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It's gonna take some big ideas and even bigger actions for humanity to swerve the 2°C warming climate catastrophe coming down the road. So this week we're taking half the world away. Joining us on the podcast are Drew Pendergrass (@pendergrassdrew) and Troy Vettese (@TroyVettese) the authors of "Half Earth Socialism: A Plan to Save the Future from Extinction, Climate Change, and Pandemics".  Their book combines half earth re-wilding and the rich history of Utopian Socialism to illustrate a way of saving the earth from humanity and combating our hubris and domination of nature itself. We discuss the works of Otto Neurath, Leonid Kantorovich and Stafford Beer; using neoliberal thinking against neoliberalism, how and why Malthusian ideas on over-population are embedded into society and the problems that arise from it, and how to  create more efficient food chains through global veganism.LinksPick up a copy of half earth socialism from Verso books Here Check out Drew and Troy's website for more info: the Half Earth Socialism the game outsUAWD - United All Workers for  Democracy @UAWD_ReformTroy's girlfriend Shenuya Minesh Parekh - congrats on being elected for Crookes and Crosspool in Sheffield@min_eshFianna Hornby GND Councillor elected for Gorse Hill in Trafford@fiannahornbyAngela Brown GND Councillor elected in Heywood@Angel4brown598Support the show
The big push by governments in the Global North for a move to electric vehicles (EVs) seems to be one of the central planks of the decarbonisation effort of capitalism. Rare earth minerals such as cobalt, lithium and nickel are strategic resources in this transition and play a huge part in the creation of EVs and the batteries that power them.  The Largest deposits of these elements can be found in the global south and particularly central Africa in places like the Congo. This week on the show we are joined by Anneke Van Woudenberg (@woudena) the CEO of RAID, a NGO that looks to hold corporations to account for their human rights and environmental abuses in the global south (@raidukorg).  We discussed the horrific working conditions of miners in cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the envrionmental damage of this resource extraction: how multinational companies like Glencore are abusing their position in  DRC , the struggles of the labour movement organising in DRC, why taking these corporations to court in the UK is more effective than Congolese courts and what are the limits of  justice.Links report on Cobalt mining in Congo. read it here. Industriall Union  Miners Union in Congo Lucha- Congolese Youth group Apple and Google named in Human rights abuses and child labour in Congolese Cobalt mining Shout outsCAJJ- who've been working with RAID on their recent report WeegmannSupport the show
With the UN IPCC Working Group 3 report coming out last week, and it explicitly saying economic growth will be a prevailing factor in burning the world into a crisp, it’s time to ask again: what are the alternatives? How do we build societies that don't have fossil-based growth at the heart of them?This week on the show we are joined by Timothée Parrique (@timparrique). Timothée's writings include his PhD “The political economy of degrowth”, which is he currently writing as a book adaptation, and “Decoupling debunked - Evidence and arguments against green growth”, a report for the European Environmental Bureau (EEB). We discuss the upcoming French elections (recorded before the results of the first round), degrowth in the latest IPCC report, the language of degrowth vs a Green New Deal, and why growth is a poor way to describe economic behaviour.Check out our Just As Well series of articles with great writers across the world looking at just transitions. LINKSDelphine Batho - French presidential candidate on degrowth during a primary last year: Donella Meadows' report, The limits to Growth: Group 3 report social shortfall and ecological overshoot of nations World Happiness Index OUTSScientist rebellion@ScientistRebel1The one and only Julia Steinberger (all the love to your mum right now) @JKSteinbergerBen Crawford  Suzie lawrence - our fantastic illustrator for the Just as Well series@zanillustrationSupport the show (
