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Adam Cox is joined by Luke Sherriff, England Sevens player, who is helping Britain to get stretching this winter with the help of Akasha spa and Hotel Café Royal. They discuss what stretching can do for the body, and how spa therapists can help.
Adam Cox is joined by Gemma Milla, from JOMO Club, to discuss research that suggests how much alcohol Brits are planning on drinking this Christmas, and why people may be consuming less. She gives some ideas on alcohol-free alternatives, and what the "Joy of Missing Out" is.
Adam Cox is joined by Scotch Whiskey Expert and Founder of Vintage Acquisitions, Sam Brooks, to discuss the distinct rise in popularity of Scotch Whiskey, as an alternative investment, and how it is performing against other investment strategies. Sam provides advice for those looking at alternative investment options, and tips for those new to the world of whiskey investment.
Adam Cox is joined by Cameron Parry, Founder and CEO of TallyMoney, to discuss new research which reveals the level of understanding Brits have around inflation and how banks work. They look at the potential risks of keeping money in a traditional bank, and Cameron explains how TallyMoney can help.
Adam is joined by hypnotherapist, NLP expert and addiction specialist Dr Will Horton.  Will talks about his battles with alcohol and how despite it being a cause of various career failures he persisted with drinking as it was linked to his identity of being a party animal. Will discusses the way he was able to change and what he noticed about breaking free of addictions.  They discuss addictions as a disease, the 12 step approach and how beliefs, parts and identity all play a role in change. 
Adam Cox is joined by Founder of The Whisky Baron, Jake Sharpe, to discuss exactly how investing in whisky casts work, and what some of the associated risks could be. Jake provides recommendations to someone looking to buy a cask and advises on what actually makes a good whisky.
Adam Cox is joined by Evelina Galli, from price comparison site PriceRunner, to discuss new research which reveals Brits current shopping habits ahead of Black Friday. They look at if the World cup is likely to affect Black Friday sales, and Evelina advises on things to look out for to ensure Black Friday deals are legitimate.
Adam Cox is joined by toy experts, Suzie Howes and Nicola Bergot from Magicbox Toy Company, to discuss new research from the brand which reveals the perceptions of children using digital devices. They look at why children have moved towards digital devices for entertainment, and how more traditional toys can help children learn to be more imaginative and to express themselves.
Adam Cox is joined by James Wilson, sleep expert known as the ‘Sleep Geek', to discuss new research from OTO CBD that has discovered that 88% of women find that everyday stresses are negatively affecting their sleep. They discuss the disparity between how stress is affecting men and women's sleep, and the habits that need to be kicked out of the bedroom.
Adam Cox is joined by Dr Max Gowland, from SmarterNaturally, to discuss why type 2 diabetes is such a growing concern within the UK, and the discovery of a nutrient within broccoli which could revolutionise prediabetic treatment in the UK. Max explains SmarterNaturally's super soup and how it can help.
Adam Cox is joined by Superintendent Pharmacist at John Bell & Croyden, Reshma Malde, to discuss why more Brits should be utilising their local pharmacies in order to be more proactive in with their health. They look at the services local pharmacies typically provides, and Reshma explains how the 5-minute blood test works.
Adam Cox is joined by Karen Gurney from Oxfam, and volunteer Ana Cunha to discuss new research which reveals which cities, and their residence are the most generous with their time. They look at why volunteering can be so rewarding, and Ana explains her experience as a volunteer at Oxfam.   
Adam Cox is joined by the CEO and founder of Octopus Money Coach, Adam Price, to discuss some of the biggest money-related stresses affecting people right now. The look at why people struggle to talk about money, and Adam advises people who are struggling with money.
Adam Cox is joined by seasoned Pathologist, Professor Runjan Chetty, to discuss the potential pathologist shortages being faced by the UK and why the practice is so vital to the smooth running of the NHS. They look at what can be done to encourage more medical students to enter pathology, and what can be done to improve pathology services in the UK.    
Adam Cox is joined by Ian Chards, Gold Expert from Chards Coin and Bullion Dealers, to discuss new research which reveals the publics opinions on the upcoming potential recession. He explains how high inflation rates affect those keeping their savings in a bank, and how gold could be a good alternate investment.
Adam Cox is joined by Jennifer White, from the worldwide animal charity PETA, for Back British Farming Day to discuss how PETA's new campaign plans to support British Farmers. She explains the types of farming PETA would like to see done, and how possible it is for British farmers to grow vegan foods. 
Adam Cox is joined by Professor Sir Cary Cooper and Dr Jorge Palacios, to discuss new research from SilverCloud Health which reveals how employees' mental health has been impacted post-pandemic. They look at the key factors that are detrimental to mental health, and how employers can improve their workers' mental health.  
Adam is joined by Nina Dali who discusses her journey into spiritual transformation as a result of a breakup from a long relationship. This led her to question her own beliefs and thoughts and to rebuild a new way of thinking. Nina discusses personal responsibility, change, how to build a strong relationship with yourself, and the key quotes that help her to think about transformation and personal change.  
Adam is joined by Elizabeth Ramirez Duque who discusses the incredible power of psilocybin from certain mushrooms. She discusses the stigma that many medicinal plants have and her own journey of discovery. Elizabeth explains the rituals and opportunities for personal growth and transformation that come from this experience and how different plant medicines have different functions in the healing and transformation process. 
Adam is joined by podcast host Agi Keramidas who discusses his journey in the world of personal development and why podcasts have become his passion. Agi explains the pitfalls of personal development and why it offers so much to help people take back control of their lives.  Agi inspires us to Stand Out, Not Fit In!   
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