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Explore African American literature across the sonic colour line with students of Professor Kristen Moriah’s ENGL 471 course at Queen’s University. Each podcast covers a different work of African American literature and mobilizes a variety of songs to further develop new understandings of Black aesthetics, literature, and politics.
10 Episodes
In this final episode of Season 1, Claudia talks to Paulina Siemieniec and Hira Jaleel about the theme of Animals and the Law. Together they unpack some of the overarching ideas to emerge in episodes 1 to 9 and highlight areas that could be explored more in future.  Date recorded: 7 July 2020 Guests: Hira Continue Reading
Claudia talks to Valéry Giroux about liberty and how it relates to animals and the law. Valéry unpacks some of the debates and tensions that arise when thinking about liberty, the different types of liberty there are and also how she envisions the law could better serve animals’ freedom by acknowledging them as persons with Continue Reading
Claudia talks to Frédéric Côté-Boudreau about autonomy and how it relates to animals. They highlight some of the tensions with considering animals as beings who might want to make their own choices and touch on what this could mean for the law and the ways in which our societies are structured. Date recorded: 11 June Continue Reading
Claudia speaks to Saskia Stucki, who sees overlaps between International Humanitarian Law and Animal Welfare Law as providing fertile ground for legal conceptual development. Saskia Stucki believes ‘Animal Warfare Law’ offers a way forward for considering how animal welfare and animal rights could better complement one another.  Date recorded: 6 May 2020 Guest: Saskia Stucki Continue Reading
Claudia speaks to Sioban O’Sullivan about Ag-Gag laws with a particular focus on how they are manifesting in Australia. They also touch on some of the tensions that exist between animal welfare and issues of visibility.  Date recorded: 30 April 2020 Guest: Dr. Siobhan O’Sullivan is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of Continue Reading
Charlotte Blattner discusses how international law, specifically Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, might provide a useful and productive way in which to build legal protections for animals.  Date recorded: 10 April 2020 Guest: Charlotte E. Blattner is a senior researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Public Law, University of Bern. She earned her PhD in international law Continue Reading
In this episode Maneesha Deckha explains the legal concept of personhood, why animal advocates are trying to include animals within the category and the potential of a different concept, ‘Legal Beingness’, to side-step some of the challenges of Personhood as a concept.  Date recorded: 2 April 2020 Guest: Maneesha Deckha is Professor and Lansdowne Chair Continue Reading
Blurb: In this episode Claudia talks to Angela Fernandez about the legal concept of ‘First Possession’ also delving into the significance of historical research in considering animals and the law.  Guest: Angela Fernandez is a Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, cross-appointed to the Department of History. She is the author of Continue Reading
Claudia talks with Lesli Bisgould about ‘Animal Subjects’. They consider what it means to be a subject of the law and the extent to which animals, particularly animals in Canada, could be considered as such. Guest: Lesli Bisgould is an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto and is also currently the Barrister at Legal Aid Continue Reading
Claudia talks to Will Kymlicka about the concept of Animal Rights and how it pertains to the law. They touch on what the relationship is between law and ethics and what this means for scholarship in ‘The Animal Turn’. This episode opens-up the first season of the podcast, focusing on Animals and the Law Guest: Continue Reading
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