When it comes to getting around, we normally jump to the big topics: public transport, buses, trains, cars, ownership, low traffic neighbourhoods and so on. We spend a lot of time wondering what we should be using for transport over who is using it and how they can use it. But disabled voices have been at the bottom of the list when it comes to many aspects of society and unfortunately tackling the climate crisis is one of them. That needs to change. On today's show, we are joined by the fantastic Harrie Larrington-Spencer (@tricyclemayor). Harrie is a researcher working in the Healthy Actives Cities team and the Sustainable Housing and Urban Studies unit at the University of Salford (@ActiveCitiesUoS).  On top of that, she is a disabled rights activist specifically around active travel and transport and a PHD candidate at the University of Manchester. Harrie, Lucy and Alex discuss the intersection between climate and disability, how disabled people are excluded from their local neighbourhoods by poor design and road law enforcement, how the climate movement can be more inclusive for disabled activists, and what our cities can do to make transport and active travel more accessible for all. LinksHealthy actives cities of Harries current work “levelling up locally” New active travel commissioner Dame Sarah Storey OutsHarrie’s colleagues at the Healthy active cities team Graham, Luke and NickUCU strikers at Manchester Universities including;Ria Deakin @RiaDeakin@mscrow who worked on The Picket Line Podcast which you can listen to here Island Amazon workers who just voted to unionise and become Amazons first Union!@amazonlaborYou can support their strike fund here too! the show (
It's Part 2 of our Local election week. In this episode we are meeting Green New Deal council candidates from outside of Greater Manchester and looking at the picture across these green and pleasant lands. On this show we are joined by Minesh Parekh (@min_esh) who is running in Crookes and Crosspool, Sheffield and  we are also joined by Matt Buckley (@_Matt_Buckley) running in Caversham Heights, Reading. We discuss what brought them into environmental politics, the balance of green space vs housing, what can councils actually do for the climate? How living in wards next to national parks affects that balance and what their big Green New Deal ideas are for their local councils. LinksIf you'd like to support either candidates campaigns here's how you can reach themMinesh- Crookes  and Crosspool Caversham Heights the stewart foods strikers Support the show (
With the local elections a little over a month away, we are dedicating an entire week, with two shows, meeting Labour for a Green New Deal candidates from around the country. We are finding out what a GND could mean for local communities even with a hostile government still in power and what tools councils have to tackle climate breakdown. We are starting off at home with West Heywood candidate Angela Brown (@Angel4brown598)  and Gorse Hill candidate Fianna Hornby (@fiannahornby). Angela a Labour for a Green New Deal Legend who spoke on behalf of the 2019 motion at conference and Fianna a community wealth building and GM for Labour for a Green New Deal stalwart.This week we ask them what got them into politics, green politics in the UK Labour Party, what they will do if they win and how climate breakdown goes down on the doorstep. Shout outsRestoring Hope West heywood cooperating @MiddCooperatinggorgeous gorse hill @gorse_hill LinksFianna Gorse Hill Labour Party party website  Angela Brown for West Heywood Facebook Heywood Labour party the show (
As spring begins to bloom into life we're heading back into the garden to see how biodiversity, botany, and our green and pleasant land is vital in our fight against climate change. We are joined this week by Leif Bersweden. Leif is a Botanist, plant geneticist and writer who specialises in flora across the British Isles. Leif spent a year travelling the British Isles to discover how people and communities connect to their environments and explored the rich biodiversity of the isles. We discuss how we can rejuvenate Britain's wild meadows, cultivating empathy with wildlife, how poor soils can create biodiversity and Britain's most devious plants.Links You can check out Leif's books here: Shout outsSarah Watts for her mountainous plant conservation  work@Watts_SHP&O workers@nautilusintCHEPS pallet workers @Unite_NorthWestYou can support the CHEPs Pallet workers strike fund by donating toUnity Bank NW/1 Strike Fund. Account 20217873. Sort code 60-83-01.Louis McKechnie - Louis tied himself to goal posts during the Newcastle VS Everton game to bring to light the amount of fossil fuel investment in the game. Support the show (
