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Author: ARC Advisory Group

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Featured here are original and timely podcasts from ARC analysts and guest speakers on topics such as Digitization, New Business Models, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and Smart Manufacturing. We dive into technologies such as additive manufacturing, machine learning, asset performance management, device connectivity, IIoT architecture, cybersecurity, augmented reality, and more related to digitalization and transformation of industries.
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ARC Senior Analyst, Inderpreet Shoker interviews Zameer Patel, Director of Product Management and Carlos Pazos, Product Marketing Manager at Honeywell Connected Industrials, to discuss asset performance management systems, related trends and offerings from Honeywell.
There is no question that the digital transformation journey requires end users and OEMs to obtain much more production and machine information, which means that more industrial components need to have the ability to collect production operations or machine data, process that data into meaningful information, and send that information to the edge, to a control system, to a cloud, or some combination of those options. This has led to the development of smart devices that have these built-in capabilities to help production lines and machines to be more productive and information-enabled to increase production efficiencies and decrease unscheduled downtime.  In this podcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick interviews Rockwell Automation’s Brian Taylor, Business Director, Safety, Sensing and Connectivity, and Rodrigo Marangon, Global Business Director, Industrial Components Business to discuss what is a smart device, what type of products meet this definition of a smart device, applications where customers are deploying smart devices, examples of the results customers are seeing, what role are analytics playing in smart devices, and what the next generation of smart devices will look like.
Even before COVID 19, process manufacturers were facing challenges, such as market and commodity uncertainty, rapid fluctuations in demand, supply chain disruptions, and becoming more efficient and sustainable. During COVID 19, those challenges were all greatly magnified, leading process manufacturers to strongly focus on Operational Resilience. So how do process manufacturers look for ways to reduce capital requirements, lower risk, improve operational performance, optimize production throughout the entire asset lifecycle, and increase their Operational Resilience? In this podcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick interviews Elias Panasuik, Global Program Director, EcoStruxure Power & Process, Schneider Electric, to discuss how the integration of Power and Process Automation can improve sustainability across the entire lifecycle of a process manufacturing plant, as well as how this integrated, digitalized approach results in greater interoperability and flexibility, drives CAPEX and OPEX reductions, increases production efficiencies, decreases unscheduled downtime, improves profitability, and most importantly, provides greater Operational Resilience for process manufacturers.
Explore the business dynamics in the oil and gas industry - particularly considering the current pandemic - in this podcast.  Ralph Rio, ARC Advisory Group interviews Manish Sharma, Business Head Americas for Energy & Resources, at Tata Consultancy Services.  Oil and Gas companies have evolved in our new digital era and now with the global pandemic are acting as a catalyst for digital transformation.  The challenges for the oil and gas industry started before with the global pandemic with the price war over crude oil and a global petroleum supply-demand imbalance.  The pandemic added slowing economic growth that put added pressure on this industry.  The podcast provides guidance for the transition out of the crisis and the post-COVID business environment.
ARC Senior Analyst, Inderpreet Shoker interviews Aneesa Muthana, President and CEO at Pioneer Service, to discuss diversity, misconception about diversity, related challenges, as well as strategies to promote diversity and inclusion in the manufacturing world. 
ARC Senior Analyst, Inderpreet Shoker interviews David Griffin, Solution Sales Leader for Connected Worker at Honeywell and Unnikrishnan Poduval, Product Manager at Honeywell, to discuss connected worker benefits and related solutions from Honeywell. 
'Neural' concepts are starting to be used in various areas of manufacturing to model complex processes. In this interview with Sreenivasa Chakravarti, VP, Manufacturing Business Practice at Tata Consultancy Services by Ralph Rio, you will gain a better understanding of how embracing the biological neural behaviors can help manufacturing firms. Today, manufacturing enterprises are anchors of or participants in ecosystems comprised of suppliers, manufacturers, customers, dealers, distributors, technology providers and many others. 'Neural Manufacturing' - inspired from biological neural systems - can help these enterprises become more resilient, adaptable and purpose driven. In this podcast, Mr.Chakravarti provides insights on how 'Neural' related capabilities and behaviors can help manufacturing enterprises step up to meet the present and future needs of manufacturing enterprises. 
Industrial and infrastructure operations are facing enormous challenges globally, all of which are being greatly accelerated by COVID-19.   Consumer demand shifts, digital workforce deployment, secure remote operations enablement, and real-time supply chain management are just some of the challenges companies face.  So what actions must industrial and infrastructure operations take to instill confidence to operate for the future?  In this podcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick interviews Rashesh Mody, Head of the Monitoring and Control Business at AVEVA; and John Krajewski, Director of Product Management, HMI/SCADA at AVEVA, to discuss the key challenges that industrial and infrastructure operations are having today, what actions are these companies doing to address these challenges, why having flexibility in operations is so critically important; how technologies, such as Edge, AI, and Cloud are driving change in the way companies operate; and how Edge to Enterprise platforms and Operations Management Interfaces are instilling confidence in industrial and infrastructure operations to operate for the future.
Tim gives an update on state of upstream market where the price of crude oil had unprecedented drop down to $zero per barrel.Rick asks Cindy about tools available to home workers with the needed speed and security, tracking location of people and vehicles, saving electric costs for lift pumps, compressors, and Vapor Recovery systems, efficiently operating drill rigs, Cindy described a case history at Devon Energy with tow applications that saved over $100 M The first was Asset Framework applied to their ESP system creating a new workflow and predictive indication of forthcoming failures, achieving $54M and second, using PI and PI Vision to enable multiple applications views to reduce the number of days to drill and complete a well, saving Devon over $50M more.
