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Making Hay Chix is a weekly podcast hosted by business owners, Erin Olson and Kristine Jacobsen. Whether you’re driving into work, riding your horse, working out, or just trying to get through the day, they will be here to add tools to your toolbox, for life and business. This information is unscripted, real and theres never a dull moment with these two. There will be stories only our steering wheels have heard, and we’re bringing them to you!
14 Episodes
Did you write down your goals at the beginning of the year? Check over that list right now. Have you reached any of them? Are you still working towards them? If the answer is no, what's holding you back?  In this episode we discuss fear, imperfect circumstances, and deciding whether or not what's holding us back is an excuse or a fact. Support the show (
We were able to visit with, nineteen-time Women’s Professional Rodeo Association World Champion, Jackie Hobbs-Crawford last week and we are so excited to bring this conversation to you. We talk a lot about competition, preparation, parenting and attempting to find the balance in it all.Support the show (
Many Different Bridles

Many Different Bridles


You know that saying, 'she wears many hats?' Well... we're horse people, so we're changing it up to, 'she uses many bridles.' We were able to catch up with Kristie Block of Block Saddle Company! She's a wife, mom of 4 boys, works a full time job and is a small business owner! Saying Kristie uses 'many different bridles' is an understatement. In this episode we discuss small business, saddle fit and how to stay positive! Support the show (
This week we are going to talk about change and how it's inevitable. Making our big move to Texas was a huge change for our families and business. We sat down to talk with our chic, Jenny, about the big move. First, listen as Lexi talks about how, sometimes, you just need to 'let it happen.' Support the show (
Wow! Can you believe we started Hay Chix 10 years ago? It's amazing what can happen in a ten year span. This week Erin and Kris will do some reflecting on when they started Hay chix and how it is relevant to what's going on today, along with some hints and tips on how to grow from struggle. If you are looking to start your own business, listening to this podcast is a great idea. Support the show (
Do You Hear Me?

Do You Hear Me?


This week we are trying something new! Lexi and Korah will be talking with us about communication and how it's ever-changing. First, listen as Kris talks about communication and getting 'bitted up.' Support the show (
Take A Layer Off

Take A Layer Off


On this episode of Making Hay Chix, Kris and Erin will be discussing the layers we all put on and why it's a must to shed them in order to look and feel your best. First, listen as Kris talks about layers have affected her in the past. Support the show (
Have you ever had everything planned out down to the fine details and it all falls apart? Life can be uncertain and we are all in the middle of our own daily storms. This week we will talk about how sometimes, life just stinks!  Support the show (
This week... we are going to pivot. With the world changing so fast, sometimes it can catch us by surprise and knock the wind straight out of us. Kris and Erin are going to share  some things that have helped them combat FEAR in their personal lives and in business. We are all in this together! Support the show (
Taking Care of YOU

Taking Care of YOU


On this episode of Making Hay Chix, Kris and Erin discuss the importance of taking care of yourself and what can happen if you don't. Self care is so important and it looks different for everyone. Support the show (
On this podcast Kris and Erin will discuss the importance of celebrating your victories. In fact, one of the reasons you're hearing this podcast is because we are currently celebrating 10 years of making Hay Chix in 2020! How do you 'celebrate?' Support the show (
On this episode, Erin and Kris will talk about their road to success and how to 'move the needle' in your life. They will give you some tools and action steps to help you achieve the goals you set. Support the show (
In this episode, Erin & Kris will be checking in with ya'll to see how you're doing with your horse goals in 2020. They will also share some insight on 'staying the course.' Support the show (
Wow! It's our first edition of Making Hay Chix! This has been in the works for years and we are excited to take y'all along on this journey with us. Get to know Hay Chix CEO and CFO, Erin Olson & Kris Jacobson in this very first episode. Support the show (
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Katie Rice

another great episode ladies! God Bless!

Apr 29th

Katie Rice

Loving your podcast! It's imperfectly perfect! Keep up the good work ladies. God is good!

Apr 9th
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