We have rebranded as GND Media!Head over to to see all the wonderful new stuff we are doing on there. Our first big project is our article series "Just as Well' that looks at what a Just Transitions will look like across the world. Friend of show and Eco Socialist Legend Max Ajl kicks off the series with looking at climate breakdown in Latin America and the Middle East. You can read Max's article here. this weeks show we are delighted to welcome Rosanna Wiseman (@RoWise1) from Green New Deal  Rising  (@GNDRising). GND Rising are most well known for their MP challenges and you may have seen them challenge Rishi Sunak, Nichola Sturgeon and Keir Starmer on their climate policies.  We discuss the tactics of these challenges and their affects, the delicate balance of supporting people in multiple political parties, how GND rising is organised ,  keeping racial justice tied to climate justice and how to generate new movements while learning from the past. LinksGND Rising gndrising.orgGND Rising Leadership programme outsClive Lewis MP@labourlewisFi Quekett -  GND rising organiser @FionaQuekettLucas Clay - the legend that designed our new website! @LTMClayTimothée Parrique@timparrique18 tips to make your company look green even though it's not the show (
This is one of those episodes where we talk about EVERYTHING.  Populism, Climate Change, Crypto Currencies, Inflation, GREENflation, Bad Carbon Politics, Prosecco , the success or failure of the Euro, why growth isn't evenly spread around countries and Scottish independence!We are bloody delighted to join us on the show this week Professor Mark Blyth. Mark is a Professor of International and Public Affairs at Brown University, and the director of the William R. Rhodes Centre for International Economics and Finance. Mark has written some fantastic books most notably, Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea, and Angrynomics. Mark is one of the authors that radicalized Andrew into politics, so it's safe to say he's pretty excited about this episode.  Links Prosecco growers article Hill "There's nothing for you here" shocks to US timber supply- Greenflation outsJames Ashley Morrison- for his new book Englands Cross of Gold by @CornellPressAdam Tooze@adam_toozeAdams Substack channel is a great resource. the show
We spend a lot of time trying to divine futures that leads humanity away from climate breakdown and extinction but relying on reality can only take you so far.  This week we dive into the futuristic world of Sci-Fi with one of its giants, Kim Stanley Robinson. We discuss Stanley's latest book Ministry for the Future, an excellent vision of a path away from climate breakdown. We discuss his impetus for writing the novel,  where Cli-Fi sits in the Sci-Fi genre, the realities of his novel, and the path away from 2°C warming. LinksMinistry for the future Angela Brown get elected for a Green New Deal in  West Heywood! Vogl: the Ascendancy of Finance by Vogl on the book at Brown University by Debt by  Maurizio Lazzarato Strike Riot by Joshua Clover Macleod - excellent Sci-Fi writer  @amendlockeFrancis SpuffordAnother excellent writerArthur Turrell @arthurturrellArthur's article in the Guardian on nuclear If you like the show tell your comrades!Find us on:Twitter: @MCRGND_PODInsta: mcrgndpodFB: MCRGNDPODSupport the show (
It's all kicking off in Greater Manchester! New council leaders, a scrap over clean air, and the Lib Dems pick up a seat in Ancoats & Beswick. To fill us in on all the action, we are joined today by Chorlton councillor Eve Holt. We discuss Eve's journey into environmentalism, the combined climate consciousness of the council, what changes Bev Craig is bringing to Manchester City Council, and the controversy over the GM Clean Air Zone. Shout outsDanielle - Our Green ChorltonClaire - from Our Streets Chorlton @OurChorltonand Glynis – Eve's mum!Jan Rosenow (@janrosenow)on his heat pump myth busting. Check out his thread below Trades Council@BuryTUCIf you like the show tell your comrades!Find us on:Twitter: @MCRGND_PODInsta: mcrgndpodFB: MCRGNDPODSupport the show (
This week on the show we are joined by actor, writer and environmental activist Sam Knights.  We learn about the early heady days of Extinction rebellion, the struggles of democracy in movements, how art and politics feed into each other, and the emotional richness that can be found.  We also look ahead at the fight to come in 2022 and the pitfalls of Adam Mckay's latest film, Don't Look Up.  LinksThe Time to Act is Now, by Carola Rackete of Chartist poetry't Look Up Trailer outsSam's flat mate for the support during his Covid-19 isolationCarola Rackete@CaroRackete If you like the show tell your comrades!Find us on:Twitter: @MCRGND_PODInsta: mcrgndpodFB: MCRGNDPODOr if you'd prefer to give a one off donation we also have a Support the show (