In this non-technical ARC podcast, Larry O'Brien, Vice President at ARC and Eric Cosman, President of ISA and co-chair of the ISA 99 committee, discuss that while standards (and cybersecurity standards in particular) tend to be complex, arcane, and "not designed for civilians," the IEC/ISA 62443 cybersecurity series of standards was designed to be easily understood and thus readily applied by end users across multiple industrial and infrastructure sectors.  
How does digital transformation and digital twins help oil and gas companies achieve the agility needed for today’s rapid business dynamics including the COVID-19 pandemic?  This podcast is an interview with Jan Johansson, Oil & Gas Industry Advisor, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) who explores how to successfully emerge from the current chaos using digital twins and TCS’ Business 4.0 for improved business operations and competitiveness.
The Oil & Gas industry witnessed an immediate drop in demand and prices along with an oversupply of product as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the industry has begun to recover, this “New Normal” economy will require Oil & Gas companies to reinvent themselves, leveraging Digital Transformation to achieve their productivity and profitability goals. In this podcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick interviews Harpreet Gulati, Head of the Planning and Operations Business Unit at AVEVA, to discuss the major issues Oil & Gas companies are facing due to the simultaneous pandemic and oil market instability, how technology can help these companies recover in both the short and long term, how will companies that are mature in their Digital Transformation journey handle this situation, and what steps can companies that lag in their Digital Transformation journey take now to seek faster recovery and minimize the impact of the “New Normal”.
International Maintenance Conference (IMC) is a leading conference for reliability & maintenance professionals organized by and Uptime Magazine. The most recent conference was held in Florida in December 2019. ARC analysts Paula Hollywood and Inderpreet Shoker attended the 34th IMC conference. While Paula has been a long time member of the IMC community, it was the first time Inderpreet attended this conference. In this episode, both share their experiences about the conference.
Because of COVID-19 and the constant threat of natural disasters, there is increasing awareness of the importance of remote monitoring and management and mobility to reduce business disruption.  In this podcast, ARC Advisory Group’s Ed O’Brien delves more deeply into these topics with Kevin Price and Navin Kulkarni from Infor. Kevin Price: Technical Product Evangelist & Product Strategist at InforNavin Kulkarni: Sr. Director, Product Management at InforEd O’Brien: Director of Research at ARC Advisory GroupParticipants;Kevin Price: Technical Product Evangelist & Product Strategist at InforNavin Kulkarni: Sr. Director, Product Management at InforEd O’Brien: Director of Research at ARC Advisory Group
ARC’s Research Director, Mark Sen Gupta, recently interviewed Matilda Steiner-Arvidsson, Global Product Manager for Manufacturing Operations Management Solutions, with ABB.  They discussed the challenges of operator procedures, customer expectations, keeping pace with trends, and how ABB’s recently released Ability Augmented Field Procedures solution addresses all of these.
Industrial manufacturers of all sizes have been forced to change their future priorities significantly. With the increased volatility and uncertainty with staffing and resources due to Covid-19,  the need to maintain an intelligent approach to Operations Management is critical. Operations Management Systems provide the foundation for a company’s standard for operations, enhanced compliance assurance, the conduct of operations, workforce competency, and asset performance management.For many companies- "COVID 19 is a wake-up call " and How quickly an enterprise recover from the pandemic will expose what transformational advantages have been achieved through digitalization of Operations." 
When you hear about X-rays and CT scans, most of us think about healthcare.  But did you know that these technologies are also used in industry for inspection as well?  In this podcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick interviews two leaders from Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes Business: Dr. Oliver Brunke, Product Management Team Leader; and  Dr. Holger Roth, Senior Training Manager, to discuss Industrial X-Ray and Computed Tomography (CT) solutions. Topics covered include defining what are Industrial X-Ray and Computed Tomography solutions, discussing the operation principles of industrial X-ray CT compared to medical CT Tomography, listing the differences of industrial X-ray and Computed Tomography systems for various applications, discussing the main industries where industrial X-ray and Computed Tomography is used, and going over the main challenges where industrial X-ray and Computed Tomography is applied. 
Podcast Interview with Janice Abel, Principal Consultant, ARC Advisory Group and Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO and Founder, Critical Manufacturing on the Digital Transformation, Industrie 4.0 and MES in Manufacturing.
Listen to GE Digital’s CEO Pat Byrne provide his thoughts on digital transformation during a pandemic with ARC Advisory Group’s Craig Resnick.  Pat covers what he is hearing from GE Digital’s customers, and how they are responding to the unpredictability and disruption caused by the pandemic.  Pat will address ideas how its software can help companies keep their employees safe and operations running during the pandemic, and the use of digital technologies to make industrial companies more resilient.  Pat will also discuss his thoughts on what will the future look like, how will the world change, and how will customers apply the lessons from COVID -19 going forward.
Digital Transformation Podcast Interview with Janice Abel, ARC Advisory Group and Antonia Hansen, Operations Coordinator, HanAra Software.Industrial Data and Operations Innovation are an important part of the Digital Transformation.  Listen to the this podcast with Janice Abel and Antonia Hansen, Operations Coordinator, HanAra Software as they describe how modern industrial data platforms are providing operational intelligence.
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