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The Open Mind, Hosted by Alexander Heffner
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The Open Mind, Hosted by Alexander Heffner

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The Open Mind is a thoughtful excursion into the world of ideas across media, politics, technology, the arts and all realms of civic life.
639 Episodes
 Elder justice leader M.T. Connolly discusses her new book "The Measure of Our Age." 
University of Minnesota neuroscientist David Redish discusses the science of our choices.
Raj Vinnakota of Institute for Citizens & Scholars discusses how rejuvenate American citizenship. 
Porn and Us

Porn and Us


University of Nebraska sociologist Kelsy Burke discusses pornography in American society.
Historian Alex Prud'homme discusses diplomacy in American political life. 
Army National Guard veteran Joseph Earl Thomas discusses his new book "Sink: A Memoir." 
University of Oklahoma bestselling author Honorée Fanonne Jeffers discusses free speech and book banning. 
A Just Law Enforcement

A Just Law Enforcement


Hear Foundation cofounders Leon Ford and Ret. Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert discuss public safety. 
Stanford Graduate School of Education's Geoffrey Cohen discusses how to bridge ideological and political differences. 
How Gen Z Will Govern

How Gen Z Will Govern


Political strategists Annie Wu and Victor Shi discuss how Gen Z will govern.
"The Myth of Left and Right" coauthors Verlan Lewis and Hyrum Lewis discuss U.S. political ideologies.
American University scholar Elizabeth Suhay discusses "The Politics of Truth in Polarized America." 
Institute for Political Innovation founder Katherine Gehl discusses the key to fixing a politics industry. 
The Ponzi of Crypto

The Ponzi of Crypto


"Tracers in the Dark" author Andy Greenberg discusses crypto corruption. 
Oxford University Press "Democracies in America" coauthor Bert Emerson discusses disparate and shared understandings of democratic rule 
Gen Z > Millennials?

Gen Z > Millennials?


USC Center for Inclusive Democracy director Mindy Romero and Voters of Tomorrow director Santiago Mayer discuss youth turnout in the 2022 elections and the future of representative government. 
Bestselling novelist Xochitl Gonzalez discusses rights to fairness amid gentrification.
Rudiments of Humanity

Rudiments of Humanity


Violinist Arianna Warsaw-Fan Rauch discusses her new book Declassified: A Low-Key Guide to the High-Strung World of Classical Music. 
British-Congolese filmmaker Kiosa Sukami discusses his new film “A Letter to Black Men” and representation of Blackness in the press and film. 
Historian Nicole Hemmer and columnist Will Bunch discuss the politicization of the U.S. education system. 
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