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Engineering Peace with Thom Bond

Author: Thom Bond

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"Engineering Peace with Thom Bond” is a real-life look at how peace is becoming a reality on our planet. It's also a personal resource to help empower us to create the change we want to see in the world. Listen to practical tips and wisdom from Thom's workshops and training sessions to help make peace a reality in your own life. Episode by episode, witness and be part of the story of peace on our planet.
34 Episodes
In this insightful, inspiring episode, Thom Bond (from New York), talks with fellow peace educators, Cory Tyler (from Los Angles) and Samuel Odhiambo (from Kenya) to share the big picture of nonviolent systems in a world full of hatred and violence, including how they (and you) can be hopeful, living on such a turbulent planet.Subjects include, The Compassion Course (, the role of "enemy images", human needs awareness, conscious mourning, and celebration, culture, evoluti...
In this thought-provoking installment of "Engineering Peace with Thom Bond" Season 3, Episode 4: "Fear = Attention... Why," Thom delves into the intricate dynamics of fear, safety, and the internal mechanisms that generate attention within us. Join us as Thom unpacks the profound connections between fear and our sense of security, offering deep insights into the experience of fear and its role in directing our attention. Prepare for a captivating exploration that sheds light on the intricate ...
In this enlightening installment of "Engineering Peace with Thom Bond" Season 3, Episode 3: "The Radar System of Feelings," Thom unveils the profound purpose behind our emotional landscape, revealing how feelings serve as our radar system, guiding us to recognize when our needs are either fulfilled or unmet. Join us as Thom sheds light on this fundamental aspect of humanity, offering invaluable insights into how our emotions act as powerful indicators of our well-being. Prepare for an illumin...
In this episode of "Engineering Peace with Thom Bond" Season 3, titled "Turning Judgments into Something Useful," Thom explores the art of understanding needs behind judgments. Join us for a transformative journey as he reveals the power of turning judgments into valuable insights. Gain practical wisdom on connecting judgments to unmet needs, fostering personal growth and empathy. Don't miss this insightful episode blending wisdom, compassion, and practical understanding. Tune in for a perspe...
In this captivating episode of "Engineering Peace with Thom Bond" Season 3, Thom delves into the profound concept of "Everything We Do, We Do to Meet a Need." Join us as Thom shares the invaluable gift of vision and heightened awareness of our needs. Get ready for an insightful exploration that seamlessly combines wisdom, compassion, and practical understanding. Tune in for more!Support the Show.
In this "What Peace Sounds Like" Episode, Thom brings listeners up to date on a project that has formed through his work here on this podcast. It is the next chapter in this real-life practice of Peace Engineering, a chapter which began with his series here with Reverend Dr. Michael Christie titled "A Conversation Between Two Americans".That episode led to a revival of Thom's work with his former student, retired NY Police Detective, Anthony Torres, who is featured in Thom's Engineering...
Thom talks about how being connected to oneself first increases our ability to create more connection with others, and self-care for ourselves.Support the Show.
Thom talks about two self-empathy practices that help us take care of ourselves in a world full of horrors and miracles.Support the Show.
The Secret Need

The Secret Need


Thom talks about the importance of empathy from others in overcoming "stuckness" in our self-empathy process.Support the Show.
In this episode Thom discusses the things that were troubling for NVC creator, Marshall Rosenberg and how that effected the creation of The Compassion Course.Thom also discusses the "technology" of the course and what he has done to improve the way that we learn Marshall's work.Support the Show.
Who am I Right Now?

Who am I Right Now?


Thom talks about how self-empathy can help us make life-serving choices when we are triggered or upset.Support the Show.
This is a workshop clip where Thom gives us a powerful and practical way to explore the breadth and depth of our shared human needs.Support the Show.
This is a workshop clip from Thom about the discipline of not speaking while angry, and a moment Thom had with his teacher and friend, Marshall Rosenberg.Support the Show.
Thom talks about the profound value of asking about Life Energy (feelings and needs) in the current moment.Support the Show.
Empathy Passport

Empathy Passport


Thom describes a way to see ourselves as an empathic presence.Support the Show.
Thom talks about how we can start to deal with people we call Narcissists.Support the Show.
Is Chocolate a Need?

Is Chocolate a Need?


A closer look at why we like chocolate so much.Support the Show.
Thom talks about choices we can make when we don't have a shared understanding or "shared reality" with others.Support the Show.
New Dialog and Deescalation Training for Police starts July 7th. For the whole talk, listen to Episode 3.Support the Show.
In this episode, Thom interviews his former student and current training partner- a seasoned police officer from NYC who has successfully used, and now teaches, empathic interaction to encourage nonviolent resolutions and arrests.Listen in as Thom and Ret. NYC Police Detective Anthony Torres talk about their history and how Anthony applied what he learned in a class, to his work on the streets of New York City.Support the Show.
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