deal messaging options available for Sponsored BrandsYour Sponsored Brands ads will now feature deal messaging and badges, without having to create deal-specific headlines or campaigns. Sponsored Brands ads that feature products with live deals will display an updated call-to-action (CTA)—"Save up to X% on Brand." Messaging is applied automatically, based on deal availability. Visit our Support Center to learn more.Sponsored Brands search terms now available in campaign managerSponsored Brands search term reports are now available to view directly in the campaign manager for Sponsored Brands campaigns. Search terms help you discover which keywords and products generated clicks and sales from your ads. You can use these insights to optimize targeting and maximize performance. You can also now view conversion rate (orders/clicks) and ROAS (return on ad spend) metrics directly in campaign builder. These metrics were previously only available as downloadable reports. You can also access search terms reports in the report center or through the Amazon Advertising API. Visit our Support Center to learn more.Sponsored Display customization and new placement optionsHeadline and logo editing now available for Sponsored Display product targetingAdvertisers in the US, CA, UK, FR, IT, ES, DE, JP, UAE can now edit the headline and logo of their Sponsored Display product targeting creatives. Customization allows you to test what variations perform best, and helps you communicate your brand message to shoppers. Ads with a custom headline and logo may appear alongside product description pages, customer reviews, shopping results pages, or under the Featured Offer. Visit our Support Center and ad policy page to learn more.Additional placements for Sponsored DisplaySponsored Display advertisers in the US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, CA, and JP using creatives with customized headline and logo now have access to additional ad placements on desktop and mobile. To access these placements, use Sponsored Display product targeting with customized headline and logo. Campaigns are automatically eligible to serve in these placements.Get Amazon Consulting at #brandheadlines #amazonseller #amazonfba #amazonppcSupport the show (
Nils Oldörp lives in China and has become an expert in sourcing. But he got off to a rocky start and shares his story with My Amazon Guy. How was your experience sourcing in China when you started?Cultural issuesChina understands tough competitionLearning taxHave sourced 1000 items in past yearOnly 10% of sellers do the 2nd order (reorder)Chinese going direct to consumer, from manufacturer straight to buyer. Jungle Scout advertising in China.How do you find new items?Who cares about the reviewsPick based onDemandProduct sizeCan we control supplyProfit marginsLead timesChinese focus on "me too" products.Still focus on give away products, rebatesHow did you figure out how to solve your issues?Canton Fair still driving market.What does it take to source products for you now?Changing landscape?Huge domestic market in ChinaCopyright isn't a thing. Others jump on it fast.China has changed a lot - skyscrapers brand new in past 5 years.People mentality has changed a lot. Haven't touched cash in 2 years.QR code hanging around neck.Who do I want to serve vs how can I make a profit?Brand buildGet a mentorTakes a decade out of the journeySame criteria can be used in the Jungle Scout and Helium 10 tools.Check out Nils at: Nils Oldoerp: "I am born in German and moved to China in 2013 as an intern. What started as an internship became a great job living in China and Vietnam for about 2 years before the corporate reality hit and I wanted to start my own business.I quit and tried selling my own products on Amazon. After losing all my saving and gaining a ton of experience I started a small sourcing company, helping fellow sellers source products in China.Sourcing was the one thing I struggled with the most so I wanted to improve it. I got frustrated with suppliers not responding, getting ripped off and samples looking nothing like the pictures. The next 5 years I spend expanding and growing my business and my team. I found multiple brands that sell 7 figures on and off amazon. This recent prime day we sold 4,300 units in 24hours on alone - more than my first 2 years combined. At the same time we created a sourcing business that helps export 1,000+ units a year, located in Shenzhen, China.Support the show (
Robyn, the co-founder of Marketplace Blueprint, a digital agency that specializes in listing optimization and advertising on Amazon joins My Amazon Guy for a podcast on black swan events.  She has over a decade of experience of selling online on Amazon, eBay, and other eCommerce venues. Exciting to have such a great expert on for our 100th podcast episode!What’s your storyHealth near death experience, blood clot in lung, thyroid cancer. “When things are going well, you don’t think to take time to have backup and set up ready to go and network to rely upon for unexpected growth”Happy habits generally meet both inner and outer expectations, meaning they don't let others or themselves down.Questioners meet only inner expectations. They push back against and question all expectations. Above all, they do something only if they think it makes sense — they hate anything arbitrary.Obligers meet outer expectations but not always inner ones. In other words, they usually need some form of external accountability.Rebels resist both inner and outer expectations. They value authenticity and self-determination.Growing businessSometimes you need a year of plateau to get big growth.5% growth each year vs 0% one year and 50% the nextWhat laptop are you using to get Amazon passive income?Rich dad poor dad’s on your mind?When Amazon makes a change, why are they trying to solve?Q4AdsLogisticsMake sure cash flow in place3PL in place, MFN not just FBAProfitCan’t talk to someone at Amazon catalog teamManagement by abdication It’s also about Rocket Fuel About Robyn Johnson:Starting with only $100 taken from their emergency fund, she built a seven-figure business selling on Amazon and eBay in just a few short years. In the years since then, Robyn has not only continued to sell directly on Amazon but also to build a consulting and coaching business working with the most successful resellers in the space. Robyn is a regular contributor for Search Engine Journal and speaks at some of the most prestigious Amazon and Ecommerce conferences in the US and abroad.  She has written a best selling book on Amazon called The Unlikely Entrepreneur about her journey starting her business. She has hosted multiple successful podcasts, including the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show and the Marketplace Blueprint Podcast. Support the show (
Intellectual property is NOT a sexy topic. But it’s a hot topic in 2020 as the landscape is changing. Amazon is making it easier to control IP and get on brand registry faster. Today we talk to Steven Forte with an IP law firm Smith Hopen to learn some of the latest and best practices. Why should Amazon Sellers invest in intellectual property?Amazon project zero. do you enroll your brand into Amazon's brand registry?Faster way to get brand registry now trademark mistakesName is too descriptiveFile trademark in company nameHow do you renew a trademark?Send in specimen and still used in commerceWhat is Amazon's Neutral Patent Evaluation?“According to Amazon’s rules, an accused seller has 21 days in which to decide whether to sign Amazon’s agreement and participate in the Neutral Patent Evaluation Process. If the seller signs the agreement and agrees to the evaluation, its listings will remain active until the conclusion of the neutral evaluation process. However, if the seller does not agree to participate in the evaluation process, Amazon will remove the listings of the seller’s accused products from Amazon’s marketplace.”How do you fight a TM/Patent report against your own company?It’s all about the claims and the lawFree consultation Forte “This year, we have hosted several charitable events that directly benefit the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF). In fact, we recently wrapped up our big CLE For Charity events and would like to do more to help the NPCF and give back.”Support the show (
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