It looks like we’re trapped in another Conservative Party psychodrama for the next three years, but local and regional elected office has become a strategic battleground for the Labour Party. Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham was hailed as 'King in the North' for his stance on Covid-19 restrictions in the autumn and winter of 2020, with some even suggesting he should take over as party leader off the back of his performance. Regional mayoralities may be a place where Labour can show that it is ready to lead the country once again. Fast forward to 2022 and a new regional mayoralty is on the cards, this time in South Yorkshire. As listeners will know, we think the time to act on climate change at all levels is now. So what can be done with the powers of the South Yorks mayoralty when in the hands of someone with the climate consciousness we think all leaders need?Today, we are joined by Labour candidate hopeful Lewis Dagnall, who’s here to tell us about his Green New deal vision for South Yorkshire. We discuss taking buses back into public control, how a regional Green New Deal Bond would work and the importance of supporting rural communities. Shout OutsLabour for a Green New Deal @LabGNDYeb Saño@YebSanoJoe Glenton and his book Veteranhood@joejglentonRead Conrad Bower's investigation for The Meteor on temporary accommodation.If you like the show tell your comrades!Find us on:Twitter: @MCRGND_PODInsta: mcrgndpodFB: MCRGNDPODYou can support the show and get some of that sweet, sweet exclusive content head if you'd prefer to give a one off donation we also have a Support the show (
Happy New year and welcome to third season of the Manchester Green New Deal Podcast. We have a stellar line up of environmental and ecological champions to get through this year so lets get started. Trees have always been touted as a common sense answer to climate change. Plant more trees , the big carbon arrow goes down and we can all carry on driving around in our SUVs to the corner shop to pick up 20 malboro lites.   As ever  ( and its a reoccurring theme on this show) it's never that simple.  So when is tree planting a good idea?This week on the show we are joined by the aptly named Forrest Fleischman (@ForrestFleisch1) . Forrest is the Associate professor of environmental & natural resource policy at the University of Minnesota.  Forrest explains to us the pitfalls of ubiquitous tree planting, where large scale programs have failed,  The difficulty with trees just being the answer when it comes to land use and how the Global North whats to use the tropics as it's carbon store. LinksForrest's paper that inspired the conversationPitfalls of Tree Planting Show Why We Need People-Centered Natural Climate Solutions agroforestry center blog post from Dr Lalisa Duguma  on live stock land cycles tree growing outsDan Brockington@danbrockingtonRose Pritchard@_rosepritchardJohan Oldekop@madasascientist@bubblycakehopey english pastoral by James Rebanks African Pot Project@Tapeventsmcryou can support the project here you like the show tell your comrades!Find us on:Twitter: @MCRGND_PODInsta: mcrgndpodFB: MCRGNDPODYou can support the show and get some of that sweet, sweet exclusive content head if you'd prefer to give a one off donation we also have a Support the show (
Merry Christmas you flithy animals!As 2021 comes to a close the whole team gathers around the virtual fire place (no peat based fuels) to discuss our highs our lows and our hopes for 2022. Thankyou so much to everyone who's been on the show this year, our supporters on pateron and all the listeners around the world. Shout out to our ten listeners in Chile El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!If you like the show tell your comrades!Find us on:Twitter: @MCRGND_PODInsta: mcrgndpodFB: MCRGNDPODYou can support the show and get some of that sweet, sweet exclusive content head if you'd prefer to give a one off donation we also have a Support the show (
This week on the show we are joined by Kwesia, aka City Girl in Nature (@citygirlnature). We discuss rediscovering human connection to nature, how the pandemic has impacted that connection, and what can we do to bring more communities and nature together. LinksKwesia's websiteBlack girl HikeBlack Geographers (@blackgeogorg)Shout outs:Mysterex (@OverlordXbeats)Mark Burton (@MarkHBurton) – Steady State Manchester's The Carbon and Planning WorkbookPaid to Pollute  @PaidToPolluteIf you like the show tell your comrades!Find us on:Twitter: @MCRGND_PODInsta: mcrgndpodFB: MCRGNDPODYou can support the show and get some of that sweet, sweet exclusive content head if you'd prefer to give a one off donation we also have a Support the show (
