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Author: Cameron Ivey

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Join Cameron Ivey, Gabe Gumbs and interview guests from around the cybersecurity world as they keep you informed around the topics of cybersecurity, data privacy, compliance, breaches, interesting infosec stories, and much more! Learn why it’s more important than ever that we protect what matters most.
46 Episodes
Special guest and friend, Jeremiah Grossman, CEO at Bit Discovery joins the podcast with a fantastic back and forth conversation that doesn't seem to let up. He is also the founder of WhiteHat Security, a World-Renowned Professional Hacker, former Yahoo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, published Author, Influential Blogger, and an Off-Road Race Car Driver. Ladies and gentlemen, what can't he do? - Mr. Jeremiah Grossman!In this episode, we learn more about all his special talents, ideas, thoughts, backstories, and how he ended up at Bit Discovery. We dive into infosec budgets not increasing at the same rate as the attack surface of an organization and what this means for protecting the individual, analyzing attack surface maps, industry hitting peak prevention relating to sentiment attackers, why Jeremiah doesn't listen to music, and much more! -Cam
This week on Privacy Please we have the intelligent and very out of the box thinking CEO at Atakama, a multi-factor encryption company, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Daniel H. Gallancy! We talk about his story, where he came from as an engineer turned finance and back to engineer, privacy, security, encryption, what conspiracy theory he would stop if he could choose one and much more! Do not miss this one, tons of valuable info and just a great discussion all around. Please enjoy! 
This week on Privacy Please Podcast Gabriel Gumbs and I have the pleasure of speaking with Ellison Anne Williams the very intelligent, hardworking #CEO, #Founder at Enveil - A data security company protecting data in use.We talk about her start before getting into #datasecurity, the many degrees she worked hard for, how she started Enveil, the powerful message behind the proudest moment in her personal life, #dataprivacy, #datainmotion, #encryption, and much more!Stick around for the private segment at the end where Gabe and I cut loose with Ellison Anne and dig into her darkest unknowns for some laughs and inspiration!-Cam
This week on Privacy Please, we welcome a unique chameleon, a guru with an extensive background ranging from networking, public speaking, tech, and marketing, Mr. Chris Grundemann. We talk about his beginnings, how he ended up as the VP at Myriad, go to market strategy for Privacy and Security, networking, encrypted traffic challenges, balance between enterprise security and individual privacy, proudest moments in his young career, and much more! Don't miss the private segment at the end where Gabe and I cut loose with our guests and dig into their darkest unknowns for some laughs! -Cam
This week on Privacy Please we have Wally Bitaut, a data security guru at Seclore. We have the honor of talking to Wally about his story and how he got to where he is today. We dive into Seclore, data-centric security, and data rights management company partnering with data security and discovery tools to improve security and privacy with their integrations. Does this help with compliance regulations? or  Data Privacy? Tune in to find out and learn about the benefits. -Cam
This week on Privacy Please, Gabe and I welcome on a very wonderful guest, Attorney by day and Certified Privacy Professional by night, Mr. Thomas Besore. We run through a Top Ten list of the most amazing, positive things happening with Privacy invasive technologies! We talk about his career as an attorney, why he got into Privacy during the pandemic, fantastic stories around technology, and very positive somber career advice from a bright individual struggling to find his home in the privacy field. Please join us in getting to know more about Thomas and a look on the bright side of Privacy. -Cam
This week on Privacy Please Gabe and I have on the founder/CEO and CTO of Racktop Systems Eric Bednash and Jonathan Halstuch. What a great conversation we have with these two! We talk about how Racktop Systems started, how they met in the NSA, what makes a security company great data privacy, the structure behind making it successful, cut budgets, lack of recourses, pandemic celebrity teams, proudest moment, and much more! Join us as always from your favorite podcast platform and enjoy the show! You might just learn something and also snag a few laughs along the way. -Cam
This week on Privacy Please we have the founder, CEO, and CTO at Acreto, Mr. Babak Pasdar. *Do not miss this one! Find out why Babak testified on wireless tapping with Verizon and almost cost his career.   We have the honor of speaking with Babak about his start in security and why Acreto was created. We learn what he thinks makes a company go from good to great, what privacy means to him, Facebook, Google, IoT, motion sense, the business of cybersecurity, the disconnect with mid-tier and small companies around security, and much more!  Make sure to check the links in the notes and stick around to the end through the fun segment for laughs and getting get to know Babak even more! Enjoy!   Cam
This week on Privacy Please, Gabe and I welcome on Michael Oberlaender, Author of Global CISO. We talk about his newest book Global CISO - Strategy, Tactics, and Leadership, his 20+ years in the industry, what makes a good CISO, the intersection of security and privacy, strict German laws, GDPR's influence on the US, the proudest moment in security, and much more! Michael’s Linkedin profile:’s Xing profile:’s Twitter: @MSOberlaender New Book: - ISBN number: 979-8604917756 – title: “GLOBAL CISO Strategy, Tactics, & Leadership – How to Succeed in InfoSec and CyberSecurity”. 1st Book (for reference): – ISBN number: 978-1480237414 – title “C(I)SO – And Now What? – How to Successfully Build Security by Design”.
This week on Privacy Please, Cam and Gabe get the opportunity to speak with Vanessa Wu, General Counsel at Rippling. We talk about CCPA's possible threats and penalties on smaller businesses, concerns over employee data and privacy, CCPA compared to GDPR expectations, company culture around being compliant, data regulations for employees, what kind of food she would be, and much much more! Please join us in this great conversation with Vanessa and we hope you enjoy her story!
