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Author: Tom Garber

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Tom Garber, Electrical Engineer of 30 years and CEO of EmeryAllen, discusses his experience in the lighting industry along with the current and future LED market.
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Tom had the pleasure of sitting down with Jimmy White. Jimmy is the Sales Lead for Regency Wire located in Sikeston, Missouri, and has been in and around the irrigation industry for over 20 years. • Jimmy White • Regency Wire
Today's episode is a touch different as Tom is being interviewed on the Lighting For Profits Podcast by Ryan Lee. Along with being the host of the Lighting For Profits Podcast, Ryan is also the President of Landscape Lighting Secrets, an organization focused on helping landscape lighting businesses flourish with modern business tactics. • Ryan Lee • Lighting For Profits (podcast) • Landscape Lighting Secrets
Tom had the pleasure of sitting down with Daniel Hall. Daniel is the Executive Director of Garden Light LED located in Tampa, FL. Daniel is also the developer of the Landscape Lighting Calculator app. • Daniel Hall • Garden Light LED • Landscape Lighting Calculator (app)
Tom rejoins James Summers to discuss photometrics and the future of luminaire measurement in part 2 of a potentially 4-part series. As there is a visual element to this episode, a youtube link to the video of this podcast is listed below.   • Video • James Summers • GL Optic • JUST Normlicht
Tom had the pleasure of interviewing James Summers. James is the Vice President of GL Optic and JUST Normlicht. GL Optic and JUST Normlicht manufacture and globally distribute photometric measurement devices. This episode will be part of a 3 to 4 part series on photometric and luminaire measurement.   • James Summers • GL Optic • JUST Normlicht
On today’s episode, Tom had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeremy Sviben of LightingShrink, located in Medford, New Jersey. Jeremy is also the founder and CEO of Botanical Lighting. • Jeremy Sviben • Lighting Shrink • Botanical Lighting
On today’s episode, Tom had the pleasure of sitting down with Micael Sestak of Sestak Lighting Design. Michael is a 13-year member of the AOLP and currently sits as a co-chair of AOLP's "Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer" program - otherwise known as the "COLD Program". •Sestak Lighting Design • AOLP COLD Progam
Tom sits down with Sean Curran, former President of AOLP and current chairperson over AOLP's CLVLT Certification. Sean is also the owner of Beautification Through Illumination (BTI-Lighting), located in Boston, Massachusetts. • BTI - Lighting • CLVLT Certification 
Tom sits down with Andy Thomas, the President of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP). Andy is also the owner of Viewpoint Lighting located in Sacramento, California. • Andy Thomas • Viewpoint Lighting • Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP)
Tom sits down with Brad Buntz. Brad is a seasoned lighting professional having been the industry for 26 years. For the past 18 years, Brad has been running the successful Group1 Sales Representative Agency which covers the. North Central, US. • Brad Buntz • Group1
Tom sits down with Brian Groat, the owner, and CEO of Clarolux Landscape Lighting located in Greensboro, North Carolina. ClaroLux is one of the few lighting manufacturers still located in the United States boasting their handsome line of brass and copper outdoor lighting products. • Brian Groat • ClaroLux Landscape Lighting
Tom sits down with John Moody, the Director of Technical Products at Hinkley Lighting. Today's podcast will encompass one of John's product specialties which is everything ceiling fans and how that ties back to LED Lighting. • John Moody • Hinkley Lighting
Tom sits down with Mike Kachala, the Director of Engineering at Hinkley Lighting. Mike is considered one of the utmost experts in the LED industry. Mike also serves on Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) engineering subcommittee along with various other technical organizations. • Mike Kachala  • Hinkley Lighting
Tom sits down with Paul Gosselin to talk everything landscape lighting. Paul is the owner of NightScenes Landscape Lighting Professionals based out of Austin, Texas. Paul is also an accomplished author in the landscape lighting community having published the book, "The Landscape Lighting Guide - A Contractors Resource" (links below).  •  Paul Gosselin •  NightScenes Landscape Lighting Professionals • "The Landscape Lighting Guide - A Contractors Resource" •  The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP)
Matt and Tom talk about how to switch your current lighting systems from incandescent to LED along with current misconceptions regarding LED lighting applications.  
Tom sits down with Terry McGowan - Director of Engineering at the American Lighting Association. Terry speaks on all things lighting through the past 50 years and the important role the American Lighting Association plays for all lighting manufacturers and consumers of lighting products.  • Terry McGowan • The American Lighting Association
Tom sits down with William Nettelhorst & Shoubert Makanoeich of LTF and discusses everything 12V, no-load transformers, and their take on inrush current. • LTF Technology
Matt and Tom officially commission the "Light It Up!" Podcast. Your educational source of all things lighting!