This week we welcome Financial Times journalist and editor of Moral Money, Simon Mundy. We discuss Simon's latest book, Race for Tomorrow: Survival, Innovation and Profit on the Front Lines of the Climate Crisis, a series of stories of his journeys through 26 countries affected by climate change. Simon walks us through several examples, ranging from Siberia's 'Tusk Rush' to islands in the South Pacific, to illuminate how the climate crisis is shattering communities, shaking up global business, and propelling a groundbreaking wave of cutting-edge innovation.We also touch on the carbon politics of Australia, climate journalism, the life and work of Conrad Stephen, and the legitimacy of carbon offsetting. LinksRace for Tomorrow: - carbon capture Shout outsJuan Carlos Monterrey Gómez- Panama delegate for COP26@juanmonterreygStop Cambo campaign @StopCamboIf you like the show tell your comrades!Find us on:Twitter: @MCRGND_PODInsta: mcrgndpodFB: MCRGNDPODYou can support the show and get some of that sweet, sweet exclusive content head if you'd prefer to give a one off donation we also have a Support the show (
COP26 was seen as one of the final chances for the world to get it's act together and collectively fight to defend the human race from itself.  Are COPs even designed to be emancipatory? This week on the show we get a breakdown of everything that went on in Glasgow with our special guest Asad Rehman (@chilledasad100) from War on Want(@Waronwant). We discuss how the climate movement has changed over the last 20 years, the history of solidarity in justice movements across the UK and the world How COP26 played out, the fight for justice with the Indian farmers why progressives need Milton Friedman and how we build climate into working class movements.LinksAsad speech at COP26 on Want Green New Deal outsWar on Want@WarOnWant www.waronwant.orgGeorge Monbiot @GeorgeMonbiotFreddie Daley@Fred_DaleyHow the Tories profit from the climate crisis you like the show tell your comrades!Find us on:Twitter: @MCRGND_PODInsta: mcrgndpodFB: MCRGNDPODYou can support the show and get some of that sweet, sweet exclusive content head if you'd prefer to give a one off donation we also have a Support the show (
This episode was recorded on Oct 8th 2021This week on the show we are joined by Dr Jenna Ashton (@heritagemcr). Jenna is a Lecturer in heritage studies at the University of Manchester and her current project, Community Climate Resilience,  is working with working class  communities in Miles Platting and Newton Heath through folk pageantry (@CreativeResMcr).  We look at what folk pageantry actually is, how art can help develop working class spaces and galvanise communities, and how we should use art and crafting to help imagine future utopias.  LinksCreative Climate Resilience Eco Village Report 2019Chroma- Derrick JarmanShoutouts:Save the Hulme Hippodrome campaign - @savehulmehipKate Wilson for her 10 year battle for justice against the Met Police - @fruitbatmaniaForrest Fleisch -thread on the issues with tree planting to defeat climate change - @ForrestFleisch1Councillor Nathan Boroda - @NathanCBorodaSupport the show (
If you've seen the news in the UK in the last month, you'll be well aware that our old energy system is having a bad time. With gas prices spiking, all the noise from COP26, and the public's temperament towards climate activism cooling, it's probably worth figuring out what the hell is going on with our energy supply, and how we make it equitable and  sustainable for generations to come. This week on the show we are joined by Jan Rosenow (@janrosenow). Jan is the European director of the Regulatory assistance project (RAP) which is dedicated to speeding up the transition to clean and green energy. He also is a special advisor to the UK government's Department of Business, Energy and industrial Strategy (BEIS). We discuss what is causing the current energy crisis,  who has a stake in for the UK's future energy mix (and what measures they'll go to to defend those stakes,) what politics is created by energy production, and the viability of community energy systems. Shout outsLouise Sunderland  (@sunderlandlouis)Ellie Radcliffe and Laura Williams for their work on the community wealth building tool kit with CLES (@ellieradcliffe9)LinksCLES Community wealth building toolkit Osbourne (@rhiannon_osborn) confronting Kwasi Kwarteng you like the show tell your comrades!Find us on:Twitter: @MCRGND_PODInsta: mcrgndpodFB: MCRGNDPODYou can support the show and get some of that sweet, sweet exclusive content head if you'd prefer to give a one off donation we also have a Support the show (
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