This week on Privacy Please we have on Mr. Jeff Horne, currently the Chief Security Officer at Ordr and a member of the review board for Blackhat. We had a fantastic back and forth conversation around Jeff's very impressive background where he was the Senior Director of Information Security at SpaceX. We dive into what he is currently up to at Ordr talking about IoT security and why it's so behind, material aware conversations of what you may have on your body, i.e., cell phones, laptops, smartwatches, etc., that relate to privacy concerns, ransomware and phishing attacks, Blackbaud hack and so much more. According to Gabe, Tarantula size spiders are in fact called Tarantulas, Jeff. Tune in for the inside joke! 😊 Please join us on this very fun episode and don't forget to support the podcast by sharing, and following us on Twitter @privacyplspod to keep up with new releases every week! You can reach out for questions at Thanks for the support and let's keep building a stronger community for Privacy!-Cam
This week on Privacy Please we have Stuart Brotman - A global expert in digital privacy and cyber-security adviser; Author, Privacy's Perfect Storm: Digital Policy for Post-Pandemic Times: talk about Stuarts brand new book, Privacy's Perfect Storm: Digital Policy for Post-Pandemic Times, where he got the idea of writing it, his passion for data privacy and compliance, and much much more! Please join us in this great conversation with Mr. Stuart Brotman himself! Listen on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. 
This week on Privacy Please we speak with our guest Neil Goodrich from M. Holland Company. Neil is a member of the Executive Leadership Team, responsible for introducing and leading digital change within the organization.We learn about where it all started for Neil as a private investigator and why he isn't your traditional CIO. We dive into what data privacy means to him personally, the intersection between security, privacy, and generating that compelling experience. Please join us on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartradio, or wherever you get your podcasts! 
This week on Privacy Please, Cam and Gabe had the pleasure of hosting a very good friend and very underrated individual, Mr. Michael Thompson, CEO of Enact Security. We learn Mike's story and background, why organizations struggle with data protection & privacy, tips on getting started with a data security program, some things we have learned with the all-new privacy legislation over the last two years, and much more!So please tune in where ever you get your favorite podcasts because this one will be sure to give you plenty of laughs, smiles, a few tears, and of course great #datasecurity and #privacy value, please enjoy and thank you for listening!
This week's episode of Privacy Please we welcome on the very funny and hardworking CEO, founder and mother, Regine Bonneau. We learn about her story, what privacy means to her company, growth plans, struggles, words of wisdom on being a woman in tech, and why giving up coffee is easier than a mystery item. Thank you for coming on the show Regine, this was a very fun episode and should give you some laughs but also hope, and inspiration around tech, Cyber risk, and all things privacy. -Cam
This week on Privacy Please we interview Freelance, Investigative Journalist, Michelle Madsen or is it Michelle Damsen? Long story short, Michelle was Caught up in a Senegal fake news scam and we get to dive into that with her today. We learn about her story, how this identity fraud happened, what type of food she would be if she had to choose one to embody, her favorite word, and why Privacy is at the center of it all. This is the article here that we reference:
This week on Privacy Please we have the very down to earth, passionately facetious, Debbie Reynolds AKA The Data Diva. We talk about her story, how she become The Data Diva, privacy concerns and tips around facial recognition, photo access, clipboard issues, and we also find out Debbie has special Data Privacy powers with a hint of invisibility to play pranks on her loved ones just for laughs. Please join us in this fun episode and listen wherever you get your favorite podcasts!
This week's episode we have Iliana Peters talking with Gabe, myself, and our very own Scott Giordano. We learn about Iliana's beginnings and how she became a shareholder at Polsinelli. The heart of our discussion dives into the biggest misunderstandings that both the public and other data protection professionals had about HIPAA before COVID hit, what new ones have come up after the fact, is it reality or perception that we seldomly see HIPAA violation news stories and massive fines over other data protection violations, i.e., Facebook, what are the biggest challenges today with protecting healthcare information and much much more. 
On a brand new episode of Privacy Please we had the privilege of speaking with Sergeant First Class (SFC) Brittany Conley. Brittany currently serves as the Senior Recruiter, Team Lead for the South Carolina National Guard - recently graduated from Purdue University Global.   I reached out to Brittany after her post on LinkedIn went viral with over 241,000+ reactions and over 12,000+ comments. She was kind enough to respond and accept my invitation to come on the show and share her experience.   We talk about Brittany's story, where she came from, beating the odds, how quickly she came into privacy concerns after her LinkedIn post, dealing with PII as a recruiter in the military, why Pogs are making a comeback and find out if Cats have any regrets. Please join us on this very unique and encouraging episode.    Click the link below to see the actual post/story from Brittany:
In this week's special, two-guest episode of Privacy Please, we invited on Dr. Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna (Senior Counsel) and Bob Eckman (CISO) of Kent State University. We learn about each of their stories, and how they landed where they are today. We then dissect an article Gabriela wrote called ‘GDPR - Analysis, and Guidance for US Higher Education Institutions’. Then we discuss identifying data flows, retention schedules, who gets these assignments for organizations, guilty pleasures, what three questions Bob would ask his dog Toby if he could talk, and much, much more! was such a good episode even for anyone outside of universities because it really gets you thinking differently about data privacy in general. Please don't miss this one and don't forget to share, subscribe, and enjoy! -